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  2. Hi hamudela. Im new here and a massive AL fan from Adelaide. Would be nice to chat with other Aussie fans 😀
  3. I think I have a psychological problem lol. I have to watch AL videos every night, or listen to him. I Can't seem to get enough. Since I heard him a few years ago, I became more and more in love with him and I think he is under-rated and at this stage should be a global star. I think he is the best male singer in the world but I am biased lol. 😁
  4. TIMES: 8:00pm-10:00pm PDT 11:00pm-1:00am EDT CLOCKS: Show World Clock STREAMS: http://mixlr.com/queenfcarg/
  5. Hi. I'm new can anyone please tell me how to put a pic on your profile here? Getting frustrated lol 😕
  6. Yes, you are far lol. About 2 days on a plane. But isn't it funny how Adam has fans in all sorts of places.
  7. Ok thanks anyway foxey. How long you have you been a member here ?
  8. Sounds like it's only 3 songs. But I've really only skimmed through the details at this point.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Maybe this is why they didn't put out a concert DVD. I'd get both. Is it an entire concert in VR?
  11. Foxey, it's probably covfefe!
  12. I am going to the concert at the end of July. i don't want to see any of the tech innovations or anything that would be new compared to the old concerts except the new songs are okay. Would you Queenberts post some generic comments about the concerts and some song videos that won't spoil anything or reveal things we haven't seen before. Comments from reviews that don't reveal anything would be nice too. I am sure that there are lots of Queenberts who are holding out from watching videos and reading reviews so they will be pleasantly surprised when we get to the live concert. There is only so long that we can hold out without seeing anything. Some people have to wait for 9 months before the show gets to them. Anything you can provide would be much appreciated. This thread is good for all concerts that have occurred or are yet to still occur.
  13. That's putting it nicely. I'd start with boorish and end with something I can't post here
  14. Are they blue, or was it the lighting? It's so hard to tell He IS dressing very patriotically, isn't he? All red, white and blue for now, and I bet those Union Jack boots will indeed show up on your side of the pond
  15. How does Trump manage to offend almost everyone he has contact with? Is it his total lack of diplomatic skills?
  16. HaHa--none of us was very good at on-line stuff when we first started Welcome to AO @Kevyn
  17. Did they add freckles to his face or are those natural? i don't see them in other photos or videos.
  18. I don't think Adam would put out an EP unless it had re-mixes or it was acoustic.
  19. This looks SOOOO cool! Oddly enough, I just visited my dad and he gave us a number of gifts including a virtual reality viewer which we weren't sure what to do with! I hope it's compatible. Adam (and Queen) sure does keep us busy trying to figure all this stuff out! But it is a good busy
  20. Here's the email I got from the fan club: Jacky Smith June 28 at 9:34am QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT’S VR THE CHAMPIONS TO PREMIERE GLOBALLY ON UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP’S VRTGO VR PLATFORM VR THE CHAMPIONS Compatible on Owl Viewers by Brian May Santa Monica, June 28, 2017 – Legendary English rock band QUEEN + Adam Lambert today announced the launch of their first-ever live-concert VR experience. VR THE CHAMPIONS, in full 360 degree 3-D, will premier to a global audience through VRTGO, Universal Music Group’s VR platform. The unique VR experience coincides with QUEEN + Adam Lambert’s two huge Los Angeles concert dates this week at the celebrated Hollywood Bowl as part of their 2017 North American tour. A 30-second free trailer, viewable with and without VR headsets, is available at http://VRTGO.COM/Queen. VR THE CHAMPIONS was shot in Barcelona in May 2016 and features performances of Radio Ga Ga, We Will Rock You and We Are the Champions. Project Instigator Brian May says, “This is the fulfillment of a dream. Through this unique Virtual Reality creation, fans around the world will for the first time be able to experience the excitement and energy of a Queen show in their own homes. Many of you have seen VR, but not VR like THIS!” VR THE CHAMPIONS will be available for $9.99/€10.99/£9.99 on VRTGO, a VR platform that is available for iPhone and Android and accessible through most web browsers. The viewing experience is compatible with the OWL VR kit designed by Brian May, and can also be enjoyed using any VR viewing system including Oculus, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive. VR THE CHAMPIONS, created by Miracle Productions and Eagle Rock Films, is directed by Jannicke Mikkelsen and stars Brian May, Roger Taylor, Adam Lambert, and the band. This unique VR film, which premiered last year at the Tribecca Film Festival’s Tribeca Virtual Reality Arcade, will provide viewers with a concert experience like no other. The immersive video offers front row access to the ultimate on-stage experience with the band. With ‘flying’ 3-D and 360-degree video, the viewer virtually hovers above the audience and even flies among the band members themselves, as they perform on the grand stage of Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi. Offering the complete experience of heightened reality, VR THE CHAMPIONS is filmed in stereoscopic 4k with ambisonic audio, a full-sphere surround sound technique, to provide an experience that virtually captures the live concert experience more than you could ever imagine and which can be experienced on high end VR headsets as well as a mobile friendly version for cell phones. The OWL Virtual Reality Kit by Brian May is available from The London Stereoscopic Company: http://www.londonstereo.com/
  21. Oh my god, I just LOVE the ending of that BillBoard article!!! "...the two men appeared happy and very connected on stage. A classic guitarist and his muse, carrying on." How perfect is THAT???!! Yes indeed, Adam is Brian's muse I have noticed, in the few videos I've had time to watch this week, that there is even more going on between the two of them than ever. I LIVE for those moments!!!
  22. I honestly don't know anymore I added my pic about 4 updates ago. Apparently, the process has now changed.
  23. I'm terribly far away from you. I live in Orlando Florida, USA.
  24. @carter_ I didnt realise his sunglasses were blue!!! they are great x ETA I wonder if those Union flag boots will make an appearance during the UK shows since he has references to US on these shoes in his costumes. Jacket + trousers Im sure if he likes them enough he will have had some custom made for men
  25. link to Adam's FB post https://www.facebook.com/AdamLambert/videos/10154829330353651/?pnref=story
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