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    http://headlineplanet.com/home/2017/06/14/queen-adam-lambert-scheduled-upcoming-jimmy-kimmel-live-performance/ They are listed on 1 iota website 1iota is America's premiere Audience Casting and Fan Engagement Agency. We connect fans with the celebrities, shows and musical events they love – and offer peerless support for all of production's audience/event production needs. If you wanna get on the waitlist for tickets for Queen + Adam Lambert's mini concert, click on "Thursday, June 22" under the |Find Tickets" heading http://1iota.com/Home/Calendar The Queen + Adam Lambert mini concert will be pre-recorded today, and at least one song from the mini-concert will be featured on the evening TV broadcast. The interview guests for this episode include Anthony Hopkins and Chris Hardwick. TICKETS: Request Free Tickets TIMES: Concert Audience Check-in – 5:15pm PDT, 8:15pm EDT Concert Pre-recording – 5:45pm PDT, 8:45pm EDT TV Broadcast – 11:35pm EDT/PDT, 10:35pm CDT/MDT (check local listings to confirm times) CLOCKS: World Clock for EDT TV broadcast & stream STREAMS: http://tv4embed.com/usa/ABC-stream1.html working stream for international fans
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    because i LOVE teasing Karen and because i am an asshat.... i hope that Adam changes the sheets AFTER He takes a guy home - for Pharoah's sake....
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    Actually I am an anxious flyer, hate it and prefer to drive interstate most of the time (10 hours+ drive home (my birthplace/family) to Sydney from Melbourne where we live now) If time allows I prefer to do a roadtrip, but with this tour I think there will be some flights involved BUT in order to achieve the result we are after, sacrifices must be made As for my other half, he teases me re Adam BUT is extremely supportive and has paid for nearly all the tickets so far! He has his interest in cars/hotrods etc and that is way more time and finance consuming than my obsession That's my story anyways
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    @koula, sometimes it pays to be single
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    Maybe these will be the songs a few people wont have seen for a long time.. Hmmmmm...... 4 of them are from News of the World album that has its anniversary this year. Get listening just in case! X
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    Two Bux But seriously, I think changing the title would change the whole meaning of the song. This is Adam's fight song, in the same vein as "Stronger", "Roar", "Brave" and "This is My Fight Song". The only real reason to change the title would be for radio play, and radio does not figure as prominently in music sales as it once did. And Adam has a whole Queen tour in which to promote the song LIVE. So, radio: FU. Adam doesn't give 2 Fux about you anymore
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    A little bit of offtoping, but too funny not to share. Last year in the summer we were spending a weekend by the lake: me, my friend and her husband, their two dogs and my cat. Since It is a princess, she stayed in our house, but we had the dogs with us all the time. So we were sunbathing and drinking by the lake and the dogs were playing in the water. Then, a very distressed lady came to us and started screaming at us, that we need to get these dogs out of the water, because there are children in the water and all the bacteria. She was hysteric, so she didn't make that much sense. And my friend waited till she finished and then with absolute calm said to her husband "honey, could you please get the dogs out of the water, apparently the children have bacteria" and thanked the lady. And I swear, I haven't seen someone as flabbergasted as that woman in my life So yes, for Pharoah's sake I hope Adam changes the sheets after, not before
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    What do you mean sweety by "above" the red hair? Like as if its ridiculous now and you thought he should know better ?bcos thats how I took it. You say "He doesnt need it". I dont suppose he does it cos he needs it. He does it because he likes it and wants it. I think it is fabulous!!! He really suits it, its what he likes to do and I think it makes him sexier.lol And anyway Adam would say "I dont really reaĺly give two fux" this is the whole message of the song. X
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    I didn't know where else to put that (whatever happened to that thread?!!) This article is calling Adam's appearance "the best musical moment in the show". Scroll down just a bit. http://www.vulture.com/article/pretty-little-liars-most-iconic-moments.html
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    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! He said EVER!!!!!!! Don't do this to me Brian!!! The anticipation of it all!!!!! (I need an emoji with hair pulling!) I know now that there's no way I can stay off from all the videos prior to the European leg! So true!
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    Here's hoping the Sydney Mardi Gras organisers have seen this, next year's parade falls right in the middle of the Australian leg of the QAL tour.... he'd make an amazing Grand Marshall 😍😍😍
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    I cant find a full version of this anywhere. I stumbled on it while watching QAL on y/t
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    starting on June 23rd we will have live streams & YT videos & photos & reviews etc.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Wow I hope this goes on and stays on the set list. Extraordinary❤❤❤❤
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    I tweeted Adam to ask for a word of remembrance for the Pulse shooting. That was one year ago Monday, June 12.
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    Just in case someone thinks they don't have time to listen to these selected music videos when they visit AO -> I like to copy the mv link to another tab and have a listen to Adam's music videos in the background while reading other news about Adam. Multitasking.
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    We just got home from seeing the movie - good one! DH and I were inspired enough to check out Captain Underpants as the movie reviews are positive, and as we love(!) Adam's version of "Think". The "freedom" chorus of the song is played in the background twice during the movie, and I'm happy. It's a movie soundtrack after all. We stayed throughout the closing credits and Adam and WBR are mentioned at the very end along with other artists. It was a good evening for us, however the news from London are saddening. I assume Adam and Sauli (who seems to have visited with a friend) are okay.
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    Love it!! "...activist musician...Adam Lambert..." Just one more reason to be so proud of our guy
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    Hi anyone here from down under. I'm 53 from WA saw Freddie's last concert & adore Adam!
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    Yes, it is. Any further posts will require my approval to appear on the forum. We don't appreciate trolls around here much.
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    Thanks so much for all the fans who posted these great Photos and Videos. Loved them!!!! Love Adam to pieces! Can't wait to see him live with Queen in Cleveland. Its my first time. Hope I see some of you there, too.
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    TWO FUX is one HUGE ASS statement from Adam - listen to the lyrics VERY carefully... the part about being "high above the Big Machine" Adam is one BRAVE ASS Man! Honest as hell - and TBH the title of this song is gonna get Him A LOT of attention - TWO FUX is fabuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! "I may as well be on the moon, searching for that 1 or 2 that get it"
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    Angel Awards is Project Angel Food’s primary annual fundraiser, with proceeds from the evening underwriting tens of thousands of meals and delivery for those too sick to shop and cook for themselves. This year they are honoring George Michael who was a long-time supporter of their organization. Part of the presentation will include a special musical tribute by Adam Lambert! TIMES: 6:00pm-9:30pm PDT / 9:00pm-12:30am EDT 6:00pm PDT – Cocktails & Silent Auction 7:00pm PDT – Dinner & Awards Program CLOCKS: Event World Clock TICKET INFO: Individual Seat Tickets Table Sponsor Tickets (tickets are priced for fundraising) OTHER INFO: Event Location – 922 Vine Street, Los Angeles, CA website http://www.angelfood.org/site/PageServer?pagename=Angel_Awards_2017#.WUIwMbYrLIU
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    Hi @AdamIsBetterThanFreddie! Welcome. I'm sure that - especially here on Adam's official fan forum - there are people that agree with you that Adam is the best there is, but I'm sorry to tell you that this Queen+ thing is all about Queen's songs. I don't think it's about two artists that both perform their own songs but about Queen hiring Adam to bring their music and art back to life again. I'm guessing you know about the time they played Adam's Ghost Town a few times but that was something very special and also very unusual. I hope to see you joining in our conversations on other threads as well. OMG. Now he's gone and done it! When I thought they couldn't possibly get me any more intrigued they go and talk about SURPRISE TECHNOLOGY!!!!!!!!!!! I can't take this!!!!!!!!! Please please please let me jump a few days in time to take a look right NOW!!! Btw, I think I counted like 16 trucks on that video!! How many did they have before? Anyone remember the number? You're not gonna make it... You're not gonna make it... (I already gave up. ) Exactly.
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    Live stream https://www.facebook.com/wehocity 'The Resist March is replacing LA Pride Parade this year - Adam is listed as a participant @ResistMarch have Tweeted the same article
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    Ooof!! I can hardly wait!!! Just another month to my onstage experience Maybe I'll be one of the lucky ones and run into someone backstage
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    BTW i just wanted to mention something that @koula touched on in her thread about the Manchester terrorist attack at Ariana's concert. "Can just anyone be the President of the United States? He is making your country a laughing stock for voting him into office and that's horrible bcos that isn't a true indication of who you are" (from Kou's post) ITA with Kou's post & I do not believe that it's a true indication of who you are either. My momma is American, and I recall as a child, our family watching the Presidential addresses and inaugurations etc. on TV - whether it was a Democrat or GOP President, your President was always someone that I'd look at and think how dignified, important, respectable and powerful the office of POTUS was. OK right now - that isn't the case. - However, please know that many of us don't see this as a true reflection of who and what America represents.
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    Might be posted here already but I don't care. In my opinion this is Adam's best cover on Glee. And he has talked so nicely about Chris' professionality - you can almost see it in Adam's eyes here if you want to.
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    Today I woke up to these terrible news from London and of course my thoughts immediately went to Adam... I was SO relieved when he made that post.
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    Read Adam's beautiful letter here http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/pride/7817361/adam-lambert-gay-pride-month-love-letter?utm_source=twitter&utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral Happy Pride Month!
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    looks like Pharaoh is staying with Adam's daddy while Adam is in the UK