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    Haha!! The chicken Trump is funny 😂 But now he's playing chicken with nukes. Not funny. 😖 Two megalomaniac madmen with nukes. God help us all.
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    Wow. Just WOW! We haven't heard Adam in a small venue for a while. That was a GREAT reminder of the power and clarity and purity of his voice. His voice just rings out, even when unaided by a massive sound system.
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    I think this is a very lovely tweet from Aaron. Even when it's not necessarily your number 1 goal it must feel good to know that your choices and bravery have helped other people during their journeys. Adam inspires all kinds of people and in so many different ways. It's so easy to be his fan.
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    Just got home from the show. It was great! It seemed like more of an integrated threesome this time compared to the last time. Loved the technology and the way the show was presented.Lighting and grapphics well integrated into the show. WWTLF was done in a softer way and it fit so well with the lasers.When Adam was asking Brian to help him find "somebody to love," a woman in my row was yelling "Here I am, here I am" with associated hand motions like "come get me" while someone was holding their cell phone light over her. I wore earplugs called "Vibes" that were incredible. They brought down the loudness of the show and got rid of distortion. The sound was very pure. The last time I wen to this concert, there was so much distortion i couldn't discern notes and words. This sound was crystal clear. I highly recommend them for any concert. I don't know why but it felt that Adam was closer to the audience this time compared to the last time. I was sitting in the same section as before. Maybe it was the open staging. Loved the screens and how 3D things looked. I loved that Adam did almost the entire song of Bohemian Rhapsody. It seemed more like Adam's show and less like he was sharing it with Freddie this time. The only times that Freddie appeared was for Love of my Life and the end of BoRhap. i enjoyed the subtle changes they made such as playing some parts of the songs for different lengths of time and singing the songs in a different way. It made the show fresh. The setlist flowed well. It was not an enthusiastic audience. That is always a bummer. It is hard to visualize each time I see him but Adam just keeps getting better and better. He is leaving more and more artists in a bigger and bigger cloud of dust. The problem is that not enough people in the world know it. Here's a singer and performer with no equal who performs in stadiums with Queen and small theaters on his own. I think part of the reason is that Adam's voice is not so distinctive that people would recognize that it is Adam singing if they didn't know his music. His voice is so pure and perfect. Maybe people want to hear less pure and perfect and more crude and less talented. The audience at this show did not seem to be a pop radio audience. Maybe people who haven't heard Adam's music think he does bubblegum pop, which is not their type of music. If you haven't gotten tickets, don't miss this show.
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    Yeah,I'd be more than happy to give him a foot rub... Or anything else he'd like rubbed.
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    So, here I am in Massachusetts, waiting for my Tuesday show. I've been here since Saturday, actually-- combining a family visit with a QAL show #glambertefficiency Anyway, I'm limited to my "travel computer" (iPad), and I don't know how to post anything from here. There was a really good article yesterday in the BostonHerald, all about why Everyone should see this show. If someone can find and post it, that would be cool 😎 Also the stream info, etc. I'm such a dolt on iPad!!!
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    TWO FUX SINGLE PROMO IN POLAND (polish radios)Two Fux entered to lista przebojow radia zet on #4 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉👏Keep voting for Adam on this chart as is super important in Poland- by this way we're doing a single promo on polish media to make people interested on him againVoting is easy just click here www.radiozet.pl/Radio/Lista-przebojow ad on Adam's place click on GŁOSUJ buttonLet's make him #1 next saturday!THANKS!❤️
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    UPDATED 0 Two Fux is down one spot - #2 this week http://www.radiozet.pl/Radio/Lista-przebojow
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    YAY that was AWESOME So proud of Adam, a true star that ANY charity would want around, he definitely created a LOT of interest
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    my friend and me are trying to figure out what the blonde lady said to Adam to make Him make that face - LOL
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    The Flamingos are definitely becoming the new 'spirit animal' me thinks
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    A white-supremacist/neo-nazi/fascist/KKK plows his car into a group of counter-protestors, killing one and injuring 20. And our f**king idiot president refuses to call them out by name because he doesn't want to alienate his base!!! Instead, he blames it on 'many sides' Hey Donnie:
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    Memo to Trump: Surely you realise there are numerous transgender personnel already serving in the US military? You must know the well-known phrase 'don't ask, don't tell'. Why has it suddenly become unacceptable for transgender people to serve in the US military? I am a straight old lady and fully support the LGBT community in their struggle for equality.
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    I know I don't want to think about it. Unfortunately it's on my mind more than Adam. That's just wrong. I don't know how this will end, but for sure 'to the victor goes the spoils'. If the US Constitution won right this minute, the clean up needed is already massive. As this division continues, DT is creating more 'spoils'. If the US Constitution does not win, there will be very little left for the victor. Time is on DT's side.
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    Can't believe that the US & Canada part of the tour is over,time flies so fast It's great that we have so many amazing videos to watch (now I have to find a way & time to watch them all ) And I also can't wait for the European part of this tour Good that only 2,5 months left until November
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    I LOVE this: "One of the most influential men of our time" It sounds as if we could have new music any time now! Maybe for Christmas?!! It's great to see Adam out and about again
  26. 3 likes
    OMG! I'm loving this interview above!! All of it! Thanks @carter_ for posting everything here. *hugs and kisses* WOOT WOOT!!! New music is ready and mixed!!! Oh yeah! *dancing around* And he's already thinking about when to drop some!!!!! YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!
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    IKR?! we do have the project Angelfood thingie coming up with Adam's tribute to George Micheal tho
  29. 3 likes
    You are right @ADAMITES2015! Meeting him is now on my bucket list!
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    The QAL Concert Tour has been absolutely incredible.I'm so happy to see so many, many great reviews on it.Adam is a perfect lead-singer for Queen.I hate to see it coming to an end after 2 more shows, till they go overseas in a few months, but they deserve a break and some time to rest. quiet.serenity...Thank you for all you do in here posting the links.I admire you so very much doing all this, even while fighting all your health battles.Adam is very fortunate to have such a faithful and dedicated fan. albertabroad and ADAMITES2015....Thanks for helping quiet.serenity to keep this thread active.
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    @ADAMITES2015 - MOAR! omg so many from Nashville - which is pretty cool b/c Nashville (known as "Music City" and not just for Country music) is like a mecca for musicians & music lovers
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    yw. Yes Gelly finds so many treasures huh? Would be kinda cool to archive all of the die hard Queen fans tweets here on AO in a thread of it's own maybe?
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    IKR?! Gelly finds a lot of FB posts by Queen fans. Hun i'm using Google chrome browser and posting the url for the tweet - maybe try that?
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    Tingling with pride reading all those tweets (Not sure how you are able to post them and I can't) No surprises there, but I am glad the word is getting around about our angel
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    He is such a tease though ...in many aspects actually
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    Oh, yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alberta so happy about them shenanigans! Gimme!!!
  38. 3 likes
    Pharoah is back!!! Hmmmm--looks like twitter made some changes. I can't get the whole tweet to post, so click the link below to read the tweet from Eber https://twitter.com/milestougeaux/status/892593505956118528
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    Looks like they are recording in Nashville!!!!
  40. 3 likes
    TALC are uploading vids https://www.youtube.com/user/TALCvids/videos
  41. 3 likes
    I think there would be a long line of willing participants for that job
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    "So wish I had been there!" She sayzzzzz And it has NOTHING to do with this- Adam to Brian during STL Intro, "Do you think you could find me..... somebody to give me a FOOT RUB?" ( sorry Moovie, I couldn't resist)
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    Hi, @ap1959 I was onstage at the St. Paul show. Best. Experience. Ever. No, the lasers won't blind you. Remember, the guys are onstage, too--and they don't get blinded by the lights. The light are aimed at the audience, not at the stage. Don't expect the best view (you are seeing it from the back), or the best sound (you are behind the speakers). But hey, that's not what you are paying for. You are paying for the experience of being RIGHT THERE!! ONSTAGE!!! WITH YOUR IDOLS!!!!!!!!! They do get VERRRRY close to you at times. Adam high-fived me as he ran by. I've been trying to figure out how to post my pictures, but I've been traveling most of July. When I get that worked out, you will see how awesome the on-stage experience is
  44. 3 likes
    hi Albi! TY we had a fabuuuuuuuuuuuuuu timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! O. M. G. - THIS PHOTO!
  45. 3 likes
    Read on Twitter that during last night's Bicycle Race, after singing, "I don't want to be thePresident of America," Adam mouthed, "F*ck that guy.". BWAHAHAHA!
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    10.50am here Down Under...Listening to Mixlr - BEATSOFLAMBERT http://mixlr.com/beatsoflambert/
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    Wonderful, wonderful show!!!!!! He was so close. Such a beautiful man. Queen was great, too. I wish I didn't wait so long to see him, but sometimes life gets in the way. I met so many fans, especially Adam fans. The Queen fans I did meet said Adam was as close to Freddy as anyone could get without imitating him. They loved him, too.
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    YES to the circus shows Can you just picture it? Maybe that's why he wanted to try out the red hair Seriously, tho--yes, @albertabroad, that's how I read his words: the music is finished! I had a feeling it would be before the tour started up. It's out of his hands and into production. Whatever that may be
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