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    Posting just because I never thought of it like this..... Kathleen Wimpelberg‏@Jaksox 2h2 hours ago More @adamlambert If you didn't already know this about dogs I think you do now ADAM LAMBERT
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    Ooh, great! Thanks so much carter! I think I should save myself from manual search and finally get that Spotify.
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    sorry Albi - i forgot that you can listen to songs that Adam recommends and likes on His #nowplaying w/ @adamlambert on Spotify
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    My guess is No. He posted that snapchat of him and Pharaoh when he got home, and it seemed as if he was sharing that he was happy to see Pharaoh again.
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    Fan videos (no concert vids)

    ok that was weird - after my reply was posted, it still appeared below in the new reply box thingie - i refreshed it and then it was gone tho - that's so random huh?
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    Fan videos (no concert vids)

    very, very, VERYYYYYYYYYYYY good recommendation thanks Albi!
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    Agreed, Alberta. It's all about the drama for Adam. His early theatrical training is what makes him such a tremendous performer. He knows how to tap into his own emotional well in order to bring out the emotions in his audience.
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    My dog is a lot like Pharoah. She loves to sit on top of me. She is a people-lover. She loves a belly rub. There is nothing like a dog that loves to have physical contact with its person.
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    Compliments from people like Nile Rogers mean more because Nile has worked with some of the most talented people in music for the last 40 years. Nile can appreciate how talented Adam is. I can't imagine how Adam's collaborators feel when they are working with someone who has an incredible singing voice who can modulate his voice to any type of music. No need for autotune. On Idol, the judges said to Adam that he was "One of the best we have ever had on Idol" when I think they wanted to say that Adam was the best. They didn't want to offend any prior contestants or their fans. I think that Niles version of that is " There are not many people on earth that I like working with more than..." Like Brian said, Adam is fun, light and he has great musicality. He is a giggler. I wish that Adam was as appreciated by the listening public as he is by his collaborators.
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    koula, have the judges from The Voice become more popular and more well-known from their tenure on the show? The Voice USA is more about the Judges than the singers. Unfortunately, the most famous Voice alumnus became known more for being shot to death by a deranged fan than for her singing. I make a distinction between being a singer and being a performer. Adam is a performer. Gaga is a performer. So is Beyonce. Someone who just stands and sings with a microphone is a singer. A performance affects your emotions. A singer can be easily forgotten after the song is over. Some performers can just stand and sing at a microphone, but they are few and far between. Adam can do that. He is one of the most natural performers I have ever seen. His performances on Idol of Mad World and Tracks of My Tears were nothing more than sitting and singing with a microphone but they were captivating and haunting. If you have noticed, a lot of times Adam sings ballads starting with no light on his face. He lets his voice speak first. Sometimes I wonder if he does that because he is so good looking. He wants his voice to be the most important and first impression he makes on the audience.