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    Are you guys understanding this as I am - that all the music is ready already?!?!?!?!?!!? That would be huge!!! And wonderful of course!!!! What on earth does he mean with a project?!? Could it really mean that there isn't an album at all - just singles/individual song releases? He did say he has ideas (plural) so it does seem he has more than that on his mind... (?) I would love it if he could come up with something totally different than what's out there right now!! Wonderfully crazy ideas like Brian has had with his life-long love of stereopictures. It could be anything really... If anyone could pull new and crazy things off it would be Adam. I'm already letting my imagination run wild from movie musicals and live circus shows to video releases of studio recordings and all sorts of crazy merch!! LOL Okay, I need to take a deep breath... ...breath in... ...breath out...
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    If anyone is going to watch today's concert - have fun! It's only few hours till it starts, right? I can't make it since it's already midnight here. Nite nite everyone! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
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    I have a problem lol

    No, it really doesn't. And do join the club - I have been in need of an idol of my own age for all of my life and then... ..there was Adam.
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    Yes! So amazing!! Huge thanks, koula!!! <3 I ran out of likes very quickly!
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    That opening is the bomb! It really is the best they've had so far! And maybe I've missed a couple of concerts in between but I felt like Adam had finally found a way to sing that BoRhap beginning in the way that suites his voice - and it sounds amazing!! It's a relly tricky piece to sing - especially to get it sound that amazing! A wonderful job! Loved it!! I'm really into the new outfits, too.
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    So, it is "a full project" rather than a full album?!? Or maybe it is an album. He hasn't decided yet... But OMG the music is finished?!?! Yay!!!!!! (Please, visit the speculations thread if you want to speculate more about the project. Thanks. )
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    Thanks so much for posting these interviews @adoresAdamL!!! Hadn't seen the ET Canada ones. I'm gonna have to take the comment about "a project" to another thread to have a proper discussion. What he said is SO interesting!!!
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    Yes!!! Sorry, I wasn't here to wish a good concert but I see that you did, @carter_. Thanks so much for passing the info, @koula! Sounds like good times!!! Thanks also for the links. I gotta come back later to see the videos. They look awesome even as stills.
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    http://www.chfi.com/2017/07/19/queen-adam-lambert-show/#.WXAM-NJQt-a.twitter Great review.
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    I have a problem lol

    Nope! I'm 35 too
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    Radio and TV Interviews with Adam

    7 min interview
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    Guitars and rock - Yay! (I'm not into Adam's electro-pop stuff at all.)
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    Adam's Instagram

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    Brian bowed and dropped Adam and Rogers crowns.lol
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    Adam's Instagram

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    Guys, Carter has asked me to let you all know that the concert was amazing and she had such a great time. They allowed them to come from their rows and stand at the barrier. She was at the side of the catwalk and had a fantastic close view of Adam Her and her friend asked if they could have Adams towel which was left at the bottom of the steps during Radio Gaga and they got it!!!!!!!!!! They are going to cut it in half and share it. lol Shes off to Detroit now for tomorrows concert, Im sure she will tell you all about both concerts when she comes back. x Oh btw She screamed so much her voice sounded like she'd sandpapered it when I spoke to her this morning
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    not complete STL but almost
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    Im watching you ladies.....behave now! Lol
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    HAVE A GREAT TIME CARTER!!!! Come back with exciting reports X
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    Im having difficulting finding YT vids for this show. Any decent ones you find pls post them. There is a STL but its from half way and far away. X
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    Bo Rhap and Crazy Little Thing Called Love Can I just say that its about time Adam got to sing the whole of Bo Rhap he is superb at it, has earned it and he deserves it Im so happy with their decision
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    Sorry I cant find any more than this at the minute. X
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    Baaahaaa alberta 'browsing history' you is funny Sorry @carter_ with the amount of time you are online, only god knows what your browsing history is like (laughing with love )
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    Adam's Instagram

    That middle shot with the Cirque crew is like a scene from 'Where's Wally?"
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    "DO YOU WORRY ABOUT YOUR VOCAL CORDS ON TOUR?" (Adam's response) "Naw I've been singin since I was 10. I got this." Bless him You SO have Adam