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    NEW WTTS Music Video!!

    Holy Moley!!!!!
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    O.M.G. So, first, the venue was awesome because it was a round rotating stage with seats surrounding the entire thing. It's a very intimate setting and you are right there able to see those baby blues! Second, he sounded AMAZING. As always, he sounds even better live than on the albums. They really nailed the sound and the band was perfect--I loved them. Adam looked healthy, happy, smiling and relaxed. He interacted with the crowd, had a lot of energy and everyone was eating right out of his hand. The only negative of the night? He only sang for about an hour ... but what an hour it was! He did most of the new songs off TOH (except for Rumours, Things I Didn't Say, Heavy Fire and the bonus tracks). He also sang Shady, WDYWFM, second to last was Trespassing (with Another One Bites the Dust in the middle), and ended with a Reggae version of If I Had You. Each of the performances were so good and so heartfelt that it's hard to identify "standouts" because you don't want to suggest that each song was anything but. However, There I Said It was spine-chillingly special. God, it is such an amazing song and the way he sang it was phenomenal!!! So much emotion and meaning. The crowd literally wouldn't stop cheering when he finished it. He kept trying to move to the next song, but no one would let him. The cheering lasted forever! It was crazy!! He was all smiles, and kept saying thank you, and finally gave up trying to move on and just took a bow and put his hand on his heart and said thank you again, which only made everyone cheer louder and longer. When I first got the album, this was my #1 favorite song. The production of it is genius and it just soars. I REALLY REALLY hope that this is a single. He started with Ghost Town which was such a blast. It's fun when the crowd starts shouting "my heart is a ghost town!" His dance moves .... mmmmm... I think I need say nothing more on that. He was mesmerizing. Another Lonely Night takes on a new dimension when you hear it live. That was my second favorite song when I listened to the album and it was at a "whole 'nuther level" live! Evil in the Night? Holy crap, that was awesome too! (If There I Said It is not the next single, I would LOVE it to be Evil in the Night. Loved the song from the second I heard it). The band sounded great on this song. As it did with Lucy. I'm a sucker for the electric guitar and I love it when he goes rockl. Lucy seemed a little harder and grittier at this performance than it does on the album, which I think suits it a little better. I have to say something about Shady and Trespassing too. You know when you get a new album and you're too impatient to listen to each song all the way through before getting to the next one? On Trespassing, with the exception of one song, every single song I listened to I instantly loved. That was a unique experience for me. There were not songs that I skipped over on that album, which has been worn out since I got it. I thought it was the most brilliant album ever. When he sang Trespassing and Shady last night, two absolute no-holds-bar mega hits, I was reminded of what RCA had in its hot little hands and completely missed the boat on. Warner Bros. does not seem to be making that mistake, for which I am very grateful. But holy hell it was so fun to hear those songs again live and, I don't know, he put something extra special into Trespassing (not only mixing it with Queen) but it was the best performance of Trespassing I've heard! So, here I am, thinking "hmm, should I just catch a flight tomorrow night and see him in Vegas?" It was a very special show. If I had to sum it up in one word, I'd probably say fun. It was a fun show to be at. It made you happy and I was happy when I left. Of course, only at his shows have I instantly become friends with those sitting around me, exchanging contact info, etc. and last night was no exception. Okay one last thought. How the hell does someone who has that voice and that personality and spirit get to also look like him?? Seriously, it's ridiculous. He is ridiculously gorgeous. Like every part of him is ridiculously gorgeous in isolation (those eyes? those lips? the perfect teeth? that body? his height, his posture, his pysique?). Then you put it into a single package, it's just unreal. That's all I got.
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    So, after Orlando, like many gay bars, my local one took precautions to avoid copycat attacks after threats. Well, I'm here for happy hour for the first time since Orlando and the after math party we had for the shooting that Sunday afternoon. It's a packed house, and guess what?!?! One of the early queens lip synced "Another Lonely Night," And the DJ after the show has played remixes from "For Your Entertainment," "Whatadya Want From Me," and "Ghost Town." The DJ MUST be a Glambert. It's a private club, so I cannot record in here, but needless to say, I am about to go promptly request "The Original High." I actually danced to Ghost Town with the cutest girl ever. Hee hee. Adam is everywhere, make no mistake! BTW, yes, I know it's a Tuesday night and I shouldn't be out getting inebriated and trolling bars when I could be home sleeping with my cat when I have to work in the AM haha. Just wanted to share!
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    Laurie Waller

    Holy crap what's next?

    Well he's done it again!! Adam has received a CMT nomination with Leona Lewis. This man is unbelievable! We have a singer, songwriter, actor, model who is breaking into more genres and doing it with perfection as usual. Unstoppable Adam needs to hit the big screen next and win his Grammy and I think he will have covered it all. No one deserves it more and I will continue to support him in "every" aspect of his career. Remember to vote on the CMT poll. Let's show the love like we always do!
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    I just MELT when he does these things!! And interviewers keep asking him why the Glamberts are so loyal. Well, here's why!! https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/hphotos-xpf1/t50.2886-16/12466885_1508352236126768_528677185_n.mp4
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    Please excuse this totally out of control interruption by a very excited fan, um, moderator. O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You may now return to your regularly scheduled Berting.
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    I assume Adam wants this and that's all I need to convince me. He has also said he would always be there for Queen, this is a great opportunity to fit in his time while touring Asia. He will have spare time and need a home base and he truly loves Australia and they love him. Adam's work ethic always calls for more, not less.
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    I went to a bunch of the 2014 North American shows. There was always a good mix of Queenies and Glamberts around me, and they were always loud and exuberant. on their feet throughout the show. Keep in mind, though, that I bought VIP tickets near the front for every show. The people willing to spend that kind of money on tickets are almost guaranteed to be BIG fans, so it's no surprise that there was a lot of craziness all around me. I did have one unforgettable experience, though, at the Madison Square Garden in NYC. The couple seated next to me were an OG Queenie couple. The wife struck up a conversation with me and told me that her husband had seen Queen with Freddie many times, and that neither of them knew anything about Adam. Sure enough, when I looked at her husband, he was sitting with his arms crossed over his chest and a dour look on his face, as if to say "I'm just here for Brian and Roger, and that kid better not screw it up for me!" Well, the show started. Very soon, old sourpuss was on his feet, phone out and recording. Every time I looked on his screen, who do you think he was recording? ADAM!! His wife kept gushing at me, "Oh, he's so cute!!" "He's SOOO good!!" During the break before the encore, the wife leaned over and said something to her husband about leaving right then to beat the crowd. I will NEVER forget the exact words of his very forceful reply: "We're not going anywhere. I'm not missing a minute of this. That kid is f**king amazing!!" Heeheehee!! Another one bites the dust
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    Just joined your forum in need of some Adam comradery. I've been perplexed by my obsession for Adam. Over the years as a fan of music I never found an artist who has mesmerized me quite like this. I was beginning to think I had some kind of abnormal psychological problem until I started reading what other fans have said and I realized there's just something about this man that can't be defined. Is it his talent? His exquisite looks? What the heck is it? I guess it's all that and something else I just can't put my finger on..... anyway, in an attempt to shut me up from my daily rantings about Adam, my son bought Original High tickets for me and a friend. Well that backfired..I've been on cloud 9 since the 2/26 concert and even more vocal about him. I just spent several days non stop voting for him on the Pop Crush poll, (which we won thankfully) and with my battle scarred little fingers I'm still wandering aimlessly for an Adam fix. So here I am where I should be, with like minded people who adore a man who is inexplicable and makes our world a happier place.
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    NEW WTTS Music Video!!

    Hi Everyone I dont know why its even in question as to whether he wrote it or not. Its his message, take it for the beauty that it is instead of everyone trying to guess if he wrote all/part of it or if its not his words. It didnt even come into my head that it might not be all his, all I took it for is Adam giving his message directly to us which is what it is. Lets not go off the rails and concentrate on that. (please) x
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    NEW WTTS Music Video!!

    He wrote a letter to accompany the release: http://flaunt.com/music/adam-lambert-welcome-show-premiere/ http://www.wonderlandmagazine.com/2016/07/adam-lambert-welcome-show/
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    Dear kickin_in, don't be mad at me, but I don't like what you say. It's from you, unfair and cruel to the fans from other countries. And against Adam and QAL well. If this is true, when I read that Adam delighted that the competition can participate, so why not? Why has to play, have fun and sing just for American audiences? Why do only on a career in America? Indeed, the whole world loves him!!! And why is not it a good choice UK? UK is also one of the major cradles of world music and has a significant level! Personally, I don't like music artists when they despise or omit from his tour of small countries. Whatever the reason for their managment, finite minds, simply stupidity or low profit. And explain to me why it should be TOH Tour only in large countries with big stadiums sold out? I'm from a small country. I didn't have the good fortune to his performances once saw. Even though I had the chance, but sometimes it just doesn't work out. And when I had the next opportunity, due to health again I couldn't go to the concert. So I still have hope that one day I will have the good fortune and the beauty I see with my own eyes. You speak contemptuously about how Adam and his team is only interested in financial gain, and therefore took to the sidelines finish in the B or C group. He's the god-kissed, has the gift to do many things, if that is his wish and be happy, then rightly so. I wish him with all my heart and I will support him in this. And if I know the competition is the first where a judge or juror future stars, so why just such criticism? It's the first and perhaps the last time. That doesn't mean immediately decline his fame and success. Please, don't talk about Adam as if he was old and didn't have many opportunities to succeed and develop his own career. His voice, talent and all his attributes will remain, and I believe that it will still conscious and find the right inspiration to do with them. And one more question, tell me, please, how many concerts you had the opportunity to visit, if you live in America? I think it would take from your side a little more empathy and points of view on the matter. Forgive me if I'm rude, it is not my intention, I just feel a bit resentful and injustice from your side. But I appreciate your opinion, genuinely!
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    Okay, it's the third time I'm trying to write this and I will really try to make it as short as possible (but it's hard!) Well, I can't make this shorter. Don't feel obligated to read, it's just few pages of fangirling! It was truly a very enjoyable show and I understand now why Brian and Roger think about it as a permanent (as much as it can be) thing. I can't shake off this feeling that QAL isn't just a cooperation of a band and an independent vocalist, because they present a united front with a high dose of connectedness and professionalism. QAL shows may be the second best thing, right after shows with Freddie. Even the weather couldn't spoil yesterday's show! The rain was awful, water was everywhere and everyone was soaked-wet. Not fun, but managable, and at a certain point we just stopped caring about that. There are clear lines between songs that are becoming more Adam's than Queen's, songs he clearly feels very comfortable with, songs he sings perfectly but can't put his own stamp on and songs that he does very well, but still there's something missing (like 'Hammer to fall' - it needs to be worked on a little bit more, I think). My personal highspots were 'Seven Seas of Rhye' and 'Stone cold crazy', but the audience went crazy at 'Fat bottom girls', which I've never considered a fan favourite up to this point. But people started jumping and singing and screaming, having fun, so it's also a very nice moment. The camera on Brian's guitar is a very good idea! 'Play the game' (which was done so wonderfully!) was a small breakthrough for me. After it the songs were more and more suiting for Adam. 'Killer Queen' killed me. Boyfriend said he isn't usually into guys, but during that song he could be persuaded to try something And the costumes I loved each and every one! Just... yes, please, more? (the feather jacket is awesome, the crown is hilarious) The little speech after 'Killer Queen' is a touching moment, I was thinking for a moment that I will start crying, but it didn't happen. I hope no one will hate me, but my absolute favourite moment was the 'Love of my life' done by Brian, Freddie and the audience. And Brian's solo? Really? If I could love him more, I would! Side note from the drum battle: Rufus is good! 'Somebody to love', along with 'Crazy little thing called love' and 'Another one bites the dust' were the songs changed the most. Adam was so comfortable with freestyling there, one could think they were written specially for him It was nice to see that he can handle a little bit of spontaneity (and an umbrella) even in the middle of a song, changing lyrics a bit, it was fun! And now a very short version - the begining of 'Don't stop me now' is just a showcase of extreme silliness, in a very positive way (it's such a difficult song and he did it perfectly!), 'Who wants to live forever' was a showcase of a mad vocal skills. I was asking myself where's the limit and apparently there just isn't one. The audience reaction to Freddie appearing on the screen during 'Bohemian Rhapsody' restored my faith in humanity (and in general the song was done very beautifully, the little Adam&Freddie duet was glorious). I was surprised Adam got off the stage for 'Radio Ga Ga' because of the rain... maybe he did it because it was right before another change of clothes Okay, this is the end, I promise! The original versions of the songs will always be the closest to my heart, but the show was awesome, Adam was marvellous and I really can't count more than two or three changes that I didn't like. I really really need a live DVD, please?
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    Holy crap what's next?

    Don't give up on that poll. It can be tricky to figure out how to vote--took me a while to get in Plus, the site was down for a while. I think we broke it LOL Glamberts--breaking websites since 2009
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    I never watched American Idol and never heard of Adam Lambert, but I always loved Queen. Last year I just for fun browsed their tour calendar and decided to do something totally selfish: Go to a rock concert, no husband, no kids! Admittedly, as any good and loyal Queen fan, I was sceptical about this "new guy". I ordered my tickets and looked him up on Youtube. Needless to say, I got hooked right then and there! I still enjoy the original Freddie, but I caught myself over the last year having way more Adam than Freddie on my playlists. I can't wait for another chance to see and hear him live! He is just the total package, as a frontman or solo performer, anything he sings gives me goosebumps. And let me not get started on how beautiful he is...ahem. As all the serious people in my "real" life would have no tolerance for my fan-girlying (is that even a word?), I have decided to take my obsession to the next level by joining this loving community. Thanks for having me!
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    I posted my M&G picture and some short video clips on my FB page if anyone wants to take a peek. https://www.facebook.com/jennifer.millerolszanowski He was so sweet. Tall and thin and beautiful. He smelled wonderful and looked gorgeous. I was so star struck I don't even think I said anything but "Hi Adam" LOL. He is very comforting and makes you feel less nervous once he puts his arm around you. I hope everyone gets to experience it one day. The concert was great and he, as usual, gave us his all and showed. The band was amazing and Holly and Terrance just added the perfect finishing touch to the show. Both their spotlight performances were wonderful. I had the best night, I still can't believe it happened to me Jen
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    Ahhh. Still on cloud nine. Well let me just start by saying how thrilled I am with the way Boston received our beloved Adam. It was a really cool venue...multi-level, etc. The audience was ready and pumped....and LOUD! It's been a long road to recovery here in the States, but people have totally wised up to just how brilliant Adam is as a vocalist and a performer. He sooooooo deserves it. It's sooooooooo satisfying. In your faces naysayers hahahaha..... I had a great spot to stand close to the stage, and "take it all in" (Abdul). Everything, from the costume design, to the light show, to the transitions between songs and sets was spot on....totally professional and seamless. Adam looked, danced, and sounded great, and the set list included stuff from all 3 albums. About 50% of the audience seemed to be Adam "newbies" (knew/sang/danced exclusively to Original High songs). But, there were plenty of long-timers (like me) who knew/danced/sang along with all of his older stuff, from the first 2 albums. OMG loved seeing "Fever" live again, back from the Glamnation days, and I feel so lucky to have been able to see him do Bowie's "Let's Dance" and the "No Trespassing/Bite the Dust" mash-up. (the crowd went wild for that one). The whole show was totally satisfying...... One more thing....."There I Said It" is my favorite Original High song, and hearing it live was amazing. ...so beautiful...so perfect. Ahhhhhh.
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    OMG OMG OMG!!!!! I got my tix!!! Pretty good seats for Omaha and Kansas City! 3rd row center for Boston!! And ON STAGE for St. Paul!!!!! OMG I'M DIEING NOW!!!!!
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    I had to add my twopence after reading news websites reviews of the show in Israel. They're all positive (they'd better be. This was one of the best shows ever to appear on our humble stages in Israel). But each professional critic feels a need to reduct something from the show. Guys, the show was perfect!!! Queen were perfect. Adam, you were perfect. Your charismatic presence on stage, powerful voice and the way you interact with the audience is both professional and captivating. I was a fan before, but more so now. I think you are at your best when performing rock. If by any happy chance this performance finds its way to Israel again, my family and I will be there.
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    Nice evening to you all, outset, I would like to say that this is a message for Tom, from all of his former colleagues - friends. I will write only in the singular form, it's easier. Therefore, thank you very much for your understanding and clemency. I know justMAX, just our Tom, more than 6 years. He is my friend and former colleague. In life, I was fortunate to meet this one glamourous man. I take it as a blessing. He has a really unadulterated character, heart on his sleeve, beautiful and pure soul. All he is doing is selfless, just smile for others, he never asks nothing from anyone. Just I do not know more beloved, kinder, more humble and more modest man than he is. His enthusiasm for anything good. And if we add his kind and intelligent sense of humor, his eternally optimistic mood, fabulously graceful face, his very nice smile, smiling and shining eyes ... There's nothing more to say. I mean such people are very rare. And I'll never understand why these terrible things happen to these people. His sister told me what happened to him. Hard to believe, but it happened. Tom loved the sport, much like jogging. He had his route. Ran in the terrain - meadows, fields, forests, etc. His injuries became I think on Sunday morning about 2 weeks ago. This place is very extensive, vast area, hardly anyone there is, but rather only people who walking the dogs, but this time there was also some for him unknown cyclist and very drunk, surprised him, Tom did not manage to dodge and the cyclist knocked him down a long way he dragged behind him, he was rude to him yet. I just wish that Tom soon recovered and he was again the same Tom, whom we all knew. Anything else I do not want and my prayers are directed only and only to him. I know that everything will be good again! It just has to be! Nothing half, he is the kind of person who enjoys life to the fullest, but definitely not frivolous. Today I wanted to visit him, encourage him, but he does not want to see anybody. The last two days he just stares at the wall whole day and is silent, he wants to give up the fight. I know him, he's not like that, is not giving up without a fight, but I do not know what happened, he stopped fighting. Tom had already experienced much evil, always proudly and with ease mastered all its own. Maybe he lost motivation and strength, or simply I do not know why he waives it. And it makes me utterly destroys. I do not know how to help him. But I know I really love my friend. Now he just sits in a wheelchair and I am very concerned about what was going through his mind. Lovely Carter, with all my heart I like to thank you for this your thread. You have to be really very nice and kind person with a blessed heart. I wish you to know that I appreciate and I am grateful for everything that you do for Tom. Undoubtedly, this is a wonderful idea if we did not try, nothing has to be changed for good and one never knows what hits his on the chord, where the breeze blows and directs us or what will force change our opinion. And last but not least, I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the kind and so beautiful and encouraging messages from all of you. Thanks a million and best regards and humility.
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    I have received reports of a fake Adam Lambert, possibly on Facebook, requesting money and personal information from fans, including personal address, cell phone number, etc. This is DANGEROUS. I can tell you unequivocally that this is a scam artist preying on Adam's fans. Adam has never and will never personally contact fans to request their personal contact information or to request they send him money. NEVER. Also anyone on Facebook claiming to be Adam Lambert interacting with fans( other than his official FB page) is a scam artist. Every. Single. One. The only Facebook account Adam uses to interact with fans is his official Facebook page linked to from his official website. Period! Anyone else on Facebook claiming to be Adam Lambert interacting with fans IS PLAYING YOU. And no one, including closed FB groups, should be using only Adam's name as their account name, such as this one: https://m.facebook.c...280235/?fref=ts I have personally witnessed impersonators using this kind of closed group to impersonate Adam. If you are a member of such a group, be advised that anyone interacting within it saying he/she is Adam IS AN IMPERSONATOR. Any friend request claiming to be Adam Lambert is a FAKE. Gotta say I've been disappointed to see some AO vets buying into the flagrant impersonator BS. You should know better. You are enabling a criminal to impersonate Adam and helping younger more vulnerable fans to do the same. This dishonors and disrespects Adam and helps impersonators to have access to perpetrate scams. Anyone receiving communications from someone saying they are Adam Lambert and asking for personal contact information and/or money please make a screen shot and save it (or copy and paste it), then PM me and/or contact Adam's management. Also, report the communication to FB or any other site being used to make such communications. Thank you.
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    QUEEN WON!!! QUEEN WON!!! This is from Brian's website, which he copied from a Forbes article. Read the whole thing here: http://www.brianmay.com/queen/queennews/queennewsjul16.html#42 In the case of Queen vs. the RNC, it turns out that Queen can rightfully proclaim, “We are the champions.”... After Queen’s complaint, its PRO, BMI, decided to utilize its Political Entities license clause. “As a way to protect our affiliates, the BMI Political Entities license has a provision that permits BMI to exclude any musical work from the license at the request of a BMI songwriter or publisher,” says BMI’s SVP of licensing Mike Steinberg. “Once the songwriter or publisher voices an objection to BMI, we alert the campaign that we have removed the song from the license.” Last week, BMI sent letters to the Trump campaign and to the RNC, detailing Queen’s objections and asked them to sign its Political Entities license. By doing so, they acknowledge that Queen’s music is no longer part of BMI’s blanket license and the campaign can no longer use it.
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    Wowwwww--this article from Huff Post. Look at the headline. LOOK AT THE HEADLINE!!! http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/orlando-shootings-tribute-song-hands_uk_577ce20de4b0f7b55796390e
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    We have so far: global sensation, singing sensation, an extraordinary talent, global superstar, THE divine Adam Lambert More, please!
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    Just giving a shout out to all the Adam appreciators. We come from all phases of his time line to success, and all over the world. We've endured bigots and naysayers beyond comprehension. We've seen Adam's choices that definitely went to pot, popularity-wise, and then we've seen the beyond belief musical successes, as either a solo artist or with Queen. Cheers to great talent, and a beautiful person, full of integrity.Cheers to all of you. Crawl
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    @Max - great post (and Twyla as well) Adam is so very excited about this and we are too. IDNT it's about a paycheck - more the amazing experience it will be for Adam to live in OZ and to help inspire and encourage other young artists - Adam is known for giving back. This will be so rewarding and meaningful for Adam - and for all involved <3 Also so nice and happy to see Adam so happy and excited - this past week has been very very difficult for our Guy, news cycle is great too! Celebrating this wonderful news with and for our Adam Adam Lambert Joins 'The X Factor' in Australia - Billboard (USA) http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/7415472/adam-lambert-joins-x-factor-australia
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    June 5th QAL Tallinn Estonia

    OK - pull up a chair and grab some iced water - not to drink but to throw over yourself! I'm posting 10 - hope you like them and please enjoy - just one request, if you share then please credit me @brassoqueen on Twitter & IG @koula likes one or two of these i think
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    Morning all from at the moment an overcast Poland. I've loads and loads of pictures and even a couple of videos but the Internet here is quite slow so when I tried to upload it gave me a time of 4 hours to youtube so I think the videos will just be my own personal reminisce. So how was the show? Adam and his band seemed to really enjoy it, I guess playing to an almost full arena does that to you. I don't actually know how many were there as the number changed with whoever you spoke too I was VIP early entry and all I can say is thank goodness, although I had a seat it was a free for all so no numbered seating. This time around I had a lovely security guard look after me and 2 other ladies helping us find the best seat, bless him I gave him a big hug I think he was shocked but he hugged and gave a kiss on the cheek back. We needed that after the terrible crushing we experienced just trying to get through the front door, it was f*×king terrifying, reminders of Hillsborough running through my head as I was crushed so hard I couldn't breathe. In the end I managed to scream I was being crushed and somehow pushed through but at the expense of a lot of fear. Queuing I know is a peculiarly British thing and we are blessed good at it , I think we need to export it!!! Once inside Molly took over and she organised it all thank goodness The show started with a DJ, no idea who he was and crowds continued to come in as he was on.About 20 minutes into his set the M&G people took their place at the front row and then the biggest crowd surge I have ever seen pushed towards the front, looking on it was terrifying, even more so when you know your friends xstitcher included are on the barrier. Our little group were horrified, we are all seasoned concert goers and we know crowd surges happen but this was in a league of its own. All those I talked too afterwards who were at the front experienced not just pushing but hitting kicking and scratching by those fans behind, one was even forcibly kicked in the back. Adam came on in his shades, made me laugh. His singing as ever was a tour de force, how the man never puts a note wrong amazes me constantly. This was my closest view yet having been seated so far at all the concerts so I must admit I wanted to take photos and I had sneaked in my camera. Everyone in the seats stood up within the first few notes, thanks to a 6ft man in front of me that also meant I had to stand up too but at least I had a chair I could sit back down on inbetween. A lot of the crowd around us had their phones on torch mode throughout the show, not at all sure what that was about, maybe a local custom? Adam was back to the black with his first outfit, having watched so many of the shows where he favours the left hand side of the stage we think there must have been some cuties on the right hand side this time as he spent a lot of time on the right! Adam's second outfit certainly led to some expletives from our group when he came on We all know the score by now with Adam's speech it was a lot shorter than London or Manchester but was in the same vein. The crowd certainly let Adam know their appreciation but he was less amused at the stuff being thrown on thd stage, he was lucky that one thing thrown at him missed him as it didn't look soft. It was at this point again that perhaps local culture is different as when Adam mentioned older fans the crowd booed, yes you heard it booed older fans, why on earth would one group of fans boo others in the crowd? Unimpressed . The third part of the show always brings mixed feelings, you know it is coming towards the close but the energy of the music and dancing blows your mind, Adam didn't fail to impress and he gave us some really cheeky moves that were certainly appreciated by this fan. When IIHY finished a whole load of fans left the arena, you wanted to shout no come back and for us at least the interval between the end of IIHY and Trespassing seemed a little longer, maybe down to Adam finding a hat to control his hair which again went a little fluffy Adam was definitely enjoying himself and loved all the group singing which I thought we were all pretty good at..... I loved how he pushed Queen into the conversation, the impression I got was he now really thinks that is his role now and thank goodness he does. The energy was immense, not as roof blowing off as Manchester by quite a way but maybe that is down to the type of venue, Manchester being much more intimate, mind you I also felt London was also much more roof blowing too but Adam and his band loved it I would suggest by their tweets. General consensus last night was loved the show but never ever coming back, which is a huge shame but the behaviour in the queue and in the crowd, plus all the constant attempts to scam us in general once they know you are a tourist around Warsaw puts a sour taste in the mouth. So a day site seeing then it's off to Milan and my M&G and goodness only knows how me standing at the front, can't wait for my next show.
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    Okay, here's my story about my trip to the Stockholm concert: Flight to Stockholm went quickly as I slept off my tiredness from the Helsinki concert for the most of the flight. The last minutes of the flight I spent admiring the beautiful scenery of small islands and Swedish countryhouses as we approached Stockholm but even more the incredible(!) sight of huuuge cottoncandy-like clouds glowing bright white with the sun light as we flew amongst them. Never in my life have I witnessed such an amazing natural sight! Our plane circled quite some time in the middle of these gorgeous fluffy pillows and I felt like someone had painted the scenery to reflect my inner feelings of peaceful enjoyment that I had after the Helsinki concert. (Sounds corny I know, but that’s really what I thought of. ) But on to the music and Adam; The venue was for 3500 (I read someone post here). It was all standing so we took a risk with not queueing for very early on (I'm quite short). We got inside and couldn't see any cloakrooms or coat stands and were a bit surprised by that. (There might have been some on the lower floor we later guessed, though.) My husband then volunteered to hold my coat for me so that I could jump, dance and "do my thang". We stood in maybe the fifth row and at first I thought I wouldn't see anything from the whole concert. The opening act - lovely Lola O - was nice but since I couldn't really see I just clapped at the end of her songs. Fortunately people eventually shifted and moved around so much that I got to the third-ish row and had quite a good view. The show had an unexpected thriller of a beginning when Adam slipped while hurrying to the mic stand in the beginning! The steps were loose or uneven or something and we could clearly see him lose his balance. The crew members then came immediately and fixed it. Adam in my eyes looked a bit frightened and obviously not very pleased when he lost his balance but started singing nevertheless immediately with full power after just one glance down at the stairs with a very serious face. Him tripping and hurting himself would mean the end of the tour. Thankfully all it was was just a fright. Because the venue was so much smaller than the Hartwall arena in Helsinki the audience could get much closer to Adam (!!) and I actually now saw him closer than in Helsinki where I was standing in the first row!! He even stood on the speakers in front of the stage and said that he now knew how dangerous it was but he still did it and he was so close!! And I'm not really sure if he actually got in to the audience at one point because something happened in the opposite corner of the stage that I could not see at all. Anyway, I jumped up and down and had my hands up in the air for the most of the time, again, and I apologize this to everyone behind me, because I know how hard it was to really see the stage. But to my defence I had a very tall girl standing right next to me and I noticed that even when I was at the peak of my jumps I still wasn't as tall or high as her head was!! I was hoping we would get a surprise visit from Tove Lo or Laleh, but we weren't that lucky. I didn't mind too much, though, because we got more Adam. It’s funny to realize now after watching some videos of the show that I didn’t have one look at the screens behind Adam. I was totally focused on him all the time! That’s one thing I wish he will take notice on his next tour; he needs to have a screen/screens to show his face to everybody in the back! He tells much of the story with his face and you will miss a big part of his performance if you are sitting/standing far away. I know this first hand because I’ve seen him twice from the far edge of an arena and now twice very close. Especially in Helsinki the screen would make a huuuge difference since there are so many people there. I know it’s ”too much” in the smaller venues, but maybe they could use it according to need and venue size. And I know I don’t have to tell you guys how much better the world becomes when you can see that smile. I made a couple of points that I just don't quite know how to describe really, but I'm sure many of you will know what I mean. 1) The familiarity you feel for him even when you have never actually met him! -He's your ultimate idol but for some weird reason he feels also like your best friend! What is that? 2) The feeling when he looks right at you!! -He really takes time to look at the people in the audience and his eyes do not twitch or hesitate. It's an incredible feeling and I feel can only come from deep honesty, self-awareness and real interest towards his listeners. I had my feet really tired and with aching muscles and I had trouble standing still during the wait and the opening act – but – the second Adam got on stage I forgot all about my feet that had felt like dying just a second ago!!! I swear I’m not lying. It is just amazing how you totally forget about all the small aches and troubles when watching/listening to him!! Although my husband said that it was just propably because my blood pressure got higher and the circulation got better in the aching feet. Well, meh.... I'm still gonna say it’s all because of Adam!
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    Ok so here is my story I had wrtten my experience of London in the other thread but deleted it by mistake so thought I would just write here as Ive now seen both. In fact I am actually having difficulty remembering London which was a fantastic, unbelievable and what we thought unbeatable show....How wrong we were! I will start with the obligatory ...OMG!!!! This show in Manchester was the most amazing, special, exciting, thrilling and happy time of my life and I will never forget it. By the looks of it I dont think Adam ever will either! We were early entry so were let in and the left hand side of the stage was cordened off for the Photo Op fans so we congragated to the right. There were a lot of tall people in front of me so we decided to move to the left just behind the corden for Photo Op fans. Even though we were a little further back it was the best decision. The other VIPs came in after their photos and filled the space to about 4 rows in front of us. We were in a perfect position with no tall people and a direct view through the crowd to Adam. As its a small venue the stage was a lot smaller than London but that meant when he went to either side he was still close. we were closer to the middle than London and although in London we were second row We were next to the speakers so got a distorted sound this was a much better position in Manchester. And now the show I will never ever forget that experience ever in my whole life!! From the minute Adam jumped onto that podium with " My life flashed before my eyes" it was a spectacular event. He wore a gorgeous and sexy red leather jacket which was unexpected and I turned to my friend tapping her on the shoulder say " OMG WHAT is that, omg that jacket is just sex , omg I cant believe it I am going to die" and more ridiculous things in an excited way! haha. He sounded fantastic his voice as always superb and when he said "Manchester!!! Welcome to The Original High tour let me hear you scream!!!!" we knew we were in for something even more special than London which we thought was impossible. There was something different that at that stage we couldnt put our finger on. He was smiling already at that stage. FYE was sooooooo sexy and he was deliciously naughtier than it shows on the videos I have seen so far we screamed from then on.. well I did anyway haha I just am having difficulty remembering song by song as some people do so Im just going to talk as I think in my head. I am still excited and whenever I think about it the excitement washes over me again! I couldnt quite believe what we were seeing. The show was like the most extraordinary thing ever I have witnessed. Adam was smiling throughout and in parts it seemed like he was delighted and surpirised at the enormity of the welcoming rousing audience. It just seemed to be a different audience to London and a very different vibe even though a lot of us had been to London too. There were so many younger ones there. We met a couple of younger fans from London who were lovely. I would say about a third of the crowd were young. There was probably a lot of students there. A lot of screaming and cheering for him. Huge cheers after each song as loud as we possibly could and for as long as we could before we had to be quiet to listen to the next song but of course during it we werent quiet as you will all know having seen Adam before!. The amount of times I screamed so loud and for a long time I can not count. I was undoubtedly the absolute loudest in the fans around me including all the young ones. at one point a lady called Gwen turned to my friend and said " shes got a hell of a good scream on her hasnt she" I apologised but she said " not at all its fantastic to hear" so I carried on haha! Im so excited my tummy is doing somersaults right now. I must have jumped up and down danced and thumped the air more times than ever ever in my life. the crowd was packed so I took advice from a friend who told me tht from the minute I get my space in the crowd stand with my feet apart and my arms away from my body so that I could keep the space around me. This is exactly what I did, it enabled me to have space to do whatever I wanted during the concert and was excellent advice. Jumping was so much fun screaming was so much fun singing was so much fun and watching a sexy, funny man do what he does best and at his best was the best of fun. He gave us 2! long talks!!! was very engaging with the crowd I dont think I have seen 2 interactions like that during this tour. How lovely is he?!!! He's just the best. His smile is the best ever in the world ( as you know). His whole face was lit with happiness and at times during 3rd set his smile is so wide and happy he looks like he is thinking " I cant believe this is happening, this is fantastic, not what I was expecting, they love me". He was cheeky, fun and very personal with the crowd in 3rd set. Was very animated during his dances especially during fever. Camp a lot of the time too which was great to see him letting go during the performance. LMD medley was just... I dont have as many words as it deserves but WOW!!! In fact all of it was wow I feel so sad I am not still there on my feet watching the most amazing, exciting experience ever! Then again extremely happy I was able to be part of it. Loved it when he said even though they were running out of time and was being told to finish up now he was going to finish his way anyway.haha. Oh Adam you gave me such a wonderful night. It is hard to explain really you had to be there. It was electric the whole crowd had obviously not experienced anything like it. everyone we spoke to said it was the best ever concert they had ever been to not just Adams concerts even those who had seen him several times some already during this tour and agreed even better than London which we thought couldnt be bettered I dont care what anyone else thinks but truly believe that being in the UK and being particularly in Manchester which we here consider the Gay capital he was able to be completely himself down to the smallest part of his being. He was sexy, funny, cute, gorgeous, outstanding, bouncy, evidently extremely happy, camp, very naughty, receptive to his electric, mad, crazy and noisy audience, gentle, rocky, crazy, excited and many other words I cannot pull from my mind at this time. I had the best time of my life and am so happy Adam came to the UK to give us his whole being. I will never forget this experience and I am honoured to have been part of what I consider to be the best concert he has done to date. I love you Adam Lambert thankyou for bringing that experience on Saturday night into my life. I am now very emotional and have tears running down my cheeks This is just what I can write down my excitement and the thrill of the show can not be felt ever. You would to be part of me and to have been there. I can admit that I asked 4 people to put their mobile phones down when they were filming as I couldnt see. One woman ignored me haha. I went there to experience Adam not to look at a sea of mobile phones Im afraid and nothing was going to spoil that. Sorry to those people but really Im not sorry. I hope this shows some of the experience Karen x ETA ( I knew this would happen haha) IIHY which is one of my favourite songs was mad,crazy and brilliant and I bounced along!!
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    Eeeeekkkk - It's This Week

    It's finally arrived - I can say I'm seeing Adam THIS WEEK!!! .........and I'm just a little bit excited - eeeeeekkkkkkkk
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    It's all set: Moovie and I are seeing Adam together!!! YAY--2 shows for the price of one airfare!! Oh--and I managed to snag a second row seat!!!!! I'm super excited!!! Been at the computer alllll day booking flights, hotels, and finding tix Flash, I think you can move this now
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    PopCrush posted this video today of Adams Best Live Vocals It is a MUST SEE!!!!!!!!! I can't use the words on this forum that I need to use to describe this it is @#$%$@#$%^$# AWESOME!!! Karen, I think there is something on here you will like
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    Oh Adam

    Adam & American Idol, season 15

    ​Adam is going to be on next week. March 17. Ryan just said so. YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!
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    I finally got to buy Trespassing and FYE from Google Play Music this morning. Been listening to all his albums on shuffle and I love them! Why he doesn't get more recognition is beyond me... (He did get a Grammy non... once that I know of.) He's perfect! :-)
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    Hi All- So- as I mentioned previously- I WAS AT THIS SHOW!!!!!!! Looking at the stage I was on the left side, 1 person back from the barricade- so second row! The show was awesome! I laughed and danced and generally smiled like a lunatic the entire time! Some things of note for me: - opener Alex Newell has some killer pipes! He has pretty good stage banter too and hopefully will get even better with it as the tour rolls on. Also, I love that Adam his supporting someone so clearly 'left of center'. I don't know many other mainstream artists that would do that. Alex came out in tight white pants, killer black platform high heels, and an amazing shoulder length weave that left one side of his head shaved short that he tossed around as he sang. He had great energy and a few of his songs were really catchy. - There were folks aged 7-70, gay, straight, men, women- a literal bag of skittles. I've never been at a show with such a cross-section of people- I mean even more so than the Queen shows. And there was quite a bit of teenagers present which was great to see. - Adam was five feet in front of my face and he is so utterly gorgeous it is literally disarming. He actually took my breath away. I tried to get some vids but I am super short and couldn't get around the flailing arms of the people in front of me. I do have a few good pics but I'm not sure how to post them here??? - Adam was very playful- I haven't made it thru the whole thread...is there video of when he calls himself a teapot? - Biggest audience reactions were for GT, WWFM, These Boys - The slowed down version of TIDI was mesmerizing - The band slays. I do not have enough words to talk about how amazing it is that he is being supported by musicians of this caliber. Adam Ross at the end of Lucy is friggin fantastic! - His voice live is out of this world. I've seen him before, but it's so amazing that it's almost like you forget in-between how actually mind blowing it is b/c recordings (whether in studio or live) really don't capture the power you feel when you are in the room with him. Like I watch vids and I know he's awesome and then I see him sing and it's even more awesome than I could comprehend. - I loved all the costumes. He looks like an anime character come to life for the first section. And when he came out in that suit- he just strolled out with his hand in his pocket as if there was a flashing sign above his head saying "damn right I'm a mother f*cking sex god'. And Karen the gloves indeed looked gorgeous. And, I loved the last outfit. I mean I think when you look at it as clothing it's kinda ugly- but I love the spirit wearing it as a costume implies. The final section is a party. We are in the club dancing out all the shit and Adam is gonna bring the color and joyful vibes and the general 'it's not that deep' camp to the proceedings. - I've heard people wondering why he said These Boys was about bullying. That isn't actually what I heard. What I heard is he ended These Boys. Then he was talking about how the next song (which was TP) is about bullying and if people have ever been told their not allowed. Then he said "I want you to meet my band". It appeared that wasn't planned. My perception was band intro was supposed to be later but I'm not sure. So then as the band was introduced and asthey played their little solos they played the music of These Boys so then when they bring it all together after all the intros Adam sang more of These Boys. That's my perception of what happened anyway. - Finally, I have been to many shows at this venue. I have never seen it so packed. The line to get in was over a block long. Every seat that I could see was filled. The GA floor area was PACKED. Also, actually having a barricade in front of the stage was not something I've seen for other shows. I think the venue staff were a little overwhelmed at how 'sold out' it really was. I've been to other shows there that have been billed as 'sold out' and they weren't that crowded. So, I hope I didn't bore anyone to death I am going to the NYC show next week too and I cannot wait. This man is a gift to us all. The feeling of acceptance and love and light was just emanating from him, to every member of the audience, and then right back out to the stage. There was so much joy in the room it made my heart want to burst! I wish him every success and happiness in life for all the joy he has brought to me
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    Wow!! This is HUUUUGE!!! The entertainment media sure picked up on this big time! I've spent the last half hour or so reading and retweeting all this articles!! I read in one of the comment sections that Adam turned down the role as Frank-n furter because it would stereotype him. I don't know where that person got the info, or how close to the truth it is, but it definitely sounds like something Adam would do. Several of the articles did mention that Adam was initially considered for the Frank-n-furter role. And remember, he also turned down Hedwig a while back. Frankly (no pun intended), I never could envision Adam in the Frank-n-furter role. I can't imagine him strutting around dressed like that--it just isn't Adam. I think Eddie is the perfect role for Adam. Can't we all picture him riding out dressed in his tight leathers? It's just a pity that the part is so darn SHORT!!!
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    Oh, this is SO great... and true Aylin_38‏@Aylin_38 ..browsing through the pics on my phone and found this:
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    Adam & Leona Lewis are nominated for a CMT Award for their performance of "Girl Crush" - CMT Performance of the Year - log in with twitter or face book to vote http://www.cmt.com/cmt-music-awards/vote/cmt-performance-of-the-year.jhtml# Voting rules & FAQ http://www.cmt.com/cmt-music-awards/vote/faq/
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    TOH Tour Torwar Warsaw 30th April

    OMG OMG OMG :D That was definitely the most amazing, unbelievable and unforgettable night of my life I'll share more of my feelings about the concert later. My excitement is still sooo big that I need to calm down to gather thoughts because right now it's difficult to do it in my own language not to mention in English haha
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    Hi guys! I'm logged in with my mobile so I'll just write a short update. I'll write more when I get home from Stockholm. I see you started a new Helsinki thread, Foxey. It's fine. The other had just my rants in it. Haha. This thread looks way cooler! LOL Guys, the concert was amaaaaaziiiing!!!!!!! Just like Adam tweeted. I got to the front row!!! - First time ever!! :) I'm still smiling! I jumped and fist pumbed and screamed more than ever in my life!! The whole thing left me exhausted but unbelievably happy. Now we're off to see some sights and eat. One happy glambert here. See you later!
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    Ohhh, I was there last night too!! I was about 8 rows back, but of course I am short so it was hard to see some of it. But wow!! Adam was amazing and the energy in the Ryman was so positive and awesome, too! The friend who went with me doesn't know his music that well, but when I would look over at her she was into it, too. Anyway, loved how he stopped and talked to us, his voice truly is even better live...wow...and he looked as if he was enjoying himself. The crowd was going crazy, too...lol. I would have to include myself in that I love how the crowd was so diverse...younger people, lots of all ages, too. I saw people stooped over with white hair making their way to seats and enjoying it just as much as the college-age kids and those of us who aren't college-aged any more..lol. I drove through driving rain for 3 hours to get there, and I would do it again in a heartbeat to see him. I didn't think his voice could sound better than it does recorded, but in person he is the whole package. As I told someone who asked how he was....amazing voice, great energy, and nice to look at as well...lol.
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    OMG! OMG! Seeing Adam last night was UNBELIEVABLE! Firstly the photo op session (meet & greet): Started with a tour showing us back stage and down the corridors to where the dressing rooms were located etc. Then whilst we were waiting for Adam to have his hair done, they held an Adam trivia quiz. Of course a proud Glambert is going to know all the answers so I won myself a limited addition Adam Lambert VIP plectrum (Which after the concert I ended up giving to a guitar playing Glambert, who gave his ticket (for tonight's gig) to a fan who couldn't afford one. One good deed deserves another Whilst we were waiting, Holly came out for some fresh air and turned to me looking at my shoes and said "Wow those shoes are awesome", I replied "thanks Honey, I think you're awesome too!" "why thank you" she said. So that was a flattering lil buzz for me! We then had a photo taken posing (pretending to sing) with Adam's famous mic and stand, felt a bit silly posing in front of the other VIPS but they all had a go! Then the final moment WE all dream about, meeting Adam! Well it was definitely brief, we signed a waiver, no touching etc We walked up a small staircase (one person at a time) that led to a small landing where Adam was standing, he took a look at me and said "WOW you're a real rock chic!" I smiled, looked into those amazing eyes and said "Happy Birthday for Friday", Adam replied,"thank you hope you enjoy the show!" I was totally and utterly star struck, I couldn't even tell you what he was wearing! So will have to wait for the pic The concert: I was so grateful that I decided to take my handheld, extremely bright glowing/flashing skull thingy because it caught not only Terrance and Holly's eye, but also Adam's on several occasions (I was in the 3rd row, but seating is extremely close at the Palais, front rowers knees are touching the stage!). I was a bit of a geek, couldn't help myself singing every word right along with him, but the occasional eye contact, slight grin was enough for me to forget any inhibitions and just have fun with it. He didn't disappoint, his voice was flawless and he made the hairs on ya neck stand to attention with some incredibly high uber notes! The sound was a little distorted but ok (because we were too close to speakers) The back drop was cool, but I really struggled to take it all in as I couldn't take my eyes off Adam I did manage to take some pics, but will have to go through them as I wasn't really focused on getting that perfect pic was just too busy enjoying the show. I am still in shock, the whole evening was so surreal. But I now have to get back on track, I am flying up for a Sydney Show, this time I will be on the dance floor!
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    My husband had physical therapy yesterday and mentioned to the therapist that we were going to see Adam in LA on April 2. The client at the next table shouted out that she knows Adam. She told DH that her family lived across the street from the Lambert family, and proceeded to tell him how hard Adam worked to get where he is today. She told him where they lived, so I think that she really is a former neighbor and not a crazed Glambert.
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    WHEEEE!! Got my tix for 2 Florida shows!!
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    Sorry ladies... be prepared... one of the pictures in the last China-shoot was cut off... Here is the whole picture... enjoy... *X*