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    because i LOVE teasing Karen and because i am an asshat.... i hope that Adam changes the sheets AFTER He takes a guy home - for Pharoah's sake....
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    I hope that the demand convinces them to put out a concert DVD of the first set of concerts.
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    just saw this on the twitter. OMG Adam is such a sweet and caring man..... no words.......
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    Excuse me? I just read through this entire thread and I challenge you to find one single post where anyone posting on this thread bullied you or anyone else who has a dissenting opinion to what's been expressed here about Donald Trump and his administration. Nevermind. Don't bother, because there aren't any. And no where did I as an administrator say that Trump supporters could not voice their opinions on this thread in support of him or his positions, or defend accusations against him or his administration and family. If you and any other members elected to stay silent in that regard that was entirely your choice. However your hypocrisy in calling the members posting on this thread "fascists" because they vehemently oppose a politician you support exposes you as the only bully on this thread. No one called you names or attacked you in any way. No need to delete your account. You are banned from any further participation in this forum because of your attacks on its members. Lastly, as to your overly broad interpretation of Adam's inclusiveness, I'll just leave you this quote, which was posted earlier in this thread from an interview in which Adam spoke about his dismay at Trump's election as POTUS, and how he feels about those who elected him.
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    Hello , long time no see but if you are friends on Facebook you will know I've had a bad year healthwise. Carter I am very sorry for your loss. I was again very lucky to be at this recording, I had the year before gone to a show just to get a Priory note against my name for when Adam is on UK TV shows along with Xstitcher . It all worked out well as I had been to the Manchester show and was down in London for the 1st O2 concert so I rang them up and got 2 tickets. We don't know of course but those there very much got the impression that Adam was a late edition to the line up hence the shorter interview and lack of him "playing" any of the games. Being that he was in the middle of a very grueling schedule we were all just grateful he was there. Adam came out with the rest of the guests earlier on into the show for the Publicity shots and Lorraine was very much trying to walk alongside Adam, we do all know how much she adores him so why ever not ;-) After the publicity shots Kasabian sang their song and Adam didn't leave the studio unlike the other guests and stood and watched them sing and bopping along to them. Whilst the audience watched Kasabian we Adam fans watched him Adam was on last but one for recording and I was actually quite glad as my original seat wasn't good as I was blocked by the camera from seeing the guest or seeing Alan Carr, but as some had left as it was a long recording my friend and I were able to relocate and got a perfect view of Adam for his interview. It wasn't a long interview probably about 12 to 15 minutes maximum. So much was cut out which of course is a shame and he go it spot on with his comments on a certain Political leader and got a lot of support from the audience. There is a great deal of TV chemistry between Adam and Alan so I do hope at some point they get to spend a lot more time in front of the camera together but I was just so grateful that we got Adam on one of the most popular Christmas Day shows especially amongst the younger part of the UK population. I now need to go and watch another TV show that needs an audience so I can get another prioroty note against my name
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    Poi nt Foundation invites you join us as we celebrate future LGBTQ leaders, honor our champions, and support Point Scholars from around the nation. https://pointfoundation.org/events/phla17/ Point Foundation (Point) is the nation’s largest scholarship-granting organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) students of merit. Point promotes change through scholarship funding, mentorship, leadership development, and community service training. https://pointfoundation.org/thepoint/mission/ https://pointfoundation.org/thepoint/what-we-do/ Point Foundation “Point Honors 2017” Beverly Hilton Hotel Los Angeles, CA (Beverly Hills) Adam will be performing at this year’s Point Honorsawards event, which is the annual fundraiser for thePoint Foundation, to help them provide scholarshipsto LGBTQ youth who are committed to developing theirleadership skills while helping their community.The event will be hosted by Michelle Collins. TIMES: 6:00pm-11:00pm PT / 9:00pm-2:00am ET – Entire Event 6:00pm PT / 9:00pm ET – Pre-Show Reception 7:30pm PT / 10:30pm ET – Dinner & Awards Program (Adam will likely perform near the end of the event) CLOCKS: World Clock – Entire Event World Clock – Pre-show Reception World Clock – Dinner & Awards Show TICKET INFO: Event Ticket Info STREAMS:Audio – http://mixlr.com/pattihum2982/(probably only of Adam’s performance) General Donation Info Full performance
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    Adam is working on his 4th Album ???

    Yes it very well could be it could be for His new album - i think unless the album is signed, sealed and delivered (as in ready to be "pressed,") new tracks can be added? Bonus tracks? Oooohhhh - HOW ABOUT A 2 DISC ALBUM ADAM?!?! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE WE HAVE BEEN WAITING SO PATIENTLY LOL I wonder when we will get the album title? FYE title was announced in October, just a month b4 release due to the frenzy of the Idol Tour & the fact that FYE was recorded in 3 monhs TSP was announced in November (May release) and TOH title was announced on Adam's bday with June release date. Adam was in studio again yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    OMG you guys! I met BRIAN effing MAY!!! He came out and talked to our backstage tour group for about 15 minutes!! I'll post pictures when I get back to my real computer on Sunday.
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    CELEBRITY ICON This award is given to someone in the public eye who actively and positive promotes an equality, diversity and inclusion agenda. http://www.diversityinmediaawards.com/awards-categories.html The Diversity In Media Awards recognise and celebrate the voices that accurately reflect the society we live in. To encourage and inspire people to pursue a career in the media by shining a light on role models and best practice. To be proud of our voices, and to speak up, for ourselves, our communities and for others. http://www.diversityinmediaawards.com/ Nominations for all categories are open now Nominations close - 30th April Shortlist announced and voting opens - 16th May Voting closes - 21 July (You may nominate Adam here so that He makes the shortlist ) http://www.diversityinmediaawards.com/nominate-now.html
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    Great posts @carter_ When will ppl get it Adam doesnt give #twofux if you dont like it. He likes it he's expressing himself Thats the top and bottom of it. @ram I think you should buy it you dont need to listen. Its only 99p (or whatever your currency is) and it will be supporting Adam😊 X
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    Yay yay yay!! Being non native English speaker l wondered what Fux is for few minutes?!!!!! Hahahahaha.
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    Non-Explicit Title for TwoFux

    Two Bux But seriously, I think changing the title would change the whole meaning of the song. This is Adam's fight song, in the same vein as "Stronger", "Roar", "Brave" and "This is My Fight Song". The only real reason to change the title would be for radio play, and radio does not figure as prominently in music sales as it once did. And Adam has a whole Queen tour in which to promote the song LIVE. So, radio: FU. Adam doesn't give 2 Fux about you anymore
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    http://headlineplanet.com/home/2017/06/14/queen-adam-lambert-scheduled-upcoming-jimmy-kimmel-live-performance/ They are listed on 1 iota website 1iota is America's premiere Audience Casting and Fan Engagement Agency. We connect fans with the celebrities, shows and musical events they love – and offer peerless support for all of production's audience/event production needs. If you wanna get on the waitlist for tickets for Queen + Adam Lambert's mini concert, click on "Thursday, June 22" under the |Find Tickets" heading http://1iota.com/Home/Calendar The Queen + Adam Lambert mini concert will be pre-recorded today, and at least one song from the mini-concert will be featured on the evening TV broadcast. The interview guests for this episode include Anthony Hopkins and Chris Hardwick. TICKETS: Request Free Tickets TIMES: Concert Audience Check-in – 5:15pm PDT, 8:15pm EDT Concert Pre-recording – 5:45pm PDT, 8:45pm EDT TV Broadcast – 11:35pm EDT/PDT, 10:35pm CDT/MDT (check local listings to confirm times) CLOCKS: World Clock for EDT TV broadcast & stream STREAMS: http://tv4embed.com/usa/ABC-stream1.html working stream for international fans
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    A little bit of offtoping, but too funny not to share. Last year in the summer we were spending a weekend by the lake: me, my friend and her husband, their two dogs and my cat. Since It is a princess, she stayed in our house, but we had the dogs with us all the time. So we were sunbathing and drinking by the lake and the dogs were playing in the water. Then, a very distressed lady came to us and started screaming at us, that we need to get these dogs out of the water, because there are children in the water and all the bacteria. She was hysteric, so she didn't make that much sense. And my friend waited till she finished and then with absolute calm said to her husband "honey, could you please get the dogs out of the water, apparently the children have bacteria" and thanked the lady. And I swear, I haven't seen someone as flabbergasted as that woman in my life So yes, for Pharoah's sake I hope Adam changes the sheets after, not before
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    Actually I am an anxious flyer, hate it and prefer to drive interstate most of the time (10 hours+ drive home (my birthplace/family) to Sydney from Melbourne where we live now) If time allows I prefer to do a roadtrip, but with this tour I think there will be some flights involved BUT in order to achieve the result we are after, sacrifices must be made As for my other half, he teases me re Adam BUT is extremely supportive and has paid for nearly all the tickets so far! He has his interest in cars/hotrods etc and that is way more time and finance consuming than my obsession That's my story anyways
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    QAL tour Australia/NZ announced!!!

    @koula, sometimes it pays to be single
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    Maybe these will be the songs a few people wont have seen for a long time.. Hmmmmm...... 4 of them are from News of the World album that has its anniversary this year. Get listening just in case! X
  20. 6 points
    Oh, yay!!!! Thanks for the news, koula. I can't wait to hear what they have been cooking up! LOL at "He's like my Jewish mother." Funny, but it also really comes across how great a friend Adam is in addition to a mentor.
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    Having fun watching these posts. Being a newbie I haven't seen all of them yet so it's great to watch other people's favs. Poor hubby is feeling replaced so I have to be a bit sneaky about it. Lol x
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    Yaaaaaaas Im going to to the Budapest concert..just bought ticktess wohooo im exitedddddd
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    How exciting for our UK peeps I am sooo looking forward to seeing any footage of this tour Or better still, sooo wish they were coming back DownUnder too
  24. 6 points
    I'm still smiling to myself since I bought my QAL ticket this morning !!
  25. 6 points
    PTL on Chinese Idol - that catwalk omggggggggggggggggggggggg
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    Adam has got to be the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE! It's about time Adam Lambert be put on the cover of a magazine for his sexy persona and success instead of George Clooney don't you think?!!! I am sick of old and boring fellas like the one I just mentioned scooping up all the media attention these days. It is time for the world to fall in love with the beautiful face of America's Sweetheart Idol alum and Queen front man, Grammy nominee, #1 Billboard album chart holder, Worldwide touring artist and successful TV judge gorgeous genuine sweetheart of a man who always love to just be himself and doesn't care about what anyone thinks, and I know he is as sweet and genuine to others as he is to himself, gorgeous man that Adam Lambert IS! I want to see him on the cover of a magazine again, SERIOUSLY! HIS FACE DESERVES TO BE ON TIME OR FORBES MAGAZINE COVER, he's too gorgeous! I want to see him win more awards and Grammys and all the like, and I want to see him promoted more on American talent TV such as The Voice USA as a guest coach or performer and dancing with the stars as a guest judge or performer, and I would love to see him appear on musical drama shows like Star and Empire! Don't you think so?!!! Does anyone out there agree with me! I am obsessed with Adam's sexiness, music, style, fashion, eyes, hair, makeup, glam style, good looks, good teeth, dance moves, stage presence, Glee acting, judging, etc. etc. etc. I could go on and on!
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    Going further with what @koula said: Almost all of the attacks in recent years (since 9-11) have been carried out by people who had been in the US for many years, even decades. Omar Mateen (the Pulse shooter) was a US citizen born in Brooklyn. A recent report from DHS said the same thing: most attacks are carried out by people who become radicalized many years after entering the country. Gee, I wonder if the way they are treated here has anything to do with that??? Furthermore, no attacks on US soil have been carried out by people from the 6 countries to which the ban applies. Ironically, most attackers that are not US citizens are from countries that are NOT on the ban list, specifically UAE, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Interestingly, Trump has major real estate holdings or business dealings in those last three countries. Hmmmm...
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    one of the shining lights amidst the horror and lunacy that is D Trump is witnessing the sheer numbers of people who are standing up and trying to fight against the dangerous, regressive, shortsighted, divisive and hateful polices/rhetoric that Trump espouses. I do not mean to minimize the uphill nature of the fight - I live in NZ and I know the general mood here is one of 'WTF" and also watchfulness and concern regards the global implications of this presidency - but living in the US must feel like you have been hit by a tidal wave - I am simply saying that it does give me hope, that we see you, we hear you and are wishing you all the strength in turning against the tide.
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    I want to add a few more words about why this thread has been allowed to continue here on the AO forum. The main reason the topic was allowed to be posted and discussed was because of Adam's own tweets expressing his concern about Trump's fitness to hold the office of POTUS. Adam rarely gets publicly political and when he does it's because the topic is extremely relevant for him and his feelings are strong. If it's that important for him to choose to make a public statement that risks offending some of his fans then it is absolutely relevant to be discussed here at length on his own official site even if it offends some members. Adam himself did not elaborate by criticizing political parties or other specific politicians, therefore the topic here was strictly limited to just the discussion on Trump's candidacy, campaign, and election and was not allowed to be turned into a forum for members to either promote or lambast other candidates. As long-term members have known for many years, political discussion on a site such as this often brings nastiness and infighting amongst members making the site an uncomfortable place to be. So I had to make the call to keep this discussion topic as limited as possible within Adam's own intent, which was to question Trump's qualifications as a candidate for POTUS, and prevent it from becoming a political free-for-all. Later Adam tweeted his support for Clinton so discussion was opened up to include her candidacy. Nowhere in the thread did any administrator of this forum forbid any member from voicing support for Trump or opposition to Clinton. Most of Adam's fans tend to agree with him on political issues, especially social issues, which may make it uncomfortable for those who disagree to live with that fact and the resulting abundance of anti-Trump discussion if they choose to read or participate in this particular thread. But it is a fact that you do have to live with. As time went on it became abundantly clear to anyone that was actually paying attention to anything but fake news sites that Trump's candidacy, campaign, and administration (and now a possible cover-up by some GOP politicians) were worthy of intense scrutiny for possibly serious violations of ethics and even the law, as the connecting dots of the numerous Russian connections began to surface. Not to mention the foreign intervention and manipulation in the U.S. election process! Serious questions from a myriad of people in all walks of life and all political parties, including hundreds of mental health professionals, arose concerning Trump's mental state and his possible allegiance to the leader of a foreign adversary. As such it transcended mere political partisanship and became a unique momentous moment in United States and even world history, extremely relevant to people around the entire globe, and arguably the most serious political crisis the U.S. has ever faced. Considering the gravity and far-reaching consequences involved, the continuation of this topic here on our forum remains an important exception to the long-standing rule of no political discussion. It's just too important and heavily on the minds of many members. And it will continue here until the resolution of these serious issues or Adam or his team decide it is inappropriate.
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    . http://www.eonline.com/news/905000/queen-tina-turner-more-honored-with-the-recording-academy-s-lifetime-achievement-award The 2018 Grammys are on Sunday, January 28th - one day b4 Adam's Birthday! Hoping this means that there will be a performance by Queen + Adam! ETA - scroll down to the end A special award presentation ceremony and concert celebrating the honorees will be held in summer 2018. Additional details regarding the ceremony will be announced in the coming weeks. http://www.eonline.com/news/905000/queen-tina-turner-more-honored-with-the-recording-academy-s-lifetime-achievement-award
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    How does he fit ANYTHING in? He's a god damn machine
  34. 5 points


    Reading this thread makes me want to share that I will be going to a concert with my daughter. While she adores Adam she does not have time in her life to follow him like a glambert. Once she had the opportunity to get his autograph thru a fence and he looked up and straight into her eyes. She was babbling about how good looking he is the rest of the evening. . I digress, She knows nothing about these current concerts, including his hair color. I'm just as excited to witness her reactions to everything as I am to see the concert. Now I just have to keep my mouth closed on the 3 hour drive to the concert.
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    Holy Jebus, I love this man! The whole song is one big fuck you to all the naysayers in the world, title be damned. And the fact that it's written in waltz time just makes it even more hilarious. I hope they perform it on the tour. It really has a Queen flavor to it and performing it with Queen will get it a lot of attention. Rock on, Adam!
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    TWO FUX is one HUGE ASS statement from Adam - listen to the lyrics VERY carefully... the part about being "high above the Big Machine" Adam is one BRAVE ASS Man! Honest as hell - and TBH the title of this song is gonna get Him A LOT of attention - TWO FUX is fabuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! "I may as well be on the moon, searching for that 1 or 2 that get it"
  37. 5 points
    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! He said EVER!!!!!!! Don't do this to me Brian!!! The anticipation of it all!!!!! (I need an emoji with hair pulling!) I know now that there's no way I can stay off from all the videos prior to the European leg! So true!
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    Here's hoping the Sydney Mardi Gras organisers have seen this, next year's parade falls right in the middle of the Australian leg of the QAL tour.... he'd make an amazing Grand Marshall 😍😍😍
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    Adam's Instagram

  41. 5 points

    QAL tour Australia/NZ announced!!!

    I cant find a full version of this anywhere. I stumbled on it while watching QAL on y/t
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    Wow I hope this goes on and stays on the set list. Extraordinary❤❤❤❤
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    I tweeted Adam to ask for a word of remembrance for the Pulse shooting. That was one year ago Monday, June 12.
  45. 5 points
    Im presuming this is a magazine. Maybe an online one I dont know but Im posting it here anyway. Good interview http://www.flaunt.com/content/music/adam-lambert
  46. 5 points
    I like that phrase: "...almost offensively good-looking" Thanks for all the goodies @carter_ So much to see!!! It's a pity Brian didn't show up. Which begs the question: why is he in NYC???
  47. 5 points
    1 year ago today, "Welcome to the Show" debuted on Spotify, Youtube (audio of full song) and Adam & Laleh performed WTTS on American Idol! Thank you Adam & Laleh for this beautiful and inspiring anthem!
  48. 5 points
    rehearsal video from the 2012 Hennesy Artistry event in Shanghai oooooh loveeee Adam on catwalks
  49. 5 points
    Thanks for posting this @carter_ Its lovely to see the great things Adam does for others. I cried when he said "bye" because it really is. X
  50. 5 points

    Adam's Instagram