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    Hello , long time no see but if you are friends on Facebook you will know I've had a bad year healthwise. Carter I am very sorry for your loss. I was again very lucky to be at this recording, I had the year before gone to a show just to get a Priory note against my name for when Adam is on UK TV shows along with Xstitcher . It all worked out well as I had been to the Manchester show and was down in London for the 1st O2 concert so I rang them up and got 2 tickets. We don't know of course but those there very much got the impression that Adam was a late edition to the line up hence the shorter interview and lack of him "playing" any of the games. Being that he was in the middle of a very grueling schedule we were all just grateful he was there. Adam came out with the rest of the guests earlier on into the show for the Publicity shots and Lorraine was very much trying to walk alongside Adam, we do all know how much she adores him so why ever not ;-) After the publicity shots Kasabian sang their song and Adam didn't leave the studio unlike the other guests and stood and watched them sing and bopping along to them. Whilst the audience watched Kasabian we Adam fans watched him Adam was on last but one for recording and I was actually quite glad as my original seat wasn't good as I was blocked by the camera from seeing the guest or seeing Alan Carr, but as some had left as it was a long recording my friend and I were able to relocate and got a perfect view of Adam for his interview. It wasn't a long interview probably about 12 to 15 minutes maximum. So much was cut out which of course is a shame and he go it spot on with his comments on a certain Political leader and got a lot of support from the audience. There is a great deal of TV chemistry between Adam and Alan so I do hope at some point they get to spend a lot more time in front of the camera together but I was just so grateful that we got Adam on one of the most popular Christmas Day shows especially amongst the younger part of the UK population. I now need to go and watch another TV show that needs an audience so I can get another prioroty note against my name
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    There are so many documentaries of Queen from years ago that it only seems likely that they are going to put out a documentary about their journey with Adam. I have suspected this since the beginning. They are not going to ignore this part of their lives on film.
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    . http://www.eonline.com/news/905000/queen-tina-turner-more-honored-with-the-recording-academy-s-lifetime-achievement-award The 2018 Grammys are on Sunday, January 28th - one day b4 Adam's Birthday! Hoping this means that there will be a performance by Queen + Adam! ETA - scroll down to the end A special award presentation ceremony and concert celebrating the honorees will be held in summer 2018. Additional details regarding the ceremony will be announced in the coming weeks. http://www.eonline.com/news/905000/queen-tina-turner-more-honored-with-the-recording-academy-s-lifetime-achievement-award
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    here's another goodieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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    hi @senzaalcool a fan that was at the taping tweeted that Adam's interview was brief & that He sang a Christmas carol - but iDK if He sang the entire carol or just a lil bit? @foxeylady This is gonna be awesomeeeee! i was dreading the holidays this year b/c my momma passed away at the end of October. Seeing Adam on Chatty man sure will help!
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    Read the whole post here--all the way to the bottom. God, please let there be a DVD!!!!
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    Adam praised on radio show

    I'm not sure who the interviewer was, or what radio show this is. But listen to James Michael https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Michael go on about Adam. This short clip is just the part about Adam: https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1021368895846928384/pu/vid/322x180/qFpNxZwOe-fHLGO9.mp4 Here's the original hour-long interview
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    I remember when Adam first became well-known in the music world, he said he didn't want to be the 'poster boy' for the gay community. He has actually become the perfect spokesman for the LGBT community - so articulate and presentable, easy to relate to, and reassuring to the younger persons in his community. I'm a straight old lady and I think Adam is totally fabulous, I love him. Adam: love from Tina xx
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    I was totally freaked for a minute when I went to check in on AO and discovered the absence of the forum with the update! Luckily it crossed my mind to try to access it on the adamlambertfans site, since the two were accessible together on AO previously. Granted there hasn't been a ton of activity lately, but there is so much history there! I would hate to see it go away.--it would kind of feel like your house burnt down! I think there is much more great things to come and it provides a gathering place to celebrate these things. I vote for a forum somewhere! Sometimes you like to go home to visit.
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    That is what i want, its gonna be the first time i will be so close to Adam my idol. Can't wait !!!
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    Wow, I hadn't realised!! Thanks for keeping track @carter_! It has been oh so wonderful to follow Adam's career. And he has only just started, I say... Wait! What kind of massive party are we throwing next year?!?!?!?!?! We should start planning already, right?!?
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    If you check the #SSELiveAwards hash tag on twitter, there are A LOT of Donny fans voting. My big sisters took me to see the Osmonds, but i was super little and don't remember much except there was a lot of screaming. Our guys are holding at #1 on Belfast - Nathan hasn't been able to overtake us for well over 24 hrs now! 3rd in Wembley, 4th in Glasgow Belfast: https://ssereward.com/sseliveawards/belfast … Wembley: https://ssereward.com/sseliveawards/wembley … Glasgow: https://ssereward.com/sseliveawards/hydro …
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    Adam's Instagram

    Adam took in a fashion show, and sat next to Heidi Klum: More pictures here: https://www.shutterstock.com/editorial/entertainment/wolk-morais-collection-6-show%2C-front-row%2C-los-angeles-2018-01-17?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=Editorial_us_soceditcollection_2018_01&utm_content=collection_1_en_Wolk~Morais~Collection~6~show%2C~Front~Row%2C~Los~Angeles&utm_term=1_1_twitter_1
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    It would be AWESOME if they got to perform at the Grammys!! Brian posted the story on his website too: https://brianmay.com/queen/queennews/queennewsjan18a.html#14
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    I really hope Bri and Roger will come to get their well deserved award. And maybe they will perform at least one song w Adam. That would be for him a perfect moment to show the grammy academy (or whatever it calls) how much they doesn't appreciate his incredible talent and vocal skills and in the future they will take a better look to Adam's future solo music in the near future. Maybe good times are really coming.
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    Adam's Instagram

    Idolator posted one of Adam's IG posts under the heading of "Sexiest IG Pics of 2017" http://www.idolator.com/7673142/pop-mens-sexiest-instagram-pics-2017/adam-lambert-sexy
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    Happy Holidays! Wishing a very Happy Holiday Season to all of our AdamOfficial.com Family! . Adam just gets home from a grueling stadium tour overseas - perhaps exhausted and jet lagged - but that doesn't stop Him from spreading some joy to those less fortunate. WOW! Adam is incredibly selfless and thoughtful <3
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    . The line to sit on Santa Adam's lap forms here.......
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    Adam's Tweets

    Exciting indeed. I wonder as well. Wouldn't Adam just fit right in with this cast?!?
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    Happy Holidays to all of you!
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    Adam is back on Cali!
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    Adam's Instagram

    . Another photo from Joseph Sinclair
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    Haha! Foxey, I have now literally come down from the clouds since we flew home from Helsinki. Heyyy! Okay, here's my recap: A concert totally worth every penny! Well, you already knew that, didn't you? I had a great(!) seat. (Not one of those On stage tickets which I realized had been on sale at some point and I had totally missed out on! ) Oh well, never you mind because - after about eight years of waiting I finally got to touch Adam's hand as he walked by during Radio GaGa!!!!!!! I don't think there are enough smiley faces for that... And don't be fooled when I say "a seat". There weren't any standing tickets on sale but trust me - I didn't sit down once!!!!! The whole concert was amazing! I've now seen them three times - 2012, 2016 and 2017 - and the show just keeps on getting better and better! They are now so comfortable with each other that it feels like you are watching your family members or friends performing just for you - but this time your family and friends are these number-one musicians in the world and they just laugh and joke around and have a blast - while basically just killing it like no-one else can!! It is - SO GOOD!!!!!!! And it makes you feel - EVEN BETTER!!! @carter_ posted videos of WWTLF and STL and to me it felt like Adam was putting on some extra flavouring for us. WWTLF was stunningly beautiful and he kept on icing the cake and hitting more and more high notes through out the show. I really liked their first shows they did in Eastern Europe 2012 - they were great, and I loved their outdoors gig two summers ago in Helsinki - it was just wonderful, but this concert was even better. They weren't kidding when they said they had put some extra thought on the show and tech. But in addition there's such an ease in Adam's interpretation now that it takes it all to a whole other level. And I can't stop admiring the fact that Roger and Brian are still rocking their bottoms out! This is entertainment people!!!! I really can't pick one favourite moment but I just love the lyric "This world has only one sweet moment set aside for us" and this concert definitely was a whole lotta sweet! A huge THANK YOU for everyone who made it possible for me to experience it!!!!
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    Hi, guys! I'm so excited to be back here! I got a new Kindle and I am able to access bunches of stuff I couldn't before. I've missed you all!
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    Berlin is a past1 How it was in my eyes? Read the recap here PICS - instagram.com/ivaalambert AND HERE - QAL IVAA New year,new concert adventure. But hey hey, POLAND IS NOT ON THIS YEAR'S TOURLIST,WHAT TO DO! One group of people- They'll be back in next year Me: MUM, WE'RE GOING TO BERLIN! So once I said it needs to be done! Ya know, buying tickets,getting ready for trips etc...and the months were passing by until the travel day has come. I was travelling (as always) by train. In da train I met couple of polish glamberts,who after me decided to go to Berlin A few hours later I welcomed Berlin and Belrin welcomed me with fernsehturm. I always wanted to go to Berlin, since i've been a massive Tokio Hotel fan. After the checking-in and plugging in the room stuff I decided to go to the venue. To see how it look and check the way to get not lost in the next day. The venue is big,is beautiful. In Poland we have that not venues. While I was on my way to the venue I spotted a few Queenbert trucks! I was like OMFGGG the Queen trucks! It's happening! Honestly- when I saw the first truck I immediately froze. I was schocked my mum had to pinch me to make me alive again HAHAHAHAHA . I was so happy,that I saw QAL trucks. It;s such a good preledium to the show. Later,after checking the venue here and there I decided to to a little photoshoot with a polish flag. Next day there was absolutely no time for any truck photoshoots.... ON THE NEXT DAY I set my alarm clock for 4am but I woke up at 3:50 am . I got all ready in 5 minutes and after the breakfast I run to the venue. In time- I was the last one who closed the first 10 people waiting at the venue. I was 10 and I started the camp at 5:00 am. Yes- a camp. This queining was a real glambert camp. We talked,we ate,we lived together in one place. This was a different experience for me. And much better than polish queues. Nobody was like oh crap what the f you're doing here. Everyone was so friendly and nice. And we were one. Ofc 2 hours before entering to the venue was a bit mess from the security about lines and nobody went that higly cuckoo as I;ve seen in PL before. Even the numbers have been respected. Queining in Germany was a good experience for me. There were moments,where I felt bad,but the thought,that soon I'm going to see Adam made me feel alive again. I don't know how this happened. How I found more forces to survive. I met so many wonderful people- germanberts and those, who I know from social media- twitter,facebook, ig, Adam Lamber uk fb group. Thanks for your company again! The entering to the venue was super easy and calm! I was 8th to the enter on the 3rd door. Quick checking- everything's ok. Until ... I ran a little and I almost falled down to the floor. But luckily I stopped to run and just went quickly to not fall completely down. In time- on the barrier on the left side for me there were last places so I quickly jumped and yaas, I got the first fucking row for the 6th time! I was so happy so happy! I stood where I exactly wanted and with whom I wanted A big stone has fallen down from my heart- 13 hours of camping was so worth it it didin't waste! Barrier bunnies lives everywhere Ok- I sent a quick SMS messages to my parents, where I am and then the last line of waiting has begun. Our entertainers were the security guys who were really nice and warmed us up to do some clap clap-s and dayoh-s like we do with Freddie in (almost) the end of the concert. We were having a really good fun with them. Inside I felt the AC- I had some fresh air to breathe. That;s a big plus. In Poland nothing is working to make the very warm air a bit cooler. And we were waiting and waiting and waiting..... UNTIL the QAL slogan written on the wall started to shake the lights slowly went down Someone started to go out through the wall Fans started to scream We see Frank the robot then.. THE CAGE OPENS AND HERE THEY ARE! THE HEROES I'VE BEEN WAITING TO SEE FOR SO MANY DAYS Screaming,crying from happiness, Adam started to sing and he literally attacked with Tear it up. Holy fuck, it was so intense! I've heard this song for the very first time live and I hope not the last. This concert was a one big musical with the most precious voice which today's world can listen. And I'm so fucking proud of the fact, that I stan the most talented singer of the world. He evolved his voice since the last concert in Lodz I've attended. The force of his voice has absolutely no boundaries. Shivers ,strong shivers all the time, he can bring you to the whole catalogue of feelings- from cheering until crying. I love him to death and I've done everything during the show to make him feel happy. ( and I was not the only one ;)) ) Interactions with Adam? There were so many of them. OMG he stood on the catwalk near me for SO many times, during whole show, (sending him a tweet where I am was the ebst idea tbh) He was looking at me for so many times,he smiled so wide when he have seen me going crazy he loved how much I enjoyed the show. He have heard me screaming and singing and dancing. He saw,that I was taking photos of him ,that I smile to him. He must know that he gives me so much joy and in the grey life of a grey factory worker and he's my little sunshine in my life. Did anyone see the video of IWIA and wondered what he is doing with his head in the end of the song where he is near Roger? He was doing a little headbang. he wanted to be like me hahahaha . Nobody does a headbang during Bri;s IWIA guitar solo .It's hard to just stay and do absolutely nothing. You have to enjoy the show to the fullest, if you don;t want to stay at home. His headbang was cute but kinda funny ( bc he has short hair hahaha :D) I love Adam. Brian also stood for so many times where I am together with Adam and also solo! . I think he remembers me from the Lodz show. If it's true-I;m honored During the somebody to love call and response Adam wanted to hear us screaming somebody. My side was pretty quiet...? And I was screaming like crazy. Second try- I screamed like I was giving a birth to a baby. After that Adam made a funny face and he said to me nice. HE SAID TO ME NICE WTF There was no radio GAGA hand touch. I'm not sad at all- I still didin't forget the touch from Lodz and I think I will never forget... He was looking to my camera again and I captured it in two pics (link to my pics later ) After all these craziness with Adam- some magical moments with Bri. LOML always touch my heart and soul. My mum ( she was w me as well) said that she cried during whole song. She also loves Queen and Adam like me. She told to me,that next time she wants to be on standing area. Well, she will be forced to camp together with me Back to the show. The 2nd part with Adam happened mostly on the b-stage and I saw his back. So I just enjoyed the music,the pure magic and his voice. Majestatic WWTLF turned the magic to its uniqal beauty even more. As a dessert-Bri's solo. Bo Rhap was playing from ,,Is this a real life'' until the gong. Adam stood in a big platform which flew high. I was a bit scared that Adam would fall down, but no. The whole stage arragement for this song looked really beautiful. When Adam ended Bo Rhap Freddie came up and we did daaaaaaaaaaaayoooooh-s! They can make you threw your lungs from your body! After it Adam and the band came again to do WWRY and WATC. Adam in the gold cape looks like a real king, really majestatic. After Adam;s last screaming at WATC confetti exploded and it glued all over me like in Oswiecim..... They did many bow down's and went off stage. At this point all I wanted to do was crying. I quickly grab a lot of confetti,thanked to my pals for their company and went out the venue. I stood on the place, where I was waiting for my mum, did a phone call to my dad. I said that show is over and I'm out and I'm waiting for my mum and I started to cry. I was literally crying in public. From happiness that everything went so good and how I wished and already from missing Adam. My dad kept saying ,,Sweetie don't cry be happy that you have seen him again!'' Then my mum came and she hugged me tight. At this point I was a total emotional mess. But a happy one. Usually I don't cry in public,but emotions went higher as I expected. I needed 10 minutes to calm down then I went to the hotel... From the merch stand I bought only white tshirt w QAL silver logo and dates on back. That was only thing I didin't have (the rest I bought in Lodz). Each QAL show I'm attending gives me so much joy, positive energy, and also moments where I cry. This is a wonderful trampoline from a normal life. It's also a time machine. It takes us all to these times , mixing the today perfectly. It was my 4th QAL concert and not the last. I will be attending their shows as long as they will play together as QAL. Adam's song- Lucy in a Queen version sounds so massive. Even massive even rock-ish than originally on TOH. I was so happy to hear this song live again 2 years since TOHT.... And to hear also a original gutiar solo. On the day after I came home.... until today I can't get myself together... post concert depression is still high... need to see them again. Need to hear Adam's voice again. Eh.. All I have to do is waiting. And working days and nights. Adam is my motivation to work. Thanks for another wonderful experience Adam. Until next time. I love you to death.
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    Adam's Instagram

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    Adam's Instagram

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    You won't regret it!!! I was onstage in St. Paul last summer--WOW!!! I vowed then that if the opportunity ever arose again, I would jump at the chance for an onstage ticket. So now I'm going to be onstage in Berlin. Sooooo exciting!!! This happened in St. Paul:
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    How he is SO beautiful??? Stunning performance, so firm and emotional it takes my breath away
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    Wow, this video is AWESOME!! Professional, up-close, multi-camera. I believe this is the show that was recorded for Japanese TV and later released as a video in Japan only. Remember, we got 3 songs from that on youtube, but then nothing else was ever released. I think this is it.
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    Hey Albiiiiiiiiiiiiii - hope you have your reactions back for THIS photo - HOLY CRAP it's awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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    Awwww, this looks so cozy
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    Adam's Instagram

    there are several new IG posts from Adam https://www.instagram.com/adamlambert/
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    Dr Brian has totally got it right when he describes Adam as a Gift From God. Such a powerful voice yesterday evening in Nottingham, strutting the stage, his various costume changes - just being there! Roger sang three songs (one with Adam), and Dr Brian with his wonderful guitar solos. A hologram of Freddie suddenly appeared on stage, and you could almost believe that he was actually there in real life! This concert was wonderful. Every time I see Adam in concert I become a bit more obsessed with him! When he does another solo tour to promote his fourth album (some time next year) I will be there.
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    As far as voice quality goes, I don't think Freddie holds a candle to Adam. I have listened to isolated vocals of Freddie and they are not that great. He often was out of tune. The music covered a lot of pitch problems. I hope that someday someone will do a tribute to Adam as a performer and to his incredible voice.
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    I am going to hockey game tomorrow night so won't be checking the stream but! I am going to Birmingham gig next week ? ?? I can't wait!