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  1. Social networking site has never been so important as a communication and promotional tool for artists and the like. Adam himself is an avid twitter user. However, glamberts in China can't visit his Twitter or YouTube videos due to government web censorship. To circumvent this, a verified/official account of Adam Lambert was set up on China's most popular version of twitter-- Weibo.com and has so far attracted nearly 800,000 followers. The Weibo account is managed by a Chinese agency called Fanstang(Weibo.com/Fanstang) that also does the same for many other western artists. Supposedly their job is to translate Adam's tweets into Chinese and post them together with whatever pictures or videos to Weibo. However, there are three kinds of problems with Fanstang's management of Adam's Weibo account that has cost him intangibly and possibly financially, the latter the reason I posted this. The first and most recently problem is posting promotional Weibo post/tweet that Adam did NOT post on his twitter account. Both the English and the Chinese versions of the post were fabricated and as an unspoken rule, one promotional post on Weibo brings in anywhere from 1000 to 10,000 RMB. In doing so, Fanstang, Adam's Chinese Weibo agent,has seriously ripped him off by 1) making hundreds of thousands Chinese glamberts and media outlets who didn't know better believe Adam did something that he actually himself did NOT do and 2) making money out of Adam's SNS account, most likely without any knowledge from Adam or his management. To make matters worse, after several glamberts pointed out that Adam himself did not post such a tweet and expressed their concern, Fanstang agent blocked those glamberts ON BEHALF OF ADAM. Having followed Adam for more than four years, I know Adam would never do such a thing and am greatly worried by what this kind of action says about him to his young and impressionable Chinese fans who may think Adam himself blocked them. The screencap below is the most recent promotional Weibo post/tweet. http://i44.tinypic.com/lfmyx.png The second problem is with video quality. Since YouTube is blocked in China, all the videos Adam posted need to be re-uploaded to a domestic video host site. More than half the time, the agent Fanstang would choose to post a low resolution, often shooting-at-TV screen version, when Chinese glamberts have already uploaded high resolution versions to the domestic sites hours before. Even after repeated reminders and petitions and direct messages, the Weibo agent so far has made no response or change. Below is one example. This is the video posted by Fanstang agent. http://i41.tinypic.com/2prsnc3.png This is the video posted by Chinese glamberts account. http://i39.tinypic.com/34dj5ts.png The third problem is with translation fidelity. Some of Adam's tweets aren't translated (they can be either flirty, bit racy or simply slang,which Fanstang apparently cannot translate) while others mistranslated(sometimes worse than google translate). Below are some examples. Example 1: http://i40.tinypic.com/f9ktua.jpg Example 2: http://i43.tinypic.com/2a50u1l.jpg Example 3: http://i43.tinypic.com/5aqnvl.jpg Adam is dearly loved by us Chinese glamberts and it hurts to see him poorly represented and even ripped off on a daily basis. I'm writing this post in hope of getting the attention of Adam's management. So please help spread the message. Thank you.
  2. In this video we showed our love and best wishes for Adam. Happy Golden Birthday Adam! And good luck on the Grammys! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMFLwfdSca0
  3. On behalf of Chinese fans going to HK GNT

    Ah~~ ciciring! Long time no see:) How is everything? Yeah we tried contacting Sony and the local contractor Lushington but they say that Adam's people will make the call
  4. I posted a letter requesting flight information so we can welcome Adam at the airport. Please give some support http://www.adamofficial.com/us/node/1760474 Thanks:))
  5. This is a letter requesting information about Adam's flight to Hong Kong on October 11th since we're planning a welcome at the airport. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who we are We are Chinese glamberts. We have been following Adam since AI 8. We started a website(www.adamlambert.com.cn/bbs) dedicated to promoting Adam in China in June 2009. To date, we have over 10,000 members on the forum and organized various online and offline activities. What we do We translate everything Adam-related into Chinese so that more people in China can know him. We actively promotes Adam on Chinese websites and radio: we established a homepage on the most popular social website for 20s Chinese,renren.com(local equivalent of facebook); we voted For Your Entertainment and Whataya Want From Me to the top spot on HitFM for five consecutive weeks. We organize bulk purchase for fans from the Rolling Stone magazine to For Your Entertainment CD( no copyrighted version is available in China so we have to buy it overseas) to Hong Kong concert tickets . We provide a platform where fans discuss about Adam, covers songs from the album and offline activities where glamberts squeak together. What we are requesting The coming Hong Kong stop of glam nation tour is the first time Chinese fans see Adam live, making a long-waited dream true.Therefore we'd appreciate it very much if we can be noticed about Adam's flight information so we can make arrangements(eg. Ask for half a day off that day). For one year and half, we watched and read Adam concerts online, amazed by his talents as well as his kindness and thoughtfulness towards his fans. During his international promotion tour in March, the crowd in Singapore and Japan airport sent a strong message of greeting and love. And that kind of welcome is also great publicity. So we want to greet Adam at the Hong Kong airport to show him how popular he is in China and how much love we have for him. Besides, for most fans who travel across China to attend the concert, that would be the only chance to meet Adam in off stage mode, which is equally attractive as the on stage Adam because of his great personality. We already prepared slogans and special T-shirts, all on our toes to welcoming Adam in a coordinated action. Adam has made many of us living our dream by bring GNT to Hong Kong, can we having the icing on the cake by greeting him in the airport? Thanks. written by pumpkin at AdamOfficial I can be contacted by email pumpkinthegreat@gmail.com
  6. Hong Kong GNT Ticket

    Mod please remove if not allowed. My friend can't come to Hong Kong since she has to work on Oct 12 and that leaves one extra 890HKD ticket that gives you access to standing zone right off the stage. If anyone really want it, please contact me by email at 190660239@qq.com. Thanks.
  7. 于是大家就有爱滴小轰子达成共识了。鼓掌~
  8. 主席,人家正牌当年还是清华舞蹈队队长,乃情何以堪
  9. 但是小轰子听起来好有爱>0
  10. 紧密团结在主席周围,哼唧~
  11. Haha thanks. I remember RMGED said once that they are not allowed to post anything that is not confirmed yet. But I'm asking this early for two reasons. First for those in mainland China who want to come, they need at least two weeks for visa application. Then for those in HK who have a job, they need time to ask for days off. Hopefully we will get something soon. @dunsa1, believe me we've all been through the screaming stage. I'm so happy for you that you're going to Richmond and get to see Adam:)
  12. Thanks. I just did. But it is not specifically directed to RCA/19 Team Adam so I'm not sure...(fingers crossed though) There are several days between Japan and UK, hopefully that is when he comes to HK (around Mar14)
  13. Great idea. Thanks! You can try google translate to get it to traditional Chinese. Funny that mainland ppl don't usually have trouble reading traditional Chinese but not vise versa. We have over 6k members on our site so it's quite acitve.
  14. I'm hoping this thread can get RMGED's attention:) I hope you can join our webstie though,over there we are flailing over this possibility and ppl from HK as well as Guangzhou Province are thinking about welcoming Adam here. And YEEES!!! Glamberts in HK and CHINA, please come:)
  15. Our fansite has been around since last June and we've organized FYE CD purchase as well as FYE single request from the radio stations(www.adamlambert.com.cn) Attempts to contact SonyHK has no response yet. So I'm hoping for some confirmation/discussion here.