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  1. British iTunes

    . Leyton Bracegirdle ‏@LeytonB Yay! At last! Some UK love for @adamlambert - ‪#Trespassing‬ No. 3 on the official midweek album charts & NCOE No. 12 on the single midweeks! Nuff said!
  2. . Hello! It's been far too long since my last visit but things are a little rough on the home front right now. I was just calling in to drop off a few videos I took at the Royal Albert Hall, but I see ninja Cougs beat me to it! The lighting was a bit weird so they're not very good. Shame. He was AMAZING, obviously. I didn't realise how much I had missed seeing and hearing him perform live until he walked out on that stage. Congrats to those of you who have scored tickets to some of the upcoming shows, but for the time being, we're keeping him in England! I'm loving the promo he is getting here and keeping everything crossed that the UK finally embraces him. He deserves it so much. I hope life is treating you all well. Until next time x
  3. Leak Alert- Resist the Temptation, Glamberts!

    . But some of us have to wait until July 2nd. Yeah right! Like that was gonna happen!
  4. . Hello everyone. It seems like forever since I was last here. Apart from catching up with the latest news, I decided to take a step back from fandom for a little while as I've had a lot going on. I just wanted to send out some love to Source and wla. x
  5. . There are non British artist booked to perform already, Kylie, Stevie Wonder, so don't let that little detail shatter our hopes! You may find this interesting. "Gary Barlow has been tasked with the job of securing big US music stars to perform at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee concert, with special requests put in by Prince William and Prince Harry." http://uk.omg.yahoo.com/gossip/110--pop/gary-barlow-heading-us-sign-acts-queen-jubilee-080157315.html Ah well, a girl can dream!
  6. . All the AI performances are here http://s612.photobucket.com/albums/tt201/Blueberry62_2009/Adam%20Lambert%20American%20Idol/ There are more here with the judges comments, but the quality of some of the videos isn't that good. http://s612.photobucket.com/albums/tt201/Blueberry62_2009/AI/ Hope this helps
  7. . Hello! I'm having an early night tonight but wanted to call by here first. Who am I kidding, I know it will be gone midnight as usual! I really wish I wasn't an owl. Cougs, it's looking splendid up top. Excellent work! You and Ohio are doing a fabulous job! TY. I haven't had time to read up on many posts, but things are settling down on the home front now. I'm hoping life doesn't throw anything else my way ... well, apart from a release date! After hearing Chokehold and Cuckoo, I think we are all ready for that one in our lives. I loved reading about Auds and AG's Adam experience. Lucky, lucky ladies! Better Than I Know Myself video is now at #8 on UK iTunes. It's a shame we are not getting this as a single here, I actually really like it. Have a pleasant end to your Sunday everyone.
  8. . After following Adam on his American Idol journey, like all of us here, I had this burning desire to see him in concert. To hear his voice just once, that was all I wanted. I tried and failed to get a ticket to River Rock and anyway, flying from England to Canada was a crazy idea! Then along came maestro. She organised my ticket and accommodation and before I knew it, I was on a plane! I was so saddened to hear this news. I only spent a few days with her, but she was the sweetest lady and we had so much fun. She made a dream come true for me and I will never forget her kindness. My thoughts go out to those she left behind. May you rest in peace, Marilyn. x
  9. . Hello everyone. I've had a moment to drop by and I see some ups and some downs. Unfortunately I am in the downs group at the moment. My father took ill recently, so I have been spending most of my time caring for him. Hopefully he is on the mend now. So, to those of us who are not having such a nice time right now, come and join me in a group hug. (((( ))))) Hi linbert, I hope I get a chance to catch up with you and all the other lovely people here. Not enough hours in the day at the moment! Ohio, I'm with you there. I don't always agree with Adam's recommenations, but VT are incredible live. For Ohio, Source and any other VT fans, a video I took a few months ago "Pull on the rope that lifts the sun back to the sky"
  10. . HI everyone! Ohio, that sounds like a magical night! I've seen Lenny Kravitz a few times and he was always amazing. I didn't recognise many of the names you mentioned, but it sounded special! Talking of special, I'm going to see Queen and Adam at Knebworth. How could I not! So VERY VERY EXCITED!! I hope life is treating you well. Till next time!
  11. . Cougs, video of the 95.5 WPLJ performances, tinyurled for your convenience. BTIKM http://tinyurl.com/767owrl WWFM http://tinyurl.com/6w6tunu
  12. . Some really nice photos from the SiriusXM interview. http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/DFlXilGAupm/Celebrities+Visit+SiriusXM/FUtE9d0BphV/Adam+Lambert My personal favourite http://www2.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/Adam+Lambert+Celebrities+Visit+SiriusXM+fo-dgJGIQM3l.jpg I have done so much school work today. I'm feeling very pleased with myself. I haven't spent all day online searching for Adam goodies .... honest!
  13. . Cougs, here we go! Just the performance, just for you. And the interview from 95.5 WPLJ http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-PBOnL3OjuM I haven't listened to this one yet. I can't seem to get past that performance of BTIKM with the guitar. He changes it up every time. I love him!
  14. . Audio of BTIKM from the 95.5 WPLJ interview. Just Adam, guitar and Kev's subtle backing vocals. I love this, it's so pretty! Cougs, if I can find a link to just the performance, I'll drop it off. If not, I saved it so could upload it to my youtube. We can't have your scheme being messed up! btw, have I said recently how much I'm loving your work!