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  1. The Castle is Closed

    . I gotta say, I'm sad and I don't think this was handled very well. A lot of Minions like me knew that some of us were choosing to leave, but showed up here to post and found that the doors were closed and locked forever and we were suddenly "homeless" Minions. I had no idea the entire Castle was going away and it'll never be the same.
  2. The Castle is Closed

    * *presses nose against locked, barred Castle front door* WHAT'S GOING ON? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  3. The Castle is Closed

    . Happy Sunday Minions! Can't wait for the livestream from the Bing Lounge in Portland tonight. And, the lovely @dragonfly is meeting the DL tonight too - whoohooo! hey Danish! thank you! I'm still floating around in a dream. I think if my family knew just how incessantly I've been thinking about it, they'd have me committed. Hah! Chrisblue, oh my gosh, you said such nice things about me *blush* Definitely let's meet up next time the DL is in town. I'd love it! We need to show our man how much Seattle loves him! Have to share this - Cuckoo from Kansas City - vocal perfection, one amazing note after the "straightjacket" bridge hanging in the air impossibly, and his absolutely adorkable giggle at the very end. He cracked himself up doing his deep range. I love him. http://youtu.be/0z9KQZpivzk
  4. The Castle is Closed

    . @feralglam - go for it! @kates - wow, pretty cool that there's a video..great souvenir for me. I shot vid for just a few seconds when my friend's "question" (don't be a stranger to Seattle, xxoo) was picked, but other than that I was very disciplined and left my phone in the car. I felt naked without it! Sad that there are heavy hearts in the castle tonight....wish I could wrap you all up with me and we could just drift off to the happy place I know I'll be going to. My life wouldn't be the same without you guys.
  5. The Castle is Closed

    * AGHHHHHHHHHH http://www.kissfmseattle.com/cc-common/gallery/photos.html?album_id=312681#/40/18904090
  6. The Castle is Closed

    The most important thing I can say about meeting the DL this morning is that I am floating on a warm, floaty gooey sea that is the color of green-ish aqua-ish…his eyes were very green-ish aqua-ish today. That color is my whole world right now. It’s all I can see when I close my eyes. It will be my happy place for a very long time. I will forever be eternally grateful for what I did get, but you guys are not gonna believe how scorned Seattle fans were. We did not get to see him sing. No autographs. We could only ask him a question by writing it down, getting it pre-approved and having the DJ read it for us (I got around that). No giving him your gifts yourself (we got around that). No taking individual pictures. No taking a picture of him with your friend or having your friend take one of him with you. The DJ on the way out when it was over asked us “How was it?” and we said, “It was great, he is amazing, but it’s a bummer we didn’t get to hear him sing.” DJ says to me, “Well, usually on these promo stops, fans don’t get to listen.” I lingered for one second, wanting to say Uh, dude, are you serious? Do you know who you’re talking to here? – but we just left. Many stunned and silent faces riding down in the elevator and in the parking garage after. So it goes like this: They let us into the room and we sit at tables with an aisle in the middle. I’m at the first table. There are the two stools up front and we don’t realize yet he’s not singing for us… DJ gives us instructions bla bla bla, scorned Glamberts side-eyeing each other all the room as we start to get wise to how little we’re actually gonna get. People are reluctantly putting away the things they brought for him to sign. We will get to sit in on the Q&A. Get our picture taken with him and our guest - not by ourselves with him. And we will be herded out immediately afterwards. Adam walks into the room, says “Hi guys!” He takes my breath away. He’s right there. I’m so close. He takes a seat, and the DJ starts picking out questions from the slips of paper and reads them himself. He picks mine, says “Where’s Amy from (my town?)” I raise my hand and Adam lasers me immediately with his greenish-aqua-ish warm floaty universe…the DJ ceases to exist. Dimly I hear him saying that he can’t read my writing…clearly this is my sign from the Universe. I stand up. I’m the only one in the room who did that. I have a great view and all, but I want Adam to see me. He is staring at me with this happy waiting look and we don’t need the DJ and in my mind there’s nobody else in the world. Cue dark lights and disco ball and darkened dance floor - it’s me and Adam. He sees me and I see him. Inner monologue: *NO WAY ARE YOU, MORTAL DJ, GONNA DEPRIVE ME OF CHIT-CHAT WITH THE DARK LORD* I give Adam a big smile and say, “Good morning! Welcome back to Seattle. We’ve really missed you.” Adam says to me, “Aw, thanks! I love it here!” And *then* I get around to my question: “So you’ve given us Maypril….we’re wondering if you’ve given us another Adam-ism in Cuckoo?” And I sang to him, “go – on – and – pack - up – your - …?” And I extend my hand to him to indicate it’s his turn. He says happily, “Thingses!” I clap my hands and say “We love that!” and then I say, “If you ever want to just make up an entire language for us, we will learn it.” I sit. Oh and during the Q&A I realize that Tommy Joe has appeared out of nowhere and is like one leg length away from me, kind of skulking in a chair off to the side. He’s wearing these enormous sunglasses and is immersed in his phone and looks a little tired. He’s so close I could have easily reached over and tapped him on the knee. Except Adam’s in the room so yeah. Eyes front. The DJ tells Adam the album release date is now May 15 and he seems surprised. We tell him Sony tweeted it and he seems surprised. We always joke about how he’s last with the news. Sometimes he is. (and tbh I’ll believe it when I see it) After some other people get their questions picked by the overlord DJ – not everybody did, so I’m really lucky - it is suddenly over. We are to form a single line up the middle aisle with our guest. I’m right up front at that front table, so I think I was the third one to go…I step into the aisle. The radio henchman is all “Where’s your guest?”very importantly with his clipboard – I turn around and my friend is collecting our stuff at the table. She’s not ready. I turn back around and…um…Adam fucking Lambert is staring at me. He is about ten feet in front of me and he’s waiting for me cause I’m next. He locks the greenish-aqua-ish tractor beam on me and there are these very bright lights shining on him that they’ve suddenly turned on and I. Am. Pulled. In. Helplessly. Like. A. Fish. On. A. Shining. Dripping. Net. It’s another moment when I can do either do exactly what the radio Gestapo tell me to, wait for my friend, or I can grab the moment that seems to be presenting itself. He’s right there. Ten feet of air between us, and he’s staring at me. I forget my friend (she’ll forgive me), I forget my own name, I walk into the light, I die happy. I extend my hand and he takes it and I put my other hand on top of his. So I am. Um. Holding Adam Fucking Lambert’s sweet, warm hand between mine. There was so much I want to say. All I could remember was…. “It’s such an honor to meet you. You have brought so much happiness, *sexxxxiness* and fun into my life.” He. You guys. There was. See, there was this tractor beam. It was green and aqua. I remember his silver shiny disc earrings and one pock mark on his cheek and there was all that green and aqua and light and warm and holy fucking shit. He’s staring right into my soul and listening to me like I’m the most fascinating person in the world and he says, “Awww…thank you….yay!” Oh God. My friend arrives and I step to Adam’s side and I slip my arm under his jacket and on top of his t-shirt and wrap it around his body and hold him for dear life and I assume she’s on his other side and there’s a camera to look into and he smells like Tokyo Milk with the Octopus on it, which I know because I bought it. He is holding me so delicately with his left arm. I have my arm and hand around his waist and he’s warm and slim and solid and yeah that’s his body my right arm is wrapped around and guhhh… When I let go of him, I made eye contact one more time before I turned and said a very sincere "thank you." My friend hands him the gift bag herself – we will probably be arrested for this or shot on the way out for not leaving the gifts on the super important gift table by the donuts (our kingly “breakfast,” ha ha). But Adam takes the bag and says, “Awww…you didn’t have to do that.” I’m glad I wrote out a card to him that is in the gift bag and includes the other stuff that I forgot to say. I hope he reads it. I forgot to ask for a hug. It was just so important to me that I step up and give him my hand and look into those amazing eyes and say words, and I did get to be right by his side and in his space so…..I will try to remember to get a hug next time. Everything was so fast. We were shuffled through so fast. Hope I look decent in the picture. Very happy my friend and I got to do an Adam sammich….but I wish there’d been more time to take one with him, one with her, one with both… Oh well. I guess I want it all. Can you blame me? Floaty. Green-ish aqua-ish. He is the most beautiful, ethereal creature I have ever seen. And I may never wash my hands again. Heh.
  7. The Castle is Closed

    * * *takes ChrisBlue's pears, grapes & strawberries, tosses them into my juicer* Hey Minions! It's about 21 hours til I wrap myself around the DL and refuse to be hauled off him til I'm pepper sprayed...LOL... I am drained. All the feelings. All this week since I won the contest, I've been getting "we're worried about you" comments, crazy looks and worse, about why I'd even want to see Adam, let alone being so flipping excited that I won. All casual acquaintances of course.... I've heard such ugly comments about him - the ignorant haters have really come out of the woodwork of my life and I had no idea they were there. Classmates. Casual FB friends. I had no idea. I've been puting a lot of people on a mental "f*ck you" list and there they will stay. @Kates told me to not let anybody ruin this for me, and I won't. It goes without saying. I will not be tweeting tomorrow - I am going to give that sweet man my face to sing to instead of my camera or my phone lens. But I will have a full detailed write-up when I get back later in the afternoon. And I'm takin' the love of the Minions with me. xxoo Amy
  8. The Castle is Closed

    . @Disco, No, Ben (DJ) is not gay. He is straight, and he's also a pig. He's famous for talking about how he's got a pair of size 2 women's PJ's at his apartment and if a woman he brings home can't fit into them, he won't sleep with her because she's too fat. So regarding ths current kerfuffle, he said, "I'm white and yes, I'm super white. And I'm straight, but I'm not super straight...I've kissed guys with tongue." Sure, pal.
  9. . I was the one who the DJ said this to. I didn't even hear it at the time because I was too busy flailing. This morning they gave out more passes and the DJ said that he has been attacked for what he said, has already apologized publicly, is not homophobic, has made out with guys "with tongue" before, and was just joking. Whatever...I still think he's a d'bag... the DJ's keep saying Adam is "flamboyant" and I'm wondering if they even know who he is... What I also find insulting is that these DJ's find it so shocking and incredible that women respond so passionately to a man who is not only gorgeous and sexy and moves his body like the devil, but also sings like an angel, is humble, kind, friendly, funny, intelligent and makes us feel good about ourselves. Don't they remember Elvis? Paul McCartney? The woman DJ saying to me, "WOOOOOWWWW, you must be a HUGE Adam Lambert fan," sounding sarcastic and confused. She could have said, "I'm so happy that somebody has won who really appreciates it." Also may I point out - I have been listening to this crappy station since January in hopes of hearing BTIKM, but so far it's been an endless vomitus of Kelly, Katy, Adele, Rihanna and Bruno....over and over and over.... I hope Adam feels the passion of his Seattle fans and doesn't think this is not a hotspot of love for him and doesn't want to come here anymore.
  10. The Castle is Closed

    . Oh by the way, Pugs - I saw TWO! TWO! license plates in a row this morning, very early - one said LUVPUGS and the other HUGAPUG. You are on my mind!!
  11. The Castle is Closed

    . OMG there's a DJ thread? Maybe I'll go look. This morning they gave out more passes and the DJ said that he is not homophobic, has made out with guys before, and was just joking. I still think he's a d'bag... they keep saying Adam is "flamboyant" and I'm wondering if they even know who he is... ...but actually what insults me more is that these DJ's find it so incredible that women respond so passionately to a man who is not only gorgeous and moves his body like the devil, but sings like an angel, is humble, kind, friendly, intelligent and makes us feel good about ourselves.
  12. The Castle is Closed

    . I didn't even realize that douche-y DJ said "super-gay" until I listened to the mp3 later. Not gonna let his douche-y-ness harsh my flail, but it makes me want to smack the guy. Yeesh. And the female DJ sounded completely shocked that there are actually! fans! who care about Adam! that much!. SEriously, has Seattle radio been under a rock? By the way I listen to this crappy station daily and still have never heard BTIKM played. I feel like apologizing for the entire city of Seattle. *sigh* OK, back to flailing. I have clothes to buy and presents to buy and a card to write to him!!
  13. The Castle is Closed

    . Danish, yeah I'm not exactly up on the Los Angeles Lakers and I've never heard of this guy - I wasn't even going to try until the DJ said, "If you go to the same web sites that I do, you'll get it," and I heard caller after caller guessing out of the blue. So I just Googled really fast "BAD KAROAKE HOW TO SAVE A LIFE." The youtube video came right up and I didn't even listen to it, just saw that it was a couple days ago and knew that had to be it. Thank you God, Goddess, Jesus, Buddha, Aragorn, Universe... thanks for all your good wishes, Minions! You know I will be taking with me all the love of all Glamberts everywhere. And of course, a very detailed write-up afterwards, assuming I survive it!
  14. The Castle is Closed

    . OMFG MINIONS!!!! I won! I won! I won! I won the passes from KISS-FM in Seattle and I am seeing the DL on Friday morning. My face hurrrrrrts from smiling. Here's the mp3 of my big win - enjoy! I flailed for all of us!!! http://soundcloud.com/amycarrithers/832-adamlambertwinner-223
  15. The Castle is Closed

    . I am insane. I'm trying to call in to win breakfast with Adam in San Francisco. And I live in Washington State. I told my husband and he just said, "Cool." HA HA HA HA. I was caller #92 this morning (they're lokoing for #101)...so close!! The woman who won was very polite, but sounded about as enthusiastic as if you'd handed her a piece of cake. If - scratch that - WHEN I win, I will wake the neighbors and blow out speakers systems of radio listeners all over the Puget Sound. Heh. Trying again Monday and again Tuesday morning if necessary. Wish me luck, Minions! and a wonderful St. Paddy's Day to all of ye.