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  1. Adam's version of Starlight vs. Muse Fans

    I'm not talking about war or getting down to anyone's level, but I think everyone might benefit from the knowledge that most artists out there are influenced by each other and not everyone accepts hatespeach against a "new" artist like Adam. The point is that Muse have been accused of the same thing they now are throwing at Adam, mangling songs when they made copy versions of original works like the Rat Packs "Feeling Good." The Muse-fans also accuse Adam of copying Mercury. Now, "Time For Miracles" sounds like a Queen song, but it is meant as a tribute to the band. The new Muse song "United States of Eurasia" in places not only sounds like a Queen song, but is so close to "Bohemian Rhapsody" it made some people raise an eyebrow. It is probably also meant as a tribute, but then what is the difference between Adam and Muse?
  2. Adam's version of Starlight vs. Muse Fans

    Many Muse-fans are insecure and take every opportunity to belittle Adam, branding him as a bad copy of Matthew Bellamy from Muse, because Bellamy himself constantly is under fire from copying Thom Yorke from the english band Radiohead. I used to be a great Muse fan until I noticed how many similarities there were between their videos and sound and Radiohead's music... Frankly, Okie, I'm not saying you should start a fan war, but the next time a Muse fan hates on Adam, simply remind them about the name Thom Yorke...and then take cover
  3. Ehm...Sleepwalker? You would make a much better fan if you chose a picture with a different haircolor. You would make a better impact on everyone with your posts. That way we could pay attention to your writing and enjoy your point, rather than watching the distracting red hairdo to our left. You might want to take a look at how Alison's distracting haircolor is impacting her recordsale... Sleepwalker might say, "It Doesn't Matter What Color My Hair Is" - maybe NOT!! maybe dear Sleepwalker @ angelcakes I think your brain sentence said it all...
  4. Thank you, InnerLight. It sounds very interesting. I'll read it now.
  5. Viral Ad: Adam Lambert Trashes Hotel Room

    Reminds me of the lyrics to "If I Had You". "Get a room trash it up 'til it's ten in the morning."
  6. @Earthangel I really think so too. I have been away from this thread for some time and then felt drawn to it. It does feel like my ancestors are near to me and I feel much closer to my father now than when he was alive which is bittersweet. @n8ivefan No, unfortunately I live in Europe so I am very cut off from my Native American relatives at the moment. I read somewhere that people who dreamed of thunderbirds somehow was given a Joker-role in society and that eagle feathers meant something different entirely, so I'm trying to expand my knowledge of Sioux culture. I do feel there is a message in this dream. On a certain level I might already know what it is. @ maiingan Somehow I keep focusing on the word "strong" in my dream, hoping it is a comment on my personality and not a trait I am going to need in the future because my life will become much harder. In my dream it felt almost like a ceremony though, funny you should mention it. Like a hurdle had been conquered. @Innerlight Yes, I looked a little into Totems and was split between thunderbirds and buffalos since I keep dreaming of both. I would like to ask you or anyone here, if the number of feathers native americans wear/wore and how they are placed have/had any meaning? In my dream one of the old men, one I have a feeling I knew, had one feather in his hair, but it was hanging down. Perhaps it does not mean anything but when I woke up I was oddly preoccupied with the fact that he only wore one feather and that it was hanging up side down in his hair. @Bewitchery It was a very beautiful story and the healing part struck a chord. Somehow I wonder if you and your family might helped the old man too somehow? His wife must be a very strong woman.
  7. I recall right before the Idol finale, celeb guests were arriving and were being asked whom they thought would win. Most were very polite, balancing between Adam and Kris, but Carrie Underwood said quite snidely, something like, "You may think you know who won, but maybe it isn't so obvious anyway!" Then she smiled triumphantly and I sat thinking, "She's quite a bitch, isn't she?" It was clear she was on the Randy Travis team, with his moaning and bitching about Adam's nailpolish and she apparently had news at the time that Adam wouldn't win Idol. She came across as holy and obnoxious, and I still wonder why I ever pulled for her during her Idol stint, instead of Bo Bice. In short, if someone should teach Adam better "manners" perhaps we could find someone better than a fake blonde with a personality problem?
  8. This discussion is spooky. I have been thinking of my father's death all day. The night he died, on a different continent, I dreamt of a huge eagle sitting in the garden looking at me through the window. My father is part indian, lakota, and since then I have been dreaming about Native Americans. In the latest dream I saw myself with two or three old men, all native americans. One of them wore a deer shirt, the kind they use in ceremonies I think. He stood with an eagle feather and said to me, "You are strong." When I woke up it felt like a blessing, a help to get through a very hard time. Ever since I have been searching for the symbolism of feathers, especially in the Native American world. I have not been able to find much about it, then I looked at this thread and - there it is! The real freakish part of it is the mention of thunderbirds. Not only do I dream of them often, and of buffalos, lol, now they seem to be appearing everywhere, in sweaterpatterns, tiny statuettes, birds of prey in nature and a few days ago I walked my dog near a school and the children had placed totempoles in a long row, all of them with thunderbirds on top! Again, I just laughed. Seems the universe is back with another lesson.
  9. sweetsexysean's love lounge

    Oh come on, I read what panther was saying about reporting in the thread before it was removed - It was a joke! She did not report it, honestly a minion of the dark lord report anyone? That's insane. But I have a good idea who did. One of the tight up moral majority posters who are policing AO.
  10. Thanks for posting! What is the caption for this photo? The creation of four new Glamberts?
  11. Let's Talk About It..........All Things Gay-

    @ smejn Good point.