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  1. Adam is included in this tweet from Billboard Pride (it's their 1st day on twitter)
  2. Adam's Instagram

    There was a thread here for this topic, but I couldn't find it. I'm assuming it got lost in the most recent update. If I simply overlooked, I'll be happt tp delete this thread--or have Flash Mod merge the two. Adam's instagrams posted just now: WTF?? Is he wearing a skirt?? https://instagram.com/p/31nn_xONDw/ Yummmmm https://instagram.com/p/31oOePuNFF/
  3. Lambert VIP meet and greet

    Hi @Adamlambertfan1988 Welcome to AO!! Adam's VIP packages usually sell out pretty quickly too. You have to be ready to go when the fan pre-sale starts. The photo-ops (Adam's team doesn't call them 'meet 'n greets' anymore) are not sold alone; you have to buy them with a VIP package. If you can't get one during the pre-sale, try again during the general sale. And if THAT fails too, you need to get online, go to the usual Glambert hang-outs, and start asking around for VIP packages for sale. Good luck
  4. Here's a recap of the reviews from ALL of the Aussie/NZ shows. The best lines from some great reviews. http://www.pressparty.com/pg/newsdesk/Queen/view/174302/
  5. Even in the review of the first show of the AI reboot, Adam gets a mention. In fact, the writer called Adam's season 8 "The last time American Idol was actually at the center of the pop conversation" https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/8240720/american-idol-season-premiere-recap-katy-perry
  6. AI is starting up again on March 11th, so it's not surprising that articles like this one are showing up. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/40-greatest-american-idol-performances-time-001238663.html
  7. Adam's Instagram

    ARRGHHH!! It's doing it again!!! The stupid IG keeps crashing
  8. Here's another one of those 'remember-the-old-AI' posts. This one is about the richest former contestants. https://www.cheatsheet.com/money-career/american-idol-these-are-the-richest-stars-who-ever-appeared-on-the-show.html/?a=viewall
  9. More Queen + Adam Lambert gigs this summer!

    Figures it would be Scots--they have such a colorful language
  10. More Queen + Adam Lambert gigs this summer!

    There is some information in this article that I don't think we've heard before. Like this (the part about the keyboard recordings as a practice tape): “So the challenge to make it my own was to stop listening to the recordings and really listen to the words and the notes. “I had the band’s pianist record me the songs so I had something to rehearse to and I just started working on it. And I'm not sure which performance Adam is referring to here--would this be the New Years Eve show in the UK? I've never heard it called "Hogmanay" The real turning point, at least in this country, was his televised performance on live TV at Hogmanay 2014. It was such a barnstorming show that the next day, the most Googled term in the UK was “Adam Lambert”. Adam said: “I’m not a household name in the UK, but the next day I definitely came closer to being one. It was very exciting and a very triumphant night for us.
  11. New fan - thanks to my 16 year old :)

    Don't worry @KatieB69. A fan is a fan, no matter when you discovered Adam. Think of all the fun you'll have making up for lost time I suggest searching youtube--there are THOUSANDS of videos of QAL and of Adam's solo tours.
  12. Two polls showed up today showing QAL at or near the top of money making tours. COOL!!! This one is just about recent tours in Australia: https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/8236632/queen-adam-lambert-hot-tours But this one is global, and covers the last three months. QAL just entered the chart this week, at #6 https://www.pollstar.com/article/concert-pulse-queen-adam-lambert-dominate-timbiriche-returns-soy-luna-live-debuts-134719 Here's the chart referenced in the second article: https://www.pollstar.com/concert-pulse
  13. Great review with lots of nice pics: http://amnplify.com.au/portfolio-items/queen-adam-lambert-perth-arena-live-review-06-03-18/
  14. Adam's Instagram

    Adam's IG page crashes every time I try to like something
  15. Review: http://www.beat.com.au/music/review-queen-adam-lambert-retain-rock-royalty-status
  16. Queen and Adam are raking it in!!

    True, @BlueTeaLady42. And yet, somehow I don't think Brian and Roger give TwoFux about the cost. They're having the time of their lives. Not many have the opportunity to catch lightning TWICE
  17. "Maybe" my arse!!! Adam just can't keep a secret
  18. I love how he's describing his new music--retro, with lots of guitar. Yeah baby--can't wait to hear it!! Where is the part where he talks about the Vegas residency? I haven't come across that bit yet.
  19. Review http://magazine.100percentrock.com/live-reviews/201803/239986
  20. Greetings From Turkey!!

    Yes--the love we share for Adam
  21. More Queen + Adam Lambert gigs this summer!

    Cool!! Another never-ending tour I see The Darkness is also headlining. Roger and Rufus can get together after the show
  22. New fan - thanks to my 16 year old :)

    Hi @KatieB69 Welcome to AO!! Adam loves Australia, so he's likely to back when he releases his new album.
  23. Greetings From Turkey!!

    Greetings @izden Don't worry about your English skills. Adam's fans have a way of understanding each other regardless of language barriers. Welcome to AO!!