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  1. The Beatles were huge sex symbols at the time, and adored by young girls all over the world. No, none of them had a voice like Adam's, but they changed music forever. They were talented and innovative musicians. The group did not have a frontman, but John and Paul were definitely the standouts and sang the lead on most of their songs. Paul McCartney was a huge heartthrob and was very attractive (I think he still is), but John was also considered quite sexy because of his intellect and his sense of humor. I was not quite 15 when I first saw them at the Hollywood Bowl, and the screaming was so loud that it was difficult to hear the music. They had incredible magnetism.
  2. Foxey, I saw The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl in 1964 and 1965. My BFF and I were Beatlemaniacs, and belonged to our local fan club, SLOBS (San Luis Obispo Beatle Screamies). Their fans were often called screamies for a very good reason.
  3. Welcome to Adam Official @beccapedia and congratulations on your ticket purchase.
  4. San Jose was very easy. I got my tickets as soon as they became available with no problem at all. My friend reported that she purchased 6 tickets for St. Paul without any problems.
  5. Hi Foxey! I have missed being on here, but still love Adam as much as ever. My mother thinks he is very handsome AND also very talented. She has always had great taste in men and in entertainers. You are going to have a VERY busy summer!!!
  6. I have not been here in months due to family obligations, and am very excited to learn of this great news. I will purchase my tickets and hope that I will be able to attend. I am very blessed to have a special friend who is an incredible caregiver, and she should be able to take care of my 93-year-old mother so that my son and I can attend a concert.
  7. Adam's NEW tattoo!

    I think that it is a beautiful tattoo, and is made even more so because of the deep meaning behind it. I loved studying mythology in high school. It has been a VERY long time since then, but I still find it a very interesting subject.
  8. What is Adam doing in London? ADAM IS RECORDING!!!

    This is VERY exciting! It is will seem like an eternity before the release, but it is great having concrete information that it is happening.
  9. Thank you @Flash Mod for posting this information. I wanted to show love and positivity to a person who was in need, but had grown suspicious of the many ills that had befallen Tom. He had stated in private messages many stories that did not make sense. I continued to befriend him in the event that his life was actually as disastrous as he claimed. I would much rather be thought to be gullible than to fail to show compassion to a fellow human being who is in pain. I talked to my friends and family about the situation, and they agreed that it was fine to treat him as though his posts and messages were true until proven otherwise. We all agreed that it was very important not to release any personal information to him. I appreciate that you have given us the information that we need to move on. We all need to keep this in mind when we are befriended by someone on the Internet. We do not know who people truly are, but we do know that there are many people like Tom who are not who they claim to be.
  10. QAL to release live dvd

    This would be amazing. I know that we are all hoping for world-wide release.
  11. @justMAX You and Dan have been brought together for a time that you need each other. This is a precious time for the two of you, and the bond that you have formed will stay with both of you for a lifetime. People come into our lives at the time that they are meant to, and they leave when it is time for them to leave. Interestingly, sometimes people come back into our lives when we least expect it. If your friends here on AO could, we would visit you in the hospital and help you with anything that you need. We need to come up with a way to have virtual visits with you, our dear and very precious friend.
  12. Tom, thank you for telling us about Dan and his struggles. You have a very big heart, and it is wonderful that you and this boy have befriended each other. You helped him when he was at a very low point, and I know that he will always be grateful to you for that. In addition to the positive feelings that we experience when we help another human being, it also allows us to concentrate on that person and allows us to take our mind off our own cares for a bit of time. Your accident was tragic, and I will not minimize that. Still, some good has already come of it. I have a cousin who has a disease called Friedreich's ataxia. He has been confined to bed for more than two decades, and cannot sit at all. He is completely dependent upon others for his care, yet he manages to reach out to hundreds of people on a daily basis via a daily mailing of uplifting thoughts. No matter how unfortunate one's circumstances, there are others who face the same or worse obstacles. I realize that fact is little or no comfort. You have many friends here who love you very much, and we think of you every day and wish for you an amazing recovery in body and in spirit.
  13. Tom, you are correct about hippotherapy. It is used in my area, and has an amazing impact on the clients. Service and therapy dogs are wonderful creatures. When I was in the hospital last year the comfort dogs came by on a daily basis, and they did provide a very useful service. One dog in particular had to spend many days recovering after performing her service to patients. She was emotionally drained after spending several hours with the patients.
  14. We all love and support you Tom. You are constantly in my thoughts, and I would spend time with you in the hospital if I possibly could. Please know how much you are adored here on AO.