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  1. Waiting for Irma

    I just got a pm from Gerrit that I would also like to share here. I know he he won't mind. It's a relief to know if he has to leave PR, he will be able to earn a living right away. "Things are slowly improving but our main worry is the future. We have no clue yet if the economy is going to recover fast enough. Everybody here needs that to happen and the electricity supply is the main thing that's preventing businesses from going back to normal.Thanks to your donation and the money that Denise and some family members sent us we have some time to move on even without or a little income.Meanwhile I spoke with the contractor company in Ohio for whom I have been a local subcontractor (computer installations and maintenance in national store chains like Marshalls, TJMaxx) and they promised to talk to people high up in those chains to find out their plans. They also told me that there are many places in the USA where they would have plenty of work for me. I've been (freelance) with them for over ten years and they are more than happy with me.Now, moving is a step that we would only take if there's no possibility to get our lives back on track here. Let's see how things develop." If any of you reading this are used to reading random twitter feeds for information, here is one by an individual that is currently in Utuado PR daily distributing food to areas that officials have not yet touched. https://twitter.com/AntonioParis?lang=en is his feed.
  2. Waiting for Irma

    The soul-less lier in the whitehouse is beyond contempt. Not to mention the congress vote to not send them more aid. I'm going to try to copy and paste what Gerrit posted this morning. fyi, he's a Dutch immigrant and his wife, Patria, is Puerto Rican. Re: Post from gerrit today by Gerrit » Sun Oct 22, 2017 8:52 am It may sound strange but it looks like you guys over there get more news than we do over here. Due to the limited internet access we don't have the possibility to read a lot of online news. We get a newspaper every now and then, TV is not working - waiting for a new antenna that I ordered at Amazon. (no antennas available in our area). Many of the local politicians think of themselves and their family and friends first and many also have a habit of stealing. There seems to be an FBI investigation going on because it was reported that politicians / government officials have been stealing pallets of emergency meals and drinking water. (why am I not surprised..) The military took over the distribution of drinking water and emergency meals, so we heard. We haven't seen a drop of drinking water being handed out and only one time, accidently, we found a Red Cross van where emergency meals were handed out. We don't hear anything from what the government or FEMA is doing or not doing for us, we are mainly on our own. Now, we are able to take care of ourselves and help in the neighborhood but many others are dependent on help and despite all the big words from local, state and federal politicians many people haven't seen any help. I can only hope that people who are in need will receive the help and assistance they need... Thanks but for now we're OK. One of Patria's cousins in Chicago mobilized the family over there and they insist that we give them a list of stuff we need every week and they buy and ship it to us. There also have been some fund raisers to get us money since we have to spend a lot more than we normally do and I hardly had work since the hurricane. Many confirmed projects were cancelled or put on hold until further notice. It looks like it's gonna take a long time before the island is back to normal.
  3. Waiting for Irma

    Puerto Rico is in the forefront of my worrying. My son has friends there. They live in the mountain area and it took them 13 days to make their way into San Juan. They dealt with roof and rain catching equipment repair, waiting for the roads to be cleared (the locals finally got that job done themselves), running out of food that they usually get from mom and pop stores in their area (they are not being restocked). He is self employed and loss of communications, electricity, and internet has nearly destroyed his computer service business. Getting to San Juan he found it as you hear on the news. They can only buy things with cash and supplies of all kinds are hard to find. I joined with my son and other of his friends to wire them money to live on. It's my only contribution to all hurricane relief this season. He also has a brother in Netherlands who sent help, too. Currently they are getting by, with a generator they run 6 hours a day to keep their frig cool, run a pump to pump the rain water they collect in their basement for laundry and flushing toilets. Also able to heat some water for showers. Most days he goes into San Juan to try to regain his business clients but they are going out of business and a not putting new money into computer projects. He basically has no chance of regaining his income until they get electricity and internet. Of course that is the way is for everyone. They do have a concrete house built just to with stand hurricanes and it did for the most part. Each day is a struggle to survive. They are in better shape than most because they have food and water to drink, a car and as of now are able to still get fuel for the car and their home generator. I don't know if they will regain their life as it was before Marie, but he has some internet communications when he gets into San Juan. He has to drive around looking for 'hot spots' to get on line. He says its easy to find one because that's where cars are pulled over to the side of the road and they are busy on their devices. So far Puerto Rico is making no progress in regaining electricity and running water for the majority of the country. I appreciate the opportunity to 'talk' about this here.
  4. Actor Adam

    Broadway!? Come on you guys, don't tease me with this. Another dream of Adam's coming true??? I want it for him so much I'll be crushed if it doesn't happen now that the possibility is 'out there'.
  5. Adam sale his home house in L.A. Why now??

    I think they not only love getting on stage they know this is how to solidify the Queen legacy even more than it already is. If they don't tour again after this one, I certainly hope they do 'one offs' 3 or more times a year. As for Adam's house sale, he hasn't given us a clue why he's selling. That I know of anyway. These days very few people buy a house for the first time and call it their forever home. I thought owning a home in West Hollywood was a bucket list wish originally. If so, it's accomplished his mission. No reason not to look for the next thing. A Bentley was also one of his dreams. He rented one for several months and got that out of his system too. Like his hair, he's always up for something new to try. Rock on, Adam!
  6. Official Feedback/Moderation Thread

    Don't know where to put this, hope it's okay. Many thanks to whoever (Flash Mod?) reinstated my Avi of Adam's Charity Bear. And I didn't have to do a thing to make it happen.
  7. Is Adam getting a new publicist?

    I've always wondered if a publicist is necessary, too. Mainly because I can't figure out what they do. I know often us fans would assume the publicist did this or that but it turned out it was never a part of her job. I can only assume it's Adam's call and when he does want one again then we will know. I don't even know what management does, also a label seems to have a limited responsibility. Don't know where body guards fit in either. It seems that lately the only time Adam has one any more is when touring with Queen. Lots of things keep changing.
  8. Is Adam getting a new publicist?

    Do we know if Adam got a new publicist?
  9. This is such a cute thread I don't know if anyone is interested, but I ran across this Parody twitter account that anyone can go read. https://twitter.com/pharaohdoggo I don't know who runs it.
  10. It's just beginning. Trump is cornered and fighting back. He's going down fighting. It is rumored to get much much worse before it ends. Trump has lots of protection in high places. I'd rather not be a part of this kind of history. I'm thinking of you often, Galore. Stay safe.
  11. I know I don't want to think about it. Unfortunately it's on my mind more than Adam. That's just wrong. I don't know how this will end, but for sure 'to the victor goes the spoils'. If the US Constitution won right this minute, the clean up needed is already massive. As this division continues, DT is creating more 'spoils'. If the US Constitution does not win, there will be very little left for the victor. Time is on DT's side.
  12. Somewhere in my social media travels I read that albums could become a thing of the past. Even big name stars are having a hard time making money from them. Always being the last to learn new technology, I really hope this isn't true and that Adam will put his songs on a physical cd. I keep hearing new music, but not new album. Has anyone else picked up on this possibility?

    Reading this thread makes me want to share that I will be going to a concert with my daughter. While she adores Adam she does not have time in her life to follow him like a glambert. Once she had the opportunity to get his autograph thru a fence and he looked up and straight into her eyes. She was babbling about how good looking he is the rest of the evening. . I digress, She knows nothing about these current concerts, including his hair color. I'm just as excited to witness her reactions to everything as I am to see the concert. Now I just have to keep my mouth closed on the 3 hour drive to the concert.
  14. Trump just cannot let anything get by him without being a creep (at best) about it.
  15. I'm thinking this was lots of fun for Adam. Gelly‏ @14gelly 12m12 minutes ago More OMG!! NEW PHOTO From the photoshoot! franzszony Yes Queen! @adamlambert as a royal bust, sculpted in Indian clay. https://www.instagram.com/p/BV3evEGFKL1/