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  1. I'm loving all this Adam and Leona stuff. When they appeared together on the country music award show, the only common denominator I could think of was their connection to Simon Cowell. Now here it is 2018 and Adam and Leona at Simon's walk of fame star and XFactor. Now they continue on to SAG. Has Simon adopted them?
  2. Adam's Tweets

    I'm never sure where to talk about Adam's tweets when they don't have an instagram attached, how about letting this be a catch-all. ADAM LAMBERT ‏@adamlambert 11h11 hours ago The only shows I'm doing in South America in Sept are with Queen. The last Queen Show is Sept 30, so could this be a hint he has others in October?
  3. Nile RodgersVerified account‏@nilerodgers Follow More @adamlambert @nilerodgers recording @junglecitynyc What more can I say! https://www.instagram.com/p/BQjcJiahQ4y/
  4. Equal Rights move Forward

    This thread is meant to be used for any newly given equal rights anywhere in the world. I'm starting it with this message "Hillary Clinton ‏@HillaryClinton 7h 7 hours ago Thrilled by this news. Every loving parent, no matter who they are, can now adopt kids in all 50 states. http://bzfd.it/1TIpv4d -H" Here is brief selected highlights from the article. To read it all click on the the BuzzFeed link given above. Mississippi’s Gay Adoption Ban Dead After State Fails To Appeal Ruling “Mississippi was the last state in the nation that prohibited adoption by gay couples, so, in all 50 states, gay couples are allowed to adopt kids — as it should be,” Roberta Kaplan, lead lawyer in the case, told BuzzFeed News. “There are a lot of children in the foster care system, and children in shelters, who need good, loving homes,” said Hrostowski. “There are many gay and lesbians who could be their parents. Research has shown time and time again we make fine parents.”
  5. Tough call. All of the Arts are suffering from the current political environment. Hard to focus on anything else for very long. I'm going to go with Adam putting it out with all the other holiday releases. Do it before Thanksgiving and get in on the gift giving season.
  6. Equal Rights move Forward

    Hooray! for India. After Huge Supreme Court Decision, Gay Sex Now is Completely Legal in India https://hillreporter.com/after-huge-supreme-court-decision-gay-sex-now-is-completely-legal-in-india-6881
  7. Adam's Instagram

  8. Adam praised on radio show

    When I saw that I had a good chuckle, then told myself, nooooo, Tyler wouldn't come to this site and read my plea. The timing was great!
  9. I don't know what the ambassador thing is either. "One Year of Love" is on the Classic Queen album. I just now goggled it and it is written by John Deacon. Maybe that has something to do with them not using it. Anyway here is a youtube link if anyone wants to listen. I'm confident Adam would kill it. I looked thru my other Queen albums and John Deacon wrote several songs. So that would not be why they don't use the song, maybe @foxeylady nailed it, the song is just not well known. It was just memorable for me from the first time I heard it.
  10. Yeah, I know Brian said that and honestly, I don't like the concept of holograms. I find them weird. What they have been doing is working, stick with it. It's just that if the stage production people say they are trying to make it work leaves open the possibility of it happening. As long as I'm here talking of things that aren't going to happen, I wish QAL had at sometime in their touring done 'One Year of Love'. Is there some reason it wasn't ever done?
  11. On reading this I wonder if there will be a Freddie hologram in Las Vegas. That venue surely would support it. How would you feel about using a Freddie hologram? Rick: “We’ve been trying to do a hologram with Freddie for years, but the technology’s never really been there in an arena format. We do something that’s akin to a hologram in the show; it’s not a hologram but it gives the effect that a hologram can give. We’re always thinking about how we can bring Freddie to life within the show.”
  12. Adam praised on radio show

    WOW! Are you listening, world? So many people understand Adam's talent and expertise and yet he does not receive notoriety in kind. Maybe someday, sometime, somewhere, someone will acknowledge his skills in a Very public way.
  13. Queen and Adam are raking it in!!

    We hear over and over about the mutual admiration between Adam and Brian and Roger. But IMO Brian is secretly giddy with power and joy at the chance to use all the new technology that was not available in Freddie's era. How would he ever have been able to jump in and play with it without Adam. I'm also glad about the money part. I googled Adam's net worth a month ago and the word is (don't know how accurate or how it's determined) that it's 25 million. I stopped worrying about him having to struggle when I heard 18 mil a year or two ago. HooRah!
  14. I'm sure there's a more appropriate thread for this, but I don't know how to find it. The first thought that came to my mind was 'That represents Adam's vocals'. Sue Miller‏ @suemillermdr 13h13 hours ago More Adsm Lambert's artwork being auctioned tonight at Elton John's Oscars party to benefit AIDS. @adamlambert. #Glamberts #QAL Reply
  15. Waiting for Irma

    USACE is the US Army Corp of Engineers. This is what they are saying and decided one day before Gerrit got power. They really think making US citizens wait yet until June is the responsible way to do this job? Is this their idea of saving money??? Gotta have money for that military parade I guess. I used to have a lot of respect for the ACE, it's dwindling at lightening speed. "It looks like the USACE is to blame: Yeah sure, pulling out the crew ONE DAY before they could power us up. Note: we are in the Caguas region.
  16. Waiting for Irma

    Dear god. This makes me sick to my stomach. Can't imagine how they feel. From Gerrit today. "Another bad development, the linemen crew in our area was 'pulled out' today and they're returning to the US mainland with all their equipment. Not sure yet what's going on but it looks like the main contractor, Fluor, is moving out. Very bad news if that s true.They were almost finished here, one more day they would have been done and powered us up, one of the linemen told me. They were sad that they couldn't finish their job here and had to leave us without power. I'm getting really sick and tired of all this."
  17. Waiting for Irma

    Update. There was an explosion at the power plant in PR last night. This is what Gerrit responded to my inquiry. (What a beautiful picture ) "We heard about this, yes. Both daughters in the metro area lost power but it is back, so we hear.From our mountain we noticed that it was darker in the valley..Positive news though from our neck of the woods: This is the pole next to our house, where 'our' transformer is. New pole is first, next install cables and the transformer. Then the old pole will be removed and, hopefully within a week, we will be powered up!"
  18. Adam appears to be back with Edge Publicity

    Yes! the second guessing fun begins again. Here's Shoshanna's tweet to start us out, hopefully about Adam. Much speculating on Twitter. I really hope this is about Adam just because he's back with Edge. My best guess is because he needs PR for JCS. And of course a new album. and, and, and new news. shoshanna stone‏ @shoshannastone 7h7 hours ago More Another announcement tomorrow
  19. Adam's Birthday - Monday, January 29/18

    Happy Birthday, Adam. O XX
  20. I like the last sign. Funny but not funny. Carter, in the post above when I click on the link it just disappears. Nothing else comes up.
  21. Waiting for Irma

    That's very interesting the Governor of PR came to Florida. I hope it results in more Democratic votes. I'm skeptical tho, about 2 things. One is Florida should have not ended up for Trump in 2016. What ever the reason that happened it's very possible it will also work the same way in the with midterms. The other thing is many people that hate what the gov't is doing to them will just as likely think that supporting them will bring change rather than voting against them. Do they even realize that Trump went to PR long enough to throw paper towels at them and tell them to clean up their own mess? As for our election system (or anything else), I believe that if what you're doing isn't working you need to try something else. Yet we keep a voting system that not only allows the person who wins the most votes to lose, but will also not allow it to be made right. It's just wrong that we keep rewarding the people who benefit from this injustice.
  22. Waiting for Irma

    Update - Gerrit just shared this on another website. btw, he is Dutch, from Amsterdam. He speaks 5 languages. It's improving but way too slow. Around 45% (!) of the island (and that includes us) is still without electricity and many do not have the means to run a generator. We're lucky to have one and we run it for 8-10 hours per day. Saturday it's gonna be four months after Maria paid us a visit. Before that we had three days with eletricity after Irma's passage on Sept. 6th....Many businesses had to close the doors, many Puertoricans packed and went to the lower 48. Reliable numbers are hard to get but estimates are that around 500,000 people already left, 300,000 or so are in Florida, the rest to other parts of the USA. That's a lot on 3.9 million before the storm!My local clients hardly give me work, no way with the damage to stores and offices. I'm lucky that I have some online clients in the lower 48 and Europe, Holland mainly. The latter part is picking up some and I'm about to launch a site in Holland to offer my services over there. As long as I have reliable internet (and that works pretty good since we changed to a new provider who is mainly servicing businesses) I can work anywhere in the world. I'm fully in agreement with legislators needing to have their butts kicked, that also goes for the executive branch, both here and in DC. Whatever their agenda, helping US citizens in need after the hurricane(s) is not on top of (or at all on) their lists.
  23. I don't agree that Trump is losing his base. The T supporters I know are still adamant and are behind his entire agenda all the way. I just talked to one yesterday that actually insists that Trump is right in his evaluation that Puerto Rico can't expect much help because it's in the ocean and trucks can't drive there. They shouldn't expect help like the mainland hurricane victims because they aren't states. She actually said when they become a state like Hawaii then they can get help.