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  1. Hi People...... Three days... posting here again...Hmmmm..... sensing a trend here. Anyway.... stopping back in, trying to catch up on what everyone has been up to in my absence, which I'm already convinced is an impossible task. So, I will just say that for all whose lives are humming along, calmly, pleasantly, happily.. congratulations. .. honestly. .. I like reading happy things for all whose lives are not so shiny & bright, stress, illness, job issues... I am sending each of you a Virtual Hug.. and a few wet puppy nose kisses. It's not much I know....I wish I had a rainbow for each of you.. alas .. I don't. I don't like reading sad things... but definitely can relate on some levels. All I can offer is that old standby 'this too shall pass'.. as cliche' as that is, it is true 90% of the time. So hang in there. As for me, I've basically been doing the same job, living the same life as always. Cubeville by day and Animal Advocate by night. Although the 'nights' have pretty much run over into the days & weekends as well. And still plugging along with the Jewelry Design business in my non-existent 'spare time' My love of animals existed long before Adam Lambert came into my life with is Glittery pretty self, and so I've really spent the majority of my time networking, informing and supporting them and the other people who are doing the same. Some of you are aware we had purchased a home in FLA last Summer. Well, it's back on the market now... long story short. George did not like the neighbors or the area. We debated for several months, and finally decided to just sell it and move on. We are still in our NJ house for the immediate future. Next move may be Arizona... the debate continues...lol I really enjoyed the time I spent here , hanging with fellow Glammies and then out there traveling the roads and skies for Glamnation. But once that was all over.... I came to a realization that my time, energy and even money is meant to do more than fill up the 'Glitter box' or earn air miles. I loved it while it lasted, I really did, I miss it, but priorities have changed and my focus is back where it was before... on the Animals.... they need me and I need them. I still follow Adam on Twittter, FB and in the media.. of course.. once a Glambert, always a Glambert. Still love the performer and his music...but the glitter has faded a bit and I've drifted back to where I was before this all began. That's it in a nutshell.. a very long and wordy nutshell
  2. Wow..look at me, back already Hi MD....... I miss getting together with the Glamily too, but I do try to keep up via Twitter, FB etc. I catch the videos and pic when I can. Maybe I will get to anther Adam show one of these days Right now my energies are spent with some other things.. would be great if I could be 2 people.. maybe even 3 lol It did bug me that Adam was here in NJ, this past week, and I didn't get out to see him .. grrrrr Hopefully he'll swing back this way again .
  3. Hello Strangers Just popping in to see what's new Been keeping up outside of AO when I can..... but just wanted to poke my nosey nose in and see what's been happening with everyone ;P
  4. Hi there familiar names & faces I'm still trying to catch up, something tells me this is a hopeless quest. I should hop on board the bus and ride along... doesn't really matter where it's coming from or where it's going to
  5. Hi Strangers.. Long time since I've had the chance to pop in here to see what is going on. I can see I have "a LOT' of reading to catch up on. Guess I should get started now.. maybe I can finish before the weekend is over! So before I toddle off to do my lurking & scrolling& reading.... I'll just wave and give out virtual hugs to one & all.......
  6. Good Morning ALL, Long time ..no see Hope everyone is well and enjoying the 'after(effects)math' of seeing Adam on TV this week )) He looked & sounded great. The new album sounds like it will be very different than FYE. Adam is young and still exploring and trying out new styles of music.. that is a good thing. Would not want him to get stuck in one genre so early on. Miss you guys.... life on my end is pretty busy and seems I always run out of time before getting in here to post. But I do try to scan the thread now & then to see what's up. Up early today, dogs had to go out, so no sleeping in around here. Have a few minutes of quiet time while coffee is percolating, then work to do and errands to run. Will try to pop in later if I get the chance. BBFN sprinkling glitter on way out the door * * * *
  7. Good Morning ALL, Long time no see ;O Popping in while I attempt to wake up & get ready for work. Wanted to say Hello, Give everyone a virtual Glam Hug . Still wondering to myself 'where does the time go'? Seems I always run out of it before I get around to everything I want to do. Including getting in here to hang with everyone ;( I need to reorganize my life and push the Adam-ish parts back to the top of the list! Hope everyone is well and has a good day... gotta run.. the Cube waits for no one.Ugh. <3
  8. Good Morning & Hi ALL< Just making quick pitstop, I'm off to my Cube in a few minutes. Miss you people, but just so busy with non-Adam stuff lately I don't have a chance to come in here and hang out. I do come in and do a quick scroll whenever I have a chance though...need to know what's happening with the Glamily Will try to pop in and stay a bit longer next time, but have to run now, have to leave in 20 mins and no makeup on yet, hair looks like Bart Simpson, and no idea what I'm wearing... the picture of efficiency here... not. Hope everyone has a good day, tosses glitter at ya.... BBL
  9. Good Morning, Long time no see. Had some free time this morning while sipping my caffeine and planning rest of my day. Thought I should stop in and try to catch up with the goings on here at AO. Of course catching up is impossible, so will just run alongside the AO train until it slows down and then hop on board OK, just scrolled backward & forward.. Geezle U guys are a chatty bunch... I like that. Even if I've not been very talkative myself lately, I do like to read ^ see what everyone is talking about and see what everyone is doing with their lives 'post glamnation' and 'pre whatever comes next for Adam'. I think today I'm off to Walmart or the Mall... need to get out of the house a bit, the only place I've gone lately is to work & back and that is not fun. Hope U all have a nice day. If it's snowing where U are, stay inside, stay warm & cozy, if it's Clear where U are, get outside & breath some fresh air. Maybe soak up a few rays of Vitamin C
  10. NJ has become 1 big ice covered mess... that is all! I went out scraped all ice off my car (took an hour), also scraped ice off George's car (since he is behind me in single car driveway and if I want to get out he has to move).. then realized the street is a total mess....seriously no cars moving except a few small trucks with plows on front.. Not sure what they are doing riding around.. you can't plow Ice! I had planned to make an attempt to get to the office... then realized I will probably not get out of my driveway, if I do, I won't make it past the corner of the street.. so why bother. I may get fired from work. Can't afford that, but not risking my life either. First time in my life that I've actually taken days off from work for bad weather,and this is my 3rd weather day... company takes away 1 personal day for each ;( Anyway... how is everyone else dealing.. if you have 'weather'? Side note... I saw the pics of Adam & 'new friend' out on the town last night. He looks pretty happy As for the 'friend' reserving opinion for now. If Adam is happy then I'm happy.... just hope he 'stays' happy.
  11. Audsidol I saw your email just now, the reason I didn't see before is that the 'forum' you are trying to join no longer exists. It has been closed for a very long time, because no one used it except for the chat room, so the host closed the account. There is no more Lounge Forum. There is just a Lounge Chat now. If you wan to join that, then you will need to sign up at Chatango. After you have done that, email me at : artiselemental@gmail.com and I'll give you the web address & a password to enter the chat. I'm not on the site very much anymore, no time and not much to contribute to the chattering. But I pop in now & then to make sure it is still working.
  12. Good Morning ALL, How is everyone today, hungover from celebrating Adam's BIG Birthday??? Twitter was OTT crazy in celebrating last night. Sadly I could not attend any of the local Glambert Parties But I'm sure those who did had a blast. It's been quite a while since I've had any reason to Glam it Up... my glitter collection is getting dusty! The CharityWater $# just keeps going up.. I bet the founders of Charity Water.org wish that every celeb who is involved in their cause would have supporters who were as 'entusiastic' as Adam's fans
  13. "@Artis: One day you should go to the office without your "face". Sticking out tongue I just do blush, lip gloss, and hide behind my glasses Eye-wink" HOT,, You ARE KIDDING right??? Seriously, someone would have me arrested for frightening everyone in the building. Me - Makeup = felony bad morning face.
  14. Just a quickie Hello & Good Morning.. need to get my face on & figure out how many 'layers' of clothes to put on this morning.. I think '10' sounds like a nice warm number. Hope everyone has a good day, stay warm & dry if you are part of the Frozen zone like me. PS: Adam.... we need some HEAT.. so get yourself onto TV somewhere and do a little something to warm us up...hehehehehe PSS: Audsidol There is no registration for the Lounge, so not sure what you are 'registering for?? You only register at Chatango for the chatroom. Then you can access the cha tdirectly at Chatango, or via the Lounge( there is a password for that -ask one of the girls for that or send me an email" artiselemental@gmail", and I can send it to you).
  15. Hi Guys A really long time since I've stopped by...sorry...... ((( Have been sick for over a week, starting to feel better (I think or maybe I'm so used to be sick I don't know what better feels like?) Anyway..... I need to sit here now & scroll back through a lot o posts to get caught up with everything & everybody. I'm 'way' outta the loop around here in Adamworld! Frigid cold here in NJ...I could build an igloo in the back yard with all the snow still on the ground. Me no likey COLD. Just wanted to wave hello.....hope everyone is well and enjoying ur weekend. Off to scroll the halls of AO thread for a bit.. will be back later... 'i promise'