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  1. I too believe that Adam is not surrounded by the best team at all, nor has he been for years. Like, at all. Certainly there has to be a way that isn't this difficult to get Adam the exposure he so deeply deserves. I mean, I understand there are always challenges and things behind the scenes that we're not privy to, but good God it can't be this hard after so many damn years to get Adam some serious radio play. So very annoying. When you have radio stations willing to play Rhianna snoring or Bieber sneezing but they won't play any quality music from Adam, there's a MAJOR problem there, of which I think BOTH radio stations AND Adam's crappy PR team are to blame for. Sigh
  2. Spin Thread on a break until after the Holidays

    Ghost Town has been getting a huge surge in spins this week in all major Miami stations!
  3. Ghost Town on the Charts

    I wanted to check in and post some happy news from Miami. In the past week, spins for Ghost Town have been increasing massively here. All the major stations here have been playing GT more than ever this week. Impressive stuff!
  4. Adam In Miami

    Adam will be performing in Miami next week. Woohoo!!! The local radio station is giving away Hit Sessions tickets to see him perform. If you're interested in entering the contest, check out the link below. Also, please check out this radio station's FB page and 'like' their posts about this contest to show Adam some love http://m.hits973.com/s/hitssessions/?ecmp=wflcfm_social_facebook_sfp
  5. Adam In Miami

    Adam will be performing in Miami next week. Below is the link if anyone is interested in entering to win tickets. Please also go to the radio station's FB page and 'like' their posts about it. http://m.hits973.com/s/hitssessions/?ecmp=wflcfm_social_facebook_sfp
  6. Fashion inspired by Adam ...... Please check it out!

    It's AWESOME !!!
  7. @Godam sorry I couldn't reply sooner, went out with the hubby tonight. Now that I see everyone mentioning that the OP ended at West Palm, maybe it ended at West Palm for me too but it just seemed like the entire OP was there upon quick glance. So sorry to hear your account is having technical difficulties. I sure hope it's all back up and running sooner than later without you having to go through extra trouble. I used the OHP website earlier to send a "text" request. I prefer this method over emailing them, because, for some reason, every time I email them lately, I get an error message saying that the email was never delivered due to a problem with that email address. Who knows... Anyway, thank you again for your remarkable efforts on helping Adam.
  8. Requesting, requesting, requesting... @Godam The complete OP was not here earlier but I see it in its entirety now! Happy requesting everyone...
  9. Kickin' In is SICK!! Who's with me??

    It's my favorite song on the album
  10. I'm hearing regular music on live now. Have they played the album already?
  11. Hi everyone! Great day in Glam Nation! Requesting, requesting, requesting...
  12. The title for this thread makes me LOL, I love it! Unfortunately, we'll never know for sure if there are or are not enough of us requesting Adam's music on the radio. What one radio station might consider to be a lot of requests for a song, another station may not. So, ultimately, we will never know what each radio station quantifies as 'a lot of requests'. I personally believe that there could be A LOT more of us requesting Adam's singles considering the man has about a million and a half Twitter followers. I don't think that a large chunk of his fans truly truly grasp and understand how absolutely imperative it is to take the time and request his singles. I don't think a lot of his fans 'get' that radio play is going to DIRECTLY AND IRREVOCABLY IMPACT his future in the music business. I'm not sure what it's going to take for a lot of his fans to comprehend this in a very very real way. I approach requesting Adam's singles with the mentality that not very many people are requesting consistently (again, I can't know for sure if this is true or not, but I'd rather assume the worst to be prepared). Because I go in daily assuming just a few are requesting, I make sure to make my requests as diversified as possible (complete Mediabase Forms AND text requests AND email AND tweet, etc.) I know this may seem daunting and like loads of work just to get Adam's music played, but IT'S REALLY NOT. If each fan would just save the Mediabase Form, Text#, email, and Twitter/Facebook Page of their most popular local stations and just refer to these saved links daily and send ONE STINKIN REQUEST on each of them, I think it would impact radio play for Adam SIGNIFICANTLY. If you have extra time, you can save the same request data for 2 or 3 popular non-local stations like Z100 or KIIS in LA and do those daily as well. Personally, words cannot fully express how disgusting and atrocious I think it is that we must labor so hard to get Adam played. However, it is what it is. It's a battle that Adam does not have the resources to fight alone even with RCA behind him, so just like during AI, Adam needs his Glam nation to rally behind him and carry our hero to radio superstardom no matter how tedious and taxing this feat might be.
  13. So happy for Adam and I do believe he will debut @ #1. PLEASE keep in my mind that the ONLY way Trespassing is going to have legs and continue to sell in the coming weeks, is if NCOE gets serious radio play. PLEASE do all that you can to request NCOE, fill out your local station's Mediabase form, email them, text them, tweet them, etc. I would strongly recommend putting in extra requests to Z100 in New York as I truly believe major radio stations wait for Z100 to add and play singles to get on board themselves.
  14. Hello everyone! I've been requesting on Mediabase and texting daily, today no exception... Let's do this for NCOE and Adam everyone!