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  1. Love y'all's vids of 9/22 concert! Saw Foxey there that night !!! So sorry I didn't get to see y'all! Apparently we were in the same section!
  2. Membership

    Hi Chels --- So sorry I somehow missed this message! At any rate Welcome to the Club! At this point, there is only one membership level. Have an Adam-azing day!
  3. Notify the Staff

    HI Adamites2015 --- Thanks for writing with your concerns about the AO and ALF. And yes -- both will continue to exist in the foreseeable future. There is a link within AO, which is free to all fans and the ALF pages for those who are the suscribing members of ALF, so that is why there is not a separate mention of ALF.As with any organization, there are ebbs and flows. There usually is a flurry of acitivty in ALF when there is news, such as a new album release ( which is expected next year ) or events such as ALF members only ticket presales. I will continue to be a mod as long as the Adminisatration would like me to serve, but that is their decision to make. IN any event, I will support Adam in any capactity that I am able to do so, and encourage everyone who loves and supports him and his career to do the same as they are able. As to not receiving your membership renewal, we have referred that concern to Admin -- but you do need to go to the ALF website and renew it, if you haven't already done so. Thank you for being a devoted fan of Adam!
  4. HI all! ALF has created a new chat room on Facebook that is exclusive to ONLY ALF members ! We hope you will take part in it ! The name of this Group is: Adam Lambert Fans - Official Adam Lambert Fan Club Here is the link to the group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1295173640604856/ Because it is a private group, you will need to provide some info in order to be approved when you request to join it before your request can be approved. To help your humble mods facilitate this process as quickly as we can, given the number of requests to join, please take a minute to be sure that you have provided the correct info that we can verify and confirm when compared with the ALF membership list. This includes: 1. The email you have provided for your ALF membership account ( it might not be the same email you have provided Facebook) 2. The Screen Name that you have provided to your ALF account. (your real name will be on your Facebook account. If you have any questions, please do let us know in this thread -- or send a message to Kim or me on the ALF site.
  5. NEW Exclusive ALF Chat room on Facebook!

    PLEASE NOTE!!! When requesting to join the ALF Facebook Chat group, please check and be sure to indicate the email used for your ALF Membership -- NOT your Facebook email. They could be different -- and since that is how your request is being verified, it could delay the process of approving your request. If your request to join the group has been declined, please check what email is used here and try again. We want you to participate -- but since the room is limited only to current ALF members, we need you to be sure that the correct information has been submitted. Again -- so glad to see the excitement about this new ALF chat group page on Facebook! Many thanks to all!
  6. A Koncert !

    If I understand correctly from what Google translated -- this is what this message above says in English ( translated from Hungarian?): Hi ! I'm glad to be with you! In November, the object of our enthusiasm in the Arena ... I want to meet you as much as you can. I already got my ticket !!! ? (A bit peppy, but it's worth it!) So write if you are coming (also privately relaxed!) And enjoy the most beautiful moments of our lives!
  7. Site Updating

    FABULOUS NEWS ALF Members! Adam has just posted a NEW BLOG on his page at the ALF site! He included a lot of pics highlighting his incredible year in 2016 -- and is asking members to reposnd to his post by commenting what their best memory ( or memories ) of 2016 are! And he also hints about what is to come! Hope you'll check it out!
  8. Site Updating

    Thanks for your ideas -- and while I can't promise anything, I will certainly pass them along....
  9. Official Feedback/Moderation Thread

    HI SD Glambert -- Is it the AO site or the ALF site that you are having difficulties in logging in or updating your profile? Because you must be logged in to the AO site to have submitted this question, I need a bit more information in order to help . Please let me know a little more detail, and we will try to solve this for you ! Have an Adam-azing day!
  10. Notify the Staff

    HI PerkiKat! Yes !!! You can renew your membership by going directly to the Fan Club site -- log in and go to the STORE section on the site Menu. From there -- look at products -- click on the $9.99 Fan Club Membership package and follow the directions there -- and you'll be all set! We are asking Admin to provide reminders to members to assist in timing the renewals, and hopefully that will be incorporated soon. Let me know if you need further assistance!
  11. TOH Tour Merchandise

    I am so sorry that this has happened and will report this situation to Admin on your behalf BlondMom. There could better execution of merchandising management for Adam's most passionate and devoted fans!
  12. SCAMS

    HI Crazie -- sorry that you have had to deal with that low-down scammer. You did the right thing to report it and FlashMod has taken care of the situation here. As far as your cell phone -- block that phone number that is sending you texts and they should soon move on once they realize that they aren't getting through to you.
  13. Lack of fans logging in!

    HI SD Glambert! Always glad to hear from you -- and we value your feelings and feedback! We just want you to know that we are listening and do share your ideas with the Fan Club's Admin staff. They meet regularly with Adam's manaagement team, and ultmiately the decisions rest with them about many of these matters. Please know that we appreciate you and are so glad you are a passionate fan of Adam!
  14. Official Feedback/Moderation Thread

    Foxey! You are brilliant ! I copied the image link of my profile pic on my main AO profile page, and then pasted it into the URL drop down box in the Forum profile pic area, and voila! It worked!!! Here it is. I have to say that for some reason, the resolution is not as sharp here in the Forum as it is in the main page of AO, but it's certainly an improvement over a "ghost"!!! And myabe the resoultion will improve at some point. And I would still hope that we ( and new members) can upload from our computers again as opposed to having to go through Photobucket , but will wait to see what the new upgrade unfolds. Thank you !!!!
  15. Thanks Carter for reporting these threads. I have deleted the content in those four items.

  16. Official Feedback/Moderation Thread

    My avi is gone too - and it was uploaded from computer! And so was my password --- but will notify ALF Admin too to see what they know about this. Hopefully this will get sorted out quickly! Not sure what is meant by importing from a URL -- it did not take my avi from ALF. Will let you now what I find out..
  17. Meet and greet pictures

    The M&G pics beginning with April 13, 2016 are posted in the Photos Menu of the ALF site --then click on Meet and Greets! Enjoy!
  18. Original High Photo Op pics

    The M&G pics beginning with April 13, 2016 are posted in the Photos Menu of the ALF site --then click on Meet and Greets! Enjoy!
  19. Site Updating

    HI SDGlambert5045 ! I appreciate your excitement and enthusiasm, and understand your conccerns. Please know that we are passing your suggestions along to the powers that be on Adam's team. I can't promise or predict what their decisions might be, but I do know that they do carefully consider Adam's fans, since they are fully aware that Glamberts are Adam's strongest base of support. Thanks for being such an enthusiastic fan of Adam's! Wouldn't it be great if there were many more like you!
  20. Problems with fan site

    Glad to report that this issue is fixed! What was happening was that it had somehow become "white colored font type on a white background" which made any typing look invisible! But now it works just fine!
  21. Site Updating

    HI GlambetGirl33 -- I am so glad to hear that they were able to solve your problem -- and I hope you have renewed your membership and were able to take advantage of the TOH tour presales!
  22. Site Updating

    HI SDGlambert ! I am so sorry that I have had to be away from the site and out of town for a couple of weeks -- handling issues related to getting my late mother's home ready to sell. I do apologize that I somehow missed your question --- I hope you know that I would not intentionally ignore you ! I agree that the number of fans logging in to the site could be improved -- it is always more fun when there is a lot of interaction, involvement and friendly get togethers. Believe me, your humble mods are passing this information along, and making suggestions to increase participation. Hopefully we will have some answers soon! In the meantime, thank you for all of your blogs, and I hope you will encourage other members to post blogs to ALF too! The more the merrier!
  23. Notify the Staff

    HI AdamFanForever09 -- I am sorry to hear that you had trouble purchasing the package that you wanted during the sale. That's our Adam --- his concerts tend to crash ticket sites regularly! I have not heard about any M&G passes that can be bought without the ticket . The only thing that I can suggest is that you buy a VIP package that you want, and then sell or gift the other one to a friend who would love to be that close to the stage -- or to sell it on a secondary market. Have an amazing time at the concert!
  24. Your Adam Lambert Fan Club Moderators

    HI Adamite-- We haven't heard -- but I expect that they might be.Will ask and let you know as soon as I find out!
  25. M&G in Berlin

    Hi foxey! Hope you got some great tix during the Presale!!! And thanks for all you help here on AO too!