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  1. Ticket for sale!

    I decided to change my ticket to a paper ticket to make it easier to sell. Like that I don't have to deal with e-tickets, and can sell them at cost. I have lots of facebook fansites and twitter, and I'm sure I can show up at the concert and sell them. People can send me a check or by paypal. When the money clears, I just send the tickets. I did this before reading your reply. I hope I made the right choice.
  2. Vegas tickets for sale

    I changed my ticket to paper tickets so they will be easier to resell.
  3. Vegas tickets for sale

    I have two tickets to Vegas for sale! I am selling them at cost. I bought them with the pre-sale. I called the day sales were open to the public, to see if I could do an upgrade. I was told pre-sale tickets cannot be upgraded, but since I used "flash seats" a ticketless system, I was told I could put them up for sale. So, I bought two more tickets in a slightly better section and tried to put the first tickets up for sale. Wrong again! I can only transfer them to someone after I sell them on my own . I can opt for an electronic ticket or a paper ticket if that would be easier for you but if you were willing to open up a Flash Seats account, all I would need is an email address. Once I transfer the tickets to you they will tell you how to get your tickets. They are not bad seats. Section 6, row U. I bought them for $125 each and there was a fee so the total would be $140. But I would be willing to negotiate the fee. If you were interested I can give you my email address as I have a PayPal account, Or you could send me a check I live in Connecticut, but my friend and I wanted to go to Vegas for a mini vacation. I am really hoping I can sell the two tickets.
  4. Ticket for sale!

    I bought two tickets for the pre-sale in Las Vegas. My friend wanted to find out if we could upgrade our tickets, but I was told pre-sale tickets are not able to be updated! They said I could sell on their site called Flash Seats. So this morning I bought two better seats for a little bit more money with the hopes of selling my other two at cost. Well, sadly I was misinformed and that is not true. I cannot sell these tickets on the site, but I can "transfer" them. After several emails back-and-forth, because it is absolutely impossible to get a human being on the phone, I was told that if the sale was me privately, I could transfer those tickets. I would just need the person's email address. As soon as I transfer the tickets the person who buys my tickets has to set up a free flash seats account, and instructions are sent to that person how to claim their seats. This a ticketless system where entry can be made via the app on your phone or the credit card. If anybody is willing to be my partner in crime on this, I have two tickets available in row U section 6 at the T-Mobile center in Vegas on June 24. They were $125 each, and with the service fee they came to about $140 each. I would be willing to negotiate the service fee if it meant me selling the tickets. They are not bad seats, sort of in the middle section with a good view of the stage. Since we are coming from Connecticut to Vegas, we decided that it was worth a small upgrade to the next section closer. We're making a mini vacation out of this event. We had no idea that we couldn't select the tickets we wanted for the pre-sale fan club tickets. In fact we were told that it was best to wait for the tickets to go on sale to the public so that we could have our choice. Wish I had known that. Lesson learned!. Please let me know if you want the tickets to Vegas and we can communicate with each other and find a way to make the payments! If you are not comfortable with the Flash Seats account, then I can pay a small fee and actually request a paper ticket or an electronic ticket!
  5. Well, now that I finally logged on after being absent for awhile, let me post my favorite. I've watched this over and over for years.
  6. Hi. I'm finally logging on here again. It's been so long. Every day for almost 5 years I didn't miss a day, then gradually I stopped. I never received a notice to renew my membership. What's up? Do we still need to purchase packages? How do we know when we have expired or not? With upcoming concerts I want to be SURE that I'm an updated member. Please advise.
  7. Since there's loads of history here, with lots of sentimental people, and members who worked hard on maintaining impressive threads of all of Adam's concerts, I would like a place where I could find those again. It was amazing how someone kept all the performance links and it was always visible and so much fun to go in and poke around from the past. Where is it now?
  8. There's a certain sadness to see my joined date changed to today. I joined on May 23, 2009, 3 days after Idol. But luckily the system kept my number of posts! It was up to 1,800! I loved the good ole' days on this site. They were some of the happiest days of my life, believe it or not. I was coming out of a depression and found so much laughter and joy here. It was really hard for me to get on here again as I forgot my original password. I really struggled, but I think I have it down. Look forward to being here again.
  9. @senazalcool I actually thought he was mere perfection. It's interesting that I saw the video before reading any of the glamberts' comments. Had I not read anything and I was the first to post I would say bravo baby! So proud of you. Your voice sounded perfect, your look awesome, and you owned the stage withought going overboard and crazy. You complimented the old boys very well. And the ending was fireworks!! You're entitled to an opinion, but I don't see where you think he could have improved.
  10. Hello Glamily! (Can I still call you that?)

    Dear Flaminga!! How I miss the good ole' days here. I've been off for a month or so, so I can't imagine you being off for as long as you did. I know how you feel about continuing your obsession...when I was first smitten, they were the most wonderful days of my life - the tears, the laughter, the feeling of all of my emotions again, the connecting with others and finally the melting away of a severe depression. I'm glad you wrote and I enjoyed reading all that you were up to. Welcome back and yes, you are part of the Glamily!!
  11. MSG Glambert Meet UP

    Foxeylady, please tell me the page where I find the information! I belong to several Adam fansites on Facebook. I need to be directed where the information is posted. I'm happy that was selected because that was one of my choices as was Ted's Montana Grill has they have a theater package for $29 which includes everything except tip. But Stout looked great. I was thinking of 5:30 for dinner. I won't be able to stay afterwards as I have to catch my train. But before would be fantastic. I have to let a few other folks know who I'm in touch with. So please direct me soon. Thanks.
  12. MSG Glambert Meet UP

    Stout was one of the places I was thinking of as it's perfect!!! Where do I find you on Facebook?? I belong to several fansites.
  13. MSG Glambert Meet UP

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but I want to start somewhere. I live in CT and will be coming in to see Queenbert at MSG. I know lots of local Glamberts from the Glamnation Tour days. I'd like to book a reservation in a restaurant close to MSG at 5:30 for a nice dinner. I know we cannot exchange personal information here. But if anyone is going and would like to join for dinner, I'm researching places right now, and would need to make a reservation far in advance. Like now! If you would like to meetup, please direct message me at @kayakmermaid which is my Twitter Acct.. I have a few places in mind but it all depends on who is going to RSVP and how many people are interested. I'm so excited to meetup with many old and new Glamberts!!!
  14. I haven't seen any contacts yet for tomorrow in Chicago. I know I want a surprise when I see him a month later, but I won't be able to breathe knowing there's a concert going on!!! Any info on this?
  15. Love Kills

    I am totally obsessed, too. Listen several times every day. Can't believe how I'm hooked on this song. I cried when I heard it the first time.