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  1. . Hey star peeps I just made a flyby to the minions and now I'm doing my flyby here. You know I've been uber busy with my studies, but I still try to lurk and flyby every once in a while. But with what happened this week and the bannings of the minions, I am finding it more of an effort to be on AO rather than a joy. I am a lazy-ass person and I hate effort So I decided that I prefer to stay on twitter to keep up with the news. My twitter is @puppyluhv when you need an extra pair of voting hands. Just lemme know. I'll keep looking out for your bulletins, Addicted. When things get back to normal around here, I may flyby again. ★.+.`★* .+.`★ * .+.`★ Love n light ★.+.`★* .+.`★ * .+.`★
  2. The Castle is Closed

    . -flyby-flyby-flyby-★.+.`★* .+.`★ * .+.`★ . 3 years ago I was here with most of you and yes there were some moments we'd all like to forget, but compared to what I saw on AO this week, I actually long for those days. The level of wank and whinging this past week has been ...just. ugh! ugh! I know that bannings have gone on from time to time because this place used to be a free for all, but since the web crew appeared on the scene I thought things would be more organized. So wtf?? I'm really sorry to see that some of the minions were banned... but KayTy?...seriously? I can't even begin to understand. I was actually here this whole week and read all the posts so I know all that went down and still don't understand the bannings. I know minions have always been targeted, but to ban some without banning the whole frikking lot is beyond comprehension, especially the head wank war/peace/war monger. FFS! Yesterday for the first time I actually clicked on the log out button. I had to change passwords to get back in to post this, I forgot it. Well, until the minions are back I'm logging out again. I don't like the 'new' AO. I miss the snark, the random, the free spirits, the lulz... I'll still be stalking y'all on the twat so I'll know what's happening. And I'll be getting my Starlighter votes on cuz Kim (addicted) sends out the bulletins. Hopefully things on AO turn around again. To be losing old members one by one can't be a god thing. Maybe that was their plan all along? Anyway, much love to the minions. AdamDS
  3. . LOL @asiladam. this song is hottttttt like a cuckoo clock this beat don't stop (tik tok tik tok) I can't shake this misery I got #werkit Claude
  4. Ninjas found this Claude song called "Cuckoo" although shoshannastone says it's not the song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=0TC0EAQKYgY (I hope it is)
  5. The Castle is Closed

    . ...Certainly can't have the castle on p.2 I'm just passing by to wish the minions a happy merry Christmas (as it's said in Japan) and will swing by again for the holiday parties \o/ Thx for the twitter laughs =D yeah, I stalk some of you ;0)
  6. ahoy mateys <3 Lovin the new AO look!!! It's not yet Christmas but with all the drama going on I just wanted to pass by and wish you guys an early Merry Christmas. See you for the party... You are throwing a party Kim, aren't you? toodles! AdamDS
  7. Happy Christmas randomness

    ♫☺♥ ♫☺♥ ♫☺♥ ♫☺♥ ♫☺♥ ♫☺♥ ♫☺♥ ♫☺♥ . Yo ho ho peeps, Some Christmas randomness to have fun with. It's a fanbert Christmas ᵔᴥᵔ http://sendables.jibjab.com/view/yptGZaWBFG4wcSiiXn6p ...now let me wander around and see what's happening on AO. Nice format btw... ♫☺♥ ♫☺♥ ♫☺♥ ♫☺♥ ♫☺♥ ♫☺♥ ♫☺♥ ♫☺♥
  8. While I'm here for my 2 seconds I thought I'd drop a Holla! at my stars. Yes, I am completely invisible these days but I gotta finish the studies before the new album drops. How the heck would I be able to focus? So, hugglezzzz to everyone. Sorry if I don't see any replies. I'm on the move again. There are a lot of new names here that I don't know but I should be able to catch up next year. I definitely know you guys are here for the long haul love, light, glitter and some spankings thrown in there for any lurking minions... WooT! ☆-*`*-☆ ...☆-*`*-☆ ...☆-*`*-☆ ...☆-*`*-☆ ...☆-*`*-☆
  9. Monte addresses Beg For Mercy

    Haven't posted for ages but still lurking every week. I also am sorry at the way they have gone about marketing and timing this release. I have all the CV tracks already but I was willing to go out and buy it if it was under the name "Citizen Vein". This is sickening. #wontbuyit
  10. . Wow! I haven't been here for 5 months! eek >_< welcome newberts holla!
  11. The Castle is Closed

    . While I'm flying thru AO, I gotta flyby the castle too Holla at the minions! WooT \ ^-^ / WooT ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪˙·٠•●♥ ♥●•٠☆҉
  12. . Mornin' st☆rs Keep kickin a$$ on those polls. I'll be back whenever you need an extra pair of hands again. I gotta get back to the thesis. I'll keep an eye out for addicted's tweets. Gotta fly.... waaahoooooeeeeee..........☆.. - > . + * ` `☆. . + : * `
  13. Mod Iris...why

    ______/ _____// ____// ___///// _____// ____// ___// __/ FLASHϞMOD …….\' ° '/ …..…. | ____‚/..\______ :+` - .* : WooT WooT :+` -* :
  14. . gotta take a break and get some nourishment. bbl go go go!