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  1. . Am I too late for caaaaaake?? Happy Anniversary, Trespassing! You classy, elegant, batch, you!! I'm loving all the pics and vids...this album is still an amazing compilation of music, and I still love it!! And I still tear up at the BTIKM video... Pass the Cake please...with a side of striped banana! K.
  2. Oops...sorry...it's a video by @ goldandleather ... And it's just beautiful!!!
  3. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EhRxkPM-k3E&feature=youtu.be TALC vid...Beautiful!
  4. Hi everyone! Sorry I missed the party...but I was a fan from the beginning... For those who haven't heard how I 'found' Adam, I'll share... My sister had passed away in November...we were huge AI fans...she would have championed Allison I think! I was missing her, and had no intention of watching Idol that year. I just missed her so much. And one night, I was mindlessly channel surfing...got a commercial, and went into the kitchen to make a sandwich. I didn't really care what was on...I just wanted the noise. Anyway, as I was buttering my sandwich, I heard this VOICE ...I froze...then dropped the knife and went to see who was singing Bohemian Rhapsody because it was mind blowing....and, silly as this sounds, I was captured by this charismatic and talented young man. I bought a laptop, I became a fan, I watched every week, and I felt something again...like the pain and numbness I was feeling from her death was going away...I began to "care" again... So that's my story. I have never looked back, and will be a fan for life. Adam Lambert has never disappointed me, I have enjoyed watching his story unfold, and look forward to the next chapter....he is amazing. These past 7 years have been great! I've made lifelong friends through this community and have learned so much. Cheers Everyone! Love you, Adam! 'Happy Anniversary!!' xoxo
  5. . I'm here...voting this craaaaazzzzzeeeeeeeee poll!!!! Giving us a bump up, and back to voting! K. xo
  6. New Years Eve 2016 @ Marina Bay, Singapore

    . When I read that article @Foxey and @Carter, I was laughing so hard it hurt! It was a delicious read! XO
  7. . Awwwwwww! Happy New Year, Kitcherers!! It is so good to see this 'little taste of home' back on the main board! I wasn't a member here in the past, but MamaH always made me feel cozy and welcomed! I'm so glad you are here, feetchick! Hugs to all! *karena pauses, and sniffs the air...is that popcorn she smells?Looks at Carter trying to squirrel her bowl away, saunters over and grabs a handful...yummmmmm...thanks, Carter!*. LOL! Hugs... K. xo
  8. . Foxey, I was SO impressed with RS choice!!! And so proud and happy for Adam!!!
  9. . Happy New Year, Stars! I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas, and I wish you all good things for 2016! Loved the vids that came out of Singapore! What a beautiful stage and set, and Adam was amazing as always! Oh, and he looked so cuuuuuute!!!!! Ok...heading off to do some voting...thanks for the links! Hugs to all.... K. xo
  10. . GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! His performance last night has turned me into a pool of drool!!!!!! What a stunning and meaningful performance of GirlCrush by both Adam and Ms.Lewis!!! I have a few minutes to vote and click on stuff....Lol! Thanks for links, gonna head up to the OP and catch up! Hugs to all ...sweet dreams! Xoxo
  11. . It's truly hard to find words to describe this performance...they've all been used so eloquently! I'm addicted to this! Lots of reasons why....first of all, Leona Lewis did an amazing job, props to her as well. But I want to talk about Adam, because....GOBSMACKED!!! GAAAAAAAAAA!!! His clear, resonant voice, his bluesy rock wails, his sincerity and immaculate delivery of the emotional lyrics...incredible as always. His swaying to the music while Ms.Lewis was singing...I could watch him sway all day! But...his courage. His fierceness. This was such a brave and genius performance... Just the fact that HE was singing it put a totally true spin on the song, and not only crossed, but broke the stereotypical love song boundary! He did that with class, and grace, and, to be honest, that fact alone made this song a HUNDRED TIMES more romantic than it already was!!! I just melted......seriously!!! It was so real, so humble, and yet so full of Greatness. I am truly in awe of him! I have never felt prouder...this performance was HUGE! WOW!
  12. . Hi Starlighters!!! Popping in to do some clicking and give us a bump up!!! Just watched the performance from 'Strictly Come Dancing'...Amazing performance and choreography to ALN! WOW! Such a beautiful man...inside and out... He even acknowledged the dancers and band! Gracious as always! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qA_PIShafIo&feature=youtu.be&a= Enjoy!!! K xo
  13. . Oh my gosh! Thanks, Foxey, I'll try that tonight, I have flax seeds!!! Wow! Had never heard of that, but I'll let you know how it works! Lamburger.... I have NEVER heard of that one, either! I'm going to try that next time I buy chick peas!!! ( I've run out of 'likes' for today.... But Like Like to you both! ) Thank you so much...I can hardly wait to try these out!!!!! In fact, it makes me so happy, I need to go and click on something in the OP!!! LOL! ..multiple times!!!! K. xo
  14. . Inspiring....omg, that one from Singapore made me tear up....I've run out of likes too, consider it liked and loved, Carter! K. XO