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  1. I agree, love this song so much! It is interesting to read about the song on Wikipedia. Seems it is very popular in Japan. This is the kind of song I love to hear Adam sing, just a real joyous song, nothing dark. I think it would be popular if released and promoted in the US, but probably not possible.
  2. Hi BlueTeaLady42, You are right, it would be a compliment, but I guess the tour is not about Adam so much, although the fact that he is Jewish perhaps should have had some bearing on the decision. I don't really understand it because they did play Ghost town at a couple of other concerts, and it seemed well done and well received, but maybe there was some good reason for not doing it. It's hard for me to be objective about it. You are in for a real treat when you watch the entire concert. I am not crazy about the new hair style because I prefer longer sides, non shaved, but I adore the green color. I am just glad that he changed his look, it's one thing I like about him. If he does do Ghost Town, it would be great if he wore that hat, the fringed pants he wears later in the show, and I believe he has a black fringed jacket. Can you tell I am obsessed?
  3. Oh My Gosh!! This article is a MUST READ!!!

    Hi BlueTeaLady42, I like the way you expressed Adam's journey, it's like a Cinderella story, now all Adam needs is a Prince Charming!
  4. I don't think they did, it wasn't on the set list or the video that I watched of the entire concert. I wish they would have, as far as I can recall, they only did it twice, and as you say, it was brilliant. Perhaps at some later date they will do it. I would also love to see them do Lucy, since Brian was involved in that. But for now, It seems like they are sticking to the classic Queen songs and honoring Freddie.
  5. As much as I loved the previous metal rock/leopard suit looks that Adam had in previous QAL concerts, I really was glad to see him go this route with his costumes. They seem very fashion forward, and those fringed pants, OMG, when he dances, there is nothing like Adam in fringe, I can even tolerate that they are torn. Hope we see those pants again, and the hat! It was like a completely new Adam, his dancing and vocals were different and over the top. And it seemed like Brian and Roger stepped up their playing, if that could even be possible. I know I am probably not expressing it very well, but to me it was their best show ever, hope they tour in the US again!
  6. Hi @Roxanne What is the controversy about the footballer and SSB? Does he refuse to sing everytime? Has he given a reason? Hi Koula, It's been in the news a lot recently. As a protest of police brutality against black people and other forms of racial injustice, San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, has been refusing to stand for the anthem. Perhaps if we want to discuss it, it might be better in the Off Topic forum, but here is an article that gives some good details about it, citing a lot of different opinions. It just seemed a bit ironic because it received a lot of news coverage here in San Diego, Adam's home town, when the 49ers and Chargers played recently and I thought, too bad Adam wasn't singing the SSB that day. It would have been a great day for it with it being his home town, plus he had auditioned for Idol in San Francisco and is probably popular among those fans. I am not sure if Adam's singing the anthem might cause any controversy, but you never know what people are going to protest these days. p.s. the link wouldn't attach for me, but you can probably find lots of info in the internet, just search Google or other with Colin Kaepernick name, the article I was referring to was in the LA Times, but he is on Twitter, etc
  7. Official Feedback/Moderation Thread

    Hi Amberbert, I just have to figure out where the old photo that I used for my avi is located, unless I decide on another one, but your comment will help me to decide, thanks! I am so technically challenged, I updated my computer and have to relearn my photo program. p.s. So you missed my avi, not me? Just kidding, ha,ha I may have mentioned this before, but I chose that avi because he looks so much like Elvis in the photo which it is from, in fact there is a similar photo of Elvis, have to find that too. I should be doing computer stuff, but couldn't resist peeking in on Adam for a while.
  8. There was another thread with talk about Adam and the SSB, but I can't recall where. I have been away for a while due to computer problems and am just now learning this new site, so I can't do anything. But I wanted to comment on this SSB because of the recent controversy about that one football player who does not stand up when SSB is played. I wonder what he would think of Adam's version - maybe it would make him stand up, it's so inspiring!
  9. This would be a great addition to the Queen + Adam Lambert shows as part of a Bowie tribute. And I think that jacket is no longer around, but I would love to see him wear it again.
  10. Official Feedback/Moderation Thread

    Hi Amberbert, Thanks for your message, I haven't been here for a while because I was having some computer issues, but now everything is OK. This site looks much better with my computer updates, I still have to study it a bit, but I am basically thrilled horizontally, lol
  11. Official Feedback/Moderation Thread

    Thanks everyone who replied to my post, it makes me feel better when others are having the same problem, although I wish no one was having it, ha,ha. I should say that the vertical problem is only in the thread titles. I have a Mac desktop, never had any problems in the old forum. Hopefully everything will be resolved soon and we can go back to "berting" as easily as before, it was something I looked forward to every day.
  12. Official Feedback/Moderation Thread

    Does anyone else have a problem with the format of the posts - the older ones, that is, they are like stretched out vertically, with one letter per line, I hope I am explaining it right. L i k e T h i s I don't know if it's this forum or my computer because i have been having some computer problems lately. Otherwise, I was able to sign in OK and reset my password. Not brave enough to try my avi yet.
  13. Hi Karen, I guess there must be some disagreement about God Save the Queen (or King), some articles on the internet referred to it as the British National Anthem, but I only called it the British anthem because I didn't research it that much. Apparently it has long been a popular tune, I read that In total, around 140 composers, including Beethoven, Haydn and Brahms, have used the tune in their compositions. Regarding the SSB, I guess the reason it is so special is the circumstances under which the lyrics were written. The original flag, about which the song was written, has been preserved and is now on display in a museum in Washington DC. I went to see the exhibit a few years ago, it was quite touching. There is a website all about the flag, it's pretty interesting. There is even an MP3 of the old English tune that, oddly enough, was used as the melody for the song. NMAH | The Star-Spangled Banner: The Flag that Inspired the National Anthem Even though I loved the Broadway Bares rendition of the SSB (it's my favorite, of course) I think Adam might have to tone it down a bit if he ever sang it at the Superbowl or other such event.
  14. It's the 5th of July and I am still watching/listening to the SSB - I think Adam should close (or open) every concert with it, taking an example from Queen, who close their concerts with the British anthem.
  15. Yes, EvaQueenBert, I believe that I understand you, thanks for the explanation. It always amazes me how similar we are in our differences, if that makes any sense. I like how capitalizing Chapeaux makes it WOW!