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  1. Wow . . . umm . . . this is sooo hard for me. I've been loving Adam since 2009, but honestly, releasing a song with the F-Bomb right in the title as a single? And as a sign of things to come? I cuss like a sailor with a splinter in her a$$, so there's no prudishness in my game about language, but I cannot get behind this. Yes, hats off for not giving a DA&% that the song will get no airplay and make no money. But the sentiment! Too many people don't give 2 FUX about anyone these days! That's how we got here!! But the woes of the world aside - cuz i'm going to go back to that in a second - Adam, let me ask you this - and I'm talking to him as if he'd ever see this, and I hope he does in his mind's eye: are you selling out on your GIFT and the true magnificence that you are? I'm not judging you, friend. To the contrary, I have lifted you up in my thoughts and with my wallet for eight years. The question I pose to you is one we all must ask ourselves on a regular basis. Why am I not hearing that insane voice on the radio - or HEKK - in a small venue - singing something that brings me to tears? I don't mean you have to sing ballads all day. But holy SH*T - can we please hear your voice at its fullest, conveying something meaningful, without paying $250 to go to another Queen concert? Energy is so important, and nothing carries it more efficiently than sound and music. You talk about inspiring fans to buck the status quo. Please take your own advice and bring light to the almost uniformly dark and repetitive world of pop music. Defy the status quo. The world needs you Adam, and I'm very serious about that. Please.
  2. TOH will be the third single!

    So interesting to hear all your opinions on singles dream picks - I don't quibble with any of them because they're all good songs, in my opinion! I guess my thoughts about songs from artists that don't automatically get heavy rotation but nonetheless make it to a healthy life on the radio is that they each seem to have some sort of "must" about them. I'm not saying I LIKE EM!!! Listening to pop radio usually is occasion for daubing blood from my ears. But the hits seem to have something that is . . . for lack of a better word . . . distinctive. Whether it's a truly inane lyric, an obnoxious riff that you would chew through your earphone wire to get away from - that is, till you find yourself humming it in the grocery store - a screeching, blatantly off-key voice (no need to call names here - insert your own choices), or on the other side, an awesome play on words, a ballad when everything else is dance (Sam Smith and Adele), a lush production when everything else is choppy and boppy (TOH, in my opinion) . . . you get my drift. I think that is why GT did as well as it did. I just don't think it was the "hitty-est" song the album had to offer. I pick TOH for a hit single as I'm not hearing anything on the radio with its structure right now. The place where the beat drops back in on "Oo, remember back in Hollywood," is really unusual at the moment. The whole production is very lush/disco/smooth, which no one is doing. A good male falsetto is ALWAYS unusual. And finally, the build up on, "chasing the Original high, high, soooo HIIIIGHHH YAAAAHHH!" is one of those big "try and hit THIS note!" moments that gives songs immortality (people are still trying to sing the high notes from Minnie Riperton's "Loving You" 40 years later).
  3. TOH will be the third single!

    I pray this hits the US market. The choices of Ghost Town and ALN, though I enjoy the songs, struck me as odd singles choices. To me Adam's strengths are his unreal voice and his rock sexy. I just want him to trust the public enough to be that. He did it with Queen and we cannot get enough. I know folks were truly stupid when he hit the national scene, but thanks to him and others, so much has changed. So TOH, then if there's an opportunity, Heavy Fire next, please. There is NOTHING out there like it right now.
  4. Another Lonely Night music video

    It's great! I love the look and feel of the entire thing. Great! Oh, I said that already . . .
  5. Adam new single?

    I'll love and support Adam either way, but I gotta say . . . ALN is not a grabber, in my opinion. It's pleasant to listen to, but once you've heard it a few times, that's kinda all there is to it. I had really hoped for TOH. Infectious tune, cool falsetto (not too many folks are doing that nowadays, and certainly not well), ridic beat. I just think it would have been a much easier sell. As always, I pray for the best. I just hope this is not yet another album full of precious gems with the semi-precious ones put at the top of the bag.
  6. NEW SINGLE????!!! The Original High!!

    Oops - okay so maybe not yet . . . but I hope SOON!!!!
  7. NEW SINGLE????!!! The Original High!!

    Oh my goodness! I'm sooooooo glaaaaaadd!!! That song is a Sure Fire Winner!
  8. hi

  9. Spin Thread on a break until after the Holidays

    I finally heard Ghost Town on the radio in NYC today! Not saying it wasn't playing before, but GAWD is it hard to sit through the horrific lineup on pop radio stations hoping to hear Adam . . . this happened to be playing on the radio piped in the grocery store, so that was great.
  10. More from the London warehouse shoot

    These performances are fantastic. I will definitely go see this in concert when the time comes!
  11. Our personal reviews TOH

    My FYE faves are: Can't Let You Go, Fever, and Pick U Up Trespassing: Kickin' In; Underneath The Original High - too early to tell, I'm still in in awe of most of the album. Right now I'd say The Original High, Things I didn't Say, Shame, After Hours, Heavy Fire . . . see, that's already too many and I'm not done . . . LOL
  12. Our personal reviews TOH

    @PeachieMarie - you and I have very similar taste in songs! This week I cannot get done with Things I Didn't Say. It is beautifully produced and danceable, but really, it's the lyrics that take it over the top. I know several dear friends who struggle with thinking they've expressed and really haven't. It's heartbreaking, and I love Adam for recording the song. After Hours is just . . . perfect. Weird and slinky and awesome.
  13. Kelly and Michael And Jimmy Fallon

    I LOVED Jimmy Fallon running over to Adam like a big ol fangirl! YAY!!!
  14. Our personal reviews TOH

    Grown and Sexy! Ghost Town - subtle rhythmic surprises, but as the overture, I expected a rather dark album. Not hardly. The Original High - this is some slick Maserati mess. I love it. Another Lonely Night -Lovely tune, but radio is going to have to bleep out the Moo. There are kids listening. Oh, it's not a Moo? Sorry, Adam! We'll stick with zaping the F-bomb then, huh? Underground - Not riveting, but the vocals make this one. And I'm perfectly okay with that. There I Said It - So nice to hear men kicking themselves for putting up with mess. I'mma just shut up and listen. Rumors - Adolescent, Kardashian-esque obsession with image. Adam is a grown ass man, so I'm gonna say it. I hate this one. There, I said it. Evil in the Night - That cute, urban enunciation of "littal crim-ah-nahl I'm callin the po-LEES" has me hooked on phonics. Nice to hear the Nile Rogers influence rockin, too. Perfect. Lucy - do I find my lighter or my Jheri Curl activator spray for this one? Because I can't safely have both, Love this. Things I Didn't Say - oh, damn. There're gonna be some "couple's discussions" over this one. Ouch. Heavy Fire - Oh, my God! Where are the Solid Gold Dancers when you need them? The tapestry of sounds and vocals at the end is magical. So well-produced, it's wrong. After Hours - Hey, Adam, congrats on rockin' the hairy chest voice on "take a little trip, get twisted and ride it out." Did you smoke a couple for us so you could get down there? Thank you!! This song just screams holding a martini with pinkie up, eyes closed, boogying down in a club at 4:00 am (you know, after the wusses have gone home). You feel me? Shame - For those who think vocal training doesn't count, try doing that A-Sha-sha-a-a-a-ame thing without busting a tonsil. These Boys - Is this the last song so quickly? Hold on, girl. . . did he just say, "Who you calling clown?" Okay, the album just paid for itself. Score: 10
  15. Spin Thread on a break until after the Holidays

    Z100???!!! Finally!!!! YAY!