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  1. It is way too early to speculate these rumours and that is what they are, We got into this mess last year with so called journalists saying things about certain artists re judging and many of them were just here say. If they were smart Adam would be their first choice not their last. They have to be well aware of the viewership it would bring if Adam were to be a judge. I like Kelly although I don't know if she could be honest enough because she is such a sweet natured woman. JHud is another Diva and I was not impressed with her trying to out sing Candice at the finale. I don't know if she would be a good judge either. As for Clay? yeck!!!! I was a big fan of his in the beginning but I started to read articles about his diva-like behaviour at public appearances and it turned me off what really did it for me is when he said Adam's singing made his ears bleed! That was un-called for and proved that he is not a very pleasant person. Time will tell to see what direction the powers that be go but after getting Adam's hopes up after approaching him last season for judging I will be very annoyed if they ditch him again if they do indeed approach him again about it. It will likely be several months before any announcements re judging panel will be made anyway. And another issue is we don't know if the sources used in the articles are reliable either so it's all just rampant speculation.
  2. Delete

    yep he said if the right role came along and if he wasn't too busy with other things he might consider it or something to that effect. He did not say it was going to definitely happen! There goes the media changing around his words for their hyped up story!
  3. From what I have read about Nicki's antics on the show she proved everyone right by being classless, and full of herself. I knew it would be a disaster when she was hired and proves that the AI powers that be are out of touch with what people like.
  4. wow that's a lot! all were positive except for that one jerk from a Miami gay publication ? who insulted Adam wondering why he is being honoured with the award.. The guy never retracted his catty tirade nor did he apologize. Not surprising!
  5. Sauli Koskinen

    I had a gut feeling a while ago that things weren't all what they seemed between those two. I wondered sometimes why Adam was out on his own without Sauli recently and Sauli being away in Finland so much since after Christmas and other things that bothered me. I hate the fact that my instincts were right because Sauli made Adam so happy but why stay together if it just wasn't working? sigh! this too shall pass time heals all . You know he will be asked for the next little while about the split by the media. They can be very insensitive when it comes to getting the scoop about breakups
  6. Johnny Weirs Outfit Like Adams

    Okay so I don't think Johhny is chanelling Adam I see it as admiration for Adam's fashion sense so he chose that outfit. If I recall Johhnny is a big fan of Adam's so why not dress similar. Afterall imitation is the best form of flattery! It happens all the time! I saw Johnny on the Guy vs Rachel celebrity cooking show and he is absolutely seems absolutely delightful. he does not take himself seriously and he his hilarious! No big deal at all.
  7. GOD :( Adam on Yahoo news...

    Heck I have even seen nasty comments in regards to tragic deaths like the tragedy in Newtown before Christmas! Imagine making a nasty comments about someone making a nice and respectful comment about the deaths of those children? It is rampant some comments are even so bad they can't be seen because of the number of thumbs down. You know the nasty comments are Adam haters who have no idea of his musical theatre background and I am guessing take great delight in spewing their hatred every time there is a story about him. There are a lot of bitter, nasty and hateful people in this world and it is disturbing but they are always going to be out there. Yahoo are horrible for allowing hateful comments to pass unless there is enough thumbs down or reports of abuse which I have done often rather than reply to the jerks because they think they are right and nothing is going to change that. Look at PH for example a couple of years ago when there were so many gay young people committing suicide because of bullying he went on Ellen and said he was never going to be a bully again. That lasted maybe a couple of months and he's back to his nasty, bitter hateful ways. he like all of the homophobes seem to be mad at the world and have issues too deep to change. Leave it be and things will die down. The media are blowing this whole thing way out of proportion which doesn't help matters. You would think Adam committed a crime instead of voice his opinion which he has every right to voice.
  8. The media are always going to misquote or make comments said by a star way bigger than they should be! Adam is an A lister now so I am not surprised that the media glommed onto his opinion so quickly. He never said he hated the film he just said that some of the singing talent was questionable and it was distracting. He has a right to think that and I have read that others have felt that too. Unfortunately that bitter asshole PH and you all know who I mean has wriitten a scathing article about Adam's tweets and has sent it to Hugh Jackman. PH is such a childish jerk and is still a bully! he hates Adam because he won't give the ass the time of day. My question is why is this being made such a big deal? Adam has a right to his opinion and should not sugar coat the truth because that's not what he is all about. It won't be the best film of the year for all people it's not possible. He is more than qualified to critique singing. My god the way people are reacting you would think Adam committed some sort of crime. Sheesh it's his right to feel the way he does and it was his right to voice it.
  9. So the only good thing about the show was Adam! None of the so called Divas were any good at all! That girl that LA Reid bragged about was positively awful!! No wonder noone else signed her! Don't get me started about Miley doing Billy idol? Yuck!!!! I would have like to see more Adam hosting duties instead of the endless parade of people introducing the acts. I wouldn't watch teh whole show again ever just Adam's parts.
  10. Is it me or are all the women nowhere near Adam's calibre by a mile? Miley doing Billy Idol? please! It did not work at all! And that Poloma Faith girl that LA was bragging about signing? just awful! It sounded like she was singing with marbles in her mouth. No wonder noone else signed her! The two girls who did the Donna Summer tribute with adam weren't that good either. And why did they bring out all those other people to introduce most of the artists instead of using Adam all the time except when he had to change? ridiculous! So far the whole show is awful except for Adam's parts. it's giving me a headache actually. I agree Adam needs to get more hosting performing gigs he's a natural!
  11. There is no sense saying what if right now because Adam himself said he has no clue if he will tour. For now he is just doing the odd show overseas here and there. Hopefully he will include some dates in Canada and at some point the US. He needs the ok from his management I guess before he can committ to a full on tour if he does one at all . it must be incredibly expensive and because the damn dj's in the US wouldn't play his singles it didn't do as well there which has to be a factor in not doing a full on world tour which includes the US. Time will tell I guess. Also he has not said for sure he will do any more shows with Queen at all he just said he hopes to because it went so well. One day at a time is all we can know for sure as to where and when he will do any shows.
  12. VH1 Divas will air on Wednesday December 19 at 7:00 PM here in Canada on the Much Music station for those who want to see it on tv instead of just you tube! yay!!!
  13. His face says it all

    oh now I know why he was making such a strange face! I explains a lot :0
  14. Adam up for a WMA

    the voting doesn't work there is no vote and submit button so how are you supposed to vote?
  15. The Grammy Crystal Ball

    I was angry at first but after a cool off period and reading a blog on other incredible artist's who have been snubbed I realize that the Grammy's are like any other awards show. they bow down to the masses of fans who are content with mainstream, boring cookie cutter artists who fit into one genre and never sway from it. Adam as we know is not mainstream and never will be! he doesn'ty fit into one genre and he is in a league all his own! The grammy powers that be don't know how to handle his amazing talent and the fact that he is far from mainstream same old same old. There have only been a few incidents of noms going to out of the box artists over the years which shows the Grammy's are stuck in a rut! I mean nominating Carly Rae's Call me maybe drivel for song of the year is proof of the Grammmy powers that be bowing down to the masses. Also nominating Taylor Swift (yawn) for record of the year proves my point. Adam may never win a Grammy and that doesn't mean he isn't going to be a legend in his own right. he already is an icon and on his way to being a legend and he is only 3 years into his career. Sure it would be nice for him to win some grammy's but as other artist's who have been snubbed before him prove it's not the be all and the end all to win one.