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  1. Finnberts

    @nuuskis Of course you can put the info about the meet up to the OP It's going to be at some restaurant in Helsinki, I'll tell at which one once the reservation is made. I hope you can join us! And yes, we had a nice little party even though bday boy himself could unfortunately (or luckily...) not attend
  2. Finnberts

    Hey all! There's gonna be another Finnbert get-together on Saturday 5 March Plan is to have dinner at some nice restaurant and then go dancing somewhere. Everyone is invited! More info (including the restaurant, lol) later but if you already know you can join us please let me know via twitter (I'm @nerento over there) or you can send me an email at sweetcaramel82(at)gmailpistecom
  3. Finnberts

    @nuuskis I'm glad @eisaksso's email made you happy I haven't been around here for a while so can you add me to the glamnation list? I will be going to the shows in Helsinki, Hamburg, Berlin, Amsterdam, Birmingham and Manchester. Yes, I went slightly mad there... I also have VIP tickets to Helsinki and Berlin (yep, even more mad). And I think we will most definitely be going out after the concert on the 6th (I'm guessing this is OK with @Sussu who will be staying with me over the glamnation weekend...) I might be tweeting from the concert(s), I'm not sure yet. I got a new phone from work today and updating twitter from it seems easy. The thing is though, I'm not sure I will be in any coherent state to do so. It also depends a little on how close I will be to the stage. I'll make sure my name is on the twitter lists just in case
  4. Any Dutch fans here? (:

    Thank you guys so much! I got a ticket *happy dance*
  5. Any Dutch fans here? (:

    Hello all Dutch fans! A fellow Adam fan from Finland here I would love to attend the show in Amsterdam but didn't receive any pre-sale code via email. I would appreciate it greatly if someone could email me the code at sweetcaramel82@gmail.com Thank you very much in advance and I hope to see you all in Amsterdam
  6. Finnberts

    Oh, LOL, I still have my Hangover-Tommy-at-Stockmann userpic. I think I'm gonna go find another one. For those of you who are interested here's a nice blog by a lady that I met in Toronto at the Much Music Video Awards. http://oceannadelamer.wordpress.com/2010/06/23/glambert-toes/ I'm really hoping that Adam will announce the European dates soon. In the twitter party last night he said he'll be touring the UK "in the fall", "believes" to visit Dublin in December and "is excited" about visiting France and Italy. I so dearly hope Finland gets a date. Not only because I want to see Adam's show but also because it would be so much fun to share that experience with all other Finnish fans. I think I'll still try to travel somewhere else to see him too
  7. Finnberts

    Double post. AO is acting up again.
  8. Finnberts

    Hi everyone! So nice to see that there's new people around! Welcome @Glambertt @Hansu @jasmina @sarita @JustAGirl and @heathcliff! I hope you stick around here and if you're on Facebook do go join the Finnbert group http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=119746821378157 @sussu How come I didn't know you have a cat? LOL Is it a boy or a girl? And what's it's name? Thanks again for @Haiddu for posting the link to the Live the Life mix! Been listening to it a lot again: @Marianne Are you doing Dallas as well now? @ailaR Thanks for posting the links to the IFPI statistics. I've tried to find that info before with no success. He getting close to gold! But honestly, when you look at those numbers you really realise what a small music market we are
  9. Finnberts

    Hi everyone! Hope you’re all doing well! I’m back from Toronto and even though I’m still really tired, I’m so so so happy - I got to see Adam five times during the weekend! The “main event” of my trip aka the concert was on Saturday evening and was held at Molson Amphitheatre. I read/heard somewhere that there was about 7000-8000 people there, but I’m not sure. The place was not sold out, but there was a nice crowd. It was a radio show and there were several artists performing throughout the day but mostly the people were there for Adam. To my disappointment, they only sold two t-shirts this time and once I got there they were sold out on my size. I took the large one anyways After seeing the show, I have to say that the youtube videos really don’t do justice to it since most of the time you only get to see close-ups of Adam (I’m not really complaining about that though). I was very impressed by how well the different elements (dancers/choreography, lights/lasers, background images, the band, Adam’s singing) came together as one show. Considering they didn’t have endless amounts of time to put it all together, it’s extremely well done. I hope that at some point in his career Adam will have a chance to tour big arenas with a show to match. I’m convinced of his ability to carry a show of that size. Sleepwalker live is insane and Monte’s solo almost made me cry. IIHY has never been one of my favourites but people in general seem to like it and it’s a great “let’s all dance together” song. DTRH is still my favourite song and I’m really happy I got to hear it live. All in all, I feel really privileged to have seen the show and I’m hoping that we’ll get a date for Finland when the tour goes international. On to bonus Adam then... As you all know, the Much Music Video Awards was held last weekend as well. Basically, they build the stages (there was four) on the street and everyone can go and watch both the actual show and the sound checks/rehearsals. For the actual awards show, they give out wristbands that give you access to the best spots. But still you can get a good place if you’re there early enough. On Saturday afternoon I went to hang out outside MM and they were just bringing orange amps to the stage so I figured that Adam + band must be coming on soon. And they did. Here are few pics: Band: http://twitpic.com/1zjuuk Adam: http://twitpic.com/1y87z1 Monte: http://twitpic.com/1zj8fw Tommy: http://twitpic.com/1zjaac In the evening (on Saturday) as I was returning from the concert, I decided to walk past Much Music and I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw Adam again on the stage. They were just going through it all, Adam just stood there, didn’t sing, WWFM was playing and the band was not there. Me and two boys waited for him to get off stage and maybe for a chance to say hi to him. As Adam was passing by, the boys were only able to say “Adam!”. They were totally adorable and so in love with Adam, who said hi to them. I was able to tell him “Flew from Finland to see your show, your guys were fantastic, thank you”. He was already almost in the car, turned and said “Hey, you rock!” and then got in the car. So the word Finland got his attention - mission accomplished. I’m now passing the torch to @Mehkonen to let Adam know he’s got fans in Finland (which he already knows, but we need to rub it in). I don’t know if anyone else is going this summer? @Marianne in September, did I understand right? On a side note, and I also saw Ke$ha, Miley Cyrus and Drake doing their sound checks/rehearsals. I have to say I was impressed by Miley, she’s got a strong voice. On Sunday, I was there again at the final sound check/rehearsal. I think they went through WWFM twice and again I couldn’t believe my luck. For the actual awards show I got a spot “behind” the stage where Adam was performing. So he was there, like 5 meters away from me, for about 5-10 minutes before getting on stage. I have it all on video, but the quality is not too good since I took it with my phone. Therefore, I won’t put it on youtube but I’m happy to show all my vids and pics to everyone when we meet! That’s about it. My weekend could not have been more perfect! I got to meet some amazing people and I completely fell in love with Toronto. Can’t wait to go back
  10. Finnberts

    Hi to all! Been a while @Saddy I'm so happy for you! You have every right to freak out Lane was taking pics and video at Stockmann so I'm sure Adam has spotted you and your friend with your signs. I remember seeing them! It's so nice to see Adam do so well in Finland. I've heard his cd being played in many different stores. It's funny when I tell people that I'm an Adam fan and so many immediately comment back something like "oh, he's so incredible". Last week both my dermatologist and hairdresser turned out to really like Adam - both of them asked me if I knew when he's comming to Finland I really hope we'll get dates soon. @Maria What's this about UK dates? There's been so much media lately, that I just haven't been able to follow everything. I remember reading/hearing that he'll be going to Australia as well in the fall. Boy is busy. I probably won't be online much next week but I'll try to report from my trip to Toronto. I can't promise any pictures/video either - I'll let people with better cameras and steadier hands take care of that. I'll just enjoy the show
  11. Finnberts

    @Marianne Good luck with your thesis! I'm sure you will do great! @Satu You might've found these already but here's a tinypic album with screen caps http://tinypic.com/useralbum.php?ua=s0sJIF%2BHswm%2FFz6Q9%2F7XkQ%3D%3D @barbabeau I'm really liking the Live the Life remix @Haiddu linked us to. Listening to it right now. I haven't heard any other versions. I think it could need some additional production but it's definitely got a nice club feeling to it. And I do remember there being some drama about this guy last year... I actually haven't heard that many of Adam's pre-idol recordings (apart from live performances). Out of principle I haven't listened any of the tracks on Take One for example. Now I'm kinda intrigued. @Nuusk I'm not sure about the Much Music thing at all. I might be too old to get in, even. You see, 27 equals ancient nowadays. Plus, Justin Bieber's gonna be there so I might end up fighting for the ticket with a ten-year-old. @Niina Don't worry about the interview one bit! You did so great! By the way, I photocopied your article at work and I still have it on my desk. Then I get to tell everyone who asks "Yep, actually I know the writer and photographer on that one. We hung out." @ruska You know it's my pleasure to remind you @sussu I MISS YOU!!! I've been too busy. I can't wait for my vacation so I'll have more Adam time. Now, go check the eyecandy from the links @LivingDG just posted!
  12. Finnberts

    @Haiddu @Niina @Nuusk I've missed this track too during the last week... Yeah, it's kinda good. IMO even good enough to be a bonus track or a b-side. @barbabeau Thanks. Made it with screen cap and paint so I'm kinda impressed by my skills. @Satu I don't think anyone recorded it. I saw some screen caps somewhere (don't remember anymore where, sorry). I wish there was a youtube so I could judge myself. Anyways, DUI = not cool and I'm waiting when management tells them to stop (the live streams, I mean).
  13. Finnberts

    Just a quick hi to everyone! I've been so busy with work again that I've barely had time to catch up with the latest Adam news Thank you everyone for the links! Can't wait to see the IIHY video, the preview pics promised good Can't believe that it's exactly a month until I'll see Adam again. That's 31 nights! Much Music also confirmed today that he's performing on their award show on 20 June. And apparentely you might get a ticket if you show up early enough and queue all day. Oh dear. At least I have experience in waiting! By the way, Vero Moda Kamppi was playing Adam's album last Saturday. I almost didn't leave the store. I browsed through everything they had twice, but then decided I looked suspicious and had to leave.
  14. Finnberts

    @barbabeau OMG The Chaos Tube videos! So happy to see what he actually said. I mean, he has been quoted in many articles but something always "gets lost in translation" so it was so nice to see what he looked like when he said all that. And I think he was charming all the reporters that were there Oh and obligatory Tommyyyyy..... voi hellanlettas he's cute and shy and running on too little sleep. @Niina Today I finally had time to read though your article. Well done! I'm so happy they chose to use that pic of Adam. And the other pictures your spouse took were really good too and fit your article perfectly! @hitazhi Welcome! Always nice to have new people aroud
  15. Finnberts

    Hello all! @Haiddu Congrats on the tickets! Too bad you can't go, but I'm glad you have someone you can give the tickets to @Marianne LOL I just read all the stuff you have in your info box. I understand our "conversation" on the bus so much better now. Nevertheless, you should come around and hang you with us more often Yes, it's a little more quiet here now. I think we all went into overdrive when expecting Adam to arrive and we're all still recovering. I know I am. @eisaksso The domain thing sounds great. I'm technically challanged so can't really say much, but I love it that we have someone here who knows all that stuff! Adam was one of the people I decided to follow when I saw his audition. He grew on me really fast though because when the top 13 performances begun it was clear that he was my favorite. What sealed the deal for me was Whole Lotta Love. Here's a youtube just in case someone hasn't seen it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnzUEiN3eWM I hope we could arrange some kind of a meetup. It was really nice hanging out with you all and it's always great to meet new people too. Maybe in the beginning of June or something?