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  1. Ed - Sales #s for Aftermath remix?

    Given the bungle on AI this does not surprise me, lots of people went and bought the acoustic version instead, that really didn't help. Virtually no radio promo/play adds to the problem. It is what it is. I know it's for charity and we would have liked the sales to be better, but I'm mentally moving on to album #2 and accepting that a number of factors have meant sales could not be what they should be.
  2. Oh hell no

    JD 'sang' ACIGC NOTHING like Adam. Slezaks review about sums it up in a nutshell for me.
  3. Is fan fiction splitting up the fandom?

    You know, why should TJ or Adam have to address this?. Shipping is a choice, when it gets out of control, that is not their fault, they are doing the best thing by ignoring it and getting on with their respective lives. I guarantee, even if Adam ot TJ tweeted 'there never was an us', the hardcore Adommy shippers would not believe that either. They both need to do a 'Forcefield Up' IMO .
  4. Grammys Updated 2/3 AM Adam Tweets

    I am happy with the nomination and never really thought he would perform, but for goodness sake GP and The Muppets?, that is an absolute joke.
  5. Hi to everybody xx I'm having a trying day applying for jobs and registering with agencies, but I popped in to say Hots, huge *hugs* from me. It really does seem to be one thing after another for you, but you have been strong and determined and I do believe totally in karma, so better things are around the corner for you I'm sure xoxoxo.
  6. What I don't like is the way they are saying this with such certainty. I am right in thinking that the ballots are secret, just like the Oscars aren't I ?. Therefore, I hope this is just an opinion, based on no insider knowledge which considering the way they have talked about Adam recently, doesn't surprise me at all.
  7. Sauli Koskinen

    Have we not seen these yet? . Just gorgeous . http://justjared.buzznet.com/2011/01/28/ad...ith-my-mustang/
  8. Hi Everybody x. Sorry to have been MIA for ages, but I've just discovered Twitter and it kind of sucked me in. The Sauli pics are just adorable. Whatever their relationship is, Adam looks happy, so I'll go with that. I'm also popping in with a message from my good friend Flissy. Due to all the international incidents at the moment, she is going to be absent and just wanted me to say to you all that she is here in spirit, but is likely to be a bit disconnected until all the trouble in Egypt subsides. Hope everybody is well and happy and any SB's meeting up in honour of Adam's birthday tomo, have a blast !!
  9. Sauli Koskinen

    YAAAAAAAAAAY for happy Adam doing normal things and enjoying himself. Sauli is a babe .
  10. @nakar7: Really, listen to yourself!. What you want for Adam Lambert is of no consequence whatsoever, you are not his mother, friend, anything that has a vague connection to him. He deserves love and happiness as we all do, whether you flail or approve of who he dates doesn't matter. Let him live his life. He certainly looked happy in those pictures to me and from the little I have seen of Sauli, he seems like a bright, sweet boy. I would also add, that if they are dating, Sauli has been very discreet, when, given his minor celebrity status in Finland, he could have blabbed it all over the place. That says good things about him in my book and I'm very pleased for Adam.
  11. I've listened to the piece and to be honest it just amused me. First of all, if Larry Flick can show me a fanbase entirely made up of young hotties, then he can have my house, it's his. Secondly his remarks about Adam's fans were a slightly nasty generalization, seemingly based upon some less than positive experiences he appears to have had with some of them. Of course it is desirable to attract a wide cross section of the public, that can only boost your sales, I agree with him there. However, male pop stars have and will always attract hoardes of female fans. It's about selling s*x appeal and Adam has that in spades, probably perversely in Flick's mind, for a straight audience. What I found quite distasteful was a slightly malicious undertone. Was he suggesting that it wasn't OK to lose your s*it over somebody unless you look like Cindy Crawford?. Barry Manilow my backside. Take it with a pinch of salt folks and get Larry a big mirror, because of course he is hotness personified.
  12. Adam will he fade away in music?

    And back on Planet Earth, Adam Lambert is relaxing, largely out of the public eye, having worked his nuts off non stop for the last two years. His world tour has been an amazing success. He has had two successful singles, one of which has him nominated for a Grammy for his outstanding vocal performance and an album that has sold well in excess of a million copies worldwide. He is about to start work on album #2. He is on the cusp of a brilliant career. I wouldn't worry if I were you.
  13. Jaden Smith is perfroming at the Grammy's?. I am officially depressed now. WLA, hope your son gets well soon. Cougie. chin up xx Hi Tonzey
  14. Hey Niecey x. They are lovely pics and the side parting seems to make all the difference to his hair. Personally I love the longer hair, I think it has a slimming effect on his face. I totally agree, less make up makes him look utterly beautiful, but to be honest, I'm hooked on any look . I never believed an album could be out by summer. It would be a logistical impossibility, unless you are Alvin And The Chipmunks !. Don't forget, there will be a single by the summer, so the hype and promo for that will start probably late spring and RCA will be going out all guns blazing to promote him, as this will be crucial to maintaining and growing his fanbase. It's all good . Looking into temp work so I can come to Chicago
  15. They're lovely aren't they Isabel?. He was at a private Elton John benefit last night