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    What most of you do not understand is the volume of fan mail that Adam receives and this information is what I'm going on from when he was with 19-E. i talked with someone there more than once when I'd send Adam fan mail and one nice lady stated that Adam did receive the MOST fan mail at 19-E BESIDES CARRIE UNDERWOOD. I also know for a fact that his fan mail was picked up several times a week and I'm quite sure that it is being done this way now with his new management. Just send the fan mail at this new address that I posted in the OP and be patient. When I first sent Adam two pictures for him to sign for me, that was in late August 2009 and i did not receive those pictures back from him until around September of 2010. And for those naysayers, YES Adam does read his fan mail and he does sign the pictures himself. I can't tell you how I know this but I just do so you'll have to take my word for it. Also, I have Seven Signed pictures that I sent to Adam and received each one of them back. I can't tell you how long it will take because as I've stated, he gets an enormous volume of fan mail and plus he is writing songs for his new album. And I don't mean to sound rude or snarky about this but just remember that Adam doesn't owe it to us to receive anything back from him. He does it because he loves his GLAMBERTS so please be nice in your posts when you make comments. After all, Adam does deserve privacy in his life and his personal time is that...personal. That's when he takes the time to sit down and respond back by signing pictures...etc... Did I ever really expect to get anything back signed from him the first time? Well, I was hopeful but I wasn't going to hold my breath on it so yes it was a huge honor and surprise when I got each picture back each time. Most musical artists can't take the time to do these things for us but Adam does. Remember Adam's message here is Love One Another And Spread His Love of Music and Life. That's why Adam is who he is...because of the love that fills his heart for everyone that he cares about.

    Don't worry @RCA Mods, I have no intention of displaying or giving Adam's management's phone number to anyone. It's why I clearly stated in the OP that I wasn't posting it. No problem with keeping somethings private but it was fine with his management to post this fan mail address because I asked for their permission.
  3. Runnin

    This has to be one of my VERY fave Adam songs and, yes, Adam admitted that he really missed it by not putting this as a regular track on :"TRESPASSING" but little did he know how so many of us would be touched by this song for our own various reasons. Mine happen to be personal ones of living through alot of heartache with the one man in my life that I made a horrible mistake 8 yrs ago by asking him to live our home and marriage that we should've worked on to save. Luckily, for me, my husband and I still love one another very much and we're working hard on making things better and getting back together again. "Runnin'" just sums up the feelings that I've had for so many years of trying to outrun the heartache and pain and failing to see what I had right in front of me that I had been searching for all along...someone who really loves me for who I am. The only changes that he's asked of me was to change my hair colors back to "normal" instead of having purple and teal hi-lights. Did I make the change? LOL yes I did but it was to another GLAMBERT look inspired by Adam...darker brown with tiny blonde hi-lights streaked in it much similar to his "wolf" look which is what I love calling it 'cuz Adam has those gorgeous mesmerizing blue eyes and when his hair is the darker colors with the "wolfish" hi-lights added in, he reminds me of a wolf guarding his territory of GLAMBERTS as he throws back his shaggy head and howls into the moonlight shining down on his glorious male muscular body. Adam is standing proud as he conquers one country at the time with his beautiful song lyrics and this one just touches me so much as the drum beats increase and the music gets louder and we hear Adam's sweet voice rockin' us out into the dark dark nights with just the stars over our heads and the moonlight shining down onto the one lone wolf standing proudly as he surveys his territory... MUCH LOVE, PEACE, HAPPINESS AND ACCEPTANCE! Midnight Whispers
  4. THR: American Idol asks Adam to perform on FINALE!!!

    IF the powers that be at American Idol were smart, lol, Adam will be on the finale to at least boost that episode of the show! I haven't had the stomach to watch IDOL this year concerning the judges that were chosen with the exception of Keith Urban. It's really sad to see the show that brought us Adam just went kaploof this year! And, nooo kaploof is not a word...just made it up for lack of a better one. If the powers that be at AI had really wanted the ratings through the roof this season, Adam would've been asked to be a judge on there. I really don't want him on it, now, to save a sinking ship that is doomed to go down much like the Titantic. Sorry but that's my personal opinion but, then again, Adam took all of the sparkle, glitter and Glam when Season 8 was over and IDOL hasn't been the same since. They'll never find another Adam Lambert and Randy Jackson just got on my last nerve, each year since Adam by saying "Yo Dawg, you're the best contestant that we've EVER had on THIS show!" Nooooo, Randy, the BEST contestant that you've EVER had on American Idol was and still is...Adam Lambert.

    And to the RCA Mods, please understand my enthusiasm about Adam in my OP when I posted the paragraph in CAPS LOCK. I was not yelling at anyone but ONLY emphasizing for everyone to please have patience when it comes to waiting for Adam to sign pictures and get them sent back! Yes, I've been on the "waiting for pictures" end of it very many times! It's hard to be patient when you're anticipating THAT picture back every time that mail is delivered to your house! lol MUCH LOVE MIDNIGHT WHISPERS

    I'm not sure which is Adam's new mailing address but as soon as I can get in touch with someone on the West Coast today, Monday, May 6, who has that information, I will post it on here! Thank ya'll again for keeping this thread alive n rockin' for our Adam! <3 Much love to all of you! I do apologize that I have let some other things in my life keep me off of this site but it won't happen again! This is my first home where I found Adam during Idol and lived that glorious IDOL Tour in 2009 and the Glam Nation Tour also! Writing consumes alot of my time plus doing other things but I still consider myself very much a part of the AO Glamily even though I have been hanging out on FaceBook entirely too much. Just found some very awesome Glamberts on FB and some didn't want to hang on this site for various reasons so you know how that can go when you wanna chat with those Glamily members too! I've just gotta figure out a way to fit everything in but it's really hard to do. BUT I do promise to find out about the current mailing address for Adam's fan mail and post it on here! Much Love, Peace, Happiness & Acceptance to Everyone! Midnight Whispers
  7. So happy to see that GLAMBERT #'s are being issued again!! I haven't been on AO in quite a while due to being busy writing on my novels plus talking endlessly about Adam on Facebook with I can't tell you HOW many of the Glamily! But this is still my first home that I found with Adam Lambert back in 2009! I'm still proud to tell anyone my Glambert #3751 and that I received it in 2009 right here on AO when we had the Original Kitchen Knights Thread. Still miss being on there but it was changed to something newer after we lost one of our dearest friends and Sisters, Margaret Hill on Feb. 19, 2012. But to let anyone know, we are still very much the Kitchen Knights Sisters and stay in touch with one another every single day. Nothing has changed the love and bond that was created on here because of Adam! He brought us together as a Glamily and the 12 of us wear rings with the words "Love, Spirit, Body, Mind, Peace" and each of us love one another not just as friends but as "family members." That's what the love of being a Glambert does to you; it makes you family to one another and to Adam because we're not just fans to him, we're extended family. So carry that Glambert # around proudly and display it everywhere you post something, whether it's on AO, Twitter or Facebook or how many other sites you might belong to. It's an honor to be a GLAMBERT! Love, Peace and Happiness to Each of You! Midnight Whispers Glambert #3751 and BTW I have my GLAMBERT # on an Adam t-shirt that one of my dear Sisters, Martine Zimmerman, gave to me three years ago! <3 xoxoxo
  8. It's been quite some time since I've been on AO and like my Sister "feetchick" said it seems good to be back on here. lol I had to scroll back to the top to remind myself what her username is on AO because we chat quite a bit on Facebook and in emails with one another and we use different names. Funny that it was on AO and in the Kitchen Knights 4 years ago where we met one another along with meeting our dear beloved Sister Marg along with so many others who we formed such a close Sisterhood and bond with one another. One year ago, we lost Marg and it was one of the saddest days of our lives. We have stumbled through some very hard days without Marg because she was the glue that held us together so many times when we needed her. Marg and i were the two oldest ones in the group and we were the ones who were supposed to be the strong ones but lemme tell you that there were times when Marg helped me through some heartaches that I wasn't sure I would get through them. We had many long-distance phone conversations and emails and posts on AO that left me feeling so loved and comforted and knowing that I had one of the bestest friends and Sisters in the world. As we all have found out being a GLAMBERT, you start out being a fan of Adam's, then you become friends and before you know it, you've become a member of the GLAMILY. Well, with our Sisterhood, we quickly became our own GLAMILY with one another because we know one another's family and care about one another so much so when one of us hurts, the other ones hurt with us. What I'm trying to say is this, it's been a long year of healing for us and for anyone who was lucky enough to know Marg because she loved everyone that she met. Her family still grieves for her just as much as we do but more so. I feel Marg's love surrounding me each day so I know that she hasn't left us. She's still here in our hearts and she would want us to live life for her and be happy. She would want us to spread Adam's love, peace and happiness everywhere that we go because that was one of the topics of conversation that we had with her alot. She didn't believe in hating anyone...only loving and forgiveness. One song that Adam has been singing on this "WE ARE GLAMILY" TOUR that has made me so happy to hear again is "IF I HAD YOU" because that was one of Marg's fave songs and little Nathan loved it too so much from the first time that he heard it. To me that song celebrates Marg's life so when you listen to it, think of Marg and thrust your fist into the air and say "This is for you, Marg, and we love you so much!" Love you all my sweet sweet Sisters & Brothers! Much love, peace and happiness alway! Pammy/Midnight Whispers/ Zadam
  9. Official Feedback/Moderation Thread

    Hi Mods! There are two threads concerning Adam's new fan mail address and one was just recently posted by addictedtoadam.:and the other one was created by me, MidnightWhispers, two years and 37 weeks ago. Even though, I haven't been back online to update my thread until tonight after midnight Eastern Standard Time, I feel that my thread takes precedence over hers since I had posted mine two years ago. All that she had to do was look on the Community Thread and see that my thread was on the list and make an updated post and it would've been fine to have posted Adam's new fan mail address on my thread. I have made the comment more than once that anyone was welcome to post it if it was updated before I did it myself. I happen to write Vampire Romance Novels which Adam inspires me with his music as I write so I stay extremely busy. I sometimes forget to update things but I don't feel that there is a need to have two threads dealing with the identical topic! If she had posted hers first before I had created my thread, then I would certainly delete my thread to not cause any confusion! Thank you for your time in reading this! Midnight Whispers/ Pamela Williams


    thanks for posting this but I had already made a thread on this previously two years ago and just updated it! Midnight Whispers

    Adam's updated Fan Mail Address is as follows: Ground Ctrl c/o Adam Lambert 120 K Street Suite 300 Sacramento, CA 95814 And I do apologize for not updating this sooner. I also tried to change it in my OP but it wouldn't let me do it, so I need to keep this bumped! Thanks! Midnight Whispers/|Pammy/ZADAM
  13. @adamdevotion I guess I just feel Marg's love so much more here on AO than anywhere else cuz this is where I met her or rather in the Kitchen thread but she was such a beautiful warm sweet loving and funny lady who you just loved instantly! Marg just had that magical touch that made you feel better and we had endless conversations on the phone and LOL Roger would come home from work and say "Oh you're talking to Pammy again about Adam, huh?" He got the Adam connection between all of us and it didn't bother him one single bit because he enjoys Adam's music too! Marg and Roger had a beautiful marriage and life togehter and a beautiful loving family who have become so much a part of our lives too. It's sort of what you'd call bittersweet because my heart aches for Marg cuz I miss her so much and I cry some days cuz I do miss her but I also smile through those tears cuz I love her and you can't stop loving someone just because they have passed on. Love is an eternal emotion that just doesn't die. It lives on inside of each of us and that's what Marg would want us to remember....to love each other and to pass it on to others. And that's also Adam's message that so many people filled with hate fail to see about him. They only choose to see what they want to see and that's what makes me so hurt for him. Adam is such a beautiful sweet loving compassionate man and this album is going to blow the music world apart with these songs. I sat here last night (Tuesday) and listened to UNDERNEATH with tears in my eyes and heard the pain and heartache in Adam's voice. I could picure him standing alone on the stage with the spotlight shining down on him and tears running down his face as the emotions show us that pain that he feels inside of him and you know that we're all gonna be standing there crying along with him cuz we love him so much and he knows that we do and that we care and we have his back and we'll never ever let anyone hurt him. And this is the love that we all have for one another also. I have never felt the kind of love and devotion that we have for one another as a huge group that i've felt since becoming a part of the Glamily. My RW family doesn't understand and I've given up on trying to make them understand it. They tell me that I need to grow up and I just look at them and say "Why? I'm happy being who I am so why should I change for anyone else?" And why should I? I spent why too much of my life trying to be someone else to make everyone happy except for me and I was miserable and I finally realized that I had to do what was right for me before I drowned in misery and hopelessness. Then I started life over as a single parent and 4 yrs later along came Adam to show me that it's okay to have fun and to be me and I let my inner wild child loose again because my youngest child was engaged to get married and it was time for me to live my life. So along came FANTASY SPRINGS and Pammy hasn't stopped living life my way since. Life is too short not to enjoy every single second of it and to love who you want to love and if anyone has a problem with it, well that's their problem; not yours! sorry for making this so long but i just got caught up in voicing my opinion on a few things! Marg would understand it all cuz she was used to my long emails and phone calls! lol Love you all! MW/Pammy
  14. Okay so I've got the voting times down as 5am EST or is it 6am EST until 7pm EST?? Cuz I live on the East Coast Time like Marg did and I need to know the exact time that this stuff starts lol TY my sweet friends! MUAH! Midnight Whispers/Pammy
  15. Ok so I'm a little behind you two on posting that! lolz lmaooo CELEBRATION TIME WOOOT \o/ DANCE ADAM DANCE