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  1. @RMJENI: You have requested three times. I added you after the first one. Your # is 4959. To All: Hang tight for another 2-3 weeks for the next update.
  2. The list has been updated. Welcome everyone. The next update will be in early-mid December. Thanks for your cooperation. 5121. AddictedtoAdam82 5122. glambertsydney 5123. SusanGlamMom 5124. glammer 5125. TGlambert 5126. ames123 5127. April75 5128. INCREDIBLEADAM 5129. mistycamille 5,130. glambert_gurl_64 5131. saraplusadam 5132. Sindy 5133. Yogibear 5134. AnnaLuvsAdam 5135. jessica701 5136. xxrachiexx 5137. GlamTheGypsyFairy 5138. reero 5139. adam lamberts loveless 5140. mandalagrl 5141. Jennysty 5142. doriglambert Updated List of Reserved #s: 5,210 = hongrutian 5,555 = Lambert811 6,069 = Taylor 6,111 = AD 6,116 = DarkShadowsAbov 6,161 = SixtyOneNow 6,429 = lambertlover19 6,666 = LadyEvyl 6,969 = daynalane 7,722 = Glamrock69 7,777 = Lucy Lambert 7,781 = Glamstone 7,979 = Sparkly Purple Glitter 8,000 = Derek Sheldon 8008 = LiveFreeLuvHard 8,188 = RacheLove 8,493 = AuntieQuaint 8,851 = RebornS 8,888 = pmk200 9210 = ampereira 9,999 = pixie4adam 10,000 = EllesAGlambeRt 11,111 = kaloyan4o 28,000 = lambertlvr1 55,555 = Oshi 91,010 = winkycat 111,856 = debohiolady 300383 = GladamFan 1,000,000 = Rob Kruz 1,291,982 = lifewithglitter 280,498,000 = gemmalambertxox
  3. @rmjeni: Hello dear. You already have a #. Your # is 4959. rmjeni @fantASIA: I have already assigned you a # babe. Your # is 5048. fantASIA @irene.icy: Hey hun! Per your request, I have updated the list with your current username. @chrissie00: Glad to see you still around too. Those were some great times we had on the board last year. @marianna: thank you for the kind words. It's much appreciated.
  4. The list has been updated and can be found here: https://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0ASAQ99MEnfBeZGQycGpyYjlfNmh6Z2Jmd2Zo&hl=en Welcome to the Glam fam! 5095. SuperGlambert 5096. calinrayne 5097. PJayOh 5098. mountainflowr 5099. Voodoo Cookie 5100. SarahJanette 5101. goddess_maren 5102. cessissy333 5103. HouseOfRisingSun 5104. staciegirlie 5105. GlamMama 5106. SuperGlambert 5107. glitterbaby 5108. PJayOh 5109. GlitterGlamAndMaddie 5110. meme_21 5111. texascanuck 5112. jenipop 5113. nakar7 5114. jessejenkins328 5115. omgitschanel 5116. i.heart.adam.xo 5117. midas 5118. sandrashader 5119. alexrose312 5120. jessjane If you would like to be added to the list, please make one request here and you will be added.
  5. @i.heart.adam.xo: I think you may have requested a # either on this site or any of the other two where I update the list. Please let me know if this is you: 5053. i.HEART.adamXOXO
  6. Nuusk: Thanks for all of your help! I added the request from the old request thread to the list. Karena: Thanks for your kind words. I do remember you! We sure had a good time on that board. lol. Those times were wonderful and won't be replicated. Life is good and rather hectic but I'm as supportive of Adam as ever. It's great to see familiar faces such as yourself and 2Pugs here, continuing to love and support our Glam One.
  7. I'm so angry!

    Adam would probably say something like "light, love, and respect those with different opinions, especially family and friends". Me, I'd just disown them. j/k...not really... I don't know exactly what your relatives said about him but if it's anything like how my family feels about him, kindly inform them that you don't appreciate those comments being made on FB (or on any other personal profile page). Be honest because if they cared about your feelings, they'll react accordingly. If they don't, then you know where you stand (and then you can act accordingly).
  8. In light of this morning's comments on the radio show, we need to continue to help bring attention to Mike Catherwood's unacceptable remarks. He should not be seen or heard on television and radio. Please consider writing to the head of the E! Network: Ted Harbert CEO E Entertainment 5750 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90036-3697 Update GLAAD on today's comments. @GLAAD and http://www.glaad.org/reportdefamation FCC: http://esupport.fcc.gov/complaints.htm Please also comment on the Advocate's article about it by following the link in Flyte's post below.
  9. @Perfectly Flawed: I did add you. Your # is 4916. PerfectlyFlawed. The username is combined on the list. I've adjusted it.
  10. Can someone brief me of Adam's love life please?

    The biggest surprise was how much Adam liked it!
  11. Can someone brief me of Adam's love life please?

    Here's the long and short of it. He and I have been dating for over a year.
  12. @Hope4Peace1212 - I did add you...you're # 5093.
  13. **UPDATE by Flashmod 3/25/13 (See important note *** below before replying.) Attention fans! Since the OP of this thread, Chaotica, has passed the baton to me, FlashMod, as the keeper of the Glambert list (see her recent post below), I will be maintaining it as a courtesy to new fans requesting a Glambert # in her absence. In deference to Chaotica, the original creator of the list way back in 2009 when Adam first appeared as a contestant on American Idol, this list will be updated in keeping with her original intent: to allow any Adam Lambert fan a Glambert number with no strings attached, just the desire to have one. Please note that her original post below has been preserved verbatim as she requested, but the Google doc list she links to is no longer being updated there. You can find the current links to the list below. Further updating will take place here on AO until further notice. If you would like a number and are sure you don't have one from way back or under a former username (see link to original list below), reply in this thread and request one and you will get the next # available. Your new number will be added to the updated Glambert # list, which contains #s 5197 and up, here: http://forum.adamofficial.com/index.php?/topic/59789-the-glambert-fan-list-new-additions-from-5197-and-up/?hl=%2Bglambert+%2Blist New additions will be posted as a reply here in this thread when time permits. Fans are encouraged to post welcomes to new Glambert Fan List # members in replies as well! Great idea from our RisetotheTop to make the thread warm and welcoming! Thanks Rise! **Please note: I'm sorry, but from this moment on I won't be changing any existing usernames on the list since it makes it too easy for anyone to come into this thread pretending to have a number under a former name and ask for it to be changed to their current name, thereby taking someone else's number. I don't suspect anyone has done that so far, but it's inevitable that someone will at some point. So for the protection of existing numbers, I suggest you either ask for another number to go with your current username, or go back to your former username if you want to retain your number. I simply have no way of knowing if claims of changed usernames are valid. #s 1-5196 plus reserved #s can be found in the following threads: 1-500 plus reserved #s: http://forum.adamofficial.com/topic/62512-the-glambert-fan-list-from-1-500-plus-reserved-s/?p=1809723 501-1000: http://forum.adamofficial.com/topic/62513-the-glambert-fan-list-from-501-1000/ 1001-1500: http://forum.adamofficial.com/topic/62514-the-glambert-fan-list-from-1001-1500/ 1501-2000: http://forum.adamofficial.com/topic/62515-the-glambert-fan-list-from-1501-2000/ 2001-2500: http://forum.adamofficial.com/topic/62516-the-glambert-fan-list-from-2001-2500/ 2501-3000: http://forum.adamofficial.com/topic/62517-the-glambert-fan-list-from-2501-3000/ 3001-3500: http://forum.adamofficial.com/topic/62518-the-glambert-fan-list-from-3001-3500/ 3501-4000: http://forum.adamofficial.com/topic/62519-the-glambert-fan-list-from-3501-4000/ 4001-4500: http://forum.adamofficial.com/topic/62520-the-glambert-fan-list-from-4001-4500/ 4501-5000: http://forum.adamofficial.com/topic/62521-the-glambert-fan-list-from-4501-5000/ 5001-5196: http://forum.adamofficial.com/topic/62522-the-glambert-fan-list-from-5001-5196/ Original post by Chaotica (link may no longer be functional): Welcome to the Glambert fan list request thread. If you would like a Glambert #, please make your request ONCE and you will be added. The list is updated once or twice a month and your patience is appreciated. The next update will in mid May...ish. You can view and find your # on the entire list which is pohsted here: https://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0ASAQ99MEnfBeZGQycGpyYjlfNmh6Z2Jmd2Zo&hl=en We became the Glamberts on the AI message board in January 2009. It was a fun way for us to unite as a large and influential fan base. It's been a great (and rather interesting) experience of getting to know my fellow fans of the Glittery One and I look forward to "meeting" you all. Keep this thread drama free, kids... Long live the Glambert Fan List!

    The fan list has been updated. Welcome to the fam! Please note that I will no longer take requests in this thread. There will be a new fan list thread where you'll make your requests. Thanks for your cooperation! THE NEW FAN LIST THREAD CAN BE FOUND HERE: http://www.adamofficial.com/us/node/1720493 Please DO NOT respond to this thread. Complete list: https://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0ASAQ99MEnfBeZGQycGpyYjlfNmh6Z2Jmd2Zo&hl=en Newest adds: 5078. Glambert_Caro 5079. Kaisi 5080. Glamazon Toronto 5081. mysticfireprincess 5082. Hansu 5083. glam_hatter13 5084. xxx-glampire-xxx 5085. glambertgirl333 5086. SuzanneDP 5087. mellenbo 5088. xoxoGLAMponie 5089. JosephineSjelhoej 5090. amyinindy 5091. emoscarolette 5092. MegaGlambert 5093. Hope4Peace1212 5094. x-millie-x

    Next update will be in mid-late September. Please request your # on this thread only. You do need to register at the AI message board to make your request. The original post of this thread cannot be changed so I can't update it to state otherwise. Again, to be added to the list, simply make your request in this thread once and I'll add you. Thanks for your cooperation.