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  1. Hi Carter, I've been voting but 1D has zillions of tweens voting for them.
  2. Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've been here. Wow! This place has changed much. Just had to stop by to celebrate with all of you Adam's 3rd Top 10 BB200 release for The Original High! So happy for Adam. I have just bought CDs from Amazon US to ship to Music Cares - to keep week#2 numbers up. If you know of other places that want Adam's CDs, I would be happy to buy more and ship. Hope everyone has been keeping well. Although I've not been here, I see you all on Twitter! Much Love to all!! and Yay!! again for Adam.
  3. Good morning /evening Angels and Friends Hope everyone has been keeping well. I see all of you have been voting as usual. I've been voting too wherever needed. I wanted to drop by today to mark Marge's birthday. If I recall correctly, her birthday is 7 April, today. Marge, dear friend, I'll always remember you and the beautiful memories you created in this thread. <3 <3 Angels and friends, have a great Sunday and lots of love from me.
  4. Hi Everyone!! Sorry I'm late to the party! Am not in SG. Friend & I decided to drive up to Kuala Lumpur over the long Easter weekend for a short break & shopping Will be meeting my KL Glambert sister for lunch to Bert together!! @Carter - thanks for the invite!! So much to celebrate indeed! To top off a successful WAG tour, a Top GLAAD award!! The WAG Tour was amazing (as any Adam Lambert concert would be of course)! I had so much fun at the SG concert be partly because of the excitement of a group of young SG Glamberts whose dreams of seeing Adam LIVE came true. They vote with me for Adam on SG Countdown show (every day as It is a daily countdown), request his songs on radio & campaigned so hard with Sony Music SG radio DJs and Concert Promoters to bring Adam to SG. So, when Adam came to SG, .. well you saw thru the vids what happened at the airport. When Adam appeared on stage, the screams were deafening. I was so happy for the fans and for Adam. Am so glad that Adam will be performing in the US over the next few months. Hi @Rise, @Sweetleaf, @Karina and everyone!! Much Love!!
  5. Hello Angels Hope everyone has been keeping well. After all the excitement of Adam's AMAZING concert in SG, I got the flu. You've heard from Milkywayfairy on the HK and SG concerts. I went to 2 in Japan, Tokyo 3rd day and Osaka. Adam loves Japan and one can see that he always has a lot of fun performing there. I enjoyed the Japan concerts a lot (one of which I attended with @Milkyway). But, the SG concert was BEYOND. Amidst the negativity due to a churchgoer complaining about Adam performing at a theater owned by a Church (which people should know is booked by promoter and not Adam, and Government having specified that theater must be open for all events), causing the issue of the Advisory, I was stressed about impact on concert. Adam has so many young fans in SG - some as young as 13 and 14. When Advisory came out, we panicked but fortunately, they did not restrict age and the young Glamberts managed to go for the concert. The ALambertFans_SG group which I have been helping, made banners and custom made T-shirts (as pointed out by bloggers and journalists) to show their love and support for Adam. Yay!! The concert itself - no words to describe how fantastic it was for SG fans to finally have an Adam solo concert. I know he came for F1 with GNT but we couldn't buy merch etc etc. Everyone was so excited and when he appeared on stage - the screams were deafening!! If you watch some of the vids, you can just hear the roar of cheers and screams when they saw Adam! No doubt at all as to who the STAR of the show is!! From the start, everyone (well, almost everyone except the front row VVIP who got called out by Adam for not standing up - like in Indio), everyone jumped up and some rushed the front to create an impromptu mosh pit - even though it was a "seated concert" and started dancing and jumping. Of course, I was jumping and dancing together with all the teenagers around me (so funny) and lost my voice at the end of the concert from all the singing and screaming LOL! At the end of the concert, everyone was exhausted and many were slumped in their seats (which were not used at all during the show) with bemused looks on their faces wondering what had hit them. So funny. Everyone I spoke to without exception, even non- Glamberts were so impressed with the show Adam had put on and said what a fun concert it was. The reviews that we have been tweeting for the SG concert have been glowing and deservedly so. Sooo happy for Adam!! People noticed and saw that his fans accept and love him for who he is and made their views known (see the 2 page article in The New Paper) - Go SG Fans!! With the Asian leg having gone so spectacularly well, & no doubt the East European ones would too (can anyone doubt it?) - ADAM LIVE is an experience no one will ever forget - I have hopes that the show will be extended to North America so that all of you can see the AMAZING show that Adam has created. I couldn't take a single good picture because my hands were shaking so much - too excited for Adam and for the SG Fans. But hey, pictures and videos galore from the SG shows. My heart is happy for Adam that he gets to do something he loves and shares his music and creativity and vision and making so many people happy. Take care my dear friends and much love from SG!! xoxo
  6. Hi All. Wow, have not been here in ages. I was at the SG concert, of course. It was amazing - the atmosphere with the screaming fans was electric. Adam was as always spectacular. I wanted to add that the young fan who wrote the journal about meeting Adam is a devoted Glambert. There is a radio station, hotfm which has a Hot30Countdown every night from Mon to Friday. In order for a song to chart, fans have to vote online and also participate in a 30 mins Vote Boost (announced during the show) to vote via twitter. She and Chermaine have been voting with other SG and international Glamberts on the countdown for Adam's singles for months every day so that his songs can be heard on radio and kept in the countdown. If you have seen the radio interview (where the DJ asked Adam to help in his proposal to his gf) - he told Adam that Trespassing was in the Top 10 for 3 months. This before we knew Adam would be coming to SG. She thoroughly deserves meeting Adam and am so happy for her. Just to share and add a bit more background. Hope you all have been enjoying the concert videos for the Asian leg of the tour and that the show will be extended to North America.
  7. Dear Angels and Friends Marge was a special lady and the fact that so many of us are here today to honour her on this, the first anniversary of her passing is testament to that. I can only echo what many of you have said. She made me comfortable coming to AO everyday for many years to vote for Adam and support him, to share our joy in being a fan of a phenomenal talent and human being, Adam Lambert. (As some of you may know, I am in Japan to watch our wonderful BB perform LIVE in Tokyo and the shows have been fantastic! So happy for him and for us.) In the course of that voting and working together, many firm friendships were established right here in this thread that was created and maintained by Marge. It was (and still is) home to many ~ a home because Marge made the effort to ensure that everyone felt welcomed, loved and special ~ she always mentioned everyone who visited on a particular day by name. What she posted above - a shining example of what she did for each and everyone who came here. "★*♪ A LITTLE LOVE Remember that a little love goes a long way. Remember that a lot... goes forever. Remember that friendship is a wise investment. Life's treasures are people... together. Realize that it's never too late. Do ordinary things in an extraordinary way. Have health and hope and happiness. Take the time to wish upon a star. And don't ever forget... for even a day... How very special you are Smiling ~ (posted by MamaH)" Marge, dear friend, I'll never forget, for even a day, "How very special you are"!! I will always miss you but in my heart, I know that you are with us. I love you. Thank you to @adamdevotion and @Milkywayfairy for continuing Marge's work. Thank you Debbie for organising this. ~ Love you all much!! ((HUGS))!! @Bruno ~ I've always wanted an opportunity to let you know what a special and wonderful brother you are to rainbowhugs. To all Angels and friends ~ Much Love to each and everyone of you. Each of you are indeed special! Good night.
  8. Hi C - re Vote Boost - We vote for the song on the countdown by website everyday here - www.radio913.com/songs During the show, there will usually (sometimes they forget) be a vote boost where during the half hour from the time they announce Vote Boost is on, you can tweet as many times as you like for the half hour period. But the start of the Vote Boost will be announced during the show & you HAVE to listen to know when it starts. It is not a fixed time - great way to get people to listen, huh? Must tweet with hashtag #Hot30VoteBoost. Hope it clarifies. A bit confusing now - because they are having so many things on at the same time: #HotFMProjectLambert - taking the pix and sending it to boythunder #AdamLambertForHotFM913 - playing songs off TSP album It's such good publicity for the album - in anticipation of concert in SG.
  9. Hi Everyone, Boythunder of HotFM913 - Singapore radio station is repeating what he did last night on his radio show Hot30Countdown. He will play a song of Adam's Trespassing album every hour - you can listen on line here : www.radio913.com and listen LIVE. Please tweet: @Boythunder913 [song name] #AdamLambertForHotFM913 - we managed to trend that 3 times last night! Join in and enjoy!!
  10. Hi All I posted this morning but my post seems to have disappeared. I wanted to say Hello to everyone and to check in to make sure that everyone is all right particularly with the Hurricane Sandy situation - seems really bad from the news we've been getting here. I didn't post here for so long, I forgot my password to log in. Just managed to get in today after some time. Happy to see that everyone is well. I've been voting on CKOI, The Beat, 1029, etc wherever that needs our votes. @adamdevotion - I hope all is well with you. With winter coming and the weather being so scary, please take good care of yourself. @just a fan ~ happy to see you up and about and back to your usual self. Take care of you and don't overdo, OK? Hello to @Lotta ~ glad to hear from you on Twitter earlier (yesterday for you?) @Milkywayfairy - how are you my dear friend? We've been voting our *sses off here to get Adam to the top of the Hot 30. It's such a competitive and fast moving chart. Hard to go up against the boy bands, Biebs, and all those the tweens are go going ga ga over at the moment. But still No. 6 is great considering. I was listening in the car just now and one of the guests, an 18 year old actor said that one of his favourite singers is Adam Lambert!! Woo hoo!! I was grinning from ear to ear when I heard that and they mentioned him performing in Bali. Wish Adam would stop by here since he would be so close... Will try to stop by more often..now that I've remembered my password... Take care everyone, and sending much love to all of you.
  11. Hi Angels and Voting Buddies Putting in my lunchtime votes on MMTop20 and Radio 913. I'll do the BB and OMA in the evening. Happy to see NCOE at #4 even with the voting problem. It would be #1 otherwise. So glad we got to hear from @Lotta. Missed her lots. Take care all, see you later.
  12. Hello Angels Put in my lunchtime votes on MMTop20 and Radio913. Feeling a bit dizzy switching from desktop to phone and back again. Busy day today ~ didn't have time to put in a lot of morning votes for MMTop20 & not much time to put in votes in between work. But will try as and when I can. Hope NCOE stays high in the MMTop20. Hope everyone is well. @adamdevotion ~ glad your rummage sale went well. Hello to @Milkywayfairy, @just a fan, @adamaze, @Carter and everyone stopping by. Have to get back to work now. Catch up later..
  13. Hello Angels Quick stop by during my lunchbreak ~ during which I am voting for Adam. For the MMTop20 ~ I am putting in more votes using my iPhone - wifi - when I am at different places, different IP addresses, so they don't recognise it and I am allowed to vote again even if I had just voted one minute ago. I also use the mobile data plan - no IP address so I can vote unlimited times except a bit slower, using my iPhone. When I go home, I will use my Netbook using the data plan instead of wifi - so I should be able to vote unlimited times. I will focus on MMTop20 during this period using this method until they rectify the problem, and more people can put in more votes. Those who have data plan with iPad or their mobile can use this method. Not putting this on Twitter - don't want them to catch on and block us again. Also voting on my Radio913 (Singapore), and OMusicAwards, DSA and Billboard ~ these 3 are priority to me. Back to work now, catch up later. Take care all and much love.
  14. @adamdevotion ~ sorry you are having server problems & couldn't be on line. Hope they resolve the problem quickly. Miss you! @Carter & @adamaze ~ thanks for holding the fort. @just a fan ~ nice to see you as always. Adam at #1 for the 10th time and into the Pantheon which MPlus said they created specially for him during Adam's visit to the show. What number on MMTop20 this morning? Have the same problems as everyone for MMTop20 ~ in order to vote again from the same computer, have to shut down and re-start. I use all the different computers and devices to put in as many votes as possible. Back to voting. Have a great evening all and a great weekend! Lots of love.
  15. Good morning / evening Angels Late for Countdown. Voted last night (this morning for you). Ad should be #1 again? This would Be the 10th time?