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  1. Returning Glambert

    Hi, fellow Glamberts. I've been away for awhile, but I finally re-activated my account yesterday. I hope to reconnect with some of you and meet others for the first time. Anyone excited for The Original High as much as I am? Ghost Town is awesome! My mom isn't sure when we'll get to a Wal-Mart to get a copy this week, but I'm gonna try and get one either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday! Just wanted to re-introduce myself. Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place. Oh yeah, I forgot to put my name here! How stupid fo me! I'm Angela, and my mom and I are big fans of Adam. In fact, my sister and I gave her a CD we made of Adam Lambert songs for Mother's Day after his American Idol performances were posted on YouTube.
  2. Some Adam Story Ideas

    Hey there, Glamberts. I'm a returning member from the old forum, and I thought that I could put up some Adam fan fiction. I do have a question for you guys, however. Would any of you be willing to contribute to my Adam stories? I've got some ideas that may become a story, but I'm not sure which one to start with. Idea One: Adam gets teleported to an alternate universe where he is a very rich singer who uses his musical talents to fight crimes. Idea Two: Adam is at an amusement park and gets ambushed by his fans. A few newscasters see this and take him on a ride to calm his nerves. Little do they realize that they're in for a wilder ride than expected. Idea Three: Adam and Katy Perry met at an awards show and begin hanging out together. What will happen when Allison finds out? Idea Four: Adam meets a fan at a concert who tells him she's a fairy. What happens when a hurricane strands Adam and his fans inside the arena for a few days? Keep in mind that these are ideas and can be expanded if necessary. Hope to get to write with some of you soon!
  3. Cool. When do you want to start working on it?
  4. Thanks. Here are some plots. Tell me which one you would want to start on first. 1. Adam finds a magical key in the idol mansion. Kris decides to help him find out what it does. Little do they know that it will take them on a grand adventure filled with roller coasters, super powers and love. Will Adam find out the meaning of the magic key and its powers? 2. After the show, Adam, Kris and Allison decide to go to an abandoned amusement park. What happens when Allison discovers the Crazy Mouse roller coaster? Will Kris survive the dangers of the Thunder Falls? Will Adam eat tons of food and candy during their stay? Will he be able to save Kris and Allison on his own? Hope this helps.
  5. Hey there, Adam fans. Sorry I've been away for a while. Now that I've graduated high school, I'll have more time to spend on here. I was wondering if anyone would like to write some fan fiction about Adam with me. I would like to start some fan fiction threads where other fans can contribute to an Adam story. Whatcha think of this idea? I'll give y'all some plots to pick from soon. Catch ya later, adamfann120
  6. If You Went To Disneyworld With Adam...

    Could you see Adam on a roller coaster with either Allison or Kris? That would be so freaking funny to watch on YouTube!
  7. What kind of Adam-related presents did you get for Christmas?

    I got 2 Adam CD's "FYE" and "Take One". I like FYE the best, though.
  8. what would you do? What kind of rides would you go on? Would you eat a lot of junk food? Would you go shopping together? Would any of the other Idols come with you>? Would you film any videos and put them up on YouTube? Just wondering...
  9. whats your favorite adam song????

    It's a tough one, but my Adam faves would have to be "Mad World" and "What Do You Want From Me?"
  10. Got some Adam stuff for Christmas!!!!

    That's really cool that you got some Adam things for Christmas. I got some, too. My mom bought me the "For Your Entertainment" CD as well as the "Take One" CD. I'm hoping to get either Allison's or Kris's CD with my Target gift card from my uncle.
  11. Hey, Glamberts. Sorry if I haven't posted in a while. I've been busy getting ready for Christmas. Anyway, I'm back with some new Adam fan fiction ideas. With that in mind, do any of you Glamberts wanna help write a fan fic with me? I will give out more info soon. Here are some rules you need to follow when writing a fan fic: 1. Try to keep it PG13 since this is an all ages forum. 2. New chapters and comments will be allowed in this thread. 3. Don't post any nasty comments or foul language or I will report you. 4. Be creative and have fun! I will post my first chapter as soon as possible. Happy Holidays, adamfann120
  12. Adam Meets Glee

    Hey there Adam fans. I've created this thread so that we can all interact by posting chapters of this new story. The story is called "Adam Meets Glee." Anyone interested in helping to write a chapter or tow? I'll start so that you can get a feel for it. Chapter One *Rachel and Puck are walking down the hallway after school. They run into Mr. Shoe as they make their way to the choir room for rhearsal.* Rachel:Hey, Mr. Shoe. What's up? Mr. Shoe:I need to warn you of something. There is a strange person in the choir room at the moment. He wants to teach you a song, but I'm not sure what it is. Puck:Who is this strange person? Mr. Shoe:He told me to call him Adam. Rachel:Well, we'll deal with him when we get there. *Rachel and Puck walk to the choir room. As Rachel opens the door, she notices a dark-haired man whearing black nail polish and reading some sheet music in a far corner of the room.* Adam:Hi. I'm Adam. Where are the rest of your friends? Puck:They'll be here soon. By the way, I'm Puck and this is my friend, Rachel. *Adam shakes hands with Rachel and Puck before returning to the corner and begins reading the sheet music again. There is a knock on the door.* Like it so far? I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback and/or future chapters. Be creative, and have fun! Adamfann120
  13. Which Amusement Park Ride Would You On With Adam?

    Keep 'em comin'. Looking forward to hearing more.
  14. Hey, Adam fans. I've created this thread to discuss the following question: Which amusement park ride would you go on with Adam and why? Ok, I guess I'll start. If I were to go on any amusement park ride with Adam, it would either be the Tilt-A-Whirl or a roller coaster such as the Wacky Worm or the Silver Streak. The Tilt-A-Whirl would be fun for the two of us because we could sit in the same car and have a nice conversation. It might make Adam sick, LOL. The roller coaster would be really cool to go on with him. We would be screaming our heads off, LOL. Now, it's your turn. Be creative and have fun!
  15. WHAT IF ADAM.....[Adam game!!]

    start telling him about my sister's obsession with eyeliner for costumes. He would probably think I was crazy for telling him that, but what else could I do? What if you went to a Trace Adkins concert and Adam was sitting right next to you?