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  1. Hi everyone.The Chatty Man video was fun to watch.Those two always have such a great time chatting. Happy New Year to all looking in here.I hope Adam puts out a new album this coming new year.It sounds like he will.I also hope a QAL album will happen. Wishing to all lots of happiness in 2018.
  2. I'm so excited about the QAL Tour.It's so great to see the new videos.I'm very happy to know people in many different countries are getting to see this phenomenal concert. quiet.serenity....Thank you so very much for the video links.This is so wonderful and helpful. Hi to ADAMITE2015, albertabroad and all others looking in.
  3. The QAL Concert Tour has been absolutely incredible.I'm so happy to see so many, many great reviews on it.Adam is a perfect lead-singer for Queen.I hate to see it coming to an end after 2 more shows, till they go overseas in a few months, but they deserve a break and some time to rest. quiet.serenity...Thank you for all you do in here posting the links.I admire you so very much doing all this, even while fighting all your health battles.Adam is very fortunate to have such a faithful and dedicated fan. albertabroad and ADAMITES2015....Thanks for helping quiet.serenity to keep this thread active.
  4. quiet.serenity...Thank you very, very much for all the awesome pictures and video links you so faithfully post here.You are remarkable, managing to do all this while having serious health problems.Adam is fortunate to have such a dedicated fan.Lots of love and hugs to you. albertabroad...Waving hello to you.
  5. The QAL concerts are off to a great start.I can't imagine a more amazing concert than their concert.The videos I have seen of it are beyond anything I have seen before. quiet.serenity...Thank you so very much for all your posts here.You are one of Adam's most dedicated fans.With all your serious health problems you still manage to keep us up on the latest Adam news.I don't know how you do it all.Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.Please make getting enough rest your top priority, though.We love you so very much. albertabroad...Thanks for stopping in here often.
  6. I have not been in here for quite some time.Hopefully there will be more Adam news soon and we will have lots to write about. I want to wish lottalov4adam a very Happy Birthday.I hope you are having a fun day.I love that cake quiet.serenity sent you.It is a perfect choice. Hi to albertabroad and quiet.serenity and anyone else looking in.
  7. quiet.serenity...Thank you for posting the voting links and the Nile news.Things have been very quiet for a while now, but hopefully there will be lots of exciting things in Adamland in the near future.Meanwhile use your strength to heal.I'm sending you love and healing thoughts. Waving "Hi" to albertabroad and all others looking in here.
  8. Today is quiet.serenity's birthday. quiet.serenity...I'm stopping in here to send you a Happy Birthday greeting.I hope your special day is going well and I hope you are feeling better each day.Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you on this special day.I'm sending you love and healing thoughts.
  9. quiet.serenity....I'm saying very special prayers for you. You are an amazing lady and have been through so much.Please know that I love you very much, my dear friend.
  10. I couldn't let this Christmas Day go by without stopping in here, my little home away from home. Thank you quiet.serenity and albertabroad for your Holiday greetings. quiet.serenity...You remain in my thoughts and prayers. Merry Christmas to all who look in here.
  11. quiet.serenity...Thank you for the birthday wishes and the Zodiac video.I apologize for not coming here and seeing it till now.You are such a sweet and thoughtful friend and I appreciate and love you so very much. albertabroad...Thanks for the kind birthday wishes, also. carter...Thanks for the CelebMix link.I voted. Waving to lottalov4adam and Glamburger and all others looking in here.
  12. Just stopping in to say Hi. I've not been much in the mood to write lately. I've been spending lots of time outside working in my yard and also helping a relative a lot.The leaves are about two-thirds down now.I have lots of oak trees and I guess they hold onto their leaves longer than most other trees.Lots of worries in my country right now, so that's not helping my mood lately.I sure could use some real Adam time, like maybe some news about new music from him or some TV appearances.He has a way of lifting my spirits during my down times. quiet.serenity...I'm looking forward to when you are through this difficult time and are feeling much better.You are in my thoughts every day.Thank you for the links you post, even with all your pain.Please try to get as much rest as possible.Thanks for educating me about Leonard C. His music is remarkable.I was not aware of who he was till he actually was gone.The world lost a real icon.I'm so glad you actually got to see him. Adam's time as a judge on XF AU will be ending soon.The two contestants he is mentoring are very fortunate to have such a great mentor.I can tell they adore him.Even if they happen not to win, that will be an experience they will treasure forever. Waving to lottalov4adam, albertabroad, Glamburger, .-Jen_Adam- and all others who look in here.
  13. I received my RHPS soundtrack cd that I ordered from Amazon.Now I can play Adam's songs from it in my car.I keep playing those two songs over and over. lottalov4adam...About this election: There are people who only know what DT says.They are easily brainwashed into his lies instead of trying to learn the truth.One woman I've known for years told me she is voting for him because her husband told her to.I told her she shouldn't even be voting if she hasn't tried to learn about the candidates.She said they watched the Rep Convention, but decided not to watch the Dem Convention because they know all they needed to know from watching the Rep one.I couldn't believe her thinking.Two of my friends who are married to Repubs told me that their husbands always vote Repub, but this time they are voting for Hillary because DT is not fit to run our country.I was so happy to hear that.Unfortunately, I think there are lots of people who don't know DT's history.If they did, I don't see how they could even consider voting for him.Along with lots of other concerns, I am very concerned about the treatment of the LGBT people if DT and his VP get control.I think there are lots of people who do not realize the seriousness of all of this.Your friend is misinformed.Hillary does not hate Catholics.That's just another one of DT's endless lies.Most of what he has been saying and his ads are full of lies.He says anything he can think of to turn people against Hillary.I was very happy to see Adam tweeted to vote for Hillary. albertabroad...Thanks for your good suggestion on mulching leaves with my mower.It does help when not a lot of leaves.Soon my yard will be loaded with leaves coming down faster than I can keep up with them because of many, many trees.Then it becomes necessary to physically remove them because of the volume.I do have a rider mower with a bagger which helps, but some of my yard is slanted and I can't use it on that part.Also, when the snow starts, which will be soon, the yard gets mushy when it melts and then I can't use the rider, as it leaves ruts.The majority of leaves here are still on the trees.Each year I manage to get it done, so I guess it will get done again this year, one way or another.Thanks for your thoughtful suggestion. quiet.serenity...Thank you for all you post here.I'm sending you hugs, hugs and more hugs.You remain in my daily prayers.Make sure you get plenty of rest.
  14. Hi everyone! I apologize for not posting much lately.The RW has gotten the best of me lately and the presidential election has literaly drained me with worry. I watched RHPS and really enjoyed it.Adam was a real highlight in it.He was perfect for the part.I do wish that his part was not as short as it was.He is very extremely talented and can do almost any kind of performance perfectly.Almost 40 years ago I saw the original movie at a theater and then several weeks ago I watched it again on a DVD.Both times I had difficulty keeping my mind on it, but this new version kept my attention from beginning to end. quiet.serenity...I really hope you do get to spend Christmas at home.It will be my special Christmas wish, too, that this does happen for you.Thank you so very much for the links to XFAU episodes.I am enjoying them.Adam is a wonderful judge. The leaves are starting to fall from the trees.I am not looking forward to the hours of clearing them away in the near future.My yard is large and has loads of trees. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they magically disintegrated when they touch the ground? Unfortunately that's not what happens. Hugs and good wishes to all of you.
  15. Just stopping in to say "Hi". Adam is doing a great job on the AU XFactor. Of course, that's not surprising at all.He does a great job in everything he does.I just love being a fan of his.