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  1. Thanks for the info on requesting GT on Q102 pollywood. How often can we do this? Also, if I use my email address, does the station find out if I am in the demographic they are looking for and then dispose of my request because I am not in that demographic?
  2. June 11 9-10 pm on CW network. In the radio ad, Adam was mentioned. It is only an hour so he won't be on much.
  3. Another Cover Feature!!

    Why no People Mag cover? I think they would sell a zillion copies just so people could look at the pictures! The hell with the articles! Adam must be a photographer's dream subject. His face is perfect from every angle. He knows how to pose his body to get great shots. I have never seen a bad picture of him. He is sexy without being provocative. Love him!
  4. Just heard GTon Q102 in Philly for the first time. It was about 12:30 pm. I think that getting a spin during morning and evening rush hours would be better. Haven't caught it yet at those times. I thought we were not supposed to request songs from radio stations? Should we be doing that? I thought that it requests annoy the stations and it doesn't matter if they get requests or not. The song is on a particular rotation set by the programmers.
  5. Kelly and Michael And Jimmy Fallon

    Kelly Ripa was a big Adam fan in 2009. Hope she still is. The first guest out on Fallon gets two segments, including a talk segment and a game segment. I don't think Adam will perform with the Roots because he needs electronic effects in Ghost Town. He can't be on both GMA and K & M on the same day unless he prerecords K & M. Many of the bands Fallon features are ones I have never heard of. I hope Adam gets a chance to talk about the album before he performs. If there are two other guests scheduled, he is only going to sing. Adam is doing three appearances in a few days in the US. That doesn't seems like enough promo for a new album here.
  6. Spin Thread on a break until after the Holidays

    How long does a song stay on the charts when it is low of the top 40 and hot ac? Does it stay on if it is still climbing? Adam has performed the song once on tv and he has done some radio interviews. Most of the people who will buy the song don't follow him on twitter, facebook, etc. how can the song climb on the charts if it is only performed once and he does a few interviews? I know that twitter and shazam help. I have been trying to catch the song on my local radio station, but I haven't heard it yet. The station is on the list. If he is getting spins, is it during rush hour or is it late at night or early early in the morning? Has anyone followed how many times the stations Adam has visited play the song after he leaves? Are they taking advantage of his interviews but not following up with many spins? My niece is 18. She liked the song. She didn't know about it before I played it for her and that was about 2 weeks ago.
  7. From the Department of Fabulous Rumors!

    Since Warner Brothers owns the Elvis catalogue of music, I would think that they would want one of their artists to star in the movie. Is this a tv movie or a theater movie? I think Adam would be screen tested regarding acting and singing to see if he can sound like Elvis.
  8. From the Department of Fabulous Rumors!

    I just read that Warner Brothers Records owns the Elvis music catalogue!
  9. Adam on Watch What Happens Live 5/18

    So you have Adam and a model in the same photo, and Adam is the better looking one! I think the boots he wore on NYE were the ones with the crystals all over them, not the suede ones. They both had red soles.
  10. Six Years ago Today

    The pictures on Brian's website from the performance of WATC on the Idol finale reminds me of Brian performing with Freddie. When Brian was on stage with Freddie, he looked down at his guitar and he didn't engage with Freddie. When Brian performs with Adam, he smiles and he looks at Adam.
  11. Adam Lambert is Still Seriously Underrated

    Elaine Burt-I agree with you that Adam did not get the support he deserved from RCA and his management team. but remember, they had to deal with the AMA fallout and they allowed Adam to do what he wanted to do during his glam years. I don't think that RCA could see Adam a different way. I am sure that they expected FYE to be much more successful than it was. There was a lot of momentum after Idol that they were willing to invest in promotion. Sales of the album did not justify what they spent. When RCA didn't recoup their expenses on either FYE and Trespassing, I guess it doesn't matter how talented you are, a record company is a record company and if they don't think they will make money, they won't invest in you. koula 19-Thank you for your kind words about my posts. I agree with you. I like a stylish man. Once you are used to that, nothing else will do. If the guy is exciting and fun as well, that makes it harder to want a typical tee shirt and jeans guy. Adam has that devil may care spirit that is lacking in a lot of guys.
  12. Adam Lambert is Still Seriously Underrated

    Elaine Burt-After the AMA performance for about a year, every article about Adam mentioned the AMA performance. It was called a scandal. Most of the time the media only mentioned the kiss with Tommy, although many people knew that the simulated oral sex was the real issue. Adam jumped on the discrimination between his kiss with Tommy being blurred out while they showed the entire photo of Madonna kissing Britney Spears. I don't think that the media wanted to write about the simulated oral sex, so they mostly just mentioned the kiss. The Tiger Woods saga dominated the video media. It didn't stop the written media from mentioning the AMA performance in almost every article about Adam. At that time, Adam was described as "the openly gay singer" in almost every article. Every tv interview Adam did in the US for a long time mentioned the AMA performance and the fact that he was gay was also part of the conversations. Adam defended his actions in these interviews. He said he was "not a babysitter, he was a performer, and maybe I am not for everybody" (paraphrasing). All of this kept the story alive for a long time. The video was on Youtube, so it was available for everyone to see even if they hadn't seen the original performance. I agree that the GNT was overtly sexual, but that was more noticed by his fans than his detractors. Why would some people who were offended from the AMA performance want to buy Adam's music? There was almost no radio play for Trespassing and little for FYE. Adam did not do a lot of tv interviews and appearances for Trespassing. It was easier to ignore Adam that to take a new look at him. Adam did not seem to change a lot between the two albums. I think the biggest effect of the controversy was on radio. Adam should have gotten radio play for his songs, but he didn't get it except for WWFM. I don't think that song got as much radio play as it should have gotten. When a singer isn't getting backing from radio, he will not be considered a top tier artist by the masses. koula 19-the "ick" thing is not ubiquitous and it is not something people will talk about. Adam has a lot of sex appeal and he tends to be on the more feminine side of masculinity rather than being macho and butch. Most women are not used to men who are into fashion and into wearing makeup and jewelry. Yet, Adam is very handsome and sexy. I think some men and women can't rectify the two different things in their minds. Men are supposed to be butch and wear tee shirts and jeans. I think people are more willing to be tolerant of gay people if they stay in their lane. If they don't appear within their framework of life. If they are not very sexy and handsome. If gay men are not gay and sexy, people would not be typically attracted to them. And, they are not on tv singing. When Adam did a tv interview after he revealed publicly that he was gay, he said something to the effect of "wasn't it obvious?" American Idol is very popular with the bible belt. There people tend to be religious and conservative. Most of the Idol winners have been from the south. Some people believe that there was power voting from Arkansas that caused Adam to lose the Idol title. Adam has discounted this. The same group that protested Janet Jackson's nipple exposure on the Super Bowl also protested Adam's AMA performance. I think it was a parent's group. Those of us who love and support Adam love what he is and who he is. But, because of what he is and who he is, it is easy for people to reject, dislike and fear him. Adam became the face of LGBT America, and to some, that is frightening. Members of the Republican Party are still vocally against gay marriage. Adam is a pioneer and a freedom fighter. Adam has been the most visible gay person in the last 6 years. Many laws changed after 2009. Many actors and artists came out. If you compare the progress in what happened before 2009 and after 2009, much changed after Adam said he was gay and proud of it. The first person to visibly stand for these civil rights doesn't always get as much immediate appreciation for his work. Time will be even kinder and more appreciative of Adam. People need to separate Adam's sexuality from Adam the performer. The strategy Adam is taking with era 3-black and white clothing, photos, album covers, video and album cover, white clothes when performing, new music in a lower key and different style, toned down personal style-is all meant to make a line in the sand for others. Put away what you think you knew about Adam and find the new Adam. Yes, there is a maturity factor, but that doesn't explain the radical changes in just about everything. No matter what exposure anyone has to Adam now, it is different than it was before. That is a strategy. I am hoping that this new image convinces radio to play his music. Once radio gets on his side, a lot more will change for him for the better. Maybe the people who weren't supportive of him will take a new look too.
  13. Andy Cohen announced it Sunday night. It is on Bravo at 11:16 pm EST after the Kardashians. The show is a half hour. Immediately following the live show is an online after show that lasts a half hour.
  14. Which Magazine Will it Be?

    It could be Rolling Stone. Adam has re-emerged with a new style of music that is getting great reviews. He just completed the QAL tour. To be offered to tour with Queen is newsworthy now since it seemed to influence Adam's new music. They won Band of the Year at the Classic Rock Awards. His personal style has evolved. There is news about Adam that would fit well into a Rolling Stone article.
  15. My niece is 18. She never liked any of Adam's music, but when I played Ghost Town, she asked me to play it again. She liked the song. I told her to watch the video of him on Ellen. I don't know if she watched it yet. I asked her to Shazam the song and to tweet about it.