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Glamazon Toronto

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  1. More UK Queen & Adam show tickets avail

    Hi all, it's May 17 and I just logged onto Ticketmaster in the UK and they had lots of tickets for all three Queen & Adams shows suddenly. Here is the link: http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/venueartist/444067/845182?camefrom=CFC_UK_MAMA_HAMMERSMITH&brand=uk_hmv_apollo Glamazon Toronto
  2. More UK Tickets Suddenly Avail

    Hi all, it's late in the afternoon on May 17, 2012 and I got a big surprise when I just went onto Ticketmaster in the UK. There are lots of seats left up in the blocks for all three shows. I just knew they hadn't release them all yet. Go get em! http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/venueartist/444067/845182?camefrom=CFC_UK_MAMA_HAMMERSMITH&brand=uk_hmv_apollo
  3. Adam coming back 2 Wilkes Barre, Pa?!

    I was too busy at work to get onto the pre-sale. What a disaster. How many VIP's did they sell? Do you think they will have any more on the General on sale date or what that it?
  4. Adam Performing at the Q102 Springle Ball May 22

    I've already booked the time off work and I am planning my trip! Can't wait.
  5. Adam Performing at the Q102 Springle Ball May 22

    If there is a planning thread on AO for this event, can someone please post it here? I don't know why, but from Canada we are limited to only seeing a few things on these forums and unless someone sends us a link, we will never find it. Cheers!
  6. Adam and "repeat customers"

    I haven't read all the posts all the way through, but I thought I might add this as some insight from a TV actor who also sings. Having once spoken privately to a television actor/singer who was doing promotions in various cities with Meet and Greet as well a few years ago, while he understood fans excitement and realized it was from a place of love that they wanted to see him multiple times, he didn't like the fact that he was getting repeat customers on his promo tour. He didn't think it was at all right that fans would attend more than one promo event, taking away an opportunity from another fan. Not only that, but it was taking away an opportunity for him to meet new people as well, not to mention the fact that new people mean more Tweets, Facebook posts, Blogging or whatever new attendees would have done in their home town, had they had the chance. The purpose is to get out there, meet as many people as possible and spread the word. Not meet the same faces more than once. He said he didn't like the fact that he was living out of a suitcase, leaving friends and family behind to meet some people more than once, that's not what it was about. Eventually he and his management got wise and put forward the rule that you could only attend one promo event per year. It was a bit hard to manage and some sneaky people tried to find ways around it, which he didn't like, but it seemed to mostly solve the problem. I can see how/why the actor felt that way.

    Hi all, The Toronto Adam Lambert Fan Group is gathering on January 29, 2012 for brunch to celebrate Adam's birthday together. Hope some more of you can join us. Here is the link to the Yahoo group site. Please RSVP on the polls there. Cheers! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/adamlamberttorontogroup/

    Had a great night last night chatting about all things Adam at a pub in Toronto. I'm sorry more of you from the Toronto Adam Yahoo Fan group were not able to join us. 4.5 hours of talking about Adam, good times!
  9. Charity Water Signed Photos

    I haven't received mine yet but I noticed Adam's dad said he got his just yesterday (Dec. 20, 2011). Starting today (Dec. 21, 2011) one of the mods on adamlambertfans.com is startling a list of people who have not received theirs yet to take to Adam's new management. They only want people who have not received their photo to post their names.
  10. Toronto Spring Gathering

    Hi all, Our next Toronto Fan gathering is going to be on Saturday, April 30 at 6:30pm. Nothing fancy, we just booked a small, private room in a little restaurant north of the city. If you are attending, you need to RSVP on the Yahoo group site. Here is the link. Cheers! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/adamlamberttorontogroup/post
  11. Toronto Spring Gathering

    Hi all, We are voting on our next date to get together. Our event is ages 19+ because we often go to venues that serve liquor and card. Please vote for all the dates that work for you and we will pick the one that works best for most people. Hope to see you soon. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/adamlamberttorontogroup/
  12. Toronto Celebrates Adam's B Jan 29/11

    DOOR PRIZES: Two FYE CD's signed by ADAM Adam Lambert, compacts, key chains, fingerless gloves. 1 Front Men DVD signed by Cheeks Supernatural on DVD (2) Blu Ray (3) True Blook Notebook Life DVD Purple glittery flask Look what we are auctioning off this Saturday http://twitpic.com/3s2j0v
  13. Toronto Celebrates Adam's B Jan 29/11

    We now have 35 Glambert attending on January 29 in Toronto!
  14. Toronto Celebrates Adam's B Jan 29/11

    We have 29 Glamberts attending so far. Very excited!
  15. Toronto Celebrates Adam's B Jan 29/11

    Oh, and there will be dancing!