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  1. I Don't Know Where to Put This

    Mucho sexy man. Bite me, please.
  2. Adam's Instagram

    I love his eyes! The make-up is sexy. I've never been crazy about the creepy contact lenses but it goes with the territory. Looks like it was a great party!
  3. Ghost Town on the Charts

    This article is very interesting and sure took a lot of research. And I'm thrilled that GT has done so well and is still going strong. It has really broken through for Adam. ALN is proving to be strong right out of the gate, too. But I think the comment section of the article is most interesting, esp. the longer comment about the listeners' "perception" of a singer. The commenter said that when we hear a song, we visualize the singer, and we have perceptions and attitudes that can determine if we like the song or not. It's harder to like a song, even a great one, if you don't like the "image" or persona of the singer. It's just human nature. After the Idol tour and he was "on his own," Adam chose an image that what not as easy for mainstream fans to accept. Great voice or not, he wasn't "cool" to like. And he still suffers from that perception. Sure, he was "edgy" on Idol, but that was Idol. He was the cute, sweet guy with an edge. But after Idol, he chose a totally different path very openly gay and sexual, flamboyant, make-up, etc. NOT the Idol boy that many came to love. Those of us who "got it" from the start, stuck with him and loved the man inside and out. He's has changed that image, but many former fans have already left. It's so hard to get them back. Their perceptions are stuck in the past. Adam is doing his best to break through those old perceptions and we are helping him all we can. Seems like other countries are onboard. The US is still kind of stuck in the past. Adam is still very edgy and flamboyant, but in a different way. I think acceptance of him in growing. People will accept almost any music from the singers who they "like" as people, from singers whose image is acceptable to them. Adam is persistent, for sure. His music is distinctive, IMO. It's not vapid. There is an intellectualism to it. A kind of depth, even in the lighter songs. Anyway, this guy's research is just fine. TS will continue to get hit after hit after hit until someone comes along to take her place. She's just fine. Adam's struggles are paying off now, even if he never becomes a Taylor Swift. I think he's made a permanent mark in music history already. After six years, his start is still rising. I love Adam.
  4. Gonna stream a lot today. I agree that the XFactor has really had an effect. LOTS of new people are hearing ALN and viewing the vid. The one million mark is not far away now!
  5. I really like Adam's retro microphone. Just like the one he used in the video. He did a great job on XFactor. He did a shortened version of ALN, I'm sure due to time constraints. Always a stellar performance. Always.
  6. Did a ton of views last night. Will try keeping it up today if I can. Thanks for keeping us on our toes, Carter. You are fantastic and making sure we have all the links, etc. at our fingertips. It makes a BIG difference.
  7. Haha! That interview girl called him Adam Levine and was so embarrassed. He took it well. It's not so bad because look at all the times the print press has called Adam Levine Adam Lambert. That's happened ALOT! As to the XFactor performance, I think he nailed it perfectly. People who thing he lip-synchs must not listen to him enough to realize how well he sings. On his worst days, he sings better than most people do on their best days. He did a fantastic job!
  8. The Original High - on the Charts

    Such great news! The album and the song are doing so well. Now, if only Adele wasn't coming out with her next album in the next few months. Don't get me wrong. I like Adele. But we all know what will happen when her album comes out. In the meantime, I'm viewing, Spotifying, etc. the best I can.
  9. Just listened to the whole interview. Adam was so fun and quick as a whip. The whole psychic thing was fun. Sure hope at least some of it comes true! He is a sheer delight and is so loved. I don't think we can say that enough times.
  10. Another Lonely Night music video

    whoopee! Finally getting good recognition in the UK! So, ALN is #1 on iTunes in the US and Canada and now the UK. Spreading like wildfire, I hope.
  11. I love margaritas made with good tequila. I'd love to share one with Adam. The Fitzy and Wippa interview was so much fun. Lots of great give and take. I always learn something new about Adam. Adam has made connections with so many people in show business. He's a very good networker. It pays off. He's always so humble, though. Never a braggart.
  12. Yes, he knows EXACTLY what he is doing with every movement, every nuance, every glance, every little smile, every thrust of the hip, every finger through his hair. The man is a genius at being subtle while not really being subtle at all.
  13. I love how he has such a healthy perspective on fame and fortune. He knows that big hit songs can come and go, but he wants to be performing for the long haul regardless. I know he'll have loyal fans forever, just like me. I'd love to see his talents used in more ways, like acting, hosting, promoting social issues, etc. He has too much talent to waste any speck of it.
  14. Carter, Thanks for asking. Actually, I still can't get it to repeat on its own. I did it with GT just fine. With ALN, I clicked on the three-dot thingy and saved and so on. I thought that's what I did before. Well, anyway, I'm doing it manually as much as possible and viewing the video, too. If you have another suggestion, let me know.
  15. It's creeping up there! I haven't been home much, but I'm keeping up as best I can. One millions, here we come!