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    Happy Holidays to all of you!
  2. Official Feedback/Moderation Thread

    I still only have the "no photo" option for my profile pic. It used to be a picture of my cat.
  3. I have a problem lol

    Nope! I'm 35 too
  4. Everyone in real life is tired of listening to me, but I still have more freaking out to do, and I figure this is an okay place to do it. This will probably be very rambling, so hold on to your pants if you choose to read it! I went to the QAL concert last Friday in St. Paul, and it was the best thing ever. I was in the 7th row - so close! I went by myself, but I didn't feel alone. The two people sitting to the right of me were so my people. Their names were Michelle and Madison, but that's all I know about them because all we talked about was Adam! So first thing when the screen goes up and they start their little We Will Rock You intro thing, Adam struts out down the catwalk that's like 20 feet from me! I've seen the videos from previous shows, so I knew that was going to happen, but I still just about died right off the bat. I had planned to try to get some videos, but when that man struts by that close with those leather pants, the phone in your hand that you were going to use becomes a foreign concept that you don't know about at all, and all you can do is gasp and scream from there on out. Hammer to Fall is a song I was not familiar with before they started doing it on their last tour, in Europe last fall, but it's become one of my favorites. It's a great song. Put Adam's voice in a great song, and I'm done. That's all I need. Bonus points if I can see him too. At the end of Fat Bottomed Girls, he did his "Get on your bikes and ride!" thing right in front of me. Gah! I love, love, love Two Fux, especially live! It might be my most favorite song ever. Runnin' held/holds that spot for me, and I'm not sure if Two Fux passes that one, but it's right up there. And he sang the majority of it on my side of the stage, so that was awesome. I wonder if he can see people in the audience totally losing it. He must, right? It happens all the time. What must it be like for him to make the briefest bit of eye contact with someone and then watch them just fall all over themselves? That was me near the end of Two Fux. I also love that they're doing one of Adam's songs, like they're really a band together, instead of Adam just being their singer. I loved it when they did Ghost Town in South America too. The Queen version of Ghost Town was on fire! Get Down, Make Love was um...I don't know what to say. And the moaning/wailing afterwards...oh my god. I like his new outfits, especially the one with the shiny silver jacket, sheer tank top thing, and the black pants with the laces down the sides. I couldn't help but think, though, that he should just lose the jacket. He should take it all off, really, but picture him in just the sheer top and skin-tight pants with the laces. He probably knows we couldn't handle that, and he's probably right. Who Wants to Live Forever was magical. There is no other word to describe it. So there's that part in Radio Gaga where Adam goes down and walks around the end of the stage, high-fiving everyone who can get their hand in there. My row was just about by the stairs where he goes back up to the stage. I was in the middle of the row, though, so not right there. When he got to that part, everyone squished over trying to reach him, but I was still about two feet short of being able to touch him. But it didn't even matter that I didn't make it because he was still so close. The moment is burned in my brain. I could see every detail, like the tiny bit of ginger roots showing through the fire engine red of his hair. He was wearing makeup, obviously, for the stage, but not as much as I would have thought. It didn't look caked on or overdone at all. He's so tall. We know he's 6'1" and probably a little taller with the shoes he was wearing, but being that close, I could really feel how big he is. (Get your mind out of the gutter! That's not what I'm talking about! I wish...but no.) He's so tall, and he's built like a god and so handsome too. The Adam that we see in pictures and videos and up on stage is not an illusion. He really does look that good. Even better, really. The finale/encore of We Will Rock You and We Are the Champions was epic! I love how Adam struts out like a boss at the beginning of it. And then all the confetti. I've never been in the confetti zone before. This was not just a little poof of confetti. It was a full-on confetti storm! I took a handful with me, couldn't resist. I love how after a concert, everyone pours outside, and the streets are empty except for us. I had some time while I waited for my husband to come pick me up, so I walked all around the outside of the building to see what I could see. I found the doors where I think they would eventually come out of, but I saw nothing. Adam is magic. After a concert, I have energy for days. I've slept a total of about 7 hours the last two nights, and probably won't add more than 4 tonight, but I'm not tired at all. I ran 20 miles this morning (I'm a runner, I'm training for my 7th marathon, so it's not as crazy as it might sound, but that's still a long run for me,) did normal family/household stuff, and I'm spazzing all over the internet about this concert, smiling the whole time. I'll crash eventually, but for now, I'm sooo hiiiiiigh!! (i know you heard Adam's voice in your head right now, singing that part of The Original High.) He is magic.
  5. I have a problem lol

    That's been going on for almost 8 years for me. Don't worry, you're fine!
  6. Adam's Snapchat

  7. TOH Tour Merchandise

    I'm glad to see TOH merch up. One concern, though: Why do the presumably women's t-shirts all say "girls?" Do they really mean girls, like little girls, or women's? I don't see a size chart anywhere either.
  8. Feeling Bummed about iHeart

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think his age is a big factor. Katy Perry is 31. Andy Grammar is 32. Adam Levine is 36. They're all over the radio here.
  9. Need some friends to lean on.

    I'm sure you'll meet some awesome people, and you already know you have something pretty big in common!
  10. Milwaukee! I had to work today, but my awesome husband got me a ticket. I saw Adam there during Glam Nation, same theater and everything. I'll be a lot closer this time, though! It's gonna be amazing!
  11. OMG!!!!!

    It was from Trespassing, the very end, "Wait'll you get a load of me!"
  12. Presales code

    On the fan club site, go to the Events page. Click on Buy Tickets for whichever show you want. It will direct you to wherever you need to get the tickets from, and you use your pre-sale code there.
  13. Help a fellow Glambert out with a vote please?

    I voted. Good luck!