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  1. hello

    hi nastaran i ma sure , he wants .. but , see the future .. i hope he would come to Indonesia too
  2. Glamnesia - Glambert Indonesia

    waah , blom ada yg balas postingan saya wkwkwkwk
  3. any Indonesian glamberts in here?

    waah ,, saya ketinggalan kereta reno yu : hi .. nice to see ya here wkwkwkkwkwk

    oh ,, so long time miss ya lol
  5. Glamnesia - Glambert Indonesia

    Hi ... thread saya yg dulu udah ga ada wkwkwkwkwk ,, salam Glamnesia ^^
  6. تعرفه

    hi ... my name is matra , and nice to see ya .. I hope adam would make a tour in indonesia , although *maybe* it just a dream ,. I still luv him Lol HOT *again*
  7. Is there any fan of Arab ( العرب )

    hi .. nice to see ya unfortunatelly , i dn't have arabian key too . but I hope he would perform in Dubai , and Indonesia too .. Perhaps
  8. Hello!!!

    hi Cathy .. nice to see ya .. welcome here
  9. South East Asia here ?

    heral29: hi i'm fine .. hw bout ya ?
  10. any Indonesian glamberts in here?

    ivonlambert: haduh .. gw g bisa k hongkong .. *pasrah mode:on* kga da duit ... hahahahhaa bantu doa ja lah gw .. smoga selamat smp tujuan .. wkwkwk selamat smp rumah lagi yah .. ^^ gw pesimis adam bkal ngadain tur d indonesia
  11. Tweeting Teenberts!

  12. Good Night Adam. I Love You.

    good morning , adam .. hahahahaa .. it's 8.30 a.m. here
  13. Twitter Lets add eachother :)

    mine : http://twitter.com/matratien
  14. even my topic's been deleted

    yeah .. i just agree with glamberttt