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  1. Australian Meet and Greet packages

    ADAMITES2015, just posted entry info under ADELAIDE GLAMBERTS. I don't know what the rules & regulations will be for the Enmore. Still waiting for an email from Dainty. I may have to ring the Enmore.....!!! btw. a bit of footwear advice - DON'T wear open toed shoes.....You can bet there'll be someone in front with high heels, boots etc. & they'll step backwards & - "Oops Sorry" - & you'll have a bloody toe & no bloody toe nail.

    I'm still waiting for an email from Dainty, re; running time for the concert at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. Maybe it's still on the way.... This afternoon I rang the venue & they have their running sheet. This information is for the VIP holders - Doors open at 6.30, VIP merchandise available 6.45 plus the kiosk & toilets will also be open. Then at 6.55 it's entrance to the arena. PLUS - if anybody's interested we are allowed to hold up a "Happy Birthday" sign, providing it isn't any bigger than A3 or A4. and we don't hold it up high & block peoples view. As if Glamberts would do this..... I've packed, un-packed & re-packed.....just counting down the hours now.......hope it's not 40 degrees in the shade..... Hope to see EVERYBODY there........
  3. Australian Meet and Greet packages

    I rang the Enmore & The Palais & they haven't got any details regarding early entry times or where to collect the VIP packages, they said it was all up to the promoters. So then rang Dainty & received an email stating that they would be sending out emails on the 20th with all the relevant details. On the contents list in the VIP package it has; "Priority check-in at the designated VIP area". but that doesn't mean early entry check-in through the front door. Ho Hum...... I shall be there on both nights at the Palais. Flying in on the morning of the 25th. then back home for the Adelaide concert, then fly to Sydney for the concert on the 30th. With the Adelaide & Sydney concerts it's standing - so - be prepared for pushing & shoving at the Enmore to be in the front.... I hope you'll be joining in with us at the Enmore with the 'happy birthday' song.
  4. Adam spends his birthday DownUnder?

    It would be fabulous if somehow we could arrange for the entire audience to sing Happy Birthday , what a surprise that would be for Adam.
  5. Australian Meet and Greet packages

    ADAMITES2015, Maybe you could make a time & place at the Palais for Glamberts to meet for a group photo....
  6. Australian Meet and Greet packages

    Fabulous that you could all buy a VIP that included M&G. I had already purchased a VIP ticket so I couldn't afford to buy another. It's a shame that they weren't all offered at the same time. I would definitely have gone for the M&G package.
  7. I'll be at the Enmore on Saturday 30th. I will also be at both concerts in Melbourne & the one in Adelaide. The time is going SO slow... I'm already packed.....
  8. How many Aussie AdamLambertFanclub members?

    Hi, you might want to check the rules for The Palais. There's some sections where there's no standing allowed. I've seen Adam there before & we weren't allowed to stand down the front or in the aisles.

    Does anybody remember exchanging Christmas cards with other Glamberts? I remember saying I'd like to send 10 cards & in return I received 10 cards. Whoever organized this had access to our names & addresses. If I remember correctly & got 10 names & addresses in an email, therefore it was private. I'd like to do this again if possible, it was fabulous receiving Xmas cards from other Glamberts all over the world.
  10. How many Aussie AdamLambertFanclub members?

    I managed to up-grade all my tickets. I have no idea why they decided to add a VIP later on, it should be available from day one. I'll be at The Palais on both nights then home to Adelaide for 1 concert then to Sydney at The Enmore for 1 concert. It will be fabulous to catch up with all the East Coast Glamberts.
  11. VIP Tickets through Dainty.

    No I'm not on twitter, but shall get a friend to have a look for me. I don't know why the VIP tickets weren't offered on a pre-sale. There's going to be quite a few Glamberts that will miss out if they can't get through to Dainty.
  12. How many Aussie AdamLambertFanclub members?

    Hi, I'm originally from Melbourne but now live in Adelaide. I've been on this site since the Glamnation tours in 2010 & have met some fabulous Glamberts along the way. We manage to catch up when Adam is on the East Coast. I went to Melbourne to see Adam on The Project & some Aussie Glamberts had flown down from Sydney.
  13. I recently purchased a ticket on a pre-sale through Dainty to the Enmore Theatre for January 30, 2016 The next week they had VIP tickets for sale. I don't know they weren't offered in the first place. Dainty then offered an up-grade, so I have been attempting to contact Dainty & all I get is an email saying that: "I'm on the list & will be contacted shortly if there is an upgrade available". A week has gone by & still no contact from Dainty....So at the moment I'm more than angry. Has anyone got any suggestions what I can do now...?
  14. Studio 10, Australian TV show

    Fabulous to see Adam on Studio Ten, I did apply to get tickets for that day, but wasn't sure if Adam would be in the studio or it might be a live cross...
  15. Adam will be playing Sydney!!

    I think the event might be July 30 at the Star Marquee. There isn't any tickets for sale you have to be lucky enough to win one. I did enter but when I scrolled down to read the Terms & Conditions your home address has to be in New South Wales. No doubt all the interstate Glamberts are more than a little annoyed. There's a concert in New Zealand on August 5, but you need a passport & by the time we found out it was too late to get a passport, plus add the cost to get one..