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  1. On Stage Experience

    Ooooh I seee I've made probably the best decision ever to buy a stage VIP package for Lodz two days ago! Now I can't wait even more for polish concert
  2. TWO FUX SINGLE PROMO IN POLAND (polish radios)Two Fux entered to lista przebojow radia zet on #4 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉👏Keep voting for Adam on this chart as is super important in Poland- by this way we're doing a single promo on polish media to make people interested on him againVoting is easy just click here www.radiozet.pl/Radio/Lista-przebojow ad on Adam's place click on GŁOSUJ buttonLet's make him #1 next saturday!THANKS!❤️
  3. I ordered pride life yesterday at newsstand ( the next issue nr. 23) Can't wait to get it! The interview seems to be very interesting
  4. About upcoming polish show on polish TV
  5. I'M GOING TO SEE QAL IN LODZ ON 6TH NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Happy Valentines Day Adam & Glamily

    Happy Valentine's Day to you all <3
  7. Oh yes, Bri's and Roger's berting over Adam is just adorable (and they're telling a pure truth)
  8. A true love is between them <3
  9. Queen is ALWAYS Queen- I mean Bri,Freddie,John and Roger. And nobody will change this fact. Adam will be always a ,,vocal helper'' who keeps the Queen's legacy alive since Freddie's been gone for almost 25 years from this world. Queen is not Nightwish- they didin't hire Adam as their Queen-vocalist forever, they hired him as a vocal helper and there is a specific and magic chemistry between Adam and 1/2 Queen which I love . QAL will be always a project , which is very successful and brings the gold times of the band back. And we as fans wants them to play more gigs bc is always fun to see them together on the stage. And hardcore fans who don't get that? Or media? Well f..them all . You can explain like 2435466453 times and they will repeat itself like an old LP things like ,, Freddie forever, Queen shouldn't exist '' etc. This is going since their performance at EMA's in 2011 and this will unfrotunately never stop. But this kind of hate will never break QAL. But there are some media, who are giving good credits for Adam's performances w Queen. I can't tell now who exactly bc I don't remember, but the best credits who are giving are us, fans, who are attending the shows. I have been at 2 QAL in Poland and I can write a book of very excellent credits for Adam. And not only just bc I'm a glambert, but even if I hasn;t been here and I'd go to their show as a neutral fan I'd give a very good credits too. Going to more than 1 show is kind of addicting and I'm crossing my fingers for a tour across Europe in winter 2017/2018
  10. A MASSIVE thank you to all of you who have helped polish Glamberts with voting!!!
  11. What a hilarious and funny fight has been between Adam and James. Ofc for me Adam is the winner Adam looked so confident and hot! Loved his outfit! His vocals are pure heaven! And oooh seeing QAL made me feel bittersweet bc I miss them so much. I hope they will do a tour in Europe/UK after USA leg...fingers crossed tho.
  12. Yaay for you.but I deeply hope, they'll be back to Europe! You newed to buy membership here http://adamlambertfans.com/store/product/glitter-membership-package
  13. omg hahahahahaaha We are completely NUTS over Adam XD
  14. Here to another 8 years and more! I think everyone knows my how-did-i-enter-to-this-fandom story but if not.. It was a spring and summer of Anno Domini 2010. I've been a massive Tokio Hotel fan. When his single WWFM has appearded on polish TV and radio I was like the other TH fans I mean ,, omg he is a copycat of Bill Kaulitz!'' and more like that. I know I was MEAN. In the beginning I started to ignore him I didin't want to know anything about him. Until- Until this MV came up on polish TV - I remember, I was at an restaurant and I've been waiitng for my lunch . When it arrived I haven't eaten it until IIHY came to an end When I came back home I decided to give him and myself a chance. My love to him has grow up slowly. I gave for myself 3 months. Throughout this time I discovered his AI adventure, FYE era and his current tour. On 2nd November 2010 I registed myself here on AO and this day is my official day of joining this fabulous fandom and being his diehard Glambert. I've seen him 4 times in Poland and EACH show has been fabulous for me. I don't know if any artist of today can reach that kind of high notes (except Floor Jansen ) I survived all kinds of weather- from deep freeze until a monsoon rain. I'm making him proud in Poland by promoting him hard and loud as I'm in the official polish FC adamlambert.eu crew. 2015 has been a rollercoaster, I've been a part of poilish TOH promo with co-work w WBRPL. Sadly, sadly I haven't met him yet . Ehh ... I so wanted to get a M&G package for Warsaw, but oh well I had only for vip EE package I felt so deeply sorry I cried so much. Maybe on the next tour? Since I'm working hard in a factory 24h/7 days and nights I can save some $ for era #4. I really want to tell him while looking into his deep blue eyes how much I love him . I want to hug him tight (and never leave him xDD) . Making eye contacts during the show are exciting too,but I want to finally be that close to him while no metal barrier would disturb us in meeting. Ahh I wrote too much .If I got you bored with last paragraph-sorry But in the end I have to tell,but I'm helly proud to be his Glambert. To be his little joy into his wild ride. And I hope this will never stop.