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  1. Disenchanted

    I am going to be dead-on truthful here: When I get upset about something, I immediately go to anger. It’s a safer response for me. But what I really feel in this situation is sadness. This, of course, is a much harder response than anger for me. Some of you might relate. The truth is, if Adam signed on this site today and said to fans “I love being dissected into body parts and have them fetishly worshipped. Keep at it.” Or even “I don’t really care if anyone talks about my parts, etc. I’m cool with it.” I would still feel sad and upset about the objectification of him. I would still cringe when I hear post after post about his freckle, hair curl, or see a picture of his crotch and nothing else. To be sure I certainly do not agree with Adam Lambert on every single thing in life. So even if he approves, it still makes me cringe. When I see this, the sadness comes from knowing this man has spent most of his life honing his craft, working hard, disciplined, dedicated to be the best singer, the best song writer, the best entertainer. The sadness comes from the fact that I bet most of us would be pretty grossed out if men were leering at Katie Perry’s boobs and discussing size, how much they turn them on, what they want to do, etc. Yuck. Of course this happens all of the time anyway. If we don’t accept the objectification of women, then why do we so openly and brazenly bestow upon men the very thing we don’t like? (I am speaking in generalities, here, I know.) There are other artists I love, one being Patti Smith. I respect her art AND think she is physically beautiful. But I’m not of mind to objectify and fetishize her body and think nothing of it, or be exposed to others doing it, or wishing she were a lesbian so I would perhaps have “a chance with her.” I am protective of things I love, just like everyone else. I want to protect his integrity, his being taken seriously and humorously and sensually. I feel there are ways of doing that respectfully. I also understand that if I don’t like the site, well then just log out. And I shall. But I want to try to explain my angst. I wanted to tell you I’m not angry, I’m sad. I am so used to being an outsider though. I am starting my own group, which is closed off to one member right now, me. ALAS Adam Lambert Appreciation Society.
  2. Disenchanted

    Oh Adam, I am not dumping Adam, I am dumping you all.
  3. Disenchanted

    Sometimes I want to be "a part of" this fandom but little by little I have backed away and now I will disappear. Here, on twitter, etc, I see two things. Total objectification of Adam, whether is be chestbert of glam bulge, eye porn, leg porn, lots of stupid and degrading labels. Now the shaming and hatred going out to other famous people when we have absolutely no idea what happened in those negotiations. My feeling about life is that when one door closes, another one, with more opportunity, opens. I rarely make statements declaring what Adam thinks or wants, but I would bet you with my life he doesn't want to see all of this bullsht from his fans.
  4. STAR NIGHT-2015- San Diego, CA Dec. 4

    Hmmmm gotta teach Wednesday morning.
  5. STAR NIGHT-2015- San Diego, CA Dec. 4

    Has anyone signed up for the code thing i.e. Yet? I don't know if I'm hallucinating or just not understanding why the pre sale starts on October 14 but you don't get the code until the 15th?
  6. Spin Thread on a break until after the Holidays

    koula thank you for asking again. I would have had to do the same. and Foxey I'm pretty sure I get it now but I don't understand what the big deal is? I guess it just gives it more time and opportunity to grow? So stations can add the song without announcing they are adding it so they won't look like dipshits? Am I getting it?
  7. Spin Thread on a break until after the Holidays

    What does it mean when a song goes recurrent? I mean I assume it gets played on some regular rotation but what are the specifics? Thank you in advance for answering.
  8. What song are you listening to?

    Sia's new song "Alive" is spectacular. Beautiful beyond words.
  9. First impressions of our sweet man...

    If I am not mistaken Adam himself once posted on twitter that wishing he was straight was actually insulting and homophobic. By the way, I don't wish Adam to b anything other than what he is. The fact that he is gay, though, infuses every part of his personality. It is an integral part of who he is, his perspective, the way he dresses, etc. So to "wish he was straight" is a statement I do not understand.
  10. First impressions of our sweet man...

    VioletFirebird I have a question for you: "What if Adam was straight?" Where does your line of reasoning go? Just curious.
  11. I am laughing because in one of the above vids of Ghost Town and WWFM there are a couple of micro seconds where the camera veered far enough to the left to get a glimpse of myself dancing from the back. (Lest I think I dreamt being there, I have evidence.) I don't usually bother to take any pictures myself because I know there are enough people that journalize every moment of every concert, I don't need to do it too. Back a couple of years ago I had this little piece of video that someone posted on twitter of me having a conversation with Adam outside of a radio station in L.A. I'm not even sure where it is on my computer anymore, but it kind of squelched my need to document everything from then on. I met him a couple of more times, not at concerts but at gay events in Los Angeles. He was always so gracious. I always love seeing him and being in the midst of his incredible talent. It always feels joyous.
  12. Yesterday was a great day. The only problem is I forgot sunscreen. During the first little set I was so close and almost level to the stage. If I had had a long stick I could have poked Adam with it. The second set was down in the pit and very very close. Favorite this time? Evil in the Night. And D. finally got a selfie pic with Adam. So very happy for him! THe volleyball was actually extraordinary. THe athleticism was impressive and grand to witness. Also, it was great meeting you, @sizzling!
  13. DadBert on raising Adam--FUNEEEE!!

    I can relate a lot to Eber's opinions. I was not a Queen fan back in the day at all. But that doesn't mean I didn't love seeing Adam sing with them. And I do not like pop music in general but think Adam's is beautiful.
  14. Do I have to buy a ticket to the volleyball to get a good seat at the concert?
  15. What song are you listening to?

    Love that John Prine, agayfan.