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  1. Official Feedback/Moderation Thread

    Moovie, I just signed in under your account (yes, I have the ability to do this without your password) and posted in Adam Discussion with no problem. So your account seems to be fine in that regard. Problem may be with your device or your choice of browser. Have you tried signing in and posting in Adam Discussion using a laptop or desktop, and/or a different browser?
  2. Official Feedback/Moderation Thread

    I have no idea what the problem is. If I recall correctly (?) I didn't do anything to correct your past posting problems. I think they resolved on their own.
  3. Official Feedback/Moderation Thread

    Update must have caused it, twyla. I didn't do anything except ask for the update to be applied. If anyone else is still having trouble uploading an avatar, if you see only the option of "no photo" in your profile for avatar photo, post here or send me a private message. I managed to fix my problem with this, maybe I can fix yours.
  4. Adam sale his home house in L.A. Why now??

    Glambert Headquarters! You guys crack me up. There have been questions about allowing the link to the listing with all the photos of Adam's house here on our forum. It's a public listing, and doesn't disclose the address, so it's fine. As long as there are no posts that disclose the location, y'all can ogle, discuss, and plan your future headquarters to your hearts' content. I can only imagine what y'all would do to the place!
  5. Welcome to AO! Here is your very own Glambert number. 5404 emilie23
  6. So sorry sweetie! Been kind of busy lately. Running in and out of here kind of quick and didn't notice your post. But I'm here now and ready to give you your very own Glambert number 😀 5403. Glambert2872 Congrats!
  7. Changing profile pic

    Yes, this seems to be a glitch that has developed. I deleted my own photo then tried to upload another and had the same experience as you. The only option that shows is no photo, so as you can see I no longer have one. 😒I'm working on trying to find a solution.
  8. Hi I would like a Glambert number please. ☺

  9. Yes, it is. Any further posts will require my approval to appear on the forum. We don't appreciate trolls around here much.
  10. Personally I think many of them are, but I don't think it's fair to paint all of them with the same broad brush. I think there are some that are really good people but the system is so dirty that the only way they can make any difference is to play in the dirt. For instance the system the way it is now allows huge amounts of 💰 from corporations and special interests to be donated to campaigns. So even if a candidate doesn't want to be a part of that system, sometimes they are forced to take that money just to survive and make it to an election where then they can do some good if elected. We are in dire need of serious campaign finance reform to get politicians out of the pockets of large corporations. Another serious widespread problem is the lack of integrity in our voting systems. They are so easily manipulated, hacked, and toyed with after the fact that I don't have much confidence at all in the end result. We need to overhaul our entire voting system so we can regain confidence that our votes are actually being counted.
  11. I'm trying to understand why you would copy and paste a post you made on January 4th to which I gave a very clear reply stating the reasons why this thread continues. I'm not going to repeat myself here. Members who continue to harass the membership here or the moderator and refuse to accept moderator decisions as final are subject to temporary or permanent banning from our forum. Last warning. Members here did submit evidence of their claims since your complaint of January 4th. Not to mention the evidence can be found by just turning on almost any news station or Googling. If you don't want to bother to take the time to do your homework, and rely only on sources that agree with what you want to hear, don't come here and complain. Educate yourself.
  12. No need to do anything foxey. I am communicating privately with Vanessa and will handle her request from my end. Vanessa for you own security I am removing any information from your and foxey's posts that makes your personal information and location public. Better to keep that kind of info off of our very public forum.
  13. My personal thoughts: Fortunately the Resistance has prevented him doing much damage as yet. At least not to white people. So it's all good, right? 😒 Though it certainly hasn't been for want of trying. Repeal of ACA, jeopardizing the health and actual survival of millions with pre-existing conditions, and pricing the elderly out of the insurance marketplace altogether, is just around the corner, as is legalizing discrimination against our LGBT countrymen. And it's early days yet, so the impact of what he actually has already done (and failed to do) may not be felt yet, but will be later.
  14. Hey FanMail! Welcome to the latest addition to the Glambert fan list! Here's your very own number! 5402 FanMail
  15. I have removed the offending statement within the above post calling another member a bigot. Considering I had to take action against that member for calling other AO members fascists I would think other members would realize their behavior needs to be on a higher level of discussion. Please refrain from name calling and stick to the issues as they stand. You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Also, it's quite unfair to call out a member who no longer has posting privileges here since she cannot reply, so please do not quote her when posting. It's always better to address the issues generally in as persuasive manner as possible without personally addressing other members.