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  1. QAL Tour Australia & New Zealand 2018

    Haven't posted in a while. But I am going to the Queen Auckland show on Feb 18th! Looking forward to the show.
  2. Its not about singing cred. Katy is the biggest music star in the world arguably. She knows how to be a star. She knows how to put on a performance. Her brand recognition is what is important here. Her Demo. Advertising.
  3. Adam talks idol. Funny thing opposed to Daughtry who rebunked rumors saying "idol has not contacted me". Adam is alot more evasive and vague about it. He even says "I am going to plead the fifth in the end" lol.
  4. Yeah way to make it obvious idol. They could of used any idol reaction to the reboot. Why Adam? Katy was not signed as a judge. Because her singing abilities. It is alla bout advertising. She attracts a key demo. to convince exeuctives to pursue idol. She well bring a ton of revenue for them. Her brand recognition is why she is huge as a judge. If they have Adam as judge. Well he offers that vocal cred. Being Queens frontman and all.
  5. Not sure why Adam fans would not want him to do this. Why not? Win Win. I mean creative freedom and Adams music seems to mentioned alot. How do you think he gets this? It doesent matter how succesful idol is next season. Adam did Xfactor OZ. Was Cancelled same season. Did it hurt Adam? Nope. He got a ton of cred and exposure out of it. Idol well be far bigger. The doors it well open well be priceless. So i just don't get why Adam fans would be againgst this.
  6. Yeah it is all just speculation at this stage. I have this feeling Adam is in negotioans with Idol, to have a role. Looks likely. Whether that is judge. They want a bigger name. Although I did read the last two spots well be filled by lower profiles. That fits Adam! LOL.
  7. Yeah well in regards to Adam I don't think that is the issue here. It is coming back anyway. But the amount of cred, exposure, oppurtunities it well bring Adam is priceless. Be on all the magz, talk shows e.t.c. It doesent get any bigger then this. Adam fans want him to have creative freedom? This is how you get it.
  8. That AOL is just a repost from Hollywood Reporter. They had the story first. Daughtry is probabyly unlikely. ABC want big names. That is prob not Adam too. So who knows at this stage.
  9. Amazing for idol to get Katy. The amount of revenue and promo that comes with it.I well say next annoucement well be Ryan as host. I just read ABC for the other judges are having discussions with Carrie and Adam. So watch this space huh.
  10. Shirley Halperin has major sources to Freemantle who produces idol. Has connections to former idol alums. Mentions Adam as a possibility to judge. Excerpts "Variety has also learned that “Idol” alum Carrie Underwood has held talks with ABC and producers about joining “American Idol” as a judge. In addition, Adam Lambert’s name has been in the mix for a potential role, sources confirm. Reports out of the U.K. claim Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has also been approached for a judge spot, but a representative for the singer tells Variety there’s “absolutely no truth to this.” Ditto, it seems, for reports that Chris Daughtry is coming aboard the panel. An insider says the Season 5 graduate has not been contacted as of yet." "Daughtry is, however, on ABC’s wish list of “Idol” alums to potentially perform at Tuesday’s upfront. Lambert, Kellie Pickler, and Fantasia Barrino are also being considered for the presentation gig." ETA: The ABC Upfronts are tommorro. They are presentations where major US networks preview their upcoming fall schedule. We well know tommorro if Adam is going to be a judge. Or involved in idol at all. If Daughtry is picked. Seeing they tradationlly go for One Female, 2 Male dynamic. Think Randy, Simon, Paula. And Keith, Harry, and JLO. IT is quite possible Adam well be the third judge. Katy, Chris, and Adam. But I woulden't get expectations up. Well see. Daughtry is, however, on ABC’s wish list of “Idol” alums to potentially perform at Tuesday’s upfront. Lambert, Kellie Pickler, and Fantasia Barrino are also being considered for the presentation gig. http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/american-idol-carrie-underwood-bruno-mars-1202427187/
  11. Lol I well say Shirley knows something. She has inside knowledge. Adam and Katy would be really good together.
  12. Yes I remember he has that time off. Maybe Adam knows he has the gig lol? So that gives him three months to shoot the auditions. Hollywood week shows taped in January. And Adam could do live shows in March. Far as i know he has nothing on Jan-March. So scheduling wise it is quite possible. Obviousley that is if Idol pick him lol. Watch this space.
  13. Well could be wrong. But they pre tape alot of the auditions. I mean I know Keith wasent available in 2015. Adam filled in. So guess they could work around Adams schedule.
  14. Regarding auditions Adam doesent have to be their for them. But I am sure if he was a judge. Adam would find a way to be their. As it stands. I am not sure if Adam has any Queen responsiblities next year. March 2018 Idol begins. So he should be fine. Seeing Kelly and jhud are on the Voice. That rules them out of idol judging. That makes Adam an strong contender. Compared to 2013 though. When he really needed it. Fast Forward Four years later. Rocky Horro, Huge Streaming Hit in Ghost Town, Xfactor Aus Winning Judge, Queen e.t.c. So his career is looking very bright atm. But at the same time being judge on idol would be HUGE for Adam. Give him so much cred. He well be on all the talk shows. Prob peoples magazine again e.t.c. So be great oppurtunity for Adam. Just depends creativel, the direction they are heading. All speculation of course. But Adam seems the logical choice, from the idol alum stand point.