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  1. Amazing concert!!! Third time for me: London 2012, Paris 2015, Amnéville 2017... I feel so lucky to be able to live all those concerts ... Three differents versions: scenography evolved and became so huge ! Beginning of the concert is so impressive, robot Frankie so cute... The pink tricycle with roses so crazy! Adam was really in an incredible fettle, so wacky... I was at the very first rank behind the fence near the stage: at 2:32, he touched my hand when he went down the stage : so lucky me!!!
  2. Paris Concert - Jan 26, 2015 (Monday)

    I'm back here after a long absence (I apologise...). I come today to share some anecdotes from the Paris 'concert. I managed to be really near from the scene: I was so excited!!! All around me some young french fans of Adam (I felt very old with my 40 years ). The mood was so friendly: we talked to each other, I was proud because I was the Adam's expert of the group . I was surprised to find so much french fans there because I must admit Adam is not very well-known in France. Here's some flash backs: *2 Queen fans dressed up as Freddy Mercury with false moustache *One young girl with a glitter T-shirt applied more make-up (to be gorgeous for Adam of course). *Two "very" old women (70 years?) with huge glittered- jewellery in a VIP lodge. *A young boy that really "win the lottery": Adam saw his placard where was written "Adam, marry me": he asked him "is it legal here ?" we all shouted "Yes" and Adam told the boy: "he's so cute". *A fan of Queen (about 50 years) with his daughter (20 years) fan of Adam : he said he want to make her discover Queen and she said she want to make him discover Adam: a nice generation sharing! * my friend thank me so warmly to make her discover Adam I have a very large smile on my face for 3 days now and I can't believe we were there, just in front the scene, with Adam looking each of us in the eyes (that's so "Adam" to make us feel very important!). The public really really appreciated Adam, even the one who didn't know him before ! exactly the same as 2 years ago in London with the English Queen's fan (I know I'm lucky to have being able to see twice this amazing concert...). I hope you enjoy (and understand ( sorry for my bad English)) my anecdotes. I can add more details if you are interested
  3. New/Old Adam Acoustic Performance

    it reminds me the "Mazda mix 1029.com " performance monthes ago: it was my favorite... so clear vocals... I love Adam in showcase: he seems so confortable, so happy...I dream Adam coming to Paris for such performance (radio or showcase).
  4. how big as a star is Adam in USA?

    @Ligia: I am not too much worried about Adam coming in Paris, because he did for Glam Nation Tour, in a little concert hall but he came! And I read in an interview that he loves Paris, I hope he won't miss an occasion to come again... @viceversa: I'm impressed by your knowledge about french singers... I will add Michel Polnareff who now lives in USA: able to show his naked bottom on poster (scandal at this time...) and wrote so sensitive song (Lettre à France= Letter to France). Etienne Daho. And recently Christophe Willem, who is very closed to Adam : discovered in a TV show like AO, he revealed his homosexuality just after the TV show (here no problem: ok we just note it...), his first album was very "marketing" , the second more pop and dance, and now he found his own way (with a big part of femininity: a very nice song "Si mes larmes tombent" (If my tears are falling) makes me think of a mix of Underneath and Outlaws of love... I am sure Adam could be "launched" in France if his major Sony puts some effort in... I really don't understand why they don't! Another question to this debat: how to "measure" an artist? number of album sold? number of fans? official industry award? longevity of carreer? being "international"? press recognition?...but talent has no official unit of measurement... For me, Adam has everything to "explode": just need the right spark.
  5. how big as a star is Adam in USA?

    @vamosamy: I was really pleased to be able to meet you in London. In France, nobody heard about the Queen concert : depressing... I totally agree with you about the kind of music that make me crazy from Adam. I mean I would never have listened to this kind of music if it wasn't Adam singing them (pop and dance). I "force myself" to hear and "love" them but to be honest, Underneath is the only one I really appreciate. Even "Outlaws of love" quite disapointed me because it is too sophisticated in album version : the "rough" version at ST Agathe en feu was just perfect, the way it should be... I think the most difficult part for an artist is to find his own musical universe, his way, his music.. in particular when you're gifted like Adam and able to sing so different kind of music... For me, Adam is a rocker, and rockers are the best to sing good slow too...
  6. how big as a star is Adam in USA?

    The song or the singer? good question... I think it should be both. In France I must admit that the name of Adam Lambert is nearly unknow. But the song WWFM was played on radio for monthes in 2010 and the song was famous (still played on radio now!) but if I asked who's this singer... nobody knows! And it was the only Adam's song we had in France... Nothing else was done by his major Sony to make Adam popular in France: no interview, no communication, ... I think you must have the good song, the good singer and the good communication!
  7. Hi US Glamberts! I wonder how big as a singer is Adam in the USA. Because I often read on that forum Glamberts regret that Adam is not enough well know and need new fans. But at the same time, I saw so much reviews or articles about him, lots of radio performances and even TV shows...( But I'm not used to the media system in USA (local or national TV channel ? big or small radio?)) Thanks to throw light on.

    @followthereaper: very good pics! you should have been very close to the stage or you had a very efficient zoom!
  9. Difficult to turn the Queen page

    @adamazing-Eyes: I'm really happy you share my feelings, Underneath is really my favorite song too. Outlaws of love in the very first version (St Agathe en feux) was very strongly emotional but the studio version isn't so intense according to me: I long to see both songs in live!
  10. thanks so much for that video. According to me, WWTLF was the best part of the concert, at Hammersmith in the crowd I had tears in my eyes and shiver along my whole skin...
  11. Difficult to turn the Queen page

    @viceversa: thank you very much, you understood what I meant. Now I really long to see Adam on stage again (Hammersmith was the first for me), I wish he come to London or Paris for Trespassing tour! @Sue: I just want to precise that my purpose was not to criticize Costa Mesa, just express my feeling, but I understand by all your replies that I was wrong... @boogiegirl107: I totaly agree with you about the Trespassing or Queen mode... For two days I made a coming off Queenbert: no video, no songs... and a intense Trespassing session (thanks @3ku1 for the advice). Underneath was my "solution": I sing in my car, always nearly to cry, I find my Adam's emotion again... (like for Who want to live forever )
  12. It's really difficult to me to turn the Adam's Queen page... I was at the 11th july Hammersmith show and I can't grow apart it. I would like to share that feelings with Glamberts who where at the show! I suppose it was difficult for Adam too: he live six amazing concerts, he shared such emotions with two legends! On stage, they seemed so close, so connected with each other, Queen had a high regard for him. Such intense moments... It must be very hard to let it down, and pass on! And then only 5 days after the last show, Adam was on stage for Trespassing. When I saw the video, it seems to me he wasn't completely in, not so involved than in Hammersmith... Perhaps it's jetlag and difficulties to come home after several weeks abroad... or perhaps i'm wrong. I know that the show must go on but I wish I could live those moments again...
  13. Lovely Queenbert review in printed KERRANG

    I was in Hammersmith, and I don't totally agree with this review (about the toilet queue in particular...), but seems to be good for Adam. About the "G" word, i'm proud of our european press... Kerrang still mentionned "American Idol": show must go on, AO is finished for Adam, he's now a grown up!
  14. this review is very good, I was there for the 11th concert and it described very good the atmosphere and the feelings of the show. Good videos too!
  15. concerts next week in London!!

    Do someone know if it will be possible to see Adam after the show? Do someone know if he will make interview for radio or else somewhere in London, where we can go?