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  1. Oh lovely, thank you Carter! Yes Crown jewels, we are familiar to that living in Britain!
  2. We are so spoiled!!

    Oh I know what you mean. I have also been to Bon Jovi gigs before, they were fantastic for sure. The performance quality we get from Q+AL or Adam's gigs are just pure class, but above all the excitement l get is somewhat undiscribable. I guess its because Adam is to me the most special artist on this planet.
  3. Major announcement bit seems missing from the footage above but l take it Vegas residency he'd be talking. He looked like a giant compared to the lady presenter. Not sure what to make about the cloth he's wearing...! 10am appearance may be a bit early for him. However l just remembered his live morning TV footage broadcasted in Japan well before 9!!
  4. Wow wow wow!! Silly me l didn't know about this Vegas possibility till today receiving an email! I must have missed this thread... It's a massive statement for his career taking a Las Vegas Residence!!!!! I got some money in my bank...still some holidays left... Got aTSA lock for my suitcase..but not got a crazy enough friend to go with...!! I have never been to the States yet. One day...
  5. Adam's Instagram

    When I saw this pic I thought "What! He can't go in sauna in this jacket surely!!!??? " It's late... My brain was not working....just all these wooden wall.... and benches I thought....
  6. More Queen + Adam Lambert gigs this summer!

    Wow! I got to check then....!
  7. More Queen + Adam Lambert gigs this summer!

    Hey foxey well-done!!!!! Was the German tix website all only in German language only?
  8. More Queen + Adam Lambert gigs this summer!

    Oh!! I didn't think they would plan to tour this soon after last winter round in Europe!!! Well, why not. As long as they are happy to keep going I am happy. None of my friend is going so l might have to give a miss.... don't want to walk in the dark by myself in foreign country... Call me a coward! Shall wait UK one may be.
  9. Yay! I shall check this one. With many guests if this is one to one chat like before then not sure Adam's slot to be screened is longer than five min but we shall see. He may perform too? Hopeful.
  10. Thank you. Great photos too. I am going tomorrow, hope his singing is not shouty and sound system is good. All good reviews make me cry with joy.
  11. I am going to hockey game tomorrow night so won't be checking the stream but! I am going to Birmingham gig next week 💓 😎😆 I can't wait!
  12. Adam is working on his 4th Album ???

    I was a late comer so when l discovered him back in 2012 l bought two albums in one go and thought yay l got two albums to enjoy!!!! I felt like I will forever be happy listening to these two albums. Then the third one came and that was greaaaaat! Anything more is a bonus for me. I am happy whenever it comes out. It's a good thing WB is not pushing him to release one after another. They are also letting Adam to get involved in making music , be creative self to feel comfortable. Grateful for that.
  13. Hi there. I missed this one, l shall check online if it's possible to view. My tablet got broken and bought new one but l could not log on for some reason on it.. l gave up but l tried finally tonight.
  14. Yay yay yay!! Being non native English speaker l wondered what Fux is for few minutes?!!!!! Hahahahaha.
  15. I noticed this time advertising of the UK Tour was quite a LOT heavier than before. This is anyway a good sign, concert promoter and management are very serious putting a lot of money promoting. TV, so many diferent radio stations, magazines and papers and London buses...ads everywhere. It was a sell out last time but certainly helped attracting more ticket sales, even regular people who don't check music media, non usual concert goers were reached by this. 'Oh, Queen touring!? ' No wonder all sold out in minutes and some extra shows added. I am happy...as long as QAL are happy.
  16. @koula, hello hello! It was a bit traumatic as l requested time off at work and frantically refreshing email inbox to get the code!!!! And time passed by with nothing in front of me. Yes, in the end l got London O2 and Birmingham! Yay🙆 Not so great seats in Birmingham but l can't be doing much at work so am ok with them. I got VIP package for O2.
  17. I am definitely a paid up member, looking at Dashboard but not sure where. Three index, Communication Active subscription and Store only nothing else. No email.
  18. I still got nothing from either fan club sob sob I paid years for both clubs...
  19. I don't seem to have got it either
  20. I am not sure of the code either. I am a paid member of Queen fan club as well but not got any email with a code. The lady might send an email tomorrow morning?? Wish me luck! I will be at work, gotta ask my boss some time away in the office.
  21. Hey @albertabroad That's page 8 of this thread, second from the bottom post by carter, carter's put you tube interview. These images you can see on here. Adam with full fringe 😆
  22. I saw the interview still of what Carter put...and I just thought....Has Adam put some weight on??
  23. I am so happy for fans in US. I can feel your excitement and anticipation for you lot in the NA. Good luck to all whichever venue you go for and hope for the smooth process online. Be patient and keep refreshing if it collapses. Easier said than done... Don't panic! ( Yes l nearly screamed.)
  24. CBS? So this is a show in the States then? Not aired in UK I suppose... James C is British. I wasn't a fan of his antics before but he is a changed man.
  25. Adam tweets about George Michael

    When my friend messaged me to say there is a breaking news on BBC website about George 's passing all I could say was NOOOOOOOOOOO! Yog!!! I am his fan. Strangely it didn't come as a surprise to me but certainly a shock still. When l was getting tickets for his last tour tickets were a bit pricey so some of my friends were hesitant but I kept saying to them I had some feeling that he's not gonna be around that long somehow so got to see him when he tours, price shouldn't matter it's George Michael for god's sake!! Sigh. His performance of Somebody to love in that tribute concert was epic indeed, Brian nodded on stage... Among the artists l have been to their concerts some are no longer with us, Whitney Houston was one. Prince and now George... Very sad they all left us too early... I bought an astrology book of 2016 at the end of 2015. It said 2016 is a year of birth, death and transformation. I was not sure what to expect. But what a year 2016 was.