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  1. Adam Lambert Radio on iTunesRadio - Tune In!!!

    Thank you very much for introducing this new feature. I'm very thankful
  2. Adam's Date With Kelly O + More

    While I understand the piercing is a "to each his own" thing, I can't help but hate it. I spent my time looking at this thing on the tip of his nose instead of at his GORGEOUS FACE! Even with all his beauty, it's the first thing you look at. Maybe if he got a different one, even, just not a loopy one. It was just too shiny and it didn't seem to look very appealing. Either way, I want it GONE!
  3. New Glamberts

    Hello ^-^ Not a new Glambert but new to the site, relatively. But yeah, HELLO! How are you? I'm doing great and I hope you are too
  4. Adam's New Video Tweets

    I'm liking a lot of these theories, but you know what MINE is? He's doing it purely to mess with us. Giving us a series of words that can connect in a few different ways and letting us come up with all sorts ideas and conclusions, while he's just sitting there laughing his head off, tweeting as usual and enjoying watching all the little glamninjas scurry around gathering info. Maybe it's because there isn't a whole lot going on with him right now and he wants to keep us occupied. Give us a hunt he knows we can't resist. All I know is that either way, I'm buying that candle.
  5. Adam's New Video Tweets

    Guys... Adam REALLY loves this lamp and candle. Just in case you didn't know, Adam has tweeted 3 videos: Drift, Descent, and Flame. They feature a nightstand holding a lamp, candle, and some various other elements such as a cup and T.V. remote. Using some blue light feature, he sort of just scans over the candle and lamp as some creepy instrumentals are in the background. These have been posted over the course of 7 hours. What on Earth is going on?
  6. GRAMMY.com: Trending Photos - 3 Of Adam In Top 20

    ADAM HAS THE #1 SPOT! 8 pictures in the Top 13, and a picture at 22. The iHeart picture that was at 156 is now at 6. 150 places in such a short time! And the picture from 22 wasn't even in the Top 700 less than an hour ago. This is great!
  7. GRAMMY.com: Trending Photos - 3 Of Adam In Top 20

    Voted on all platforms but Twitter. Love how since you posted, he has what, 7 in the top 20, now? It's insane. We can get this up even more!
  8. Fan Crafts and Creations?

    Oh sorry, I had no idea. If I'd known I wouldn't have asked. Thank you very much for educating me, as I was unaware, and I'd hate to do anything that would do anything BUT help Adam. I'd seen a lot of handmade necklaces and things made of personal concert pics, and I'd just assumed that since there were so many that it was both legal and accepted. It's a shame how many things people do that are neither lawfully nor morally right. I apologize for my ignorance.
  9. We Glamberts are all the same, aren't we?
  10. favorite lyrics

    Outside the rain's pourin' down There's not a drop that hits me Scream at the sky but no sound Is leaving my lips It's like I can't even feel ...that makes me sound really emo and brooding. Haha! Just very poetic, in my opinion.
  11. Random Ads From Internal AO Links?

    I went ahead and ran the program but it didn't notice anything amiss. I guess it's probably got something to do with my computer, I've just got to figure it out. Thanks, though, now I know it's on my end, narrowing down the possible solutions. Thank you very much for your time.
  12. How has Adam inspired you?

    I was never bullied- I was too confident. Luckily, Adam helped me through bullying...by preventing it! Mostly, honestly, he's inspired me to take care of myself. He's sort of like that little voice of your mother in your head, but it's Adam. He's always hounding me to get stuff done, to try a little harder. He hates when I procrastinate. I can easily bribe my conscience, but Adam's like a little persistent bug buzzing around in my head. People think it's weird because I've never met him or anything like that, but I don't think it's too hard to believe he would say these things if he were here with me. Besides, if it takes an imaginary voice of some one I really admire to get me to take care of myself and get things done, why not?
  13. Adam Attended "Rock Of Ages" In Las Vegas Last Night

    Thanks a bunch for posting this! Adam hasn't been tweeting much lately and it bums me out not knowing what he's been up to. Can't wait to hear about tonight!
  14. Fan Crafts and Creations?

    I've noticed that on Etsy and even Ebay there are some very talented Glamberts selling merchandise that's not necessarily those sold through the official website- mostly homemade style crafts. I was wondering if there were any particular or commonly known crafters who have a nice selection of merchandise to sift through for a hungry Glambert. I'm unfamiliar with the 'advertising' rules of the forum (I tried to re-read the rules but couldn't find out how, the READ MORE under the rules heading wasn't a link, so I have no idea of how I would access them). So if you're not allowed to advertise them or post a link, I understand...BUT...if you can, that'd be pretty cool. I love to see off-the-wall ideas, especially those from fans themselves. Ijust recently got an Adam throw pillow, and I think it'd be cool to find some other odds and ends. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. Have a wonderful New Year!
  15. "The Voice" Winner Tessanne Chin Loves Adam

    Ha, so they both really like each other, huh? I think I can see at least a conversation in the future. I've gotta keep my eyes peeled for that!