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  1. Adam Lambert

    adam is 16 years older than me. everyday I dream, I hope, I wonder.................is there any way I can tell adam how much I have fallen for him. everyday I fall harder in love with him, and everyday I fall deeper in a trance. I can't break free...........and I don't guess I want to either. I can't break this spell that i'm under. you take one look into his eyes and your gone. your lost in his music, his dance, his performance, everything. nothing else in the world matters anymore.
  2. adam's inspiration

    adam has inspired me to do what I love, and making music is just that. without adam, where would I be? he has really proven to be an amazing person and to show my graditude for him, and all of you amazing glamberts............im writing a new song, just for you and adam. are there any words inparticular that anyone wants me to use in my new song? i'd be more than happy to use them.
  3. thank you bippin and blossom
  4. glamily moment

    that just made my day ALfann, thank you, and that expeerience with Adam must have been astonishing.
  5. poem: where I can

    i'm tired, i'm stressed I just need to know is there a place that's best where I can let this go? Adam, where've you been you've been away too long my oxygen.........is runnin' thin when I hear your songs I cry myself to sleep when I can't understand where you could be but your an independent man please oh please hear me out can't you see your all I think about i'm tired, i'm stressed I just need to know is there a place that's best where I can let this go? I feel so alone like no one understands but I know I got it all wrong since i'm not your only fan but believe that i'm here a hundred percent and when you are near we all feel perfect but i'm tired, i'm stressed I just need to know is there a place that's best where I can let this go? is this just a dream or are you really real? is this really me and is this how I feel? do you know me and do I know you? I hope you believe all this is true i'm tired, i'm stressed I just need to know is there a place that's best where I can let this go? :? :-? carleygentry15
  6. read this adam lambert..............

  7. all alone down here in a world of love your all I want but I can't seem to reach you if god gave a heart to, those who can find you then why am I still searchin' for what I, can't find you are the waves in an ocean your the only guy the sun in the mornin' the stars in my sky. all alone down here in a world of love your all I want but I can't seem to reach you if god gave a heart to, those who could find you then why am I still searchin' for what I, can't find if your alone take this to consideration there's only love and you don't know how long i've waited to say to you that nomatter, forget the haters it's what WE say as a matter of fact I think I should say i'm not alone down here in a world of love cause I have all of you who understand it's what we can do, for eachother not for ourselves, but for one another later glamberts, hope you liked it!
  8. You're Wonderful. Come, join me.

    hello, that was beautiful and may I join?
  9. glamily moment

    thanks ALfann, I am feeling alot better now. you guys are the best people in the world to put me a great mood. where would I be without you guys? you guys are the most positive people in the history of ANYTHING! thanks for being there, not just for adam but, for me as well. you cant tell but im tearing up:( but there happy tears:) I havent met adam and I really wish I could like sooooooooooooo bad, but I cant. if you go to any of his concerts, please tell me how they went.
  10. glamily moment

    Adam is different in his own way.........and so are we, so don't listen to the haters. lets have a moment of silence to appreciate Adam, his band and how hard he, and they worked to get where they all are today------------------------THANK YOU! I love my glamily so very much. you guys are people I can actually talk to about adam...........without running away from me in disgust. I LOVE YOU GUYS.............you can't tell but i'm kinda crying ;{ you guys are the best! every one of you are definitly the people to come to when someone's feeling blue. with love~ carleygentry15
  11. adam lambert

    adam lambert I honestly hope your reading this right now. people say I should just give up, that i'm waisting my time. why not waist what I have enough of.....right? i'm 15, but age is only a number, it's nothing but a decieving way to put aside or forget what really matters.......what's on the inside, not age or looks, but personality........who they really are, and adam that's why I fell for you. right now, i'm in a love so deep I couldn't come up if I tried.
  12. marianna

    thanks for translating that little letter I wrote in french the other day. Do you know by any chance if Adam read it? My heart is full of all these poems and songs and words I have yet been waiting to say to him the moment I heard his name. Please contact him and let him know I want to say a few things. Scratch off want........I NEED TO! my heart is going to explode if I dont release my inner love for this incredibly talented sweet man. he's alot older than I........meaning im 15, but our age difference is only a number, and numbers are as decieving as words themselves.
  13. Lambertneise

    I heard your song "whataya want from me" on the radio and I started rambling on about you so fast, nobody understood a word I said. I guess ONLY the glamberts speak "Lambertneise"
  14. First time drawing Adam

    That's one darn great drawing of Adam if you ask me. Did you say that was you first time? That would take me like.............a billion gazillion trial and errors and I still wouldn't even come close to what you can do.
  15. Merry Christmas! I hope each and every one of you are having the best Christmas of your lives. Adam, if your reading this I hope you and all of your family are having a wonderful time together. You have worked soooo hard to get where you are now and you deserve every inch of it. When us fans ask for an inch.......Adam, you give us a mile. Your the best musician I've ever listened to and I pray to God that you never stop making music. Your music is the reason I love, the reason I sleep, the reason wake up, the reason I breathe.