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  1. US radio- what it takes?

    Awesome Jen!! Please pass it on to your Twitter, FaceBook, Tumblr & whoever will listen to do the same. You can register any email you have or create with a name & age for the survey. He's still #1 right now!!
  2. US radio- what it takes?

    You're welcome. Adam's Another Lonely Night is on the HAC survey now, till Jan 14th. If he does well, he'll be on it again. I rate all music familiar, then low scores & tired of it for all but Adam. I rate his as Love it, Not tired of it. Low scores bring the other songs down on the list while pushing Adam up. He's number 1 on HAC survey now. He's 27 on HAC radio with about 3 million audience. I believe the survey numbers should have him higher on playlist, so I still believe it's a pay to play environment...but I do the surveys & all other voting anyway Even the best concert, most good looking etc. ANYTHING to keep Adam's name in the media, or another guaranteed spin. Also, keeping his videos and songs on YouTube and Spotify, Apple if you've got it, playlist keep the numbers going up. I run those short playlists 24/7, numbers count a lot.
  3. US radio- what it takes?

    More than my idol's better than your idol type voting: voting on the radio station's website and these two music rating sites are most valuable. Other than that; I still believe radio is a pay to play environment. Sure when T Swift releases a song, doesn't matter if it's horrible it will still get played. But other new comers have released songs that are getting millions of spins, so I believe the industry hasn't changed from a "I'll play your guy if you..." type of business. BUT I talk a lot on Twitter about two different rating systems that the radio industry talks about and uses to determine who they play. Ratethemusic.com rates HAC & Top40 songs for radio. You can register every email address and sign in under the Top40 profile, finish the survey, then change to HAC profile. Iheart owns RatetheMusic.com & heavily relies on its information. If you look at the demographics that affect the most categories in HAC & Top40 Female or Male age 25 is what to register under. In Top40 & HAC, someone registered as age 25 counts in five categories each. All Access.com is the radio industry's bible for what to play. Ratethemusic charts are here. http://www.allaccess.com/rate-the-music You can register on All access & watch all the industry talk and check charts. Sign up to rate music: http://ratethemusic.com/ HitPredictor.com is also owned by iheart media. It's used to predict what is going to be hot. Songs that aren't on the radio yet, but are being considered are played as well as songs that are. You listen to the song, vote how much you love or hate the song and then make comments. HitPredictor has A LOT of music to listen to, it seems to never stop. You can quit the survey whenever you want and pick up later. You earn points for each survey with comments, even a period counts as a comment, and the points can buy things. I bought a lottery ticket for a $50 iTunes gift card with some of my points and was notified today that I won!! Not bad pay for rating a few songs, I'll be buying $50 worth of Adam's music. I'll be posting on twitter soon as I have the info that I will gift anyone his song or album. All gift purchases on iTunes count as another song buy. Even if I bought 50 songs in my name, they would count as sales, just not on the chart. PERSONALLY, I HATE iTunes, I like Amazon - and all Amazon purchases count.
  4. For all of you wondering if Queen should be in a US Super Bowl. "Another One Bites the Dust", and "We are the Champions" are the MOST played songs at football games...in the US. I would vote for Queen even if Adam had not become part of them and I'm a HUGE Adam fan. They belong there. Whether the SB committee will listen to fans at BB is another story, but I'm willing to risk some sore fingers from hitting vote & refresh time after time. I personally believe Queen posted the paragraph BB wrote, that's just BB being stupid about Adam. I'm not sure the post was from Brian & not Queen's PR team. I believe that Queen would never play a US event with anyone else but Adam. Jessie J had to play for the Olympics held in the UK & IMO did not sound as good as Adam.
  5. Adam Hangs with Lindsay Lohan in London

    According to Lindsay, Adam is doing music with Ali, her sister, so they might be working on that together in London. Also, Brian said with their new label, Universal, that they're releasing a new album to celebrate their 40th year anniversary. It has to be with Adam because Bri said they're not re-mastering any more songs and they've released the lost tapes...so we'll see. Whoever said that QAL is being beat out by M&S, SS & the others in the Bond theme poll must not be watching it, they were above 60% until yesterday when they dropped to 50 something, but still the frontrunners. Wish Bond producers cared, also Adam himself is the perfect person to sing the Bond theme. Soaked from the first time I heard it sounded like a Bond song.
  6. Adam In This Week's "In Touch" Magazine

    I agree with every post here that says Queen + Adam should have been written about every week in the major mags but once Gaga appears, all of them want her/them. Billboard totally ignored the entire tour, RS had one or two articles in the beginning. Queen, Adam Lambert, QAL, NEVER trended during the entire tour but Netflix, 5SOS,Fireproof trends. Why, what gives???
  7. I'm official!!! Thank you! Jaqui Glambert #5330
  8. Vote for Adam World's Best Male Artist, World's Best Live Act, World's Best Entertainer. Show 'em He's the BEST! http://www.worldmusicawards.com/index.php/vote/
  9. Didn't know anything about official #Glambert numbers, would very much like one Please.
  10. I really enjoyed his talking with us, it was like he felt like family & wanted to vent. A lot of comments are from Queen fans, they are being extremely harsh right now. Others are from people that believe the worst thing you can be is gay. That has really got to hurt someone like Adam or Chris Colfer. Extremely talented men that want to be known for their talent. I don't think any of Beiber's or P!nk's fans run around going I love___because they're straight. Hell no, they love them for the music. I love Adam for his insane talent, genuineness, humor and his overall being. I ain't gonna sleep with him, so why do I care who he's with? I just want him to be as successful as he can handle & as happy as he deserves to be.