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  1. Wow. Finally have time to take a look at the xfactor footages. The judges are refreshing and youngish How wonderful Adam got to showcase his nice and serious side. He made meaningful comments. ?? Yes most people heard about him know he can really sing but they now know he is actually pretty nice and down to earth too. And thankfully no crazy drama between judges. He is very professional. My apology for my mild initial concern about this gig being a singing show judge. Apparently it has proven to be a great opportunity for everyone. Refreshed format and new judges for a singing competition, great contestants ( they are really young and good vocalists too). (I don't watch singing competitions but ,'oh I see', this show seems pretty good. I always have a lot of respect for great vocalists because it is a difficult skill) In this show, Adam even got to showcase his singing as Queen's frontman, like wow ? King of Vocal. (Adam in Queen is still one of the best thing ever happened ? ) He looks so good and seems to be a great mentor. I sincerely believe this gig will bring great opportunities for him on TV around the world and even movie roles.?? great career move. (*My friend and I were riding in the car one day, it just happened that Ryan was interviewing Adam about his tour. My friend was like 'wow that was Adam lambert?!' as if he was impressed. I asked him why; he explained he didn't expected Adam to talk like that.? Also, I just found out there is this show 'born this way' about Down syndrome kids, Adam happened to be the idol of one of the kids. I really appreciate Adam somehow got to be on the show. I though he was very kind doing this cameo.)
  2. NEW WTTS Music Video!!

    Hi I just want to stop by say GREAT message. I went to his concert and heard that message and was really touched.(As i mentioned a short while back, I would not know unless I was there) But writing it down, having it in the MV and talking about it is very important, because people did not know Lambert('is actually a nice person'). (Yup, fans don't need to say 'hey he is actually an articulate person in interviews' because it is right there in the writings.) But wait a second, it is written words, Adam is a singer, why can't that message be exact lyrics to a song? Do people hear WTTS and understand the hidden message or they have to look at the video and click the message box (which I think the package(message/mv/song) is also wonderful, that is an artist's original content right there)? (WTTS I sorta like the lyrics but not the tempo) Also, I always hear fans say introduce Adam by showing his live performance, but why not his own MV? (is the camera angle better in live performance? Is recording mixing better?) Why can't MV be the live performance? Anyways, maybe one day, he will have his own 'Imagine' 'halo' or 'we r the world' that touches souls. Yet, inspirational songs that unite people without being too corny,,tricky tricky tricky. ha. That extend to a point, what do people play in events, let's say wedding, sport event, social gathering?..if an artist can have a song for each, great for that artist. Sorry, all I have are just questions. Overall, I think the combination as a whole is great. It might not be the most viewed but definitely big respect for the message in the write up.
  3. Fastest way to gain popularity

    Albertaboard. Exactly. I agree with you. I guess my idea of popular is more about having good gigs/hit songs. For me, no news is much better than bad news. I definitely prefer randomly hear a song from Adam than too much unnecessary gossip attentions. I wish the artist I like is known for his own work, I am happy with TOH, I did wish TOH/Rumors released as singles.
  4. Follow up Album to The Original High

    Ok. I forgot to mention, during TOH tour. A very important part is the speech, I was touched and impressed. I guess I didn't expect him to actually say something like that. The message like the lyrics of the song Imagine. Message resonates with diverse group and wide range of people, not matter age, color, sex, etc. Had I not attended the concert, I would. not. know. What does his brand stand for? Ask fans they can tell you..outside of fans, i am not sure. Lets say ask a random person who had never watched any of his performance, does not know much about queen, send that person the singles/a copy of TOH, listen and ask that person what is the message? (Personally, I would interpret the album message lonely but hopeful, great songs overall.) He has a beautiful voice. I hope a single release by this fall when he has TV facetime. Also, I hope only clean singles release because initial fans brought the album when they release 2nd single there is no buzz anymore, plus multiple versions also make it hard to find. Beside added pr, maybe some help with social media? I am glad he changed his snapchat handle. Call me a dreamer, S Q 2, I dream
  5. Fastest way to gain popularity

    Ok. I want to follow up about how I feel since then. (Btw I got hammered by other fans because I said I was no fan of tsp era). I like basically EVERYTHING from TOH. The original high tour is excellent!!!!! (I really like the little talk during the tour) The only thing is the lyrics is a little morbid, and i can't really play the entire album in front of people. Grown a** man is little awkward. I mean it is a really good album.. It's the only album I preordered. I love ETIN the most. I love this song immediately and I put it on repeat. unfortunately in today's situation probably not good for radio play. (*hey who knows, heard that new suicide squad song..) Also i eventually downloaded tsp album(because star child was very personable) I like chokehold the best. And I somehow feel TOH album is the continuation of this song. I even like CGH a lot. Not a big fan of WTTS (great idea that it's in musically, see how that caused the spike in spotify) Hey, major kudos for the work for TOH (from creating songs to the show) And yes I still believe he can somehow have songs that will connect (instead of saying,'being popular'). (Now go ahead hammer me say he doesn't gaf ) Dude is so underrated...It's puzzling..
  6. Follow up Album to The Original High

    oh wow.. Good luck Max. Kickin in Okay interesting. I see what you are saying. I always thought those are labels' deals. No ideal who's responsible for those hip outlets for people to make aware of artist (buzzfeed, noisey vice jezebel ..) I think 'people' is more female gossip oriented. I guess just like company restructure, it probably takes time to add/adjust different team members etc. However, didn't he changed his band members and it worked out well? If there was an app call 'pop star strategy', i would definitely download it and play it. And, my previous posts should probably be in general customer feedback section not in a fan forum. One of the poster said he is way better than 2013, I agree. I used that as example because that is the only one in his official youtube channel with all complementary comments. Other official ones are in Queens and some not flattering comments. Most of us here go look for his performances on youtube (for hours lol)? if so, do you think he should some how link fan's youtube to his channel? So, it saves people trouble in 'randomly discovered this awesome guy'. For some reason, it seems people became big fans after seeing him 'singing'? Ok I found out this person perfectly describe it https://badassalterego.wordpress.com/2015/03/22/104/ dopamine- the original high Earlier in his career, i found it uncomfortable that fan forum flooded with inappropriate stuffs, I think she explained it well. So, how can it be translated to, let's say, a music video (because it has the most traffic)? I ask it as a general discussion. Do people get that dopamine response when you hear his songs.. or do you need the performance associated with it, like after you saw a performance in glee you become a fan? Just speaking for myself, I particularly like the roof top performance of ghost town for some reason. I also like most of FYE MV. I don't really like ALN mv.
  7. Follow up Album to The Original High

    Ah .. Ha I see about the timezone. Hey it's all fun and speculations. I do not and have no intent telling him/them what to do. I say what I wish things could happen differently .. I think my opinion is slightly different from kicked_in regarding team. Because i have no idea abt industry. Google what is function of mgmt vs PR. Thus, I said "I guess" Welsh fleur , your process is similar to a lot of people. My point / my question is how can that be translated to a more permanent process ? Because live performance is a limited window, say one new year eve. If you had heard another lonely night on b bc2, would u go fangirl or fanboy over that ? Would u go look at that songs mv and go like wow superstar.. ? ( that melody works with 'I .. was born ... to love u' on stage, does it work with the lyrics 'another day another lonely night over the radio..?) I found these stuffs interesting..
  8. Follow up Album to The Original High

    Do you people notice the forum is time zone in UK? Isn't that his PR firm located? Anyways, I want to take a moment to thank Max team/ whoever rebranded Adam. (TBH, TOH >>FYE >TSP, and I was not big fan of his earlier camp stage style.) TOH album: It is his best work yet, every song sounds like single material. They give you a vibe, shape the artist's identity. Only the lyrics could be better..in light of recent tragedy, those lyrics are little bit morbid (even I totally love ETIN). First 2 singles both says dont gaf... Does he want his listeners gaf or not? (joking) TOH Tour: And I went check out his tour, it's a very good show. I give major kudos to that team, the music director. This is major improvement comparing with GNT. He has way better stage presence, i think it came from fronting Queen. He is a top notch live performer now. I just hope there is bigger crowd. (especially I also saw him with Queen, you know the comparison.) Because the way they grouped the music, it's very organized, very good (like the way, you go to a dj party and even you don't know the music but you kind of get with the flow). TOH album cover: Just because this deserve it's own paragraph. A million times better than his previous two. I don't know if it's a product of focus group but it's amazing. I am sure if it's for Adam, he would pick a very strange cover art and people who did not know him would think wtf . I basically like everything since Queen(and I didn't even know much about that band) I think Queen gave him credibility, not popularity. And yes, from what I see from TOH, he is painfully underrated and deserves better. And I only follow him very closely since TOH, I agree there were missed opportunities. Rumors could've been the second single. Having said that, I noticed because things happened slowly, his profile images (if you google search) has been improved slowly. (I could imagine, if the release were rushed, and when people google about him would get unflattering images) Spotify, when TOH came out, his association were only a handful of idol people, now there were more pop artists associated ( probably people causally added ghost town to the playlists with other current artists which i totally did ) Now, I am hopeful about SQ2. And yes, I hope major djs can put him as feature. I think that's good exposure. --------- Here is a comical customer acquisition scenario: --------- Assuming you don't know this guy, what would you do first you hear a song from Adam and like it: -google the song - ok the mv is cool.. okay.. (*) -google his name - ok his wiki is sort of okay.. -start looking at his instagram.. hm.. some nice pictures.. scroll down.. hot damn.. when is that..wait what publication is that..(**) -then, wait this guy also fronting a band.. wait this is band with the song 'we will rock you'.. wow -then google at some youtube footage of qal..oh very good.. (**) -then, seeing some of the haters' comments.. (wait why?) (*) maybe need a more interesting mv? for some reason, his live action singing is more interesting then MV (**) If i just discovered him, I would not know he has some nice images. Maybe he can post more nice fan pictures of himself on instagram. And somehow the publications with nice new pictures were not really googled searched rank high. (***) I hope people can somehow hit Adam's youtube of his queen performance (i.e. iheart2013) first because queen official's.. meh.. ---------- Okay. I had fun. Regarding marketing/pr/mgmt, I guess they/him need connections and can hire extra help. I have no clue!
  9. I think Germany is the third largest market in terms of selling music in general. I think the Chinese market is only good for live concerts because of population, 2012 was big hit there that's why he was famous. ah.. here the link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_music_industry_market_share_data#IFPI_2014_data I think it depends on the country and the shows build in demographic. In US, the voice viewers are younger. I guess in UK, celebrity dancing has a bunch of older viewers comparing with their singing competition. TBH, I only watched 5 episodes of Idol that was when Adam was on. I generally thought it is a TV show that produces country singers (until i randomly saw Adam). I think Queen boosted his profile, plus Max / mgmt rebranded him well. As a fan, I know nothing about PR outlet, it seems separate from marketing. Hey, I am very hopeful about sq 2 in the US. hello.. who's a 'queen'? who can 'screeeeam'? someone who should live in the 80s. LOL
  10. Ok I didn't mean to offend people here. I was agreeing with one earlier comment, kickin_in. The name association is not current. In the US reality singing show judges are perceived as 'has been' only exception is 'the voice'. American idol's demographic has been dying, major sponsors such as coke left them. Iggy has been controversial. Famous for her name but not her work per se. That why I'm skeptical about this step. From the show creator perspective, one would want some controversy to boost the ratings. I don't know about the OZ market, their tv show demographic. Good for fans in OZ and his comeback in OZ i guess. Regarding acting, surely I hope he gets a role with the right demographic that we can see him here in the US. I just don't know how good is his acting. Having said that, I remain hopeful. And I'm very happy (if it is true) that Max team still on board that means TOH is not the end. They did an excellent job with TOH. PS. I also like xambassador
  11. kick_in. Ditto. It sounds like a bad career move at first I heard it. "who? where? with who the other judge?" Looks like the other judge's fans are way younger (and only if they even care about reality singing instead of rap.) It sounds like he prefers to do it just because its 'a judge'. My hope is for Adam to stay away from reality anything (although its understandable the exposure). How good is his serious acting skill tho? I hope he can tag along something/person up and coming, either a tv show /movie/big edm dj. (He has money, he can hire extra people, he can have a hipper campaign if he wants. So it almost he doesn't really care about having his own thingy because he is plenty rich or he is too careful on spending money.) Anyway, good luck dude.
  12. Youtube is another channel of popularity contest http://www.dailydot.com/news/youtube-universal-sony-fake-views-black-hat/ You can also buy fake twitter followers I read somewhere.
  13. Oh and this one: http://www.npr.org/blogs/money/2011/07/05/137530847/how-much-does-it-cost-to-make-a-hit-song I know they are kind of old but that's the feedback loop of pop nowadays. So, sponsors would just keep going back to the same mediocre singers and take no risk. Same way with the movie business, movie sequels prequels, boring old shit. Yeah, one day folks will realize they dont have anyone that can actually sing.
  14. The game in the USA is different from UK. http://www.npr.org/blogs/money/2012/01/20/145466007/katy-perrys-perfect-game I did like Robbin Williams back in the days. He is a good singer and had good songs. Lambert way better singer but need good songs.
  15. I wrote in "the vent". Lambert needs to appear in Katy Perry video just like the other Adam in Maroon Five did. After he appeared in teenage dream, suddently he became the sexy guy (seriously?) (He has a voice of old man) Anyways, good luck. (BTW, Lambert's recent george michael look made him look old)