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  1. A cold evening and Adam Lambert was all alone~ Wandering around.Uneasy~As he misses somebody whom he treasured for a long time in his heart..Lying in bed~So cold~And the doorbell rang... /Adam runs toward the door/ "Baby...Baby~" Sauli said. "I'm coming! " Adam said.. Sauli's heart skipped a beat with those tired looking eyes and falthering breath..He collapsed~ falling under Adam's embrace.. "Sauli...Sauli..Please wake up..." Adam worriedly said. "No~ stop...I don't wanna go back" Sauli said in a wailing voice. Adam laid him on the bed ..He made sure that Sauli would be comfortable as he rest..As Sauli rests,Adam laid himself at the sofa nearby and slept.. At the middle of the night..Sauli stood up slowly approaching Adam and slowly ripping his plain white shirt..Kissing those strawberry lips~He became twitched and sweaty as he feels Adam's heartbeat the same as how it felt before.Adam's hand suddenly squuezed Sauli's butt that made Sauli feel ticklish...Adam took off his sweaty clothes and carried Sauli to the bed and made out.. "Sauli.." Adam said... "Yes,babe?" Sauli asked. "Let's go back to sleep..it's really getting hot in here..."Adam said in his very dreamy voice. Adam felt Sauli's falthering breath once more..Closing both of their eyes...Dreaming together~The morning came~so warm~Sauli and Adam were sleeping at the bed quietly when...Alisa slowly sneaked in to get some of Tommy's Clothes in Adam's closet. As she sneaked in,she was surpised of what she saw... "Oh no~ Why,Adam??~ Why do you have to do this?? Why?~" Alisa whispered as she sheds tears of regrets.. As Alisa leaves with Tommy's clothes,filled with tears...Sauli woke up and cleaned the whole house up~Before he left,he whispered to Adam's ears.. "I Love You..Adam~ .." Sauli said. When he was about to kiss Adam,Sauli was caught off guard..Pulled to the bed once more..Sauli tried to free himself,but Adam doesn't want to let him go.. "Let go of me,Babe!!" Sauli said. "No..Never!" Adam said. "But what if.." Sauli uttered. "If Tommy finds out?" Adam said. "Sh~ someone"s coming (puts his fingers to Sauli's Lips).. HIDE." Sauli hid himself along Adam's glampire costumes at Adam's closet ,and as Adam was expecting Tommy came looking for Sauli.. "Adam.." Tommy said. "Have you seen Sauli? He haven't come home for a couple of days..I'm really worried.." "No,I haven't seen him.."Adam said in denial. "Are you really sure you haven't seen him?" Tommy asked him once more "Seroiusly..I haven't " Adam denied. Tommy was about to believe what Adam's words but.. "What is this shirt doing here?" Tommy asked " I borrowed it from Sauli last month." Adam said in denial.. "Really??" Tommy said.. Adam became too quiet as he nervously gnashing his teeth little by little..thinking how he would get things smoothly.. "ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Tommy shouted in anger. "Why??" Adam asked.. "Don't lie to me anymore..Sauli was here last night.."Tommy said filled with anger. "No! He never had a time to visit me even once and you know that.." Adam said. "And who told you about that?" "Then,what does this picture mean?" Tommy said..as he shows the picture of Adam and Sauli together at the bed. "No...That wasn't even true.." Adam denies. "You know Sauli is MINE..but why are you hiding him from me? Alisa told me everything..she saw you with him.." Tommy said. Before Adam would say another word, Sauli came out from the closet.. "Tommy, it's n-not his fault..I-its's me who came here..I am in-love with him..He is the only guy i wanted in my whole life.." Sauli said. "B-but Sauli.." Adam said. "It's time for him to know the truth what I really felt eversince I was with him.." Sauli said.. Tommy slapped Sauli 's face.. "Here's what you have done Sauli ..After all those times..You've been hiding this to me??"Tommy said. "Yes..Eversince you always go out with Alisa every night,and every time you came back..You keep ignoring me especially at the times I needed you the most.." Sauli said. "B-but let me explain Sauli .."Tommy said. "No need Tommy..I already knew everything"Sauli said. Sauli took out his phone and played a recorded conversation.. "Alisa~" Sauli said. "Oh?" Alisa said. "I know I may sound crazy,but do you love Adam?" Sauli said. "Not really..Though I have feelings for him,it's only shallow but I get a bit a bit jealous when people go near him" Alisa said.. "B-but if I said I always go to his house every night and sleep together,what would you do?" Sauli asked. "What would I do anything? I already knew it beforehand..I just get jealous when you were sleeping together with Tommy.."Alisa said. "Ah..I thought you would be angry at me.." Sauli said. "He always talks about you when we're together.."Alisa said. "Haha.." Sauli blushed. As Sauli played the Conversation..Tommy heard Alisa's last words.. "I JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU ADAM FOR THOSE HAPPY TIMES WE HAD AS FRIENDS... PLEASE TAKE A GOOD CARE OF MY DEAREST SAULI.. TOMMY KEEPS HURTING HIM WHENEVER HE'S DRUNK OR ANNOYED.. I LOVE YOU TOMMY JOE RATLIFF....I LOVE YOU TOMMY JOE SO MUCH.." Alisa said.. "B-but...Alisa???I can't believe..(falls on his knees)..I really just can't.." Tommy said. Then all of a sudden...Alisa came wth a surprise to everyone.. "Hello everyone!..." Alisa said as he gives everyone a special gift.."one for Sauli..one for Adam..and...Oh..sorry I forgot yours at your house.." Adam was feeling that Alisa was planning something behind her sleeves.. "What was she trying to do?" Adam whispered. "She knows what she's doing Babe.."Sauli said. "Tommy.." Alisa said. "Yes?" Tommy said. "Let's go home...I'll give you the best night that you would ever imagine.."Alisa said. As Alisa and Tommy left ,Adam and Sauli started to reminisce their younger years.. _____FLASHBACK_____ The First meeting.. /Adam was walking at the park when he sat beside the cute Sauli/ "Hello..I'm Adam..What's your name?"Adam asked. "I'm yours..haha..just joking..I'm Sauli."Sauli said. After years of being friends.. "Sauli.." Adam said. "Yes?" Sauli replied. "If I would be away, what would you do?" Sauli said. "I think I'd sleep with Alisa for sometime.."Adam said. "Oh?" Sauli said in a saddened voice. "I was just joking..you know Alisa likes me..I mean she just likes me that's all" Adam said. "But if time would come that you and I would be a real couple,what would you do to make it the most special day that i'll ever imagine?"Sauli said. "I'll give you the most expensive gift that I could give to you" Sauli said. Years past..Sauli had to leave..He didn't told Adam for the reason that he was totally afraid that Adam would be worried too much.. "I'm so sorry Adam..but i really have to leave" Sauli said as he looks at Adam's window. As they both continue to reminsce,Adam let out a deep sigh..As he remembered that time..Not too long enough,they rememered when Sauli mistakenly caught Chloe and Adam holding hands at Adam's house.. "Babe.." Sauli said. "Yes,Sauli?" Adam said. "Do you still remember that time that I wailed so hard when i saw you and your friend Chloe holding hands?"Sauli said. "oh...i still remember that time..The time that you shouted 'HEY! HE'S MIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!..' " Adam said. "Haha....I almost cried that time.."Sauli said. "I know..i see it in your eyes that time.."Adam said. They laughed and cried as they remember their memories.. The next day~ Adam took out a nice gift for Sauli.. "Sauli..Here's something for you.." Adam said "Thank you,Babe.."Sauli said. "It's a very special gift.."Adam said. Sauli opened the box and he was surprised of what's inside.. "As what I promised before..and now you're finally having it."Adam said. "Babe~ I really can't believe what i'm seeing...A diamond ring!!!" Sauli said. Adam took out the ring and inserted to Sauli's finger.. "Sauli..will you..Marry me?" Adam asked. "I do...And I will.." Sauli said with excitement.. So as Sauli said yes..Adam prepared everything all at well..and they lived happily ever after. _END_
  2. no more I could ever ask for... a legendary band is Helping Adam for another Level in fame... if Queen wants him there's nothing more we can do but to support him... we've been waiting this time...and now it's coming... .. Adam is really going busy at this while Glamberts are going glamourously Cray cray as we wait for his next album ..
  4. 2015 will be the milestone for Adam and to Glamberts around the world.. whether he goes solo or with Queen, we are still here to celebrate the success and recognition he's getting n0w.
  5. Question about Adam and Tommy?

    thanks for the info @MoovieBassets:... Oh I wish they'd do it again... I kinda like to look forward that they'll be doing it again
  6. its still Adam's decision though... but i think Taylor and Brian are just giving Adam some tips on his way to a higher level of Fame... Besides the fact that MayLorBert would be gone for a while as soon as Adam starts his new album... I hope they could have a collaboration song included in Adam's new album <3
  7. Review Of "The Very Best Of Adam Lambert"

    for me, its a milestone album for Adam, but the arrangement of the s0ngs really caught my eyes.. hahaha.. i just watch the youtube ver of the album.. its like Adam's trying to convey something as u look at the arrangement of the songs.
  8. Question about Adam and Tommy?

    i was just curious when i watched all of Adam's perf during the We Are Glamily Tour and i saw Adam never showd the same stage play that he used to do during the Glam Nation (the part that he goes towards tommy and, u know what happens next)
  9. Question about Adam and Tommy?

    i was just curious when i watched all of Adam's perf during the We Are Glamily Tour and i saw Adam never showd the same stage play that he used to do during the Glam Nation (the part that he goes towards tommy and, u know what happens next)
  10. done. already added u up daniela.
  11. New Glambert!

    Daniela...are u still there?
  12. New Glambert!

    My profile picture had a dark background and my hands were under my chin and i have a girl beside me who was wearing a pink blouse
  13. New Glambert!

    My profile picture had a dark background and my hands were under my chin and i have a girl beside me who was wearing a pink blouse
  14. Adam Pic With His 2914 Birthday Yearbook

    Adam sure is lucky to have friends and coworkers like Nile and Queen.. Hope his "15 minutes of fame" would last like its priceless