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  1. More Queen + Adam Lambert gigs this summer!

    Thank you I managed to buy 4 tickets but only need the 2 got 2 seated upper tier then got much more expensive right by the stage tickets so now have 2 upper tier tickets to sell. Something of a farce , tickets go on sale before the concert was announced.........
  2. More Queen + Adam Lambert gigs this summer!

    I have got VIP for Milan which was lovely and easy to purchase then got 2 standard seats today for the O2 , no VIP sadly available but OMG it was a nightmare attempting to get tickets. So many of the usual fans simply couldn't get tickets including both standing and seated. Was it simply not many were released on Pre Sale or was it the nightmare of the touts getting them as within minutes loads were available on re sale sites and at inflated prices. We can see the Ticketmaster show another show in London at Wembley Arena for the 1st July and it says sale starts tomorrow morning at 9am no pre sale however there is no official announcement anywhere so is it legitimate or not? This is no fun, why couldn't they have just annonced them all within a couple of days and before sales so fans can determine what they can do?
  3. Notify the Staff

    Hello there, There is no link to the QAL concert that goes on presale in the morning at the O2 London yet. Can I be assured there will be one as it's not very long until we start buying and as the only UK concert we are expecting a sell out Thank you
  4. More Queen + Adam Lambert gigs this summer!

    Why isn't this up yet on events and when I go to the fanclub nothing either. Does this mean our fanclub membership won't get us presales in less than 11 hours??
  5. More Queen + Adam Lambert gigs this summer!

    Berlin is an awesome city so if you can stay a couple of days you won't regret it Ivaa
  6. More Queen + Adam Lambert gigs this summer!

    well if you do I hope we can finally meet up somewhere in Germany :-D
  7. More Queen + Adam Lambert gigs this summer!

    I am hoping so Carter but as I have the Foo Fighters on the 23rd and my nephews wedding on the 30th I have limitations to where I may be able to go but as I adore Germany I see a mini break happening
  8. More Queen + Adam Lambert gigs this summer!

    Presales for Germany and Italy are tomorrow morning
  9. More Queen + Adam Lambert gigs this summer!

    I see a nice birthday present spent in Germany this year then ;-) Unfortunately I come unstuck on a couple as I am already seeing the Foo Fighters and my nephew inconveniently is getting married but oh yes I am up for this woohoo
  10. One of the coldest places on the whole tour eeek I also streamed this one so tried to stay still Love this lip biting one
  11. Manchester, another fabulous seat for me I have loads of photos so just a few as a taster This is probably one of the very best I love this one with Brian looking on in pride
  12. Ah Wembley my absolute most favourite concert of the whole tour and they were all brilliant. Why was it my favourite? well great seat in VIP and sat next to a lovely friend who like me couldn't take her eyes off Adam throughout. Wembley was the first place I ever saw QAL so has a fondness in my heart and ultimately the real reason was just the most amazing response to Adam when Brian May introduced him . At all of the 10 I was privileged to go too it was the best response of the all and just didn't stop, you don't again pick it up on the videos but as with last time I was at Wembley the feet stomping in appreciation to Adam was spine chilling. I just want to go back and relive it all again ....... Get on your Bikes and Ride but what is that girl doing texting..... Just as the Cannons fire off
  13. The O2 was an unexpected bonus for me, I had paid for 9 concerts but a friend of mine won 2 tickets for the company executive box at the O2 and she so kindly took me along with her. From a view point of view we were much further back than the others and higher but wow it was a fabulous experience, with comfy seats and waitress service plus food and drinks at your seat. Because photos would have to be done mainly on the maximum zoom and I do have a number this was one concert where my camera mainly stayed down and just drank it all in which was fabulous. It also meant a full on view of the amazing light show. The O2 is located to the east of the city opposite the iconic Canary Wharf and with limited ways to get there I chose to break the bank and stay at the amazing Intercontinental Hotel directly adjacent to the Arena. Getting in the lift after the show I found myself in with I believe Brian's Guitar man and a lady from the backstage crew, we got chatting and me seeing they had crew IDs I started chatting and I asked what they did, the lady started off by telling me that there had just been a show on, my response of of yes I know I was there it was my 8th Concert so far elicited a "ooh we must get you backstage" me thinking shit yes but dammit we were both on far too low a floor to keep that conversation going sadly It seems the crew all stayed there, sadly I don't think Adam did but I can imagine that he and I were under the same roof for one night Anyway just a shot from the end of the show this time
  14. The above all taken in seconds.....
  15. One of my favourite pictures from Leeds. I was originally standing at the concert but following on from my Op and Sepsis had to change my plans at the last minute. Only seated tickets available were VIP, how lovely to find that this VIP was the stadium's and that meant a 3 course Champagne dinner and brilliant seats and for £100 less than Ticketmaster...... In my rush though I forgot to put my SD card in my camera so had just 77 pictures available to take on the night oops
  16. Hello , long time no see but if you are friends on Facebook you will know I've had a bad year healthwise. Carter I am very sorry for your loss. I was again very lucky to be at this recording, I had the year before gone to a show just to get a Priory note against my name for when Adam is on UK TV shows along with Xstitcher . It all worked out well as I had been to the Manchester show and was down in London for the 1st O2 concert so I rang them up and got 2 tickets. We don't know of course but those there very much got the impression that Adam was a late edition to the line up hence the shorter interview and lack of him "playing" any of the games. Being that he was in the middle of a very grueling schedule we were all just grateful he was there. Adam came out with the rest of the guests earlier on into the show for the Publicity shots and Lorraine was very much trying to walk alongside Adam, we do all know how much she adores him so why ever not ;-) After the publicity shots Kasabian sang their song and Adam didn't leave the studio unlike the other guests and stood and watched them sing and bopping along to them. Whilst the audience watched Kasabian we Adam fans watched him Adam was on last but one for recording and I was actually quite glad as my original seat wasn't good as I was blocked by the camera from seeing the guest or seeing Alan Carr, but as some had left as it was a long recording my friend and I were able to relocate and got a perfect view of Adam for his interview. It wasn't a long interview probably about 12 to 15 minutes maximum. So much was cut out which of course is a shame and he go it spot on with his comments on a certain Political leader and got a lot of support from the audience. There is a great deal of TV chemistry between Adam and Alan so I do hope at some point they get to spend a lot more time in front of the camera together but I was just so grateful that we got Adam on one of the most popular Christmas Day shows especially amongst the younger part of the UK population. I now need to go and watch another TV show that needs an audience so I can get another prioroty note against my name
  17. At the recent Queen official fan weekend in the UK in October Brian May did a recorded interview that they played saying there is more in the pipeline for QAL, Roger Taylor also said in a BBC radio interview after Brian's message and after Brian said he was unwell (so taking a little break) that yes there are more tours in the pipeline, everything I think is put back until Brian is ready to go so I'm sure before too long we will hear on that score. Adam also knows he has to build on all his recent successes so he cannot stay out of the public eye for any time so let's hope he enjoys his well deserved break st home but isn't away for very long
  18. Adam tweets concerns about Trump and endorses Clinton

    https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/nov/30/donald-trump-george-monbiot-misinformation all makes for frightening reading
  19. "How Tweet It Is!" - Adam Related Random Tweets

    Hahaha the JibJab I did this time last year with Adam was widely passed around, best find some new pictures and a new seasonal fare for this year ;-)
  20. Adam tweets concerns about Trump and endorses Clinton

    Absolutely, what sort of person thinks it is acceptable to have a go at a child simply because of their parentage. Karen your post was spot on
  21. Happy Thanksgiving

    To all our American Friends I wish you a happy and peaceful/funfilled (delete as appropriate) Thanksgiving xxxx