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  1. Hello from a new fan

    It's been over 2 weeks since I saw him in concert and I still cannot go to sleep at night without having my Adam fix of youtube videos from the Manchester concert! Now I am rewatching his idol performances too! Actually it's nice to watch him all those years ago and see how much he has honed his skills, voice, performance, dress etc. You can see how much confidence he has now and that he is more comfortable in his own skin. Also even though I did not think it was possible he is getting more attractive with age!! Hot hot hot!! Laura x
  2. Another cryptic tweet from Adam

    I am another one that only started on twitter because of Adam!! Now I have to check it everyday! Love his little cryptic tweets! Adam is such a tease ;-) Laura x
  3. I have no idea what it could be! Exciting! Laura xx
  4. Happy to see so many new fans!

    Glamtunes fabulous post!! Yes I do not see how anyone can come out the otherside of an adam concert the same person. He changes you, im not sure how he does it but he does!! Its like nothing ive ever been a part of before, crazy energy in that room created by Adam. On the parent front my mum keeps messaging me at work to tell me she has just watched another video of adam at the manchester concert and my dad though he likes to pretend he is pretty cool and laidback has always got excited by the mention of Adam even when we watched him on idol. Im 33 and they are 62 so it goes to show no matter what your age or gender Adam has the power to memorise anyone. laura xx
  5. Newbie and loving the delicious Adam :-)

    Welcome Glitter Bomb....dont worry your glambert number will come. im jealous that you still get to see him. Dont get me wrong im so happy I saw him last week but wish I was seeing him in february too!! Im greedy! I never thought I would ever get to see queen....so happy this collaboration happened and it meant I got to see the amazing and beautiful Adam. laura xx
  6. Just for fun! Fave Idol songs!

    Yep change is gonna come another amazing performance, that was chosen for him from what I remember. Was it producers or judges choice? But once again he took that song and made it his own, like he wrote it himself. If I cant have you, beautiful version of that song,, so powerful. I love how he changed up songs and took risks. Every song he sings he just sings it with so much heart and passion. I love that about him, he really feels every word he sings. Laura xx
  7. Woohoo im ready laura xx
  8. Just for fun! Fave Idol songs!

    I know what you mean about time for miracles. I really thought that with it being a song from a movie it would get more airplay and marketing, but it just passed everybody by. Oh yes born to be wild that was fab...loved it when he had his rock weeks!! But yeah it is hard to find favourites as he was consistently amazing. I think I need to youtube idol again tonight, its been a while. Laura xx
  9. Just for fun! Fave Idol songs!

    You must must must youtube all of adams songs from idol. They are amazing. Yes I remember at the time he received a lot of criticism for that song and the judges werent fans of his performance at all. They thought it was too weird and camp from what I remember. But I loved it....it was really different and it sounds cliche but he did make it his own!! Check out his version of mad world...beautiful!! Laura xx
  10. Been waiting forever!!! UK Fan!!

    I have literally just signed up to twitter and instagram this week. It was a need to follow Adam that finally got me to sign up! Being new to the whole twitter and instagram thing not sure how to add people yet, but my name on twitter is @lauraham81. Instagram and Facebook Laura Hamilton (Laura.Hamilton.9275439). Wow that's a lot of photos! I didnt take that many but ive copied alll the professional photos that have been published on the internet from the Manchester concert onto my tablet and phone so I can look at him. I must confess he is my phone screen saver now!!! Looking good in his leathers! I just keep youtubing other people Manchester videos, there are some good ones out there! I feel like I am going to need an Adam fix tonight already! It is a week ago tonight that I saw him, feeling sad now. Wish it was this time last week!! Laura xx
  11. Hey guys, I've been reminiscing about the Idol days since comin on here and just wondered what everyones favourite Adam songs from the show were. I really wish I had been on here at the time but better late than never! I remember at the time being very familiar with his songs as I recorded the show every week and kept every episode from the season, fast forwading through to only listen to his songs of course. I never actually deleted it after idol but I ended up getting a new tv etc and lost my recordings. In the Idol days I didn't youtube, but now luckily I can re-watch the idol performances anytime I want through the wonder of youtube. Anyway I find it hard to pick my favourite songs from the series as they were all so amazing. But if I had to I am torn between Whole Lotta Love, I nearly fell off my chair when he did this. What an amazing interpretation of that song, I knew he was going to be a rock god at that point, his voice was just so powerful and the energy he created was fantastic. But Tracks of my Tears also stands out, I cried after that pitch perfect, unbelieveably controlled and emotional performance. I remember actually doing a standing ovation in my living room and clapping after that song, it blew me away. I remember this being the first time we had seen this sentimental side to him. So just wondering what songs everyone else loves from Idol. Let's reminisce together. Laura xx
  12. woohoo 5347 - what a beautiful number!!! Thank you! Laura xx
  13. Now Sold Out

    Im not surprised!! Adam fever is taking over the UK!! I hope he can sell out arenas here when he comes back for a solo tour! I like to think that he can now. I will be there with bells on! Laura xx
  14. Adam & Rufus Out In Paris

    Lovely pic of Adam & Rufus! Adam is so super stylish, he always looks so good! Laura xx
  15. Been waiting forever!!! UK Fan!!

    I don'e seem to have gone to bed before midnight this week...to busy youtubing Adam!!! I don't know where the time goes when I get lost in Adam land!! Maybe I will have an early night tonight but it is unlikely! :-) I may have to go back to the idol performances, I haven't watched them for a while. Laura xx