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  1. YAY!!!! @carter_ I was thinking about the "lyric video" on tour stage... It's ready.
  2. Hi there @adamdevotion and @quiet.serenity! It's such a great time for an Adam fan!!!
  3. It is magic. Yes. Well, at least the magic of tech people.
  4. Another one bites a what?!?! LOL Oh, and btw, now I'm in love with I'm In Love With My Car and Roger.
  5. Yikes! OMG! Another reason to think the world of our man! Thank god nothing serious happened to Brian.
  6. Thanks again, carter.
  7. OMG! SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for making, sharing and posting!!
  8. Thanks so much for all the info, posts and links! All I'm thinking is "when the heck am I going to have time to watch all these? They look so amazing!" I love the extra info Brian told us about fitting the show under the dome. You never think about those things! I would enjoy another back stage/tech video so much!!!
  9. @Anka87, thanks so much for the links! I'll have to come back later to take a listen. Really, sounds amazing!
  10. I, too, think it would be really nice to know.
  11. ROTFL OMG, Fem!!!!!!!! That's hilarious!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL Yes, OMG! I don't know where these people get their knowledge in biology!??!?!?!?!
  12. Morning darlings! Thanks for everything i see here. I'm gonna try that peri and put it on the background while I do some chores.
  13. Oh, and btw did you notice the reviewer couldn't really think of anything bad about 2 Fux per se - just that it was badly titled and badly placed/introduced.
  14. Yes. *sigh* And really, if Adam had dedicated one of the Queen songs to Freddie - the man who sang and wrote those songs(!) - I don't think the reviewer would have liked that either eventhough he suggests that in the review. It's once again one of those "yes, they have been doing this for five years but I am going to review this like it's Adam first time ever fronting the band and I'm going to review it like he should not say or sing anything of his own thoughts" reviews. And then to top it all he goes and says that he doesn't like the fact that Adam is mimicing Freddie... I'm just gonna quote a wonderful human being here: "Whataya want from him?!" (Sorry, I have a bit negative morning here. )
  15. Ooooh, sounds like a really great trip! Have fun!! Yes, I'm going to the concert in Helsinki. I don't have time to travel further. Wow, I wouldn't be able to wait until they hit Europe!!
  16. Okay, I've seen most of them now. These are the ones I've yet to see: DON’T STOP ME NOW BICYCLE RACE (I saw the short clips of Adam on bike. Was there more?) I’M IN LOVE WITH MY CAR GET DOWN, MAKE LOVE I WANT IT ALL
  17. Thanks darling, bu I couldn't see many of them from the middle earlier... I'll go and try again... EDIT: The middle ones seem to be missing altogether now...? Or am I looking from the wrong place?
  18. Some thoughts of mine: I symply LOVED the new opening!!! The sign, the robot, the songs and the energy! Everything! Brian wasn't joking - it really was the best opening they've ever had. The lighting was once again amazing! The following spot lights, the sequenced flashing, the oval rig and omg the lasers!! It's amazing how much you can change the mood just by the colors and the pace! The use of the robot was really clever and fun! They used it in so many ways and it always brought something extra in the mixture. I was in constant awe watching Roger and Brian!! I don't know how they still do it!? Amazing! And Adam did an incredible job once again. The peacocking in the very beginning was spot on as was everything that followed. And I know I don't have to say anything about WWTLF... There were a couple of occasions when we were reminded that this indeed is live and their first(!) concert but that only made the whole experience better and more real. Also loved the harmonies, the new guy ;), all the tech bits that made a wonderful surroundings. <3 The outfits Adam wore(!) - there were like a million of them, it felt! And as much as I loved all the jackets he wore I felt like the outfits might have worked better without the jackets. Jacket wise this felt like the opposite of the last tour when he didn't wear any until with the fabulous crown. And yes, the best parts apart from the actual music were the moments when Adam and Roger and Brian were sharing a smile, a hug or a joke on the stage. And what is it that everytime I see those Freddie clips I end up smiling first and then in tears... And I wasn't even there!!! I really really liked the new songs!! All of them. I hope they keep them in. Well, I wasn't that familiar with Spread Your Wings so I was very surprised it was an encore. But then again, I wasn't crazy about the old WWRY-WATC combo so I might be impossible to please. I think I could like RGG as an encore. Oh, and the stage!!! How great was that?!? I really like the shapes - guitar and oval!
  19. k I want to see these videos!!!! GDML too!!!! We really do! I wasn't quick enough to see these before they were taken down... Breath taking! Hahah!! ...just a little peak... what harm could it do? LOL Thank you @foxeylady and @carter_ for posting everything here!
  20. I came back here and was like "WUT?" I don't get why some people have the need to stir things up when they could just ask and have a conversation. Unfortunate outcome indeed, like @koula said. Right!! Yes!! Thank god! I do think it's the surprise technology Brian was over the moon about!! I can't wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!!! So exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!